‘Green Lantern 2′ Not Certain, Says Time Warner CEO

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Green Lantern 2 Uncertain Green Lantern 2 Not Certain, Says Time Warner CEO

Now matter how you felt about Green Lantern [pauses for awkward silence] the news that Green Lantern 2 is moving forward has to be something of a surprise.

It’s no insult to say that Green Lantern was a box office letdown for Warner Bros., so early promises that Green Lantern 2 will be a better film have seemed overly optimistic – even to the biggest fans of the first film.

The common sense notion that a lot of people seem to be dancing around is that this is simply NOT how Hollywood works. Studios pour money into things they know, suspect, or at least gamble will work – they don’t double-down on a franchise that hasn’t shown good returns – typically speaking, that is.

Well, score one for common sense and one less for fan hopes: Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has slowed the roll on this Green Lantern 2 campaign.

Bewkes spoke with THR about the underperformance of Green Lantern, and WB’s general strategy of replacing its Harry Potter cash-cow with DC movies. On the subject of Green Lantern:

“It did not live up to expectations – fell fairly far short of those,” Bewkes said. Still, he didn’t rule out a sequel at this point, saying that he was not in a position to tell at this time if there will be one. “We will be deciding that in due course,” he said. Sources had previously told The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. was not giving up on a sequel.

Bewkes, however, calmed Wall Street concerns about TW’s plans to use superhero films from its DC arm to fill the void that will be left after the final film in the Harry Potter franchise. “I’m not concerned about DC’s strategy,” Bewkes emphasizing, predicting that it will be “a major contributor” of hits and franchises in the future. He pointed to a planned Superman film and next year’s latest Batman release as upcoming projects.

massive batch of hi res green lantern images1 Green Lantern 2 Not Certain, Says Time Warner CEO

"The one thing a Green Lantern should be able to do is make green."

There are a couple of things that can be extrapolated from those statements:

  1. Green Lantern 2 is an ongoing debate behind the scenes, most likely those in the “We’ve learned from our mistakes,” camp vs. those in the “No more mistakes,” camp.
  2. When the CEO says that a movie isn’t certain, it’s not certain – no matter what any other writers, producers, etc., say.
  3. Whenever you have to start answering questions about strategy concerns, you’re probably a little concerned about strategy.
  4. (And this is totally in my opinion) There is reason to be concerned: if 2012 isn’t a smash year for the superhero films with The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel, the comic book movie bubble could burst. The signs of fatigue are already showing.

So there you have it, DC/WB isn’t just jumping into Green Lantern 2 and sense is restored to the universe.  I’m actually hoping that this franchise does get another chance to shine (pardon the phrasing): I have love for the character and what the comic has done for him in the last decade – I’m hoping that a sequel will actually meet that standard.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the status of Green Lantern 2 as more news develops.

Source: THR

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  1. Of course that’s not how Hollywood Works. They don’t know when to quit. Green Lantern was an alright movie. I have higher expectations for the sequel. But again, its Hollywood. Knowing that, they surely will screw it up…they always do. They don’t stop making sequels, and they always get worse with every one.

  2. I loved the first movie, I welcome the sequel with open arms!!

    • I really liked the first movie. Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite actors and is perfect for the Green Lantern, who is my favorite super hero.

  3. Every iteration of his origin has him fighting some big dumb yellow monster.

    But the origin of Hal has never been important. He was like Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones was a space cop, but the film took all the fun out of the character.

    All the characters were poorly written, some were unnecessary (Hector Hammond), Blake Lively and the gentleman who played Hals best friend were distractingly bad and there jokes just didn’t work.

    But what really broke the wall of believability was the age difference between the Tim Robbins character and his son in the film.

    Plus there was nothing more to the film than the flimsy plot. It felt very much like a Fox film.

    • And guess what Farradin, despite what you and i think on this crappy film, Hollywood will make another one. Like i said earlier, they don’t know when to quit. Crappy movie or not.

  4. If there’s one positive thing about GL its that if it can get a sequel you can bet they will make a darn solid effort to do it the right way this time.

    What irks me is all the pre-release hype from all involved about how solid this movie would be and it was all BS hype. I enjoyed the film as a SciFi action flick but was greatly disappointed for it being a movie about GL that including the GL Corps. There is no way anyone who saw the film and then said it was anything but mediocre (pre-release) was being honest. Even if as i they enjoyed the film as a generic SciFi flick they had to know it was going to be poorly received. Granted it was not near as bad as THE LAST AIR-BENDER but it wasn;t too much better either.

    • Let’s not forget. If a sequel was made, they will make it 3D. But the 3D will only be in like on scene…just like the rest of these 3D films.

  5. I’m late to the party since I just saw Green Lantern but I’m shocked at all the negativity surrounding the movie. I thought it was pretty good and would hate for WB to cancel the sequel. It’s not a movie for kids and it’s as simple as that. You want to make money in the movies? Just make something kids like. Most good movies, imo, don’t do well at the box office so I’m not totally surprised. People were saying on the review page that many things were confusing and didn’t make sense. I didn’t get that reaction at all from myself, my buddy or my little sister so not sure where that is coming from. I enjoyed it.

