‘Green Lantern 2′ Will Be Edgy & Dark; ‘The Flash’ Script is ‘Solid’

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Green Lantern Official Trailer 2 Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

[Not So Fast! Seems Green Lantern 2 isn’t so certain after all. Details HERE]

Green Lantern has its share of ardent defenders, but it was critically unloved and financially unsuccessful, which is why it came as a bit of a shock that the studio was still considering a sequel – just a week after the film’s release.

That said, it’s somewhat less surprising that they’re planning to go in a completely different direction with the film. Warner Bros. Film Group President Jeff Robinov recently gave an update on Green Lantern 2, as well as The Flash screenplay and their superhero film slate for the next few years.

Check it out Robinov’s thoughts below, courtesy of Hero Complex:

“We had a decent opening [of $53 million] so we learned there is an audience. To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.”

In other words, we have to find a way to make a quality movie.

The hidden sentiment in “we had a decent opening” is “we had a terrible box office performance in the aftermath.” According to some reports, Green Lantern cost Warner Bros. north of $300 million dollars. Not only did it perform poorly here in the United States – a final tally of $114 million – it has also performed poorly overseas — $40 million as of right now.

Alas, $155 million is quite a bit short of $300 million plus.

Green Lantern 2 already has an outline written by the original film’s writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim but, according to multiple anonymous sources, it’s likely that Warner will either make massive changes to it – or totally start-over from scratch.

hi res image roundup for green lantern starring ryan reynolds Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

Apparently, Warner Bros’ executives weren’t exactly pleased with Martin Campbell’s performance in directing the film either. While Campbell is definitely deserving of blame for the film’s failure, Warner should’ve known from the beginning that the film might not deliver the kind of character drama that fans were hoping for – since director’s best films – Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro, and Casino Royale – are known for being barebones action films. Enormous CGI-heavy sci-fi epics have never really been his thing.

In the future, Warner needs to hire serious filmmakers with serious visions who seriously want to create a Green Lantern film – much like they did with Christopher Nolan and Batman Begins – instead of constructing a Green Lantern film outline and throwing a previously successful director at it to see if he sticks.

Furthermore, the success of these types of films is less about being dark and edgy, as Robinov claims, and more about taking the project seriously. Not the seriousness of the tone, mind you! Not that kind of seriousness. After all, some of the best superhero films (Superman and Spider-Man 2) are as far away from dark and edgy as it gets, but their filmmakers — Richard Donner and Sam Raimi — were seriously committed to making never-before-seen cinematic experiences.

the flash film has solid script Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

The Flash drawn by Francis Manapul

Robinov also told Hero Complex that, after The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Warner is moving forward with their other DC superhero properties – including Man of Steel in 2013, a possible Green Lantern 2 later that year or in 2014, followed by The Flash – which has a “solid script” – as well as the Justice League film.

Again, hopefully Warner Bros. hires serious filmmakers this time (auteurs, if you will) to bring their unique visions to the properties. Nobody wants to watch cookie-cutter, studio-crafted, lowest-common-denominator-catering superhero films. Not that we ever did.

What are your feelings about a darker, edgier Green Lantern 2? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012. Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. Stay tuned for more DC superhero film news.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. GL2 would have to be different from the first for me to be interested in seeing it. I did not enjoy it. That being said, at least DC finally put something out other than Batman/Superman. I like them fine, but why have Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman not already been born?

    • Here, here! Well said, sir!

