‘Green Lantern 2′ Will Be Edgy & Dark; ‘The Flash’ Script is ‘Solid’

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Green Lantern Official Trailer 2 Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

[Not So Fast! Seems Green Lantern 2 isn’t so certain after all. Details HERE]

Green Lantern has its share of ardent defenders, but it was critically unloved and financially unsuccessful, which is why it came as a bit of a shock that the studio was still considering a sequel – just a week after the film’s release.

That said, it’s somewhat less surprising that they’re planning to go in a completely different direction with the film. Warner Bros. Film Group President Jeff Robinov recently gave an update on Green Lantern 2, as well as The Flash screenplay and their superhero film slate for the next few years.

Check it out Robinov’s thoughts below, courtesy of Hero Complex:

“We had a decent opening [of $53 million] so we learned there is an audience. To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.”

In other words, we have to find a way to make a quality movie.

The hidden sentiment in “we had a decent opening” is “we had a terrible box office performance in the aftermath.” According to some reports, Green Lantern cost Warner Bros. north of $300 million dollars. Not only did it perform poorly here in the United States – a final tally of $114 million – it has also performed poorly overseas — $40 million as of right now.

Alas, $155 million is quite a bit short of $300 million plus.

Green Lantern 2 already has an outline written by the original film’s writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim but, according to multiple anonymous sources, it’s likely that Warner will either make massive changes to it – or totally start-over from scratch.

hi res image roundup for green lantern starring ryan reynolds Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

Apparently, Warner Bros’ executives weren’t exactly pleased with Martin Campbell’s performance in directing the film either. While Campbell is definitely deserving of blame for the film’s failure, Warner should’ve known from the beginning that the film might not deliver the kind of character drama that fans were hoping for – since director’s best films – Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro, and Casino Royale – are known for being barebones action films. Enormous CGI-heavy sci-fi epics have never really been his thing.

In the future, Warner needs to hire serious filmmakers with serious visions who seriously want to create a Green Lantern film – much like they did with Christopher Nolan and Batman Begins – instead of constructing a Green Lantern film outline and throwing a previously successful director at it to see if he sticks.

Furthermore, the success of these types of films is less about being dark and edgy, as Robinov claims, and more about taking the project seriously. Not the seriousness of the tone, mind you! Not that kind of seriousness. After all, some of the best superhero films (Superman and Spider-Man 2) are as far away from dark and edgy as it gets, but their filmmakers — Richard Donner and Sam Raimi — were seriously committed to making never-before-seen cinematic experiences.

the flash film has solid script Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

The Flash drawn by Francis Manapul

Robinov also told Hero Complex that, after The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Warner is moving forward with their other DC superhero properties – including Man of Steel in 2013, a possible Green Lantern 2 later that year or in 2014, followed by The Flash – which has a “solid script” – as well as the Justice League film.

Again, hopefully Warner Bros. hires serious filmmakers this time (auteurs, if you will) to bring their unique visions to the properties. Nobody wants to watch cookie-cutter, studio-crafted, lowest-common-denominator-catering superhero films. Not that we ever did.

What are your feelings about a darker, edgier Green Lantern 2? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012. Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. Stay tuned for more DC superhero film news.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. hmmm if they do make a green lantern sequel i just hope its not as bad as the first 1 and cant wait for the flash!!

  2. WOW! I am shocked that a green lantern 2 is under way! But then again Fantastic Four had a sequel before it was put to death. Looks like DC is making the same mistake. Unless they recast and start over. But I doubt it.
    I am all for a flash film, as long as its not like the dark knight nor like green lantern.

    • This is stranger because FF was at least financially successful.

  3. I have to agree with the Author. GL doesn’t need to be darker. It just needs a better team of creators who bring more passion to the material like with Ironman and The Dark Knight.

    • I have to disagree with the passion assertion. To me, Iron Man wasn’t successful because of passion. It was because of Robert Downey, Jr. He made Tony Stark come alive in a way that probably no other actor could have. I read that Tom Cruise was considered for that role. Can you imagine how bland that would have been?

  4. I think Ryan Reynolds would be great for the Fla…


    • Yeah really. Kind of ironic they would mention GL2 together with Flash. The ONE person I would name who would be perfect for the role is playing the other character.

