The Green Hornet Trailer & Images [Updated]

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green hornet 1 The Green Hornet Trailer & Images [Updated]

The Green Hornet has really fought an uphill battle to make it into theaters. With the switch of directors from Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) to Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and the release date being pushed back to accommodate multiple re-shoots, the film has been plagued with ominous signs which all scream out “THIS IS WILL FAIL!”

I’m not saying it’s going to be Jonah Hex or The Spirit bad, but the controversy surrounding the film certainly doesn’t help eliminate that connotation.

Usually when a movie goes through this much chaos during production, the final product is often tainted. One has to look no further than the hot mess that was X-Men 3 to see a fine example of that. It also doesn’t help that the studio execs at Sony were none-too-pleased with their first screening of the film and made Gondry go back into the editing room and change it.

Now, Yahoo! Movies has the official Green Hornet trailer which dropped shortly after midnight. You might have caught it on TV when Entertainment Tonight aired it first – but honestly, are any of you SR readers frequent watchers of ET?

Here’s the trailer for The Green Hornet:

In addition to the trailer, there are a couple of new pictures that have been released to the public – and while they aren’t bad, they’re just alright. When Stephen Chow stepped down from the director’s chair, he also let go of the role of The Green Hornet’s right hand man, Kato. Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chow (The Treasure Hunter) was able to step in and fill the role once made famous by Bruce Lee.

The Green Hornet has been around since the 1940s, with the television adaptation becoming a hit in the 1960s. The story revolves around Britt Reid (Rogen), a newspaper publisher by day and the crime fighting superhero Green Hornet by night. Together with his martial arts expert sidekick Kato, they try to stop the evil Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) from completing his dastardly plans (whatever they may be).

In addition to the images and trailer, we also have the Entertainment Tonight first look video for anyone who isn’t already over-stuffed with Green Hornet info tonight:

We’ll have to wait until next year to see if the once-portly Seth Rogen is a big enough leading man to carry an action film like The Green Hornet.  One thing that certainly foreboding about this film is its new January release date. As most film fans are quite aware, the year almost never starts out on a high note and Hollywood’s “woofer” films are usually reserved for January.

What are your thoughts on how Green Hornet is going to do in theaters – another potential flop or a diamond in the rough? How did you like the trailer?

The Green Hornet hits IMAX and regular theaters in 3D and 2D January 14th, 2011.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies

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    • Yeah, we’re all muppets. Any theories why the hotel name shown in the first few seconds of the trailer (“The Standard”) is upside-down? You didn’t miss THAT, surely???

    • i actually got that too rogue-x, still wont be seeing it though……

  1. I couldn’t even make it through the entire trailer. I’ve cringed the entire time this movie’s been in production, just knowing that Rogen would end up playing the part for laughs. Sure enough, despite attempts and decent action and something vaguely resembling a serious moment or two, it’s impossible to take his Britt Reid seriously. Thank God Jack Black didn’t get Green Lantern…

    • I could not have said it any better. I’ve enjoyed The Green Hornet since the radio days, but playing it for corny comedy is the brainstorm of an idiot. And if it does well at the box office it will prove how much taste the current generation moviegoing public does not have.

      • I agree with your analysis even though I’m probably a lot closer to the current generation of movie-going public that you imply has no taste. You can’t judge a generation’s sophistication of taste based on groups of teens that just go to movies to socialize. I go to see good movies, but I also watch critically acclaimed “classics” throughout the film industry’s history.

  2. I agree with Steve. I’m sorry they decided to go for laughs with this. And I’m especially sorry they decided to go with laughs and then settled for Seth Rogan. If this was the direction they wanted all along, they should have stayed with Kevin Smith and his request for Jason Lee.

    • You would just be watching another Kevin Smith movie with all the same actors. I know, you want the actor that plays Jay to be Kato right? Please. Either way the Green Hornet is lame. He’s a knockoff character created in the ’70′s for prime-time television. Never a good idea for a full length feature film.

      • Lame or not, he was created in the ’30s for radio!

      • Incorrect worthing. On all counts. The Lone Ranger was not lame either and is a relative of the Hornet.

        • Actually they are both pretty lame and cheesy. I get that it’s a connection to your child hood, but child hood is over and it really is pretty lame.

          Hey I liked Power Rangers when I was a kid doesn’t mean I think they should do a serious adult adaptation of them.

  3. I don’t hate this. It actually seems kinda decent

  4. I think Funny was the only way to go because seriously I could never take the Green Hornet serious lol. I still question going with Seth I mean I really like the guy and he’s hilarious, but still seems like and odd choice. Either way had no plans to see it, but after the trailer I guess i’m gonna check it out.

  5. Loved the trailer. It seems like a very polished product. Action sequences seem unique, some comic relief and cool gadgets. Why not?

