5 Ways to Save ‘Green Lantern 2′

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Green Lantern 2 Movie PlanWe all know it: Green Lantern (2011) missed the mark, and missed it by a mile (read our review, if you must), ultimately stranding any plans for Green Lantern 2 in limbo.The hero might end up getting a second chance alongside the rest of DC's finest in Justice League... if it ever gets made. But we're still convinced (as is DC executive and GL-mastermind Geoff Johns) that the character could work on film, given the right set-up and story.Rather than nitpick every single thing the movie got wrong (we've done that already), we've put together a plan for not only convincing fans that the mistakes of the first movie wouldn't be repeated, but also delivering an adventure worthy of the character, while providing enough mythos for future sequels.Read on for our instructions on How To Save Green Lantern 2 in 5 Easy Steps.

Accept the Origin Story

Green Lantern Movie Origin Story

As much as we'd like to just pretend that the first Green Lantern movie never happened, there's no use re-treading the same material so soon after it was first attempted. And even with the poor descriptions of the mysterious powers behind the green and yellow 'energies' of willpower and fear, the mythology behind the Green Lantern Corps was established in the first film, if not properly explained.So at this point, we have to disagree with those recommending a complete 'reboot' with a new Lantern (say, Kyle Rayner or John Stewart). Those characters have a role in the larger story to come, but there's no mistaking the fact that Silver Age Green Lantern (a time in which the cosmic plotlines were first established) Hal Jordan was the main man. Given that Geoff Johns' Green Lantern: Rebirth (2004) returned us to that point, it makes little sense to follow a completely new path on film.While Spider-Man might be able to endure the same origin story twice in the same decade, Green Lantern hasn't earned the same right. Our advice: now that the stage has been set for a film focused on story, not introduction, pulling a do-over isn't going to please a broader audience. Let's just move on.

Stick With Ryan Reynolds

Green Lantern 2 Ryan ReynoldsThere were plenty of things done horribly wrong with Green Lantern, but casting Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan wasn't one of them. His leadingman status was never in doubt beforehand, but Reynolds' enthusiasm for the story and history of the character was clear from the get-go. Since the film's release, Reynolds has agreed with fan assessments that the movie didn't do justice to the comic, so blaming him for its problems seems like misguided anger.In all honesty, it's hard to think of a safer play for Warner Bros. and DC than sticking with Reynolds as their Jordan - he's the one they brought to the dance, he should be the one they leave with. His current fame as one of the sexiest men on the planet nearly guarantees that almost any movie would do better with him than without.The studio may decide to go with a different actor (and we've got some casting ideas if they do), but if star power can save Green Lantern, there are few bigger - or as interested - as Reynolds. There's no reason to think he'd ignore a strong script or director for the sequel - or an appearance in a Justice League movie, for that matter. That is, if he's not busy with Deadpool by then.

Bring Back Sinestro

Green Lantern 2 Sinestro

Mark Strong's Sinestro hit almost every facet of the character perfectly. For the unfamiliar, his role in the first movie was as one of the Corps' greatest heroes, skeptical of humanity's potential but ultimately more willing to act than the relatively stoic, blue-skinned Guardians. In other words, the exact way we would have hoped.Audiences understanding Sinestro is necessary to make him a strong antagonist, since any good writer will tell you that complicated villains are the best, not 'evil' ones; a fact Strong clearly understood.As the closing moments of Green Lantern show Sinestro embracing the power of fear, and transforming under the yellow ring's influence, it was clear he was being teased as the next villain. We'd prefer a bit more explanation than 'the ring made him bad,' and as fans of the comics know, it's not hard to grow frustrated with those somber Guardians.You don't stall the story by making The Dark Knight (2008) without the Joker - and the same logic applies here. Of course, with the fight taking place so early in our hero's career, battling Sinestro seems like suicide; Hal's going to need some help...