  5. darker and edgier doesn’t automatically make a movie better. quality drama and action just needs great storytelling. i wish studios would stop chasing nolan and pave their own path, otherwise just pay nolan to do everything and stop wasting everyone’s time. i’m more than a sick and tired at this point of “the next one will be darker and edgier.”

    • +1

      • I agree. Not everything has to be “dark and edgy.” The first Iron Man was a great film and that was pure escapism. Whatever happened to the days when movies were fun? As Heath would say “Why so serious?”

    • Bingo! I agree. Please get Geoff Johns off the project and put on the Nolan team. Enough already.

      • “Please get Geoff Johns off the project and put on the Nolan team.”

        Take…the man who literally brought GL back into mainstream comics and has caused 95% of its success…and bring in people who don’t know the material?

        I would say that they need to give Geoff Johns more creative liberties/influence before taking him completely off. It’s obvious right now his “Creative Director” title is simply for show. (If that isn’t his title please correct me! haha)

        I’ve said this before in earlier posts, but the initial Green Lantern script was good borderline great. It had a way to unite all the DC-Universe together with some really great cameos. Unfortunately someone gutted the ideas it held…and added way more scenes with blake lively…

        • Gritty and Darker a bit, maybe or maybe not. But CAMPY, That is a BIG NO. And I Felt GL was that, CAMPY. Although the movie was not epic, I laughed, I enjoyed the effects. And when It comes on TV for a broadcast premiere, or netflix, ill watch it again.

          GL wasnt great, but it was worth watching, IMO

  6. i was not suprised about news of the sequel, seeing as it seems the first one was a rushed telling, the last ten minutes of the green lantern were better than the whole movie imo.

    but the overall feel i got from GL was, “if you like those last ten minutes, wait till you see the sequal”

  7. Green Lantern was a travesty. A complete joke of a movie…on every level. I’m puzzled that DC still can’t figure out how to make a decent film outside of Nolan’s work on Batman. Marvel appears to be learning and leaving DC in it’s review mirror.

    Any “sequel” to Green Lantern shouldn’t be just that: a sequel. The whole deal needs to be blown up & start over: writers, producers, actors, director.

    C’mon, DC…make a serious film & you get everyone! Make a joke & get a few people who still don’t do geometry yet.

    • Wow let’s be a little more insulting to the people who did like the movie shall we?

    • Pat…

      I am happy WB is still considering a GL sequel, because I enjoyed the first film and found many of its elements quite appealing and effective. It was not a perfect film, and it WAS too short (I wanted to experience more of the established universe and story), but I thought it was a fun summer action film.

      This particular executive may be using the tired buzzwords of the current film industry community, but I have confidence that the people who will have to actually WORK on the sequel saw what happened with GL and will adjust accordingly.

      I look forward to seeing what they pull out for GL2…and, of course, for “The Flash”.

  8. A lot of these comic book movies spend too much movie time explaining like its a documentary the origins of the character(s) to where everyone and their grandmother already knows it, leaving little time for a decent movie. Plus a lot of comics are written to be taken serious unlike the Hollywood versions that waters them down to look like a ‘Baby’s Day Out’ clone.

  9. people automatically assume that because of the success Nolans batman that all audiences want is dark and edgy. Really is as long as the product is good the people are involved in it for the right reasons (love of film/comics) not money then a quality product will be produced. Whether it is “dark enough” is a moot point

  10. I feel it would be better if they start again from scratch because people already have an impression that Green Lantern was a boring and an underwhelming movie. It would be wise if Warner Bros hired a talented & dedicated director like Christopher Nolan. Marvel SuperHero Movies are already a few steps ahead of DC SuperHero movies, so its time to make Super Solid decisions and bring in a new dedicated team who can make movies in a better fashion and make the movie goers feel happy about the money they spend on the movies.

  11. I would like to see a quality Director attached to the Flash. Maybe someone like David Fincher could bring a good flash movie to light.

    • I would love to see David O. Russell’s take on The Flash. There’s one guy who can definitely spice it up. Raimi would be good, too, and I’m not even a fan of his.

    • 80′s and early 90′s James Cameron would have been perfect. Well, so much for dreaming.

