‘Green Lantern 2′ Screenplay Being Written by ‘Green Lantern’ Writer

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I’m slowly realizing that this isn’t a common assumption yet, but DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. actually have big plans for their Green Lantern franchise – plans that are already in motion and moving ahead with speed.

While making superhero movies into trilogies is hardly surprising news, the actual speed at which DCE/WB is moving forward with their development of Green Lantern 2 does suggest a level of confidence that you don’t necessarily see in the increasingly fickle world of Hollywood these days.

The latest bit of news, as reported by Variety, is that writer Michael Goldenberg (Where The Wild Things Are) has been tapped to write the Green Lantern 2 script, working off of a treatment for the sequel that was drawn up by writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, all of whom have been heavily involved in the development of this first Green Lantern film.

Goldenberg is no stranger to the world of big-budget movie heroics: he wrote the screenplay for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and he also wrote Contact, so I guess he’s no stranger to human/extraterrestrial relations either ;-).

Most importantly, the hiring of Goldenberg means that DCE/WB is trying to stay consistent with their development of this Green Lantern franchise: Berlanti, Green and Guggenheim all pitched in for the early treatments and script drafts of this first Green Lantern movie, while Goldenberg was the one who penned the final polished version.  If DC/WB is suitably impressed with the results, in my opinion it’s good form to stick with the exact same creative team for the sequel (note to Marvel: pay attention).

What we know about the Green Lantern script so far suggests that it follows along the lines of the modern revamped mythos created by DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Given that the first film covers the origin of Hal Jordan’s (Ryan Reynolds) induction into The Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force, the sequel film would presumably delve into recent (and epic) Green Lantern storylines, which feature the revelation of other colored lantern corps and an intergalactic war. That’s all I’ll say for fear of SPOILERS.

Right now, at this moment, I have to confess that I have more faith in the notion that DCE/WB will win the “Comic Book Movie Showdown” with Marvel Studios that’s going to be going on from now through at least the end of 2012. In my opinion, DCE/WB is simply making better choices – namely by choosing promising creative teams who know and respect the source material, and then, keeping those same people working on each new sequel. Just my opinion.

Green Lantern is due in theaters on June 17th, 2011. No idea on when Green Lantern 2 will be in theaters.

Source: Variety

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  1. The true test will be if they can recover when something goes wrong. Even a seemingly flawless product might not capture the pop contest…

  2. DC/WB are moving carefully with the developments of their properties and what I really like is they’re not making as much noise as Marvel. If they decided a trilogy for GL is because they are sure of the potential of the franchise, that’s a smart choice and I think they’ll succeed.

  3. Cannot wait for this! One of my favourite comic book characters, been loving Geoff John’s run on GL since issue 1. Would love to see some of that stuff actually make it into the films, which is possible considering Johns is exec producing on the film.

    I’m waiting to see a trailer for this, hoping it will be released soon, I like the new look suit and Reynolds is great casting providing he can pull of some of the more serious elements.

    And people say I’m always negative!!!

    • Negative? no not always. Not as much as me anyway. :-)

      I’m more of a MARVEL fan. Only 10% of my comic book collection consists of DC stuff and that’s mainly Batman, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this film.

      I don’t know GL all that well, just the general mythos and at the moment I’m really liking DC/Warner Bros approach to things. I’m hoping GL is going to be a real action packed sci-fi epic.

      • I’m completely the other way, only about 10% of my collection is Marvel, and I gave most of that away to my little brothers.

        • Oh man that’s funny LOL!

          I’ve had friends tell me I should sell my collection since I’ve got almost complete runs of some titles going back to the early sixties, but they’re missing the point.

          I don’t care that I may be sitting on a small fortune. I actually do enjoy reading them and there is too much nostalgia attached to many of the titles.

          Have you ever read some of the JLA from the early sixties. I purchased some a couple of years ago. They’re a blast to read. :-)

          Even though I’m more familiar with Marvel, I branching out a little more and over the years I’ve noticed many writers and artists working for both DC and Marvel, so I have a great deal of respect and admiration for both companies.

          • I havent read any old JLA from then, but I must try to find some. I love reading old stuff, you can see the genesis of these characters, where they came from, the imaginations that really brought them to life.

