‘Green Lantern 2′ Moving Ahead Despite Box Office Drop

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[Not So Fast! Seems Green Lantern 2 isn’t so certain after all. Details HERE]

Green Lantern has received fairly poor reviews – it’s at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes – and it ranked third at the box office this past weekend after Bad Teacher. To say that the film has been a disappointment for Warner Bros. is a bit of an understatement.

Yet, despite all of that, the studio is apparently moving forward with Green Lantern 2.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources at Warner Bros. have called Green Lantern a “slight disappointment,” which, in executive speak, means it’s an enormous disappointment. Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution, has said on record that the superhero film was expected to experience a monetary drop-off in its second weekend, as most “fanboy films” do.

But Green Lantern didn’t just experience a typical “fanboy film” box office drop-off – it experienced a significant box office drop-off. From $53.2 to $18.4 million, a difference of nearly 66% and enough to allow an R-rated film starring Cameron Diaz to usurp the second place slot.  For a film that by some estimates cost about $300 – this includes a $200 (+) million production budget and one of the most expensive ad pushes in history – this is gloomy news, to say the least.

green lantern ryan reynolds as hal jordan Green Lantern 2 Moving Ahead Despite Box Office Drop

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard that there would be a sequel to a superhero film, despite that film lacking financial success. For years, people at Warners insisted that Superman Returns would be getting a sequel from Bryan Singer. Five years later and it’s Zack Snyder, not Singer, who is in the process of rebooting the property with The Man of Steel.

On the other hand, Ang Lee’s Hulk received mixed critical reviews before underperforming financially – it remains, to this day, the largest opener to never reach $150 million – and yet it spawned a semi-sequel/reboot in the form of Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk (which actually went on to perform almost exactly as well).

It would be a massive shame to see the potential of Green Lantern as a cinematic property go to waste, so we hope Warners does follow up with a sequel, a reboot, or some kind of se-boot. The audience doesn’t need to see Green Lantern’s origin again. Heck, just briefly show us Hal Jordan’s origin (man is pilot, man-pilot finds dying alien in a desert, man-pilot gets super-duper ring from alien and joins an intergalactic police corps) in the opening credits, a la Spider-Man 2, then get straight to the meat of the film.

green lantern corps in sequel Green Lantern 2 Moving Ahead Despite Box Office Drop

Take, for example, The Road Warrior, a sequel that went in a completely different direction from that of its predecessor. It utilized the same character, of course, but had a wholly different style, format, story, and so forth… and went on to out-perform its predecessor in every way imaginable. Who wants to see the filmmakers for a Green Lantern sequel pull a Road Warrior? Anyone?

On a somewhat depressing note, it’s hard not to notice that the opening box office takes for the past three big-budget superhero films (Thor, X-Men: First Class, and Green Lantern) have steadily declined, and that the second week box office drop-offs have steadily increased. Maybe Green Lantern is just performing so poorly because of the bad reviews and word-of-mouth. But what if audiences are legitimately getting sick of superhero films altogether, as they did in the 1990s with Joel Schumacher’s Batman films? It’s up to  Captain America: The First Avenger to break the pattern.

Green Lantern is in theaters now. When we hear more about Green Lantern 2, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Woot! I hope they make the Sinestro Corps War.

  2. Why not right? Sequel could be good, I guess.

  3. I like the character of green lantern and there is potential for some truly awesome stories in the green lantern universe but that movie was an embarrassment. If there is a sequel I don’t think anyone who had anything to do with the production of tge first one should be brought back except Ryan Renolds and Mark Strong. Literally everyone else from the writers and director down to the chefs that caterd the film set should be replaced.

  4. Please make it better – love of god no ‘Hot Wheels’ ramps (ude think they’d forgot what toys they were trying to sell) I didnt hate the movie (well..not thAt much..apart from his daddy issues, that was peety naff.

    I look forward to the sequel please make it better, I’m really starting to dredd my GL tattoo, thank the stars it’s small

    • The car/ramp thing was an excellent idea. Hal uses things like that in the comics all the time.