Call in Reinforcements

Green Lantern Movie Guy Gardner John Stewart

We don't need to explain the potential for success that a spin-off Green Lantern: The Corps would have, since we know moviegoers love their team-ups. Strength in numbers is the reason for the Corps' existence, so it's about time Hal Jordan got some backup, and audiences got more characters to relate to.Starting with Guy Gardner: the man also chosen as Lantern of Space Sector 2814, with Hal Jordan's proximity to Abin Sur's ship the only deciding factor (a fact Gardner never let Jordan, or anyone, forget). Gardner's constant wise-cracking would also take the responsibility off of Reynolds, freeing him to focus on the wounded side of Hal Jordan's character.Add former marine and architect John Stewart - the Green Lantern of the Justice League animated series - and address younger viewers while including one of the all-too-few superheroes of color. If both were embraced by audiences, DC has even more options for the future. But what threat could demand the induction of two new human Lanterns?Perhaps the Guardians' mysterious actions coincide with the disappearance of Earth's most infamous villains? Humanity had better prepare itself...

Go To War

Green Lantern Movie Sinestro Corps War

Any comic book fan knows of Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons' "Sinestro Corps War" arc, not only for its impact in the series, but the DC Universe at large. With his Yellow Lantern Corps in tow, Sinestro plans to raze Coast City - Hal Jordan's hometown - as a galaxy-wide monument to the power of fear.A film based around Sinestro's army of psychopaths and murderers (awarded yellow rings for their ability to instill fear) would feature some incredible battles, but also allow Green Lantern 2 to act as glue between DC's movie franchises.Send the rings to recognizable villains from the existing DC movies, as the Earth's heroes are left wondering where their nemeses have escaped to. It would also give us a chance to see one of Sinestro's rings find Bruce Wayne, and the Lantern he might've made before rejecting the call.Obviously, the likes of Superman-Prime or the Anti-Monitor would be omitted from the pitched battle, raging on numerous fronts across the planet, all leading up to a one-on-one fight between Sinestro, Hal Jordan, and his closest friends. The citizens of the new 'Emerald City' refusing to abandon their hero is merely the cherry on top.


Green Lantern 2 Movie PlanWhether Warner Bros. and DC follow our plan, or whether the cast members are willing to return, remains to be seen.But for everyone who claims that there's just no recovering from Green Lantern's failure, and a return to the drawing board is the only solution, we'd repeat our claim that a strong story can still be told with Hal Jordan at its heart. With help from his friends, of course.What are your hopes for the future of Green Lantern? Is a direct sequel what you'd most prefer, or an entirely different take? Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. 1. A script
    2. Cohesive directing and editing

  2. I don’t think a reboot should be done. I just think they got the villian wrong for the first movie.

  3. Personally I think Ryan Reynolds could stand his own as Hal Jordan but the script writers need to implement and focus on more facets of Hal’s personality. Hal Jordan is more than just irresponsible, he is head strong but loyal, ingenious, militaristic, rebellious, etc. He is quite complex and suffers from much Anger and emotions.

    There is three options to pursuit this franchise:
    1) Do a complete reboot- this however can waste time and may not be favorable to audiences. Then again audiences have been favorable to new iterations of characters that not necessarily follow what came before.

    2) A straight sequel- this is the least likely but as this article points out very plausible. The studio can learn from mistakes and try to retroactively correct any faults of the movie prior. Maybe retcon some events eg Parallax.

    I think the best way to it is the manner of The Incredible Hulk and X-men First Class. It is a combination of the two options above yet without some of the negative aspects. Create a new a story that takes advantage of Hal has the ring and such keeps some of the cast such as Ryan and Mark Strong. However within the story we can rewrite the origin that is explored throughout the story through dialogue and/or flashback.
    Almost treat it as a remake of sorts but the background information and origin is told in a creative sense that drives the current storyline forward.

    Thus, have the parallax plot scrapped with it being replaced as another event that took place in an isolated military town. So everyone has either been debriefed or bribed to lay low. Hence only the government knows but not sure of what really occurred. Sinestro never put the ring on (because the subplot is no longer needed after getting rid of Parralax plot) and thus we explore the relationship between him and Hal more in depth and is merely a set up for the war. Do not dive right in. Lets just focus.

