‘Green Lantern 2′ Will Be Edgy & Dark; ‘The Flash’ Script is ‘Solid’

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Green Lantern Official Trailer 2 Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

[Not So Fast! Seems Green Lantern 2 isn’t so certain after all. Details HERE]

Green Lantern has its share of ardent defenders, but it was critically unloved and financially unsuccessful, which is why it came as a bit of a shock that the studio was still considering a sequel – just a week after the film’s release.

That said, it’s somewhat less surprising that they’re planning to go in a completely different direction with the film. Warner Bros. Film Group President Jeff Robinov recently gave an update on Green Lantern 2, as well as The Flash screenplay and their superhero film slate for the next few years.

Check it out Robinov’s thoughts below, courtesy of Hero Complex:

“We had a decent opening [of $53 million] so we learned there is an audience. To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.”

In other words, we have to find a way to make a quality movie.

The hidden sentiment in “we had a decent opening” is “we had a terrible box office performance in the aftermath.” According to some reports, Green Lantern cost Warner Bros. north of $300 million dollars. Not only did it perform poorly here in the United States – a final tally of $114 million – it has also performed poorly overseas — $40 million as of right now.

Alas, $155 million is quite a bit short of $300 million plus.

Green Lantern 2 already has an outline written by the original film’s writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim but, according to multiple anonymous sources, it’s likely that Warner will either make massive changes to it – or totally start-over from scratch.

hi res image roundup for green lantern starring ryan reynolds Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

Apparently, Warner Bros’ executives weren’t exactly pleased with Martin Campbell’s performance in directing the film either. While Campbell is definitely deserving of blame for the film’s failure, Warner should’ve known from the beginning that the film might not deliver the kind of character drama that fans were hoping for – since director’s best films – Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro, and Casino Royale – are known for being barebones action films. Enormous CGI-heavy sci-fi epics have never really been his thing.

In the future, Warner needs to hire serious filmmakers with serious visions who seriously want to create a Green Lantern film – much like they did with Christopher Nolan and Batman Begins – instead of constructing a Green Lantern film outline and throwing a previously successful director at it to see if he sticks.

Furthermore, the success of these types of films is less about being dark and edgy, as Robinov claims, and more about taking the project seriously. Not the seriousness of the tone, mind you! Not that kind of seriousness. After all, some of the best superhero films (Superman and Spider-Man 2) are as far away from dark and edgy as it gets, but their filmmakers — Richard Donner and Sam Raimi — were seriously committed to making never-before-seen cinematic experiences.

the flash film has solid script Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

The Flash drawn by Francis Manapul

Robinov also told Hero Complex that, after The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Warner is moving forward with their other DC superhero properties – including Man of Steel in 2013, a possible Green Lantern 2 later that year or in 2014, followed by The Flash – which has a “solid script” – as well as the Justice League film.

Again, hopefully Warner Bros. hires serious filmmakers this time (auteurs, if you will) to bring their unique visions to the properties. Nobody wants to watch cookie-cutter, studio-crafted, lowest-common-denominator-catering superhero films. Not that we ever did.

What are your feelings about a darker, edgier Green Lantern 2? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012. Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. Stay tuned for more DC superhero film news.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. And I guess we are just taking this Robinov guys word for it that The Flash has a solid script.

  2. Wow. They should like, totally make it like The Dark Knight, because darker is always better, and they can get Nolan to direct it!!!

    Best idea ever!

    • ??????????

    • @ DrSamBeckett

      Lol. Im sure alot of people think every single comic book film should be directed by Nolan due to TDK’s success.

      • Yeah, they usually do, I’m very surprised someone hasnt already put him forward lol.

        • Actually Sam, YOU have already forwarded the idea. Right here on Screen Rant.

  3. “In other words, we have to find a way to make a quality movie.”

    Thought that was hilarious. Great article.

    • Thanks!