      • Yeah but to me it seemed a bit silly & really unorthodox. like he uses the catching mit alot more when he saves someone from falling, I know it’s not nearlly as exciting as seeing a chopper going round & around out of control scaring the will out of everyone , but I thought there was just way to much stuff going on & I know it certainly made my mates eyes roll into the back his head. I just wasnt a fan of seeing Micro Machines on the big screen

        • Did everyone miss the connection? It seemed so obvious to me. After Hal’s talk with his nephew Jason, just before leaving the room, Hal picked up a Hot Wheels car and ran it down the loop-the-loop track. I thought it was pretty clear that Hal, performing his first rescue as a superhero, had it on his mind that he didn’t want to fail and disappoint Jason, which caused him to remember the track in Jason’s bedroom.

          • I pointed this out on the GL boards the weekend it came out, and few people even realized that. Makes me think that some wanted to hate the movie so much, they werent even paying attention to it.

          • yes there was a connection, but there were 20 minutes and 3 scenes between the bedroom and the helicoptor. A bit too attenuated, and just one of the examples of the poor development of GL.

            I didn’t think it was as bad as many of th ereivews made it out to be, but still a poor film IMO.

            • The connection is Hal Jordan likes toys that incoporate light physics. I did see that bit

  5. Green Lantern was a good movie. Story could have been a little stronger but it’s not bad as it’s portrayed.

    • I don’t think so either Damjan but I guess some need hit over the head with plot points and it needs dumbed down for the hoi Polloi. At about $18.00 a head per visit few can afford repeat viewings either…

  6. Has there even been a good sequel to a bad movie?

    • Spider-Man spawned Spider-Man 2…
      IMO Spider-Man 1 was terrible, but the sequel wasn’t that bad (but when they made the third one it went wrong again).

    • “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan” comes to mind…Plus, I quite enjoyed “Green Lanten”, so the comparison would not be exact for me.

      • Much better example than Road Warrior. Mad Max was a good movie. It was very low budget, and had good worldwide box office.

  7. ” It’s up to Captain America: The First Avenger to break the pattern.”
    Or It’s up to Cap America to further solidify the fact that we are indeed getting sick of these so called Superhero adaptations!!

    • I’m not. I say keep making them.

    • @Mukundh: “solidify the fact that we are indeed getting sick of these so called Superhero adaptations”

      If you don’t like comic book movies that’s your problem but don’t use the term “we” because I for one am most definitely NOT getting tired of these movies… I freakin live for these movies! I think the majority of them are great and I’m sure there are MANY, MANY people who agree with me completely.

    • Cap will be easier for most to get on board since they are selling the whole “WW2 action movie, super soldier” thing it has going for it.

    • I tend to agree that the quality of most comic films is lacking. I would like to see more, but I prefer them to be better thought out. It always seemed unlikely to me that any GL film could survive critical and viewer scorn. GL is a more convoluted story than spider-man or supes.

    • I pretty much only spend the money on superhero films in the theater. At $10 a pop, superhero movies are worth the expense to see on the big screen. Comedies and dramas can be seen just as well on DVD at home.

  8. Green Lantern was great, loved it. Glad to see WB aren’t quitting as easily as they did with Superman Returns. Hopefully they will have found a way to keep the budget down a bit next time.

    • @ Dr.SamBeckett

      I agree. Im glad GL is gettin a sequel, Too bad Superman Returns didn’t get one which i prefered taken the chance on over a reboot.

    • Dare I say more practical effects will come into play. Would love that, more alien make up, real sets…..possibly a real suit (yes I know xD) Didn’t have a prob with the suit tho.

      • Honestly? i agree with you, there was no reason Kilowog couldnt have been a prosthetic. So yeah, some practical effects wouldnt go amiss.

        • Exactly I mean MCD is already a huge dude make up and a mo-cap suit would’ve worked fine. Also since the sequel may involve Hal and Sinestro’s falling out on Korugar as well as battling on other worlds’ environments real sets will help sell it to the audience.

  9. I have to say, I’m NOT disappointed to hear about this.

    I knew GL wouldn’t be a good movie (I predicted the special effects would be wrong, the plot would be awful and the acting would be bad – I was right).