    Bringing a new Lantern (human or not) will allow some fluid exploration of revised backstory.

    The film may have to be treated a little bit more grounded to fit with Man of Steel. Less corniness and more practical effects.

    • I think they messed up big time by not drawing more from the Green Lantern Secret Origin/Relaunch spending more time between Sinestro and Hal, so I’m with you there.

      I don’t really know what the goal of the plot used for Green Lantern was, other than trying to painfully recreate a Marvel formula movie for a character that wouldn’t quite fit it.

      I think a lot of the thinking around GL will start to shift after Man of Steel launches, since it will have a LOT more of GL in it than people think at this point (in terms of fantasy and extraterrestrial action).

      • That was one of my issues with the film it really tried to copy the Marvel formula without fitting the mold. I like the Marvel Studio Cinematic Universe as a whole but most of the individual films only work as to build up hype to the Avengers. Iron Man was the only film that truly stood on its own and then The Avengers stood on its own because most of the films while enjoyable in their own right were treated as interconnected prequel/teasers of the Avengers rather than full-fleged franchise starters. Phase II films seemed to be a huge improvement in this regard after they got the attention to this lesser known characters who might not have been successful without the Avengers hype.

        Green Lantern was not leading into anything- the post scene with Sinestro and the yellow ring feel tagged on to leave a door open that was never properly developed or built. The film has to stand on its own feet not feel like a lead in to something that is not there.

        Green Lantern will definitely be rethought after Man of Steel, which as you say, is going to do what Green Lantern should have dealt with- the introduction of the more fantastical and extraterrestrial. I say a grounded relatable context of these characters will be a nice way to distinct from Marvel and DC has shown success in a variety of media that more grounded version of their characters.

        Young Justice comes to mind as one can say its fairly grounded for an animated superhero show as well as dark, complex and mature while still being fun and fantastical and representative of the source material.

  4. Bring in the Red Lanterns! Jon Stewart! The Manhunters! Arkillo!
    Come on! You can do it!

  5. Man I love this idea!! That would be awesome if they did it!!

  6. The thing I did not like about the movie was the villian they used. The bad guy did not even come off as being scary. He actually looked like a muppet from sesame street. My thinking on this is because, once again, they tried to make a movie, based on a well-known character, to appeal to kids (for what? more money?); so that what is given to the audience watching the film is a bad guy who simply ugly-looking and not scary or ferocious, as many of the muppets are(particularly the bigger ones which are not hand puppets, but actual costumes that people dress into), because they did not want to scare the children that were watching the movie, who they made the movie appeal/sensitive to. STOP MAKING THESE MOVIES APPEALING TO CHILDREN! The movie went to appeal to a “broader” audience and failed.

    The DARK KNIGHT proved that a comic book movie with a SERIOUS and even dark tone can be successful. THE DARK KNIGHT broke box office records by recording over 1 BILLION DOLLARS IN MOVIE REVENUE.

    Second thing I did not like about the film was the sort of clumsy-like demeanor of Reynold’s Hal Jordan. I mean, come on man. Hal is not like that. With that said, GET RID OF THE COMEDY. Not every comic book film needs to be grossly sarcastic like RDJ’s Tony Stark/IRON MAN either. Also, not every comic book movie needs to be a FUN-RIDE type of movie that Iron Man was, simply because not every character is like tony stark/iron man.

    Nevertheless, Blake Lively is a beauty. She was the only part of the movie I enjoyed seeing each time she was on camera. I really did not care for anything else except seeing her because the movie itself was weak. Also, I have to say, in the pic of her above when this page opens, she looks like JEAN GREY. I defintely can see her playing JEAN GREY, while Brian Wade Patrick plays SCOTT SUMMERS.