  6. W/B horrible miscast the Green Lantern. Both Reynolds and Lively are not leading actors. Reynolds, possibly poor directing, did not show any depth to his character. As much as like Green Lantern I did feel much empathy for how Reynolds portrayed Hal Jordon. Blake Lively, aside from being to young, was also shallow. The chemistry between the two was terrible. If another Lantern movie is going to be done then W/B needs to clean up it’s
    act. Get another director who can get some real emotion out of Reynolds.
    If they need to have Lively in the pic. again then have her as an old love interest. Develop another character as a female lead. If Sinestro is going to be the antagonist then let Mark Strong play a very evil Sinestro. Every hero needs a good villain.

    • As an addendum, W/B for “Pete Sake” fix the CGI, it looked cheap.
      Forget 3-D it distracts from the film!

  7. Well they did a huge mistake by using motion capture to create Hal Jordan’s green lantern suit, it should be a spandex suit just like the batman suit wich Christian Bale used in The Dark knight. Not some crappy CGI but the rest of the lantern characters should also have spandex suit with mo cap helmet and mick.

  8. THey should make green lantern 2 with Bradley Cooper taking ryan reynolds spot

  9. I saw Green Lantern in the theatres and just watched it again on DVD. It’s an ok movie, but I just don’t think there’s an appetite out there for a sequel. If Warner Bros. does go ahead with that, I hope that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t do it. Bad idea. It seems as if studio is trying to ram this down the public’s throats, and I don’t think any good can come from that. If he’s not contractually obligated to do it, he should move on to better things.

  10. I have read and collected Green Lantern since the mid 70s. I was able to watch the movie with a certain detachment and rate it as just that, a movie. It was entertaining. I purchased the DVD, not out of obligation to GL but because I truly enjoyed the movie and it will become one of my “feel good” movies for a rainy day. Trust me… I could tear the movie apart for continuity errors all day long, but I never would. It’s a good movie and will look forward to more.

  11. I loved the green lantern film and was walking out of the cinema already awaiting sequel come on WB make it happen.

  12. I don’t understand all the negativism about this film, I loved it.

  13. The end of the movie should tell you that it will be darker. Sinestro puts the yellow element(ring) on. The maybe should think about another lantern near the end , Guy Gardener or John Stewart as a sidekick of so sorts.

  14. I m from Brazil Love this green lantern. Hope Its a green lantern 2 this year 2012. Ciao

  15. Loved the pic. Hope 2 see green lantern 2.

  16. I thought the first green lantern movie was awsome…what’s funny is I never went to the movie theaters to see it.. but I deff will for the second one…a lot of people probley watched it after it was out of theaters and reolized how good it was..the second one should receive way better results in the box office..just takes awhile for people to catch on ya know? whoo knows this movies probley going to blow up and come out with a 3rd and 4th movie..juss the wb company can’t be cheap.. they got to take the gamble on a sequal…which I bet they will be happy they did.. :) I’m not even a fan of those types of movies but that one cought my eye and every one who I told to watch it said the same. I’m sure everyone who watched it spread the word..so results should be way better next time… soo whyyyy notttt take a gamble with a sequal??

  17. GL wasn’t a bad movie, but Ryan Reynolds was miscast. Hal Jordan is not Tony Stark; and it’s obvious that was what DC was trying to do with the character.

    Jon Hamm (Mad Men) would have played a much better Hal Jordan. Too much of the movie was also ‘fake’ and CGI dominated for my tastes.

    Seriously doubt they will make GL 2. Same thing happened with Superman Returns and it’s sequel was scrapped. DC really has only gotten one character right: Batman. And that’s just in only half the Batman films (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight).

    Man of Steel…I have my doubts. The older generation wants their Christopher Reeve style/soundtrack. The younger kids don’t care about Superman. DC is really in trouble imo.

    Marvel just keeps nailing it; Iron Man, Hulk (ed Norton version), Thor, Captain America… all great films. Not to mention X-Men movies and Spidey 1 & 2.

    Dark Knight Rises will do well because of the continuity of Dark Knight. But the real test is Man of Steel. If that one bombs it’s over for DC.

  18. I have been a Green Lantern since I was seven years old and wished with all my heart I could find a magic ring to give me super powers, so I know what I am talking about when it comes to a Green Lantern movie.
    Movie Execs hitched their wagon to the wrong Green Lantern. You made a old school movie with Hal Jordan being in the lead when you should had made John Stewart as the leading man. This is the 21st century and not the 1960s and that is where this movie went wong. Where Hal Jordan is a a parody in itself, John Stewart is arguably more recognizable as the Green Lantern than Hal Jordan ever was. A GL sequel with Elam Ferguson in a reboot is where the real money is found. Also this will give the Justice League movie some serious gravitas to work with. Think about it.

  19. I am a long time green lantern fan and i loved the first one i mean yall could hav te choose a differnt acter becaouse ryan is a little bluh but okay lol but please im begging you make a green lantern 2!

  20. Needs to transfer the power to John Stewart…

  21. GL2 Transfer of Power…

  22. I am 63 years old and when I took the wife to see Green Lantern I was like a kid again. Had all of the GL comics and when I whispered the GL creed as he was saying it the wife looked at me and said “Really!” I guess its a guy thing.