  4. “While making superhero movies into trilogies is hardly surprising news, the actual speed at which DCE/WB is moving forward with their development of Green Lantern 2 does suggest a level of confidence that you don’t necessarily see in the increasingly fickle world of Hollywood these days.”

    Comsidering WB bought DC in 1969 I wouldn’t exactly call that “speed” getting a GL film to the big screen..Marvel at least has taken the leap of faith with it’s properties while DC/WB have been slowly climbing down the ladder with their properties. If you want to look at it from a Marvel perspective since 2000 Marvel has had 21 of their properties made into feature films…DC has had 11( DC has had a major studio backing it for 41 years) of their characters made into feature films. Time for WB to get off their communion money and start adapting. They have had enough time to copy Marvel’s formula since they tried to race and get the Justice League out ahead of Marvels avengers (luckily smarter heads prevailed there)..

  5. Whoa mark my calendar! Beckett said something positive!

    • Glad its something important you can have in your life.

  6. I wonder if rushing GL2 will make Ryan Reynolds have to wait even longer to play Deadpool. I’m starting to wonder if a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool film will happen.

  7. How about a decent SUPERMAN movie since the last good Superman movie was Superman II. That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, should be interesting.

  8. So they’re just sooo sure that Green Lantern will be a sure Blockbuster hit worthy of a sequel even waaay before the first on comes out huh? Warner Bros/DC….. There’s an old saying,and it goes “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” You might even end up with a rotten egg or two.

  9. However,I do agree with Kofi about sticking with the solid creative team who puts out a good product. Bringing in Justin Thereaux as the screenwriter for Iron Man 2 was a HUGE mistake.

    • Agreed

  10. I think this Green Lantern film could very easily rival the Iron Man franchise…

    • I think you will be right with that…I feel that this is different enough that there really is nothing else like it out there for it to be compared to and that will be the force that drives it to success..that a a great final product I mean :)

  11. I Agree

  12. Drsam my collection is alot like yours. I have about 10% marvel the rest is DC. However I think marvel has more characters that are good than DC. I like more characters from marvel than DC but DC has much better story telling. As far as the main 7 DC goes I really only like like Batman and GL however while Marvel has 10 guys that I like alot i’d rather read Batman or Justice League because their stories are better. Not to mention DC has the most interesting rogues Marvel has way to many god like bad guys.

    I also love that Lex Luthor or Joker could come up with a plan to take on the JL while non super humans at marvel couldn’t take on Thor let alone the avengers.

    Top 5 Heroes
    1.batman by far
    3. Iron man
    4. Thor
    5. GL

    but top 5 on going comics that I read are all DC. I kept up with marvel like crazy but the last few years I got tired of their sub par storys. I’m up to date on DC completely but don’t know much beyond Civil War at Marvel. Civil War was good but it was something good after years of meh and it was followed up with years of crap.

    At the end of the day though while I think DC has the most interesting rogues and the best stories the main thing that keeps them ahead for me is Batman.

    • As much as Superman is my favourite, there is no denying, Batman has the best villains of any comic book character, I mean they are legendary. Not just as comics but as pop culture icons. How many Marvel villiains can say that?

      Did you read Blackest Night?

  13. Na Sam havnt read Blackest night sadly I have to admit I hated Batman RIP I think grant Morrison ruined batman and also things just are not the same with Dick as Batman. I kind of avoided JL and Big Dc events since Bruce went away but I’m still keeping up with Batman. Lately though I just wait for Graphic Novals rather than comics. I’ve gotten annoyed with so few pages so I wait for collected editions now.

    • Blackest Night is really good, but it has been collected stupidly, its not in chronological order, so reading it can be infuriating. But its really good. Have you read Batman The Widdening Gyre? Kevin Smiths newest run?

    • @ DrSamBeckett and Daniel f

      Batman-”Under The Red Hood” DVD arrived today as did Brian Azzarello’s “Joker”. Gotta Love Amazon. Looking forward to a very dark night. :-)

      Any opinions? but please no spoilers. :-)

      • The animation is great, the story was good, Jensen Ackles was fantastic. But I agree with Daniel F, The Joker was terrible, and Batman was ok but no Conroy.

  14. Magnetic the story was good and Jensen was great as Red Hood but the Joker and Batman voices were awful especially Joker.