  2. I have to say that all though the movie had it flaws, and yes it did have a few, my wife and son and myself found the movie enjoyable and fun. I think that everyone forgets that unlike most movies, a superhero movie HAS to establish an origin, which for most so called fans or fanboys can be a bane to their exsistence. But its still a necessary evil. We know that these movies can’t be exact to the comics, so we all have to have a bit of aceptance while watching it. Granted the director choice could have been better, someone like John Faveau comes to mind, but the movie on a whole I thought was a lot of fun. You have to understand the character on a whole; who never really is a serious person, and all the changes that he and his supporting cast have gone thru in the books. Never the less, now that the origin is established, and the origin for the most part is fairly acurate, we can move on to the next part. The best thing they could do would be the introduction of the “Blackest Night” story line which would introduce the other differnet color lanterns. I know your going to say, “what you cant do that without having the rest of the super heroes in it” but you can by limiting it to all the regular lanterns that have died as well as the ones living and the red, yellow, orange, blue, indigo and violet lanterns fighting the fallen black lanterns. This could continue on into the third movie, thus making a great extended story line as well as a darker and edgier movie to make every one happy. Its also a story that will work. Even if the other DC heroes arent in it, there can be some name dropping to make it closeer to he DC universe. In closing, I dont think that everyone wants to see another green lantern movie, but its only becasue they dont like the character enough to want to see another one, and one that done even better than the last. Not everyone liked the wolverine movie or Iron man 2 and yet no one is blasting it like they are Green Lantern. The nay sayers that didn’t like it are probably the same people that loved the Hangover 2.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I just hope when they make “The Flash”, alot of old timers may hope to see at least a cameo of Wally West…I hope they focus more on the synopsis aimed torward Barry Allen

      • to hell with barry allen and hal jordan. have people forgotten that the main reason we got rid of them and brought in wally west and kyle rayner was because barry and hal are BORING! wally and kyle were much more interesting and likeable.

        • Kyle rayner came about because they needed a new lantern unable to be corrupted by fear which was done through the power rings…also Hal Jordan destroyed the Corps so that kinda nips that theory of him being canned for being boring. Side note after Jordan you still had Gardner and Stewart before Rayner….

    • I hate defenses like these ‘It’s an origins story it’s supposed to be bad’. I’m not saying your opinion is bad mind you, just that it’s a terrible argument. The movie had a cookie cutter superhero story with a lame villain, the movie should have had focus more time in space with Hal being like a rookie cop on patrol. And WB should adapt The Sinestro Wars before blackest night.

  3. Loves what I just read. I hope Warner Bros. has this in mind. Everyone I talked to (including myself) thought brief moments were great. The opening credits were good. The military dog fight was pathetic and Hal Jordan was scared to death –instead of being a cocky pilot who believes nothing can stop him–also in the planet Or with his crying thing. The relationship between Hector and his father was bad and cheesy. The Fear cloud I felt worked. Hal Jordan’s final fight I felt was great and exciting, but felt it was a little short. Mark Strong’s scenes were excellent. And Hal’s discussion with his girlfriend and his discussing his voice thing was… why? … why?…. But overall for a successful sequel, there needs to be action, a seriously evil villain (i.e. joker in TDK) and imaginative use of his ring with a serious training scene as well. The graphics were spectacular.

    All my friends who didn’t see the movie in theaters, simply did so because they heard it was not worth spending the money. I’m sure they’ll see it when it’s out on DVD. But that said… there needs to be more action to draw in an audience. More imagination. Better dialog and scenes. Simply put. I enjoyed it, but I was NOT satisfied.

    • I think Synestro would be a great villian…similar to the Joker in TDK….. The whole…..No green on yellow think would make for an excellent climactic battle scene….

  4. I think they should make a green lantern 2. My son loved the 1st one and I didn’t think the 1st one was that bad. Looking forward to the 2nd movie.

  5. To save the franchise, Green Lantern 2 should feature John Stewart. Nate Parker from Red Tails would be a wise choice to play him. He looks like a young Denzel from A Soldier’s Story.

    The Flash movie will only work if he’s taking on his Rogues Gallery in the very first film, because neither the Flash versus one supervillain like Captain Cold or Mirror Master is gonna put asses in seats.

    • I agree with the Rogues Gallery only because depending on how far they plan to carry this, it would leave a good opening for the mentioning of the various flashes, and their counterparts

  6. I would love for them to make a flash movie

  7. The green lantern story arc in the comics is ment to be dark and edgy have you heard the red lantern oath do you know about the dark lanterns the green lantern villians are normally dark and edgy the sinestro corps isn’t that nice either but there’s far darker than them



    • The Flash requires something special, and Barry Allen is the way to go.