    When I went to see the movie though, it wasn’t AS BAD as I thought it would be.

    I have said this in a previous post and I’ll say it again: I think GL deserves a second chance… they know what they did wrong and they have the perfect opportunity to fix it.

    GL has great potential in the “cinematic world” but IMO the production should never be rushed (and that is what went wrong with GL the first time).

    I am truly crossing my thumbs for GL2 and look forward to hearing about the development (that little scene during the credits was great).

    • You predicted the special effects would be wrong?

      Well, you were WRONG then.

      • Yah it looked amazing. A practical suit would be a disappointment after seeing this.

        • The suit itself was OK, but the mask looked extremely fake.

          The whole movie resembled animation too much… why didn’t they just make the whole film CGI? It would have been cheaper.

          Look, there were some great scenes where the suit and CGI action really worked well, BUT through most of the film it just looked like a kiddies movie (for instance the Ben 10 live action films – which were terrible).

          Please don’t bash me with comments saying I’m wrong, because if you look carefully you’ll know that there is truth in what I’m saying.

          But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion right? IMO the special effects weren’t as good as it could have been.

      • actaully his right the cgi mask was bad and the Guardians of the Universe design was weak

      • lol thought the same thing

    • “I predicted the special effects would be wrong”

      What question was “it” asked? Maybe “it” was confused on the wording. We’re all wrong at some point.

  10. Im glad to hear there will be another Green Lantern film really enjoyed it

  11. just finished reading secret origins and i have to say the story was pretty good, this is coming from someone who hates the DC universe b/c of their OP heroes and pu**y villains (the only exception is joker, b/c he’s just downright epic :D )
    but i hear the movie is nothing like that reboot origin (or whatever it’s called) so i’m not even gonna bother wasting time/money even for the visuals (at least with TF3 i know its an action movie)

    • Actually, the movie was closer to “Secret Origins” than to any of the other published versions of GL’s origin. The biggest difference was that they added Parallax to the plot, and they combined the origins of two different GL villains, Parallax and Krona, into one. And personally, I found the movie version more compelling than either villain’s individual comic book origin.

      I’ve been a GL fan for a very, very long time. I’ve seen a lot of writers redesign, and most of them mishandle, the character. He’s been changed so many times that I can’t honestly say that the moviemakers got anything wrong, since prectically everything they did fits some version of the story from the past 50 years.

      I liked the story, I didn’t think the acting was bad, and I thought the SFX were perfect, especially in 3D. (I saw it twice, in 2D and 3D.) I really hope there will be a sequel.

      • yeah i could tell they took alot of the stuff from secret origins and used it for the movie, but from what i’ve seen/heard/read the movie screws everything up with: parallax (both the character and its death), sinestro (supposed to be hals friend/mentor etc), the hal jordan character isn’t all he could be (not actor but movie character).

        what people seem to be pissed off about the most is the script which for some has ruined every aspect of the movie b/c isn’t entertaining (for people who are mature) or engaging/deep (like nolan’s batman movies).

        • OK, so market it as a family movie. I can’t see complaining about the villain being different from the comics. Look at Luthor in the Superman movies, or the Joker (he was killed in two different Batman movies!) or Doc Ock in Spidey 2.

          I don’t understand the Sinestro comment. Seems to me he did mentor Hal in the movie, by being tough on him. Besides, originally in the comics, Hal hadn’t even heard of Sinestro before he went bad, so all the stuff about he and Hal being buddies was a change anyway. Like I said, the movie was mostly based on SO, but it also pieced together a lot of older stuff from the comics, and put it’s own twist on all of it. It wasn’t deep, and it wasn’t ultra-serious, but it was entertaining and engaging.

          • Which two batman movies was joker killed in? Might want to watch the movies over again …

  12. As big a fan of comic-book movies as I am, I could see how the masses might not enjoy the prospect of 3-4 comic book movies in a single summer. I’m loving it, and haven’t not-liked a single offering yet, but in regard to public appeal, the studio heads at Marvel might want to scale it back to one-per-summer, like DC.