  15. I skipped the newest Kevin Smith Batman because the first one in my opinion was awful and the new one got really awful reviews.

    In the first book he got Batman wrong he just did not understand the character. I did just read Hush Money and thought it was pretty decent but I havnt loved a Batman story since Heart of Hush. Hated Black glove and RIP. Batman and Robin Vol 1 was ugh the pig guy story was dumb. Just got long shadows in the mail gonna read it soon but just got a lot of books.

    Have you read any red robin? Kinda liking it but I always liked Tim.

    • I didnt like his first Batman run either, but this one is really good, great story, nasty twist at the end. Its worth checking out. I havent read any of the Red Robin no.

  16. You know Magnetic I really only collect to eventually sell lol. I like reading them but after that meh. I’ll keep my collected editions graphic novals and what not but I plan on selling all my singles. I’ve got a small furtune in comics lol. I just don’t know where to sell. Not eBay I’d lose about 60% of their worth.

  17. @ DrSamBeckett and Daniel f

    Thanks for your thoughts. Appreciate it.

    Daniel, I stumbled across a website called NewKadia Comics and I’ve been buying comics from them over the last 3 months. I don’t know if they have a buying policy though.

    I’m almost tempted to see what you got but my wife will kill me. :-)

    • Yes, they do buy comics at newkadia.com but it looks like they’re generally looking for books whose value is $15 or more.

  18. I might check it out Sam. I suggest Red Robin if your looking for something in the Bat area.

  19. Magnetic at this point it’s mostly Batman I’ve got alot of Batman from 1970s to slightly current. I had The Avengers number 24 but my b*tch of an ex wife stole it.

    • She stole your Avengers #24 “From The Ashes Of Defeat” That’s cruel. New Kadia are selling a copy in VG condition for $22. Mmmmm I don’t actually have that issue.

      Don’t tempt me any further. :-) I’ve got a lot of Batman from the 80′s onwards and would love to build it up further, but as I said my wife will kill me. :-) lol

  20. She stole your comics, that’s cold!

  21. Well Magnetic if you ever want to hear more about my collection or even decide to try and get some feel free to email me.


    nothing else I can at least tell you what I got.

  22. Wow just looked at newkedias set up on selling your comics it’s awful. You really get ripped off. Better off selling on eBay.

    If the comic sells for 10$ you get 7c lol.
    25$ you get 5.24
    68$ you get 31$

    It’s crazy they take a huge percentage and charge a fee to list it on top of taking a percentage.

  23. I’d like to post an idea for the Green Lantern writers:
    We all already know that Hal got his ring from a dying alien, same as Superman was sent from Krypton and Batman has his family killed in a gueto. what if they could skip this part and leave a mystery for the people to ask, where is he from? Maybe he could tell it in an interview instead of spend the whole film only to try to explain how he got his ring.
    Other interesting thing GL has both of the 2 worlds Superman and Batman (Human and Super powerful being) so he could also fight the crime (what would turn GL interesting as Batman) and still could save the world from the Aliens, Invaders, monsters, etc.
    A most powerful Hal than in these latest comics (showing him as a immature kid) otherwise there’s no respect, even Wonder Woman or Darkseid have been breaking his force shield like glass, this wouldn’t happen with the old Hal from the silver age or even as Parallax.
    One of the differences between Hal and the other GLs (including Abin Sur) is that Hal can control the death, how many times he was killed and came back to life (not only in Rebirth) or teleport himself
    There were also comics which Hal could even stop the time, reach the flash in the speed of light apart from his famous Giant punch.
    Sometimes a little change (when they made the Batman movies without Robin) can work really well, maybe a more enigmatic character that all we know is that he has a ring, some suspense like the Terminator, Alien vs Predator, the vampires from 30 days at night but with a hero the can turn the game around for the bad guys, that’s the way I see Hal
    And he can still fight Sinestro, Hammond (this time a good one) not like in the film where Hal couldn’t even complete a mission and let the people die unsaved. I don’t know if this star wars version of the Green Lanterns is the best idea, too many characters it gets confuse. I would Honestly focus on Hal or maximum John Stewart in the future to team up but the most incredible fights including Parallax it’s expected Hal.
    Who knows in the future a crossover film Green Lantern vs Silver Surfer would be cool, I’ll carry on dreaming here haha