The Green Hornet Trailer & Images [Updated]

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green hornet 1 The Green Hornet Trailer & Images [Updated]

The Green Hornet has really fought an uphill battle to make it into theaters. With the switch of directors from Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) to Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and the release date being pushed back to accommodate multiple re-shoots, the film has been plagued with ominous signs which all scream out “THIS IS WILL FAIL!”

I’m not saying it’s going to be Jonah Hex or The Spirit bad, but the controversy surrounding the film certainly doesn’t help eliminate that connotation.

Usually when a movie goes through this much chaos during production, the final product is often tainted. One has to look no further than the hot mess that was X-Men 3 to see a fine example of that. It also doesn’t help that the studio execs at Sony were none-too-pleased with their first screening of the film and made Gondry go back into the editing room and change it.

Now, Yahoo! Movies has the official Green Hornet trailer which dropped shortly after midnight. You might have caught it on TV when Entertainment Tonight aired it first – but honestly, are any of you SR readers frequent watchers of ET?

Here’s the trailer for The Green Hornet:

In addition to the trailer, there are a couple of new pictures that have been released to the public – and while they aren’t bad, they’re just alright. When Stephen Chow stepped down from the director’s chair, he also let go of the role of The Green Hornet’s right hand man, Kato. Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chow (The Treasure Hunter) was able to step in and fill the role once made famous by Bruce Lee.

The Green Hornet has been around since the 1940s, with the television adaptation becoming a hit in the 1960s. The story revolves around Britt Reid (Rogen), a newspaper publisher by day and the crime fighting superhero Green Hornet by night. Together with his martial arts expert sidekick Kato, they try to stop the evil Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) from completing his dastardly plans (whatever they may be).

In addition to the images and trailer, we also have the Entertainment Tonight first look video for anyone who isn’t already over-stuffed with Green Hornet info tonight:

We’ll have to wait until next year to see if the once-portly Seth Rogen is a big enough leading man to carry an action film like The Green Hornet.  One thing that certainly foreboding about this film is its new January release date. As most film fans are quite aware, the year almost never starts out on a high note and Hollywood’s “woofer” films are usually reserved for January.

What are your thoughts on how Green Hornet is going to do in theaters – another potential flop or a diamond in the rough? How did you like the trailer?

The Green Hornet hits IMAX and regular theaters in 3D and 2D January 14th, 2011.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. wow seth regen looks weird as a thin guy.
    i hope this doesn’t fail reason number 1 is i really like seth and number 2
    is that it will piss off all the right people if it does succeed.

  2. I hope it’s good! Love Seth Rogen and Christoph Waltz. However, The Wolfman had a lot of re-shoots and I thought that film was a mess.

  3. thats always a bad sign. rogan still, to me doesnt fit the role, but waltz was BRILLIANT in basterds, i hope he has more films in the works, i look forward to seeing him on screen again

  4. I hope the movie does well

  5. He looks good in Hornet garb. Can he pull off the Britt Reid side? I’m too skeptical but I will hold for the trailers. Good Luck. I hate it when hollywood screws up my childhood heros.

  6. Really couldn’t care less however I will say while Hex wasn’t good I wouldn’t call it The Spirit bad. I mean The Spirit is an entire new level of bad.

    • LMAO!!! You are so right. At first I liked The Spirit…then I watched it again OY! What a stinker. At least Hex had some cool action scenes going for it.

  7. Frequent viewer of ET here, pretty sure the trailer will be on their website later in the day.

  8. I don’t remember Kato using a gun? Throwing stars and nunchucks but not a gun…

    If this film takes place in the 60′s I hope they don’t use any modern guns like that one right there!

    • really doesnt look like it takes place in the 60′s.. so dont think you have to worry about that:)

    • exactly 790. Nor did Reid guzzle bottles of liquor. “Observe and Report II The Green Hornet” has been a mistake from the start with Rogen. This could have been brilliant with the right actors and script. ( with a talented writer). I will never now see in my lifetime what I have always wanted in a orginal Hornet film. Chow left for one simple reason. The non-talent Hack that is Rogen……..Son of a b****!

  9. This looks like a giant turd. Seth Rogan as an action hero? Really? Is he going to be doing the same weezing he always foes? Even when he was thin in Observe and Report he did it. It looks like they are trying to straddle the line between straight action movie and tongue in cheek and it will fail.

  10. Ok Just watched the trailer video and I’m actually going to see this. I figure if I go in expecting an action comedy instead of a Action superhero flick it will be enjoyable. Since I don’t care even a little bit about the green hornet I won’t care how they handle him. I’ll view the movie only based on it’s merits and pretend like it’s not based on any thing already made. I’m sure in that way it will be enjoyable. Seth almost always delivers and since the Green Hornet is pretty uninteresting maybe this will put some life in it.

    • Where did you find the trailer? The one posted here is not the trailer, right? Because it said in the video that it would come out later.

      • Jimmie Kimmel Live. It’s should be on his website soon

  11. yeah the trailer did swing my vote. especially in that one scene LOL.