  13. I watched the film despite the negative reviews and I am disappointed by the film, it is not only the worst comic book movie of the year, it is maybe the worst in years.

    Thor and X-Men: First Class are the best comic book movies of the year, those two films were awesome and excellent.

    Please no GL sequel, the first one was awful.

    • Please explain what you didn’t like about the movie. I really don’t understand everybody saying how awful the movie was. I thought the special effects were pretty much right on. The story is the same as the original green lantern. Hal Jordan, test pilot selected by the ring of Abin Sur. And the way he overcame his fear and overpowered Parallax was awesome!!! It was green lantern as green lantern originally was in the comic books. Tell me why you thought it was the worst super hero movie in years and I’m rating it as one of the best, possibly of all time? And don’t say it’s because I don’t have good taste. I loved it!!!! And I can’t wait for the sequel. It blew Thor totally out of the water. I haven’t seen X-Men first class yet so I have no basis for comparison on that one.

    • I disagree, it may be the worst comic book movie of the year but it most certainly isn’t the worst overall.

      The X-men trilogy, punisher, hulk (2003), catwoman, daredevil, elektra, and some of the early batman movies… all of these were so bad I puked after watching each of them. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from ever watching any of them.

      • I actually liked both the Punisher (Thomas Jane version) and the Hulk (2003). Not saying they were great films, but they were pretty good.

  14. Not trying to troll, just saying that up front.

    “OK guys, listen up.

    Believe it or not, we love comic-book/superhero movies around here. We just hold them to a high standard – we want them to be great on EVERY level and not just “entertainment.”

    Having said that, we’re done writing and talking about Green Lantern here on the site. Here’s hoping that Captain America is a really great movie because we don’t want to go through this all over again. And oh yeah, we hope Transformers 3 turns out to be great as well.

    That is all.


    Vic Holtreman
    Owner: ScreenRant.com

    I guess technically this is an article about GL2, but…

    • I think Vic meant as far as the review is concerned. They won’t be responding to posts about it is also how I took it. They can’t stop writing about it if there is news, however.

      • However, I believe this thread has the potential to test Kofi’s adherence to above declaration. :)

    • ooliboofoo,

      You are correct, this is about a sequel, a new movie – and the relatively soft performance of other superhero films this summer so far. We are done writing anything more about the first film, other than covering box office in our weekly wrap up. Not taking your comment as “trollish” at all. :)


      • Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. That said, I’m very happy they’re still planning a sequel. Here’s hoping it actually happens.

  15. I personally liked the movie, but it was clear that there were many flaws in the movie from a production standpoint. The editing was absolutely atrocious. The effects were good, the humor was actually fitting for the Hal Jordan character. But the script was half-baked, partly due to the fact that there were FOUR screenwriters (usually resulting in piss-poor scripts – see Super Mario Bros.)

    If we get a sequel, the script should be written by Geoff Johns (he has screenwriting experience, he doesn’t just write comics) because he can mix great character moments along with outstanding action in a story. Build some g****** sets, don’t make everything non-Earth CGI. The CGI suits, I’m okay with that. They make sense in the context of the story. Finally, get a suitable director. I tried my hardest to be optimistic about Martin Campbell, but the guy is great at directing “gritty, realistic” films. Sci-fi special effects direction shouldn’t be learned on the job. Having a director such as Zack Snyder (sadly), J.J. Abrams, or even Matt Reeves would work miles better.

    What these films need are people who are passionate about the properties they’re adapting. Batman has Chris Nolan and David Goyer, who are big Batman fans. Iron Man has all of Marvel Studios. With Green Lantern, the only people who seemed very passionate about the property were Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong, who made the movie watchable. Get people who are passionate to make the creative decisions.

    • Not to mention they haven’t explained why they cut out so much in the first place, Director’s cut on dvd plz.

      But yea I say give Matt Reeves or someone else who worked in the sci-fi movie genre already. For VFX well Sony Imageworks didn’t do a bad job I just believe the producers underestimated the time it would take. Yea more practical effects, sets, make up etc. If they could keep the CGI suit but make a real mask might probably help RR’s head blend in with the rest of the suit this time :D

      • I honestly feel that a director’s cut of GL will have a similar effect as the Daredevil director’s cut. Most that have seen that DC will agree that it was way better than the theatrical release.