  12. Green Lantern to me was a decent movie. I enjoyed it. A lot of the things people whine about it are trivial things. My favorite thing people whine about is how much CGI was in the film. Considering how Green Lantern is a space travleing spacecop and his ring creates light constructs, I don’t see how people expected it to be done without CGI. People whine about the suit, because it’s not an exact replica of the comic version (neither is Batman’s suits in his movies, but no one whines about that.)

    Green Lantern tested the waters and introduced the characters. If you watch the first Iron man film, not a lot happened, it was more like Tony building his suit, escaping the terrorists, and just playing around in his lab until he went to that small village, than fought the bad guy at the end. Then you watch the sequel and there is so much going on, you’re amazed they fit it into one movie. Sure, the film didn’t do so well, and I am surprised they are considering a sequel after bad box office figures. But every complaint I’ve seen about the movie is no big deal.

    I also seem to remember one of the guys who writes articles for this site claiming he could photo-shop a better movie, and I’m still waiting for that.

    But with a better villain (obviously Sinestro), and a better script writer, the sequel could be a much better movie.

  13. naturally… the tried & true Hollywood carnival-barker pitch:
    whenever your franchise gazillion-dollar flick ends up making 35 bucks back at the box office, you appease the fanboy legions with the ol’ “but the SEQUEL’s gonna be, like, EDGY and, uh, DARK…”
    darn shame that the GL studio execs were amateur proctologists, because their heads were seldom in the light of day enough to see what a trite, instantly forgettable disaster they were creating in the first place.

  14. I am honestly flabbergasted that they are still thinking about a sequel. I enjoyed the film as a fun movie, despite seeing all its flaws and would love to see a sequel but how do you even go to the boss and ask to do it? I think this is wishful thinking by all involved with the film. I am sure CEO’s at WB are laughing their butts off at this notion.

  15. Here’s a thought once
    all these are made
    like the Flash and
    Martian Manhunter I
    hope and Justice League
    comes to be, why not a
    Justice League vs Avengers
    movie that would be awesome.
    or don’t forget Ant Man or
    even Giganta or even a Teen
    Titan live action movie ….

  16. @Kofi David O’ Russel wouldn’t be a bad choice. How bout Guy Ritchie. I think his work on Sherlock Holmes was a good blend of action and satire.

    • Not to just hop in here randomly. But i would say an awesome sci-fi director like JJ Abrams (cliche’d), Duncan Jones, or Neil Blomkamp (sp?) would be pretty much a dream list of mine. Any one of those three would be ok in my book.

  17. As far as international goes, it still hasnt been released in all areas. Gets released in Australia next week and they are advertising it like crazy where I live. Trailers before every movie I’ve seen, billboards and Ryan Renold pictures in bus shelters. Maybe WB is still hoping the remaining international narket will save the film ala First Class. And yes, I’ll be there opening day.

  18. If they are going to try a Green Lantern again, I would say just reboot it. New cast, new director completely new tone. the first one was so bad that I could hardly stand it. The only reason I did not leave was because I was with friends.

  19. It’s a shame Martin Campbell didn’t stick around for Quantum of Solace. After seeing Cowboys & Aliens over the weekend, I watched Craig’s Bond films again. Casino Royale was really, really good and then Quantum was a mess.

  20. I “Like”d for The Flash.. but wouldn’t mind seeing two Green Lanterns! GL was never something I got into as a kid — so the movies were my first experience. Not so, The Flash, he’s always been my favourite DC character!

  21. I thought Green Lantern was already “dark”. I mean paralax consumed a school bus full of kids lol. It was terrifying for little kids. I don’t know what “darker and edgier” means. Maybe this time he’ll eat a school bus full of blind children in wheel chairs.

    • “Darker and edgier” means probably the introduction of other Lanterns such as the Red Lanterns, who feed on hate. And probably the Sinestro Corps aka Yellow Lanterns too, which is a show of horrors all of its own.

    • Was it Ralph Cramden’s bus (“Alice–I’m a mouax!” “Pow, zoom, trip to the moon!”)? Or The Magic Bus? Or, “The wheels on the busgo ’round and ’round/the babies on the bus get slap-slap-slap! Or Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine?

  22. Studios say they are moving forward with film all the time. I dont think GL 2 or Flash will be made with in the next 5 years. 300 million? Even if you have a great script, great actors, and a great directors that is a lot of money. I see WB make a reboot of a 1980s flick before GL 2. Even if they do give the green light I sincerely doubt they will get another 300 million to secure the special effects.

