‘Green Lantern 2′ Will Be Edgy & Dark; ‘The Flash’ Script is ‘Solid’

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Green Lantern Official Trailer 2 Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

[Not So Fast! Seems Green Lantern 2 isn’t so certain after all. Details HERE]

Green Lantern has its share of ardent defenders, but it was critically unloved and financially unsuccessful, which is why it came as a bit of a shock that the studio was still considering a sequel – just a week after the film’s release.

That said, it’s somewhat less surprising that they’re planning to go in a completely different direction with the film. Warner Bros. Film Group President Jeff Robinov recently gave an update on Green Lantern 2, as well as The Flash screenplay and their superhero film slate for the next few years.

Check it out Robinov’s thoughts below, courtesy of Hero Complex:

“We had a decent opening [of $53 million] so we learned there is an audience. To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.”

In other words, we have to find a way to make a quality movie.

The hidden sentiment in “we had a decent opening” is “we had a terrible box office performance in the aftermath.” According to some reports, Green Lantern cost Warner Bros. north of $300 million dollars. Not only did it perform poorly here in the United States – a final tally of $114 million – it has also performed poorly overseas — $40 million as of right now.

Alas, $155 million is quite a bit short of $300 million plus.

Green Lantern 2 already has an outline written by the original film’s writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim but, according to multiple anonymous sources, it’s likely that Warner will either make massive changes to it – or totally start-over from scratch.

hi res image roundup for green lantern starring ryan reynolds Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

Apparently, Warner Bros’ executives weren’t exactly pleased with Martin Campbell’s performance in directing the film either. While Campbell is definitely deserving of blame for the film’s failure, Warner should’ve known from the beginning that the film might not deliver the kind of character drama that fans were hoping for – since director’s best films – Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro, and Casino Royale – are known for being barebones action films. Enormous CGI-heavy sci-fi epics have never really been his thing.

In the future, Warner needs to hire serious filmmakers with serious visions who seriously want to create a Green Lantern film – much like they did with Christopher Nolan and Batman Begins – instead of constructing a Green Lantern film outline and throwing a previously successful director at it to see if he sticks.

Furthermore, the success of these types of films is less about being dark and edgy, as Robinov claims, and more about taking the project seriously. Not the seriousness of the tone, mind you! Not that kind of seriousness. After all, some of the best superhero films (Superman and Spider-Man 2) are as far away from dark and edgy as it gets, but their filmmakers — Richard Donner and Sam Raimi — were seriously committed to making never-before-seen cinematic experiences.

the flash film has solid script Green Lantern 2 Will Be Edgy & Dark; The Flash Script is Solid

The Flash drawn by Francis Manapul

Robinov also told Hero Complex that, after The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Warner is moving forward with their other DC superhero properties – including Man of Steel in 2013, a possible Green Lantern 2 later that year or in 2014, followed by The Flash – which has a “solid script” – as well as the Justice League film.

Again, hopefully Warner Bros. hires serious filmmakers this time (auteurs, if you will) to bring their unique visions to the properties. Nobody wants to watch cookie-cutter, studio-crafted, lowest-common-denominator-catering superhero films. Not that we ever did.

What are your feelings about a darker, edgier Green Lantern 2? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012. Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. Stay tuned for more DC superhero film news.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. I want a Green Lantern movie which will tie in with the Man Of Steel Universe, If I’m Honest the first Green Lantern wasn’t outstanding but it was watchable…The only problems was the plot holes and the CGI suits for me, I felt like the character of Hal could of been developed abit more but I thought Ryan Reynalds played it brilliantly. I enjoyed the movie and I would only be okay if they rebooted the movie to have John Stweart in to have that multicultural sense to JL. But I want them to make a sequel and so the first GL is sorta like (The incredible Hulk movie in the avengers) like a blurred movie which only some parts are relevant…So If they made a Green Lantern sequel I would like them to make a suit which fits into the MOS universe rather than having a cheap CGI suit and also develop Hal a little more, Balance the Space/Earth screen Time, I also Think Mark strong layed a brilliant villain and I think that at the end of MOS2 I think Sinestro should talk to Lex Luthor and ask him to make a ‘team’. Also at some point in the MOS universe I would like them to make reference somehow to what happened with parralax because you can’t ignore it, it was huge thats the only problem but if they come up with a good enough reason Batman or someone didn’t show up I will accept it, maybe Batman has been tracking GL or Clark Kent reads some files at the daily planet about the scene that happened with GL.
    Other than that I don’t see a problem with a GL sequel I want it to happen, Sinestro was awesome as a villain. I next want to see a Flash movie origin story with an established Green Arrow in the movie maybe hunting him down because he works for the government or ‘Cadmus’?
    Then I’d like to see a Wonderwomen, Aquaman movie but revamp their magical origin stories so they make sense as a lot of people won’t understand especially WW origins as they are so complicated also this is vital to make sense with a Female lead role also I’d call Aquaman king Orin or Arthur? so it makes more sense and is less ‘campy’.
    I just want it to lead into a JL movie by 2018 at least.
    You could also develop the plot of the movie around Martian Manhunter which I think could be cool, you could show him captured OR as any character as he could of been someone you’ve already seen in MOS due to his shapeshifting abilities who knows!