        As far as “the mask” goes, I honestly wasn’t distracted by the CGI mask.

        On a somewhat related note (DC movies), can we get a “small scale” ($60-70 million budget) Wonder Woman movie done in the vein of Thor? Please?

        • YES, a Wonder Woman movie is practically necessary at this point.

  16. The sequel should be a sequelreboot like the hulk series

  17. Has Green Lantern passed Batman & Robin’s total gross yet? just curious.

      Production budget: $125 M
      Domestic gross: $107.3 M

      Production budget: $200 M
      Domestic gross: $89.3 M

  18. I am a die-hard GL fan. I know the backstory and went into this film expecting some sort of origin told, but not to the light extent we were given. This was GL: Secret Origin! That was fine as well. I hope a sequel is made. The franchise has HUGE potential!
    I am wondering if everyone, from studio excecutives to theatres understand that there is a recession going on in the USA? Sure ticket sales do spike when people really look forward to a film’s debut, but I for one cannot afford repeated $14 tickets to see a film in 3-D like GL, Transformers, Thor, and other films. I would love to see them over and over again, but I cannot afford to! Just wondering if anyone else thought along these lines?

    • Yeah I can barely afford these stupid 3-D ticket prices with all the movies I want to go see and my small town theater doesn’t offer the films in 2-D. Starting to feel even more ripped off than when I buy popcorn and soda.

  19. I think it deserves a sequel. Mainly because it was a good movie and way better than reported. I believe people WANTED to dislike it since green lantern has always seemed cheesy to most people anyway.

    • Or, is it possible that people who claimed the movie was “great” WANT to like it so badly because they like the character and really were excited for this film?

      Time will tell.

      • It’s possible, but I doubt it. In my experience, people who are fans before going in to a movie tend to be supercritical and nitpicky about it. Those who disliked the character already are, of course, going to hate it. And those who know nothing about it probably don’t like superheroes to begin with.

        It’s the people who only had a superficial familiarity beforehand whose opinions I value. And most of them seemed to like it.

      • I would agree with this Kofi, but it seems to be the opposite. people who love GL are seemingly the ones who didnt like the film. I personally am not a big fan of Hal Jordan, and I enjoyed the film whereas yourself and Vic are both pretty big GL fans and neither of you liked it.

        I think big fans are being nit picky, haters of GL and comic movies in general hated it for that reason, but the comic fan who is not a GL nut seems to be the people who like the movie in the bigger quantity (at least thats what I am getting from it all).

        I remember when X-Men came out, I was angry with it because it was nothing like the books other than the powers (for the most part) and the characters were all once x-men at some point, I felt like it was an awful telling of the starting point for the team, and thats because I am a HUGE X-Men fan, and with FF…..well, I about cry every time I think of what they did to my favorite character…..stupid Julian McMahon awful depiction grumble grumble…..

      • Didn’t I just quote this?

        “OK guys, listen up.

        Believe it or not, we love comic-book/superhero movies around here. We just hold them to a high standard – we want them to be great on EVERY level and not just “entertainment.”

        Having said that, we’re done writing and talking about Green Lantern here on the site. Here’s hoping that Captain America is a really great movie because we don’t want to go through this all over again. And oh yeah, we hope Transformers 3 turns out to be great as well.

        That is all.


        Vic Holtreman
        Owner: ScreenRant.com”

      • I agree with Kofi on this, fans of GL are hanging onto this by their fingertips.

        • Again, why are we still talking about this? Thanks Kofi for weighing in. *rolls eyes*

          • Good lord would you give it up? If you dont like it, unsubscribe from the thread.

            • It’s not that I don’t like it, I just think it’s interesting that the owner of the site specifically forbid this type of crap and here it is starting up again.

              • But why do you repeatedly need to whine about it? Just let it go. Your complaining is becoming trollish at this point.

                I believe he more meant that he was not going to have any more new articles about the topic, there is nothing you can do if people in a thread about something related to the topic start talking about said topic.