    IMO their best bet would be to do a Justice League film with the new batman, new superman (still don’t understand why Snyders Superman is in his own world) and new versions of the rest of the team to regain interest. Have each hero in the early years (1-2) of operation and have some huge event bringing them together about 1.5 hours into the movie (run time of 2.5). Shoot it like Crash with intersecting stories slowly culminating in the team being formed instead of being cliché. This would be a make or break film and in accordance you would need a nice budget, actors for multiple movie deals, fantastic director and one (maybe two) phenomenal writers. From this movie you regain trust with the mainstream and you can make a Flash/Aquaman/Martian Manhunter movie without worrying how the mainstream will like the given characters because you will know from Justice League feedback which characters people want to see more of. This is smart marketing because mainstream (myself not included) do NOT want another Green Lantern. You gotta convince mainstream he is cool again.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised either if GL2 went into development hell like so many other movies have.

    • I was reading somewhere else about how the high cost of making movies and it’s relation to the rise in ticket prices has helped cause people not to go to the movies as much. The concept of inflation aside it bought up a good point that a film like Green Lantern kind of symbolizes, why did it cost 200 million to make in the first place ?

      Again the reality of inflation is there but, seriously CGI has gotten that expensive in the last ten years ? Back in the early days of CG it was rare commodity that one could argue would cost more due to less people doing the work. It’s 2011 and computer technology as a whole is cheaper and more accessible yet these movies have budgets that just don’t seem right on paper.

      Green Lantern cost 200 million on just what was put on film and I take it another 100 million in advertising. In comparison the Lord of the Rings cost 285 million to make, and that was for all three films combined. So even if it costs x amount of dollars more to make something like Green Lantern in 2010 was there twice the quality on the screen then the Lord of the Rings movies ? I haven’t seen GL and am not bashing it so you could insert allot of films in there and really ask if the quality has increased along with the price tag for what comes down to people putting CG graphics over green screen.

  23. The only thing that I can think of as to the reason why WB is going forward with GL2 is because they have liked what the comics have to offer, and they believe that the sequel will have a vastly better story.

    Regardless, I’m happy that they apparently haven’t given up on the Flash project. I just hope they get better people for it.

    • Yea, I think another reason for GL2 (or perhaps this reason overlaps yours) is that GL is an awesome character. He is one of the few that DC has, and he is very original. The potential for a great movie is there. Just has to be done right. And by the way, I enjoyed the first one, I just think it could have and should have been way better.

      • Do they have unicorns where you guys live? NO Hollywood studio is gonna make a movie because they “want to tell a good story”. They make movies because they want to make money. Film making in Hollywood is a buisness, no ifs ands or buts, and Green Lantern was extremely bad for their business. If anything, this is gonna make WB make even fewer movies that aren’t “safe” for them.
        They took a risk on a relatively unknown superhero and it blew up in their face. They were hoping for Iron Man and got Batman Forever. So don’t count on them taking any more risks for a while, and SERIOUSLY don’t go deluding yourself that they’re doing this to “tell good stories”.

        • Ummm, “Jackass” 1, 2, AND 3 (!) were financed and released. GL2 has an excellent chance of being made…The main difference will be (I sincerely hope–but with some degree of confidence) that GL2 will not be the putrid crap those three were. There are countless movies that have come out that are absolutely horrible (I’m not even talking about whether people like them or not, but about the simple fact they are such embarassingly horrid ideas for movies that humanity should hide its collective head in shame whenever they are released!)…GL was NOT one of these; GL2 will not be either if (I say WHEN) it comes out.

          • Do you know what it costs to make a Jackass movie? If IMDB is to be believed, 750,000$. That’s NOTHING. Green Lantern’s craft services budget was probably less than that. Know what it’s opening weekend was, again according to IMDB? Nearly 3 million. And a gross of 11 million.
            THAT is why they made 2 Jackass sequels, and that is the main difference between GL2 and Jackass. Both horrible, but one made scads of money and one lost scads of money. Which one is more likely to have a sequel?

            • Correction, between GL and Jackass. GL2 doesn’t exist, and never will.