  4. DC/Warner Bros. will defintely make money off of me! I will absolutely buy the DVD for Green Lantern #1! And #2! And The Flash! And Justice League! Keep on makin’ ‘em, I’ll keep on buyin’ ‘em–good, bad, otherwise, sight-unseen! Gotta have my superhero movies!

    • Likewise on the solo movies. Nothing campy though. That is what spoiled The Spirit for me.

      • Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed The Spirit! Granted, I went into it knowing it was going to be crap (yes, I saw it in theaters – I’m the one person who did), so I put my expectations through the floor and was entertained by the stupidity of it. And I thought Gabriel Macht’s performance was pretty much in line with the comics (both Eisner’s and Cooke’s). I can’t say the same for the rest of the cast and direction.

  5. Another GL movie, quickly, please! And The Flash, too. And maybe a team-up movie?! But as long as it is not TOO dark, a little less humor would be great. And no dumb bedroom scenes!

  6. CLICHEEEE!!– Why do these film makers always think Darker and Edgier equal better movies? What are they Satanists?? Come on!!- Green Lanterns problem was not that it was not “DARK” enough, but it had lots of plot holes and missed out on some opportunities like character development!

    Why do these studios always think darker means better? Spiderman is going to be “darker”. Transformers is the darkest one yet.. — This works with some characters cause that’s who they are. Come on- lets see some creativity here!

    Ironman is not dark, Cap is not dark, Spiderman 2 was not dark, they were all very successful movies!

    • Sounds like semantics.. what is your definition of “dark”? Mine is serious. To me, Iron Man 1 and 2, were dark, all of the Spider-man pictures were dark.. perhaps the darkest was Man-Thing, which basically killed anyone it happened upon. Dark does not equal real, but it is more believable than camp.

      To me “Successful” is a different animal altogether. Successful is anything that manages to get released. IE. not straight to DVD. Man-Thing was never released to movie theatres [, it premiered on the Sci-Fi channel]. Neither was Donnie Darko.. for some time. And beyond that some releases never make their money back. Time will tell whether a particular movie will ever be a sure thing.

  7. I love the fact that Marvel’s movies are all part of a shared universe (and it seems audiences do too…) DC should be ON this, even if not quite as blatent as Marvel…

    Hey maybe with GL 2 they could lose the CGI costume – not only would there be a chance of it not looking terrible, they may save a coupe of pennies on the budget…

  8. For Flash I wish they would pick Bradley Cooper he would be perfect for that role. He is a great actor evidenced in Limitless and he has great comedic timing seen in a lil film called the Hangover. How the heck is GL getting a sequel when it did so terribly and barely covered half of it’s budget and it’s in question whether Xmen First Class will get a sequel? The whole dark and gritty angle again seriously??? If the characters and their worlds are portrayed in the comics like that fine ,but not every hero has to be dark and gritty. I’m afraid WB is going to do make GL dark just because Batman is dark and is successful. It didn’t work for the Daredevil movie when they tried to make the film like Spidey, in that case DD needed to be more dark because that is what his character and world require. I would be fine with a straight up reboot and they just use John Stewart instead of Hal, in addition to that for those who just watched the JL cartoon series in the early 2000′s and didn’t keep up with the comics most just knew GL as John Stewart so it would be easier to it for that reason also.

    • Ummm, you haven’t noticed several of us defending the film constantly? You are most certainly NOT alone…

      • thanks for a while there I thought I saw a different movie LOL

  9. I don’t know if “edgy and dark” will work if Reynolds still on it. Well, maybe “edgy” but definately not “dark”. He basically plays the same character in all his movies and it’s more “annoying, wisecracking idiot” than “dark”.
    Oh, and they NEED to replace Blake Lively! RR has a lot of fans but I think we can all agree that GL 2 will be greatly improved without Lively.

  10. they decide to make a sequel when the 1st one hasn’t even made half of its cost.. real smart numbnuts. if GL2 is to happen (and it inevitably will) they should have the script proof read at least 3-4 times and have at least 3-4 people on board (writing/brainstorming) and get a proper post production team.