      First, have him against The Rogues. All of em. Deal with their abilities/origins in a quick and humorous montage. The Flash has silly villains, and his abilities end up being near god like.

      One, Barry has to build his abilities over the course of a franchise. He has to go from a “typical” speedster (just a guy who runs fast), to the actual embodiment of the Speed Force and the source of his own origin.

      First film of the franchise deals with typical heroics, but with a quick origin, and multiple stories about dealing with the rogues. The Harbinger shows up to help these inept villains but with little explanation as to why. End the first film with Barry pushing his abilities and ending up accidentally in Earth-2 meeting Jay Garrick and figuring out there are multiple realities and he can travel between them. We get Iris in there too.

      That sets up film 2, time and space travel are a must, centered around the Flash Museum and the Cosmic Treadmill, and encountering the Monitor. This is the cosmic Flash movie, and includes a lot of Chrono Trigger like time interactions, the 30th century and Barry figuring out the meaning of the Monitor/Anti-Monitor. Or some other crisis level even taking place.

      And then every DC franchise picture should be feeding a Crisis movie, not a JLA one. It essentially acts as the second or third film of the franchise of all the players involved, as well as introducing new ones (I WOULD LOVE TO SEE KAL-L!)

  9. I dont really think we need to go darker. It worked with batman but umm thats pretty much all batman is. Batmans whole thing is pain and lonliness. Lantern n flash really arent like that. At certain points they are even superman. But not nearly as much. Honestly joss wheadon or heres a curve ball jon favroe. Avengers n iron man were amazing movies they.did fantastic in the box office. I just dont wanna see more pos like superman returns or the hulk movie. Guys get creative call wheadon raimi n favroe. These guys know what it takes when it comes to superhero movies. Btw stop changing origins. Hardcore fans like myself are seriously getting pissed. Banes a good example. Hes not friggin aquaman, and why wasnt venom syrum used? Keep the movies like the comics. Thats what we know and love. Oh and go easy on cgi. Its cheaper but we can tell.

  10. I hope Ryan renold’s returns

  11. Rian Johnson, direct for the flash.

  12. I absolutely loved the movie! Screw the critics quite frankly. I bought the movie as soon as it can out on DVD. It wouldn’t make sense if they neglect a sequel. For the specific clip at the end of the movie where senestro equips the yellow ring hinting a possible sequel. I’m looking forward to a new green lantern movie!

    • Likewise! GL is my favourite DC superhero at this point. I believe the intergalactic stuff made it better than any of Nolan’s stories to date. I, too, bought the DVD, and enjoy watching it over again along with my other favourites.

      I hope they can capture the speed of The Flash when they depict it. Stan Lee’s LightSpeed was super hokie. It had better be better than that! Likewise for Marvel’s QuickSilver should they choose to use him. There’s nothing more exciting than speed and what can be done with it. Remember The Incredibles!

  13. Nobody really knew who Hal Jordan was most people expected John Stewart to be GL

    • Really ??? Hal Jordan has always been the best GL of Earth. Even Guy Gardner is a better GL than John. DC just needed a minority fan base.

  14. I don’t care how you make green lantern 2 just make it! Me and my family love green lantern and we would hate to no that they wouldn’t make another after they left it on the biggest cliffhanger. Please just make a second one because it is the best movie!! <333

  15. S and we would hate to no that they wouldn’t make another after they left it on the biggest cliffhanger. Please just make a second one because it is the best movie!! <333

  16. I heard Blake Lively might be playing the super villainess “The Star Sapphire” in (Green Lantern Part 2). That’s what I like to see her playing both playing the heroine & villainess.