              • Batman and Robin sucked, and 2 Batman movies have been made since then, with a third on the way.

                • Indeed it did, which is why it almost killed the Batman franchise. Thankfully, WB already had several successful Batman movies to base their sequel pursuits on, whereas WB has zero — count them, 1 2 3 4 5 zero — successful Green Lantern films.

                  • Good point, however I would disagree with the word “several”. I think it was two, wasnt it? And I still hope they make another GL movie.

                    • Batman, Batman Returns, and Batman Forever all made money. So, too, did the 1960s Batman movie. And so did the Batman TV shows. Green Lantern has yet to prove his/its ability to be successful.

                  • I suppose in the hollywood\movieprofit business two could qualify as several. Was Batman Forever a financial success?

                    • I see. Thats discouraging. I hope they give him a second shot, he is a really cool character.

            • My point was that money is spent everyday on movies of varying quality…even disgustingly stupid movies. GL2 will have to be greatly changed from its first film, BUT it can reasonably made. If WB does decide to do so, yes, they’ll have to make it a leaner, tighter film, but it is possible. Will it BE made? I don’t know, but I do know they thought the idea worthwhile enough to market the first one like crazy (hence part of the financial problem with GL). It’s perfectly reasonable to think that someone at WB/DC will think about what went wrong with the first film and what what could and SHOULD be done with the second…and DO so.

              Stranger things have happened…

        • …oh, and no unicorns…but the DRAGONS, oh the dragons!


        • You make a pretty good point. Now check this out. If Hollywood wants to make any money off of me, they damn well better learn how to tell a good story.

  24. Robinov really does talk out of his backside, doesn’t he?

  25. GL 2 needs to focus on the CGI cuz for a movie so dependent on it it was AWFUL

  26. I went to see GL with two friends who are huge comic book fans…I am really just a fan of the comic book movies. We all agreed that we didn’t quite understand why the feedback and reviews were so bad for the movie. All in all, we felt it was an enjoyable movie and entertaining…it may not have lived up to diehard GL fans expectations, but for me…it was good.

  27. Red Lanterns feed on Rage, not hate. RR needs to distance himself from GL as far as Possible and focus on playing Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool.

  28. What are my feelings about GL2? Well lets see. First, I dont care if they “go all Dark Knight on us”, as long as its good. Second, I definitely would like for them to go a little less “Star Wars” on us. When hollywood creates a “cosmic realm” for us, I’d like a little explanation behin it. For example, why is it always dark on Oa? Why, if the Elders constructed the planet, does it look like an asteoid just floating around in space? And third, I would like an initial movie about THE GREEN LANTERN, not lets cram the elders, the gl corps, oa, and everything else in the entire GL storyline going for years back into one movie. I had the same problem with the xmen. In two movies they went all the way to the death of phoenix, not to mention seriously screwing with the chronology of the characters. I hope GL2 is about Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern. They can save all the cosmic stuff for some sequels and some JL crossovers.

    • How do you do Green Lantern without all the “cosmic stuff”?

      • Have him fly around Earth, save people,learn the ins and outs of his ring by using it. I dont recall a single comic with the gl corps having a “training officer”. Have him learn the sacrifice of being a hero, put drama into it,minimize the cosmic cgi stuff, just for the first movie,(too late I know). And definitely dump all that cheesy” you reak of fear” stuff from Sinestro. A Green Lantern movie, not a Green Lantern Corps movie.

        • I hope you do know that the Green Lantern character has been so deeply rooted in the corps, and space stuff, that be of the actual major complaints of the film was lack of outer space scenes. There’s been a “GL training officer” since 1988, his names Kilowog, by the way.

          Your proposing they eliminate one of the most interesting aspects of Hal Jordan. While im all for more drama, and emotional connection with the characters, I disagree on solely focusing on Hal having Earthbound ventures. That’s completely going against Green Lanterns mythology.

          • I’m proposing they tone down the cosmic stuff, not eliminate it. And only for the introductory movie. If you reread what I wrote, you’ll see that I suggest they save alot of the space\cosmic stuff for sequels. And 1988? I was reading comics in 1970, and GL has been around since the 40s. So kilowogg is not as deeply rooted as you suggest, and I’m not saying to eliminate him, just introduce him later in the franchise.

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