    GL was nothing like secret origins, which is obviously what the idiots took ‘inspiration’ from. imo #2 wont be made, and neither will flash, batman is the only character people bother with, and that’s only b/c nolan is/was involved, if they reboot it asap (like sony has with spiderman) it will get hammered, not to mention it wont be able to hold up to nolan’s (overrated) version of batman.

  11. First off I want to say thanks to Ben for not beating the dead horse anymore. :) The opening paragraph was nothing but an objective reporting of the facts.

    I also am glad WB has not given up on the franchise because the Green Lantern, Oa and the GL Corps have a LOT to offer storywise that are completely different and unique from anything we have ever seen.

    Now that Sinestro has the power of Yellow (regardless of HOW he got it /rolls eyes) we can hopefully get to the REAL meat of the comics with GL and Sinestro duking it out in some epic ring FX battles!

  12. It baffles me how these big studios “hand out” films such as Terminator Salvation and Green lantern to directors who has absolutely no clue, craft or cv. Who in his right mind pick a guy to handle a big scifi film with “Goldeneye” deemed as one of his best. I wish I could have been there when they talked about MCG for the terminator “comeback” film…his best “Charlie’s angels”. Very scary.

    Where are the Neil Blomkamps or Duncan Jones of the world? Give it to the guys with the knowledge and passion for scifi.

    Do studioheads/CEO have the clue, craft or cv to back up their position? I wonder…

    • I agree i would like to see Ducan jones take on a superhero film,he was approached to do man od steel but turned it down, but would be interesting to see what WB do with flash,if they can get the right director and actor should be good but u never know.

  13. I just hope the make Green Lantern 2 longer. I thought the first film was little short & things were all rushed within the length of time the film was. Look foward to The Flash.

  14. Maybe they could do Blackest Night?

    Green Lantern isn’t a dark character, unless you count the time Hal Jordan was infected with Parallax and killed everyone, making it dark would be a mistake. The first film was good, not perfect, but good fun. It captured the spirit of the universe on the character really well.
    Maybe, maybe they could kill off Hall and bring in Kyle Rayner.

    • Kyle Rayner??? That’s going from dull to dead. Rayner’s character never even had a pulse.

      • Depneds on how it is done. Better Rayner than Gardener, and I think Jon Stewart is even more bland.

  15. I think reviewers, the review posted on this site was a total petulant assassination, put a lot of people off seeing it. Bad reviews often have that power. Although bad reviews never seem to put anyone off Transformers movies.

  16. A dark GL? That doesn’t really make much sense, for anyone who is familiar with the books. A GL with personality and true character drama? That would be appreciated. Problem is, GL (the comic book) has never been known to have much of either; it’s best known as a far-fetched sci-fi book. The only stage I know of that would remotely qualify as character would be the Neal Adams era where GL and GA took on drug trafficking. The most personality GL has ever had would be Guy Gardner, but somehow I don’t see a studio going in that direction. Personally, I’m still amazed this film was ever attempted. Most people just aren’t going to be interested in this concept in movie format. As a comic, it works just fine.

    • What about when Hal and his co pilots are put in a prisoner of war camp after being shot down???

    • Would it be possible, (I’m just asking, anybody feel free to answer), to make a “dark and gritty” movie, without the lead character being dark and gritty? Does that make any sense? Anybody got any examples of that being done?

  17. “A sword…How human”

    Haters be damned, Green Lantern was great.

    • Nicely said.

    • I agree

  18. Another problem with GL is that his power is so great that it takes a very creative mind to come up with a plausible threat. It was always frustrating reading the books and thinking, why did GL just create “X” with is ring and end this fight.

    • The same applies to Superman, becuase he’s so super, no threat ever feels like a threat.

    • LOL They could always just depower him like Peter and Sylar on Heroes!