    As the saying goes “This ain’t your grandpa’s Green Hornet”…sorry old timers, but the hate comments are kind of silly

  6. Ehhh. Doesn’t look too good. I was expecting to like it too. Don’t have a problem with rogen whatsoever (love him), but still, this doesn’t look too great.

  7. This movie has “FAIL” written all over it. Seth Rogen as Green Hornet? Bad, bad choice. Jay Chou as Kato? Gimme a break.

    Quite likely I’ll be downloading this off the torrent networks, watch it, then delete it.

  8. how do i post my pic like you guys do?

    • That’s a point – there used to be a link above the comments box. Not sure how you’d do it now.

  9. This looks awesome! I love the music and I am definitely going to pay special attention to detail with the car. The door guns are pretty original.

  10. well i can understand the worry that it will suck defintaly now its got a january release date but seriously the director is michel gondry and i cant see him allowing one of his films be that bad okay be kind rewind wasnt great but he made sure there was a solid story to it and some really funny moments and lets not forget eternal sunshine of the spotless mind may well be one of the best films ever

  11. it looks better than i thought it would. its not a must go see movie for me but if it gets good reviews than ill go see it.

  12. This movie looks awesome! Kinda like Zombieland… kick @$$, but funny

  13. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this. I figured it would be a complete spoof with the bumbling Green Hornet constantly being saved By Kato.

    It seems however they are taking it reasonably serious. The gas gun scene was a bit much but otherwise okay.

    God I love that car. It’s the real star of the show. KITT eat your heart out.

  14. seth fits playing the green hornet the was kenny baker would fit playing the hulk

  15. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would look. Looks more like the Kato show (I know, they called it that in China). I’ll wait for a SR review.

  16. The green hornet tv series ran in the mid 60s not 70s

  17. uhhhhhhhhhhh i dont think this movie is going to sell. the green hornet isnt suppose to be a comedy. and they have the wrong actors.

        • Was called, even. That’s my personal spell check gone skewiff.

  18. sorry about those typos my spell check is really messed up.

  19. Tim are you seriously comparing Green Hornett to Batman or Lantern? Lol.

    The Trailer seems to have decent actions looks funny and Horrnet doesn’t need to be taken seriou anyway. More people are likely to see this than a serious interpretation. Hell a serious attempt at this would be more laughable than most comedys.

      • Why doesn’t the Green Hornet deserve to be taken as seriously as Batman or Green Lantern? Why are your cartoon characters any more deserving of a decent film than someone else’s? Maybe you should think back to how much we all enjoyed Joel Schumacher’s abuse of Batman. I’m not even a follower of the Green Hornet, but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone’s superhero movie.

  20. All four of the GH fans?

    Sorry I think it looks mildly entertaining and I Like Seth Rogan so can’t agree with you here. Sure I wouldn’t like Rogan as Batman, but Batman is a hero that is actually cool and can be taken seriously.

  21. Ok folks, lets remember one important thing. It’s A Movie! People are acting like these producers and directors have a personal vendetta against them. It’s just a silly movie. If you don’t like the way they’re doing it then don’t see it. Don’t support it with your money. It’s that simple.

  22. I agree that movies can be a form of art. Believe me, i’m a HUGE movie nut. Close to 1,000 DVD’s and Blu-rays here. I just don’t take it personally when someone “messes” with my childhood. My form of boycott is just not seeing the movie. Everyone has their opinion and is more than entitled to it. I just think it’s silly when people take it personally.

  23. Well I like Seth and I’m not 14 or 15. In fact he’s very popular among people over 18 the majority of his fan base is over 18. Also this film is nothing like Observe and report clearly you didn’t watch the film.

    • Observe and Report equals epic fail and a very VERY poor example of film making. The relation is to the box office reciepts. Made 24 Million… ( 12 to 14 year old demographic) and 2 Million in Europe. If this tripe makes over 25 million it will be in certain relation to the 3-d ticket price.

  24. I’m done with this conversation I don’t enjoy wothless dumb debates that try to discuss quality of films based on box office take good movie can make low money and crap films can break records. The box office proves things about the audience not the film quality. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying observe and report was a masterpiece I’m simply cdisscussing how an argument instantly fails when you bring up the box office.

    • @Danielf

      You may not like to mention the Box Office but the hard fact is that without it there would be no movies including the ones you so love that you say may not be box office hits. Movies, be they good or bad, and the financing behind them don;t come from some endless magical wallet. If you try and sell a financial backer on “The box office doesn’t matter, nor the audience; its how great the film is to me” then good luck because you’re gonna need a lot of it.

  25. I can’t believe all the hate I’m reading for this thing when the trailer was actually pretty good compared to what many were anticipating. I think everyone is selling this movie short and not giving it a chance.

    My prediction, it will not only do well but make lots-o-cash and people will be spreading sequel rumors before its even left the theaters.

    I myself am going to see it just because of the satisfaction I get seeing them vaporize that tyrannical red light camera at the end of the trailer. That was awesome especially if you’ve been a victim of one of these ATM machines for the local government.