                Let it go and stop your crying.

                • @ooliboofoo
                  Let it go, this is still a discussion and it WAS cordial until you chimed in.

                • People, yes. However this whole line of replies was started by Kofi replying to someone stating they were happy about the sequel news. Not trying to troll, just pointing out some glaring hypocrisy. Sorry to bother you guys.

              • “Having said that, we’re done writing and talking about Green Lantern here on the site.”

                That’s not forbidding anything. He just said that they (the site owners) are done talking about GL. He never said that they don’t want anyone else talking about it. If he did, it’d be simple enough to close the thread to comments.

                • @ooliboofoo

                  I actually was responding to this:

                  “I believe people WANTED to dislike it since green lantern has always seemed cheesy to most people anyway.”

                  I would disagree with that statement and believe there’s another possibility, which I stated very cordially. I even said “Time will tell.” to leave open the possibility that I could be wrong.

                  I’ve very pursposefully stayed (mostly) out of a GL threads and actually was the one to lobby Vic that we, the SR staff, not run any more op-eds or make opinionated public statements about the film. I simply don’t think it’s worth ostricizing our reader community – even you, ooliboofoo.

                  I was just presenting another theory to counter-balance the “people wanted to hate GL” theorty. That’s fair, no?

                  • Fair enough I suppose. They haven’t made a movie yet that pleased everyone it was aimed at no matter what the reason.

                    • Just so ScreenRant and Warner Bros knows, I am NOT seeing Green Lantern because of Kofi Outlaw’s review…

                      And Im not being sarcastic, im dead serious…

  20. Hopefully with this terrible reception (and another hopefully terrible reception for Clash of the Titans 2), studios will wise up and not spend so much money on horrible movies when trying to build a franchise.

    At some point it will hopefully be obvious to the men with money, that good movies fare better.

  21. So any picks for GL2′s director and producer?

    I say Matt Reeves and Joel Silver. ILM for VFX too.

    • I’m really liking the idea of Matt Reeves. Speaking of The Road Warrior, perhaps George Miller could step in as well? That would be quite awesome, and the guy does have experience with awesome action (Mad Max films) and CGI (Happy Feet). He was even tabbed to direct that ill-fated Justice League movie.

      • I would be very happy with that. I would’ve also liked to see a Green Lantern film directed by Ridley Scott. It seems that’s what Warners was going for when they hired Martin Campbell, they just didn’t want to pony up the cash for the real deal.

        • Or they butchered the final cut for whatever reason :/

          They wouldn’t get someone like Scott unless he gets total ctrl (not a bad thing). Duncan Jones or Matt Reeves seem like great choices.

  22. Mad Max is one of the best trilogies of all time, I think. Road Warrior is awesome, but Beyond Thunderdome is one that has really grown on me over the years, and now I love it. That’s a movie that also went in a different direction than it’s predecessors, but it makes sense as a progression of that universe. Now basically all the movies have the same plot: Max is trying to hang on and maintain his piece of life. Inevitably he is thrusts into a larger social sphere. He still tries keep his world separate. He ends up losing everything he has. He then chooses a side and fights for their cause, usually ending up with nothing of his own at the end.

    I could go on. Love those movies.

    Now I haven’t seen Green Lantern, but does it really rate comparison to Mad Max? That is a very well-done low budget movie. And it made quite an impression, critically and with the box office.

    As far as a Green Lantern sequel goes. Sure, they are talking about it. But why wouldn’t they? “Talk is cheap.”

    • I never said Green Lantern was comparable to the first Mad Max film, and I mostly disagree with your assessment that Mad Max and The Road Warrior have the same plot. Unless you mean in the way all movies kind of sort of have a similar plot. People. Conflict. Resolution.

      • Well, yeah. There really are only so many plots. I’m really admiring the creative way these stories are told.