  19. WOW! The Flash? Really looking forward to that film. Big fan of The Flash and we’ll just have to wait and see if Warner’s is really serious about going forward with The Flash and a sequel to The Green Lantern. If they want to go forward with The Justice League wouldn’t they first want to do a Wonder Woman film? Now that’s definitely something I could see!

  20. I think people didn’t like so much because it wasn’t so serious as it should have been. To be honest the trailer gave a first bad impression, making it seem like a romantic comedy/halfass action movie. Green lantern is a badass character as well as he is a superhero. The idea of a more serious,edgy,and darker lantern is just what the audience needs as well as WB.

  21. I think they need to get the flash out now, after man of steel,start giving us other DC characters,still holding my breath for Wonder Woman.

    • ‘Right after I saw the movie (GL) I said to my friend: “If they plan on making a sequel, they are definitely going to have to make it a more darker and more serious” (So it looks like I was right again )’

      I wouldn’t call agreeing with WB being right. Just sayin…

  22. Except by the time Justice League rolls around, Marvel executives will have already padded their wallets and say, “Been there, done that.” How does Justice League aim to stack up to the Avengers? And I’m not even talking DC v. Marvel, but I mean star-power. The rumors that there would be an all-new cast for the Justice League is not too encouraging, and a cast of small names will not stand tall against Marvel’s inclusive formula. We’ll see, I guess.

  23. Finely wish The Flash woudl come first!

    • Worst EVER? Come on, it most certainly was not as bad as say Electra, Fantasitc Four:RotSS or /cringe Catwoman. Not saying it was stellar but lets not get carried away.

      • I like it thought it was great to see a Comic Book Movie.

    • What about movies like Steel, Superman 3 and 4, Condorman and the first Punisher movie from 1989? Those are definitely bad superhero movies.

      • “Condorman”, while a bad movie, was definitely a fun movie for me, way back when…


        • @ Archaeon

          When i was kid, i liked Superman 4. I saw that on vhs before seeing Superman 3 & till this day i think Superman 3 is the worst outta all four films despite Superman 4′s effects etc. Reason was to me was till this day is i ask myself, was Superman 3 supposed to be takin serious at all when it had Richard Pryor in it? He was funny but still… But none them were worse than Supergirl imo. Helen Slater was great in the role & that was it, everything else was bad, & i doubt even Christopher Reeve could of saved that film even if he agreed to make a apperance in it. Ang Lee’s Hulk was bad & Elektra, i couldn’t finish that film,lol. Saw the 1990 Captain America movie, that was worser than both Superman 3 & 4 combined. I didn’t bother seeing the other Captain America films before it. I never never bothered seeing Catwoman like few of my friends did as we refered the film as CINO,lol. Theres others im sure my friends might seen. My friends tried to get me to see Kick-Ass in theaters, last movie like that i seen was Mystery Men & that was awful for a hero comedy film.

  24. Darker and edgier isn’t really what GL needs, he just needs coherence, and as stated above, an auteur-style director with an actual vision for his narrative. I’d give it to a young up-and-comer, like a Duncan Jones or Neill Blomkamp, who have experience writing a script, and let them take a stab at it.

  25. Hi guys… Cory Morr here. I’m working on the final installment to THE FLASH: SPEED FORCE III-THE BATTLE OF ZOOM. This will complete my 3 part Flash mini-cartoon trilogy on Youtube. I voice Wally West, but in the 3rd one I’m also voicing Barry Allen in a flashback and Prof. Zoom (Hunter Zolomon or Zoom 2). After the 3rd installment comes out in 2012 I’m going back to the original 1 and 2 episodes for: compression, digitalization, HD quality improvement, more running scenes and overall an better improvement from FX glitches or errors. Thank you.

  26. well dont take the movie too serious, (the dark knight took themselves way too serious, it was a joke, most of the jokes fell flat in the GL, and i cant wait for a movie revolving more around the GL corps