    I want to do the casting for A REAL X-MEN MOVIE (and yes I know that fox owns the rights to the x-men, unfortunately). -SIGH-

    • The writing was terrible but honestly, I thought they got the right villain. Parallax could return in future somehow yet was used not as a major villain to be battled hard but to set things up (show Hal he had it in him to become a Lantern, turn Sinestro towards fear at the end etc).

      I liken it to Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins. They didn’t actually put up much of a fight but they were enough of a threat to help Bruce along in his journey into becoming the Bat and establishing him as the hero.

      Reynolds was great in the role though and my only reservation is because I still want him to put on the mask and become Deadpool again.

    • I agree with you actually 100%. Hal Jordan isn’t as cocky as Ryan Reynolds made him out to be. Parallax wasn’t the best choice of villain either. I think Sinestro should have been used or maybe even Star Sapphire.

      I am to the point where I don’t even think they should reboot Green Lantern at all though. I am not sure they should even do Justice League.

  7. I agree about bringing back Mark Strong as Sinestro, but flatly disagree about Ryan Reynolds. I know, recasting is annoying and inconvenient, but IMO Reynolds was and is the wrong person for the part, period. While a better-written screenplay would make everyone look better, I still think that he would be a weak link holding the franchise back. No disprespect intended to him; that is just my analysis.

    My additional suggestion – set more of the film in space, *not* on Earth. The Green Lantern: First Flight animated film was set almost entirely elsewhere in the galaxy, and it was light-years better than the live action film. The charm of Green Lantern is the science fiction element. I remember reading somewhere that they wanted to spin the film as “a new Star Wars” or something like that. The franchise has potential, but it needs to be helmed by someone with the right vision, because in the wrong hands, not only is it not great, it’s downright disposable.

  8. I personally don’t care for the character that much and therefore didn’t care for the movie that much either, but if a sequel happens I hope you Lantern fans enjoy it and if it happens and looks good to me I’ll be there

  9. I thought the first movie was actually very entertaining. Not nearly as bad as all these reviews I’ve read. However, the villain in the movie was completely lame. They could have done much much more with the villains. I thought they did a decent job explaining the origins, not horrible, like I’ve read in reviews. Overall, I enjoyed it. Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance on the other hand, was by a mile worse than GL.

  10. Look, I love Green Lantern. He’s my fav DC hero behind Batman. Geoff Johns convinced be Green Lantern was cool with GL: Rebirth in 2004 and I’ve been reading since. This movie for me was the Star Wars Episode I of the superhero movie genre. I was so pumped for this movie and after I saw it I was in denial for a time until I saw it in theatres again and then i realized this movie is a piece of bantha fodder. That said, I still want Reynolds back as Hal Jordan because with a good script and story to play off of, he’d be fantastic. I would have the next film tell his origin through the opening credits and start then by actually adapting Secret Origin with Atrocitus and the proper GL Corps. Second film, Sinestro Corps War. Third film, Blackest Night and have Justice Leaguers in it as well. Green Lantern has the potential and I don’t think they should boot Reynolds yet. If so bring in Simon Baz!

    • I totally agree loosly follow the events but allow the origins to told in a new way in which also drives the current story forward. Secret Origin with Atrocitus as the replacing event will be cool to see. Tie up the mysterious death with Sinestro and build up to their falling out…but do not try to stuff it in one seating. The problem with the first film it had three good scripts that were sowed together into one bad cluttered one… Focus the story and tell it how the origin story as it should be but do not bore the audience with another two hours of it. Have it move the current story

  11. Bring back Reynolds and Strong as Sinestro!

    • I totally agree.

    • Yes Agree!

  12. I agree with your statements. I thought Reynolds made a good Hal and I hope they bring him back for JL

  13. no the brand is damaged enough from this film. wait for a long period of time and try kick a reboot somehow whether it’s justice league or another solo film

  14. Get Sinestro to return and Carol Ferris may become Star Sapphire. Iam looking forward seeing Blake Lively both playing the good girl and the bad girl.