        In the first movie he quits being a cop, is happy with his wife and child and the outside world takes it away. In the second movie he’s got his car, his guns, and his dog (not exactly a happy nuclear family but he’s lowered his expectations at this point). His goal is to keep what he has. He just wants a lot of “juice,” or gas to help him do that. Again, the outside world changes his plans and takes everything away. In the third movie we encounter him having just lost his “world” again. This time it is his truck, camels, and possessions. His motivation for involving himself in the politics of Barter town are simply to get back what is his. Later, with the kids in the Oasis he again simply wants to settle for what he has, and doesn’t want it disturbed, going as far as to tie up the kids who want to leave. Again he is reluctantly drawn in to helping others. He’s simply a reluctant hero. He does answer the call to action eventually, but it’s at a point where he has little choice.

        As for Green Lantern, I don’t have as much optimism that they are going to make a great sequel.

    • agreed. couldn’t be a worse comparison than mad max (****** RULES) and green lantern. mad max wasn’t intended to be a succes in america, wasn’t even relased until right before road warrior (pretty sure, may need to check my facts). many people today confuse the road warrior as the first film, some unaware of mad max’ existence. supposedly making a new one with tom hardy (very leary of that though i dig tom hardy, BRONSON RULES). if gibson wasn’t a moron and kept his opinions to himself, could’ve been a cool “old max surviving and kicking @ss in the wasteland”. so much for that. anyway….sorry for the mad max rant. didn’t see green lantern nor will i…ryan reynolds is a massive ******.

      • Hah. Again, I didn’t compare Green Lantern to Mad Max. I compared a Green Lantern sequel to Mad Max 2.

        • It’s a bad example, but I don’t mind at all that you used it. I love that trilogy. I think Fantastic Four would be more apt. In those innocent days I believed that a sequel could be made that was great and would lay the first one to rest. Post FF, I’m cynical. This just seems like a money grab. Built in fanbase. Movie stars. Huge special effects budget. Mad Max was the antithesis of all that. Someone (The Avenger I think), made the comparison to Star Trek II. That is a good example.

          • But it’s not a bad example because I was talking about what I’d like to see them do with the sequel — which is to say, move completely away from what they did in the original. I never said that I thought that they would do this. I’m dubious on the possibility of a sequel altogether.

            • I don’t think they moved away from the original movie. Rather, they built on it. The decline of civilization had progressed and became more pronounced. Like in the third movie, there was no more petroleum, but they were trying to use methane from pig s***. In RR, Max has the same car and clothes he had in the first movie, but obviously time had passed.

              I haven’t seen GL, but I don’t think Martin Campbell really has the passion to build on the first movie. Not that it couldn’t be done. But it won’t be. So I’m dubious too.

        • Wait…there’s a Green Lantern sequel???

      • I saw RR in theaters but I was vaguely aware of a prior movie. I saw it later. I think it was just a foreign movie that ran in the “arthouse” theaters. I really don’t know either. I’ve known people who did see it in the theater before RR though.

        I love those movies. That Feral kid in RR. Even those kids in Thunder dome. They had a savagery about them (and some of them were pregnant). I’d take them over the Ewoks anyday as far as cute savages goes. RR had limited dialogue. Hollywood rarely makes movies like that. They let someone else do it, then make an inferior remake. Or try to copy it.

      • You guys are forgetting the original Mad Max bombed at the theaters. Nice write up Ben. Im still watching for the Flash movie.

        • In the US box office maybe. It was an Australian movie and I’ve always understood that it was successful there and in other countries. Plus it didn’t have to make that much money in the first place. It probably was made for tens of thousands of dollars, not hundreds of millions. Road Warrior was called Mad Max II everywhere else but the US. Also it is at least respected by critics and became a cult film.

  23. Too many people see Green Lantern as a failure and everyone is only focusing on money coming in from the box office. Warner Brothers is making so much more on merchandising, toys,lunch boxes,clothing etc. There is so much money to be made from Green Lantern other than that from theaters.

    • That’s an interesting angle I had never considered but a completely valid reason. I guess if they can pull in 500 mil in merchandise it would still be considered successful from a cash generating perspective. Bottom line, that IS what it’s all about anyways.

      +1 to you.