  2. I personally loved the first Green Lantern, and don’t honestly understand why so many people disliked it.

    • I think it had to do something with the script, because I think Ryan Reynolds was best as Green Lantern.

  3. I thought it was a good flick!, theAvengers wasnt allthat spectacular@

  4. I deffently think they should release a green lantern 2. Ryan Reynolds did a great job and has the face for a hero. I think the movie would have done better if the villain was more earthly or something semi close to reality. That was the only thing I didn’t care for. But between a new approach and some new talent added too the production, the movie can be spectacular. Don’t change actors for the lantern. Ryan Reynolds has a way of keeping fans happy if you change the main character people could shut movie down regardless of it potential. Hope this helps.

  5. Having just seen the film on FX, I feel it is time to see the second film. I want to see how they handle Sinestro’s fall from grace and hoew he handles Katma Tui as his successor. There are vast numbers of stories possible in the Hal Jordan canon. I only hope I do not see John Stewart. His introduction led to the weakening of Green Lantern, and Guy Gardener only weakened the series more. If Jordan is the greatest member of the Corps, there is no room for a multitude of replacements.

    • Agreed

  6. I also after that Reynolds played an excellent Hal Jordan, but I thought the script was good, just had to much romance.

  7. Keep Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and go forward with GL2 with better script.Everyone wants to see a GL2!!

  8. I REALLY liked the first Green Lantern movie. I thought it was really good, and much underrated, unlike the The Man of Steel, which I personally thought was overrated. I think Ryan Reynolds is THE perfect Hal Jordan; I really want to watch Green Lantern 2, and I’d love it to unleash Sinestro’s evil powers and stuff, but if they replace Reynolds for some other guy for Hal I might actually consider not watching it…

  9. Yes Green Lantern was far better than Man of Steel. Man of steel was good and I am looking f

  10. Yes Green Lantern was much better than Man of Steel, MOS was good and I’m anticipating its sequel but it was missing something. Green Lantern had it all: amazing story, great effects, awesome superhero awesomeness (saving the plane by making a Hot Wheels thing for it and Fighter Jets in space), Romance, some comedy. I think Reynolds did a great job and nobody could do better. If they replace him I will be p*****, they might as well just make a red lantern movie starring Eva Mendez.

  11. IMDB says the sequel is in production and that the flash comes out in 2016 and JLA in 2017. So GL2 should be 2015/2016. Can’t wait for all if they happen.

  12. JLA should be like the Avengers.

  13. I liked Ryan Reynolds and the Sinestro character. The depiction of the Guardians was also excellent. I watched the movie for the second time last night, and it was better than I remembered. I think that what I found the most disappointing was how pedestrian were the constructs used in the power ring manifestations. Also, getting Parralax to be trapped by the sun seemed to me to be too easy a way out. Parallax would not be that stupid. Evil, but not stupid.

  14. I did not have a major issue with this movie, I enjoy it their were a few things I had a problem with but not to get me mad to the point to say the movie sucked. So I want to see a Green Lantern sequel and to continue with the story line. Warner Brother you are the best studio ever made and I have faith that you guys can bring the DC Unverse to the big screen in IMAX.

  15. GL was a fun flick that looked nice and had comics accurate action pieces. In fact it was loyal to the comics mythology unlike Nolan’s Batman trilogy which was more Nolanesque the Batman that I loved an grew up with. Nolan’s Batman trilogy was an amazing experience but it had no sense of fun. The Joker was absolutely on the ball when he said:”Why so serious?”

    All this edgy and dark style may suit Batman’s world nicely albeit only superficially. Nolan despises the wonderful world of comicsdom and it showed in his movies, as it gets gradually more serious, depressing and dull.

    Where is the amazing and fantastical adventures fighting diabolical enemies with his cool gadgets, martial arts and sharp detective skills. Instead with are treated with post-9/11 terrorist movie that is just a tad too realistic.

    And that is definitely no way to make a GL sequel. Is Robinov out of his mind? GL should be fun fun fun. Martin and Ryan did a fantastic performance. This ain’t no Batman.

  16. Reynolds should not lend his name to green lantern anymore. Focus on the Marvel deadpool movie he has been pushing for . Green lantern is one of the few d.c. characters I like, but I feel the director botched that movie, wasnt the worst movie Ive ever seen. But still a flop

  17. i think that the gl movie was not to bad id like to see another one vs sinistro but john sewart though he the best gl

  18. Green Lantern 2 make it Hall Jordan gone and bring in Idris Elba as the New Green Latin

  19. I think that it is a good idea to make a green lantern 2 but my advice to makers of the movie is that they should follow up on the last film but make it more egey you know put a lot of action in it that it will keep you at the ege of your seat you know do a thing like the guy that got his powers becomes the leader of the green lantern and lead them in a war against the leader of the evil lantern lead by the old green lantern leader who becomes overpowered by the evil ring who decides to take over the world to become king over all and wants everyone on earth and in space to bow at his might and be slaves and serve him but the green lantern wages war against the evil lanterns and their leader for freedom for green lanterns and people alike

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    but this website gives quality based content.

  21. D.C. > Marvel