  15. i would be down with that idea from the title page, but get rid of that strange comedy tone from the first film and a more solid darker story and really plot out sinestro going full evil, maybe supe could have a cameo with in the film.

  16. Stop catering to kids! Make these movies for adults. Kids have cartoons!

  17. The sooner the 2011 misfire is forgotten, the better.

    Introduce Jon Stewart as the Green Lantern in the Justice League movie if that gets made pending Man of Steel’s box office, then spin Jon out into his own series of films.

  18. One of the problems with the film is that if they decide to bring back Reynolds it will come down to whether or not regular movie goers will be willing to give it another chance. Fans will go but people who remember this movie and saw Reynolds as the lead in it will probably not want to give it another chance. Reynolds did a decent job with what he was given but he was being to greedy and taking on a character that wasn’t really meant for him to portray. This franchise needed an actor that would be THE face of Hal Jordon. Ryan Reynolds was better suited for The Flash not Hal Jordon. Hal is serious and adventurous but not cocky or a player type.

    If people haven’t noticed, since Green Lantern, Reynolds has cooled down a bit, because before, he was all over the place. It’s a possibility that they won’t be able to wash off the stench of the previous movie with Reynolds still involved(even though it wasn’t all his fault), they may have to start off fresh and if they continue with him, the only way I think the “general audience”(although they’ll give him a chance in his other movies) will be willing to give him another chance as Green Lantern is if they see him in the Justice League.

  19. I agree with some of what the author of this article says: stick with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, do GL #2 ASAP, with Sinestro as the villain. Just fix the problems: we need to dump the wise-cracking humor, the “what’s happening, dudes” enthusiasm and make him more serious and mature (“with great power comes great responsibility”), dump the bedroom scenes, get a better script…those would all help. Why not use GL #2 to introduce another JLA member? While some might say Martian Manhunter might be a logical choice due to the cosmic aspects of Green Lantern, why not go with The Flash, since Hal and Barry Allen are buddies? And who should they fight? Well, Sinestro, obviously, and a good villain to offset The Flash might be the time-traveling Reverse-Flash, Professor Zoom! And now you’ve covered three bases: you have continued Green Lantern, right where you left him with Sinestro’s evil coming-of-being, you have done your Flash movie DC was talking about as a team-up, plus saved money on doing a separate movie for the time being, plus you have introduced another JLA character. Although this next idea might be overkill, if you want to stay somewhat cosmic and futuristic and time-traveller-ish and expand further, add Martian Manhunter (hey, guess what? Another JLA member) or Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) to the team-up mix for the good guys, and Time Commander for the bad-guys. You see where I am going on this, pre-JLA, don’t you? Mini-team-up movies as an introduction to JLA while continuing something besides Superman and Batman flicks. Anyone agree? Disagree? Better ideas?

  20. I would rather a Ryan Renolds sequel!

  21. I think Reynolds needs to be replaced.

  22. Why is there so much negative hype about the GL movie? It could have been better, but there were some truly great visual effects. Ryan Reynolds was perfectly casted for this film & should be chosen to reprise his role – should the Justice League movie get off the ground.

    You wanna see a bad superhero film? Go watch Catwoman, Daredevil, Electra, or Fantastic 4. None of these movies come close to GL yet they’re not picked apart nearly as much as this film.

    • @SuperDave, I think GL is picked on more the others because of the much more HUGE potential it had and it fell short. It very well could have been the “new Star Wars” if it was done right, so I think people are more upset that it failed rather than just nitpicking about it for gp.

  23. I still like the idea of a Ben Affleck directed JL movie with Ben Affleck as GL. Affleck as GL is a far better casting idea than him as Daredevil. I still don’t understand that choice.

  24. For the sake of Pete! Just put Bruce Timm in charge of the DC film universe and be done with it!!

  25. Put black GL in it dumb people, and you save it.

  26. I rember Blake Lively saying in an interview”If you want to see me dressed as A Star Saphire in the sequel go see the movie”. Even that didn’t help much.