      • Keep in mind, movies can’t just make their money back to make their money back. Half the money goes back to movie theaters for ticket prices. A massive chunk goes to actors, producers, the director, the crew. A massive chunk goes to the people on the movie who had it in their contracts that they’d get a certain percentage of the film’s profits. Top that off with the fact that an unsuccessful film probably isn’t going to be selling $500 million dollars worth of merchandise regardless. If kids aren’t willing to see the movie, why would they be willing to pay for the toys to the point that it would make the movie’s money back?

  24. The movie just seemed a bit flat. The gaps between action sequences were slow and dragged a bit. There were character introductions and development that seemed unnecessary dead ends that never went anywhere, like well…. pretty much the whole introduction to his family including his nephew. The only family character we needed to know about was his Dad.

  25. This movie is really getting people emotional: LANTERN REVIEW http://rubadiri.blogspot.com/2011/06/darkest-night-lost-opportunity-of-green.html

  26. Good for them. I really enjoyed GL. It was fun and included a lot of lore of not only GL but Hal Jordan. Including his brothers was a nice throwback to the original comics.
    I didn’t start reading GL comics that have come out recently, I started with the original comics. They were cheesy, but a really good foundation of a character.
    I read the screenrant review before seeing the the movie and I went in trying to find the flaws mentioned. I actually didn’t find anything worth “ranting” about. I would have to disagree with almost every opinion of the review. I hope they make a sequel-or a series of movies. Being a GL fan, comic book fan first and comic book movie second-I really liked the interpretation of the movie and I want to see more.

    • Exactly; it was a fun stab at making a movie based on the old comics, and I also think it was fairly successful (not the best movie in the world, but certainly not God-awful). I hope it actually can get a sequel.

  27. Wow, color me surprised. I guess we can call this the WB green money pit? Glad they can afford to take a hit like this and still keep going.

    While I did enjoy the first one, based on the admittedly glaring story flaws I don’t know if I would want them to proceed with a GL2. Maybe if they did something similar to a Hulk semi-reboot with different actors (Keep Mark Strong and replace/re-tool most everyone else), less CGI heavy uniforms, etc it might work. I just don’t know about a direct sequel considering that they would be making Sinestro the antagonist with the VERY flimsy premise about how the yellow ring came into being and ended up on Sinestro’s hand.

    As to weather we are getting tired of seeing superhero movies…….um, no. As long as they’re good and interesting people WILL go see them. I can use the Sci-Fi AND Horror movie genre’s as prime examples. Both of those industries replay their respective themes over and over but yet people keep going to see them because the creators find new and entertaining ways to repackage the general theme (or not in the case of some Horror movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street!)

  28. If Warner doesn’t go with a sequel right away they could lose Reynolds to other projects, like “Deadpool.” It would be nice if they could move away from the Hal Jordan Green Lantern stories anyway. I’d much rather see a John Stewart character as the Lantern, especially in a Justice League movie.

    • No thanks he sucks compared to Hal IMHO.

      • John Stewart a la the Justice League cartoon would be a great choice; a lot of people grew up seeing him rather than Hal, and that alone would bring in more money for this sequel (if only for nostalgia’s sake, or because in knowing little to nothing about the comic series, they’ll feel GL is being “corrected” by bringing in Stewart rather than Hal). Maybe a movie with Stewart and either Gardner or Rayner (not both; that’d be way too much), while Hal goes off and tries to be all super-villainy? Plus it would also allow for the plot to progress towards an eventual Blackest Night movie.

        And on a different note, it’d finally introduce some diversity to the ranks of superheroes coming out on the big screen; since it looks like we’re never going to get a modern Wonder Woman movie, an ethnic minority like Stewart, or even Rayner, would be cool. Because of the cartoon presence though, I think Stewart would be the obvious choice over Rayner.

        • Um did you forget Blade?

  29. Why the hell WB making another GL this is not fair they didnt give chance to Bryan singer although singer`s one was better!!
    I no more like WB,i`ll just watch HP 7 pt 2 & TDKR after that im out..
    Paramount is the best!!!
    WB`s greatest franchise like HP & Batman is finishing after that WB is DOOM no matter how much Visual effects WB use to make movies hit!!
    who agrees??

    • are you 12?