    Here are the GL Sequel Titles:


    • I would strongly agree with this, however, I still think that they should put in Sinestro as the villian for the second movie, as featured in the after credit scene in the first movie. I think that they should save star sapphire for the 3rd movie of green lantern after Justice League, but still keep the same actress for carol ferris in the second movie. I also think that the guys that make the movie should have some tie in from the man of steel movie and also for the Justice League Movie at the same time. That could even be a newscaster saying ” superman defeated General Zod and his kryptonian horde today from controlling earth.Are there any “other” superheroes on this earth who could withstand something like that”.You know, just add a little spice for the Justice League Fans to get them hyped up for the movie. That’s all I am saying.

  17. I was born on 1979 so I was raised on comic books and 100% honest green latern never appealed to me I don’t think and I sure don’t know if he really had that fan base as a comic hero either but there is no thought I was not attracted to watching the movie at a theater but I have seen the movie on cable and wow I was blown away everything about the movie was right on I would not blame the actors or the writers or the director with some time on basic cable I’m sure people once they see it green laterns fans base will increase great movie great job

    • I am an Honest green lantern fan, and I had to say that I was disappointed with the movie. The plot of the movie SUCKED SO BAD. everything else was good. I’ll have to admit that.

  18. I liked Green Lantern a lot and I hope they make another. I am a Superman fan and I get tired of seeing it remade “starting from his baby years” until he goes to Metropolis – it’s been done to death. I’m hoping Man of Steel is good. I also am not a fan of changing the actor who plays the hero being a different person each time such as the Batman movies. I like entertainment, I’m a fan of Superheros, I grew up with them so I’m happy to see more of these movies being made.

  19. I thought Green Lantern was awesome. I didn’t see nothing wrong with the film. If you are going by rhe comics, tell me one movie that went exactly with their comic. I agree with a darker Green Lantern but come on, their should be a sequel.

  20. I believe Green Lantern 2 should show more lanterns which will bring more action leading possibly to the dark knight comic which I believe is awesome show some Red Lanterns and Yellow in this one then make a third film introducing blue indigo and sapphire building for a fourth film with black lanterns which would be epic.

  21. Further more the first film was great to me its an intro for the core which the sequels could sell and be epic with more lanterns . Yellow vs Green core should be shown in the next film and maybe squeeze in others Like Kyle and Show more action with constructs hal Jordan was awesome for those.

  22. I am a green lantern fan…I feel that the earth to space ratio wasa little off. The character who played green lantern did well. I feel that the plot could have touched more on the faults of earthlings and the lanterns light to save her. I have ideas but that is why those folks make the big bucks.

  23. There should me a movie about the flash

  24. There should me a movie about the flash
    Green lantern should be in the movie to
    The resin flash should have a movie is because he does not get any credit

  25. To make a comic book hero into a film, hire the comic book writers/artists, like Dennis O’Neil, Neal Adams and others that worked on the Green Lantern Green Arrow team up. Make it dark and keep the jokes and witty remarks to a bare minimum, please.

  26. Green Lantern was solid, I don’t see what all the criticism is about. I thought it was freakin rad.

  27. Mark-Paul Gosselaar can make an awesome “Fastest Man Alive” on the big screen. That’s who I cast ?

    Will Arnett may also play the villain Professor Zoom. Cause he acts like it. I know he is busy being casted to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. I don’t think he ever played a villain.

  28. I think there should be a new green lantern movie and I think it should center John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan. The whole Justice League idea should be based off the 2001-2004 TV Series Justice League cartoon because it worked! Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, GL John Stewart, and Hawk Girl should center the movie. Martian Manhunter and hawk girl wouldn’t be a good movie within it self, but I feel like they should be present in the Big Rendezvous of the heroes the justice league movie. Maybe they can be given their own movies after the Justice League movie as a spin off.

  29. I love concept of a darker edgier Greene Lantern!! But, can we keep Ryan Reynolds as the Lantern? I’d love to see him a little more on edge… And when we start losing super heros, appears we lose part of audience…

    Batman was an incredibly successful frAnchise…. Michael Keeton was cast against type… Everyone was good …. But, the tone of each installment was dramatically different