  12. “but honestly, are any of you SR readers frequent watchers of ET?”

    AHh… NO!

    You know what it doesn’t look bad it looks boring. Jay Chow is going to steal the show and I’m thinking that’s been planned for overseas marketing. Heil I might see it for Jay Chow…

  13. 12:34

    still waiting for that official trailer…

    • it also says it will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight but its last weeks episode. Seth Rogan’s not the guest, Bradley Cooper is, WTF


    Looks fun!

  15. OK, its now on, i good now

    and i wanna point out that a January release is risky, thats what i like to call “Trailer Month” its when a bunch of movies with really cool trailers comes out in theaters and end up sucking really badly.

    Legion, Book of Eli, Underworld, My Bloody Valentine, Daybreakers, Edge of Darkness, In The Name of the King, BloodRayne, etc. (sure theres good movies, {Taken, Cloverfeild}) but overall, movies in January suck.

    i hope this movie really is good like the trailer insists and not a flop like most other movies that time of the year

  16. Looks fun but I’m still on the fence.

  17. I still don’t see him as Britt. He doesn’t pull it off. Bradley Cooper would have been a better choice. I would have even prefered George Clooney at his age. He was actually the original choice with Jet Li as Kato.

  18. This looks horrible. I hate Rogen’s down syndrome look. The action scenes look cool but Rogen… ugh, he’s a waste.

  19. I wasnt sure what to think about Rogan as an action hero at first, but the more i think about it, this is pretty much what i would picture if a spoiled rich kid who liked to party decided to go comic book. Although im not familar with the Green Hornet, this seems more realistic compared to the likes of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

  20. Quoting someone who posted this on

    “Looks really good. I’ve been excitted about this for a while. Seth Rogen is a good actor and writter, Michael Gondry is a good director, and Christoph Waltz is a fantastic actor, so I am going to trust the talent on this. Trailer looks cool and looks like it will balance the comedy and the action well, without being to corny and jokey, but also not taking itself way to seriously. It looks like Iron Man, Pineapple Express, Batman, Dick Tracy, and Transporter 2 rolled into one enjoyable action/comedy.

    I think Rogen will do a good job, he is a funny actor and will bring something new to the character, a nice new twist that will be diffrent then what we’ve seen before. They aren’t doing the same thing with having a serious actor play the same role. They are taking a chance with a good actor in a role he can do well in. Plus, just because he has done comedies doesn’t mean he can’t be serious. Look at Sean Penn, he did Fast Times at Ridgemount High, and then did Dead Man Walking and Milk. Robert Downey Jr. did Wierd Science before he did Caplin. Comedy is just a place to start out and an actor can show real potential. Rogen will mix the comedy and the action well to create with Michael Gondry, a superhero film the likes of which we haven’t seen. Hope it does well, sorry for the long post. “

  21. my only exposure to the green hornet was a few reruns of the old show when i was younger, a few old tapes of radio brodcasts. and the Kevin SMith script turned comic book. and i dig the comic. but this movie im really still on the fence, i dont know whether or not to take Rogan seriously or not. can he get away from the Brand”apatow” humor ?
    idk, but i really want this movie to turn out well, but i said the same thing for ghost rider & johna hex.
    so the word “doubtful” comes to mind.

  22. I’ll agree with Daniel F. I’m not going into this with high “blockbuster” expectations. It looks like just a fun movie. I do think Seth Rogan has the acting chops to pull this off, especially if they go the comedy route. The guy is pretty darn funny. I’ll definitely see this.

  23. I do watch ET on occasion, and I saw the trailer there first.

    For a number of moths, I have been having high hopes for the film. I have defended my position from day one. I still do. I don’t think it’s going to be a terrible film. Not as bad as folks make it out to be. That said, I think that most have made up a mind NOT to see it. This trailer may sway a few, but there were two things that bugged the stuff out of me.

    - The comedy shot where you get high on your own supply, in a matter of speaking. (Rogen takes a whiff of the hornet gas)

    - The Kato kicks/stunts look CG and too “videogame” to me.

    Other than those two sad moments in the trailer, everything looks alright.
    The next trailer will be critical to the film’s future and Sony People…if you read this please provide CRITIC’S SCREENINGS for the film. If youdon’t, it is a red flag you cannot put down.

    • I trust the moths appreciate your sterling efforts on their behalf, darren! :-)

  24. Darren, Since when does getting high on your own supply equal getting knocked out by gas?
    He was unconscious not high.

  25. Ok, so they went comedy with this one, which is fine because the Green Hornet is a boring “superhero”. Rogen’s the doofus and Kato is the serious one. Got it.

  26. I think the scenes with Brett in the trenchcoat and Kato in the Leather jacket is something similat To Bruce Wayne in his Black Burglar outfit before He makes the Batsuit in Batman Begins.
    I think those are before the scene where Brett is talking about “Overlooking our true potential”.

  27. I was skeptical (and annoyed) about the the comedy aspect they planned on taking with this – but I have to admit I liked that trailer. Well, at least up until the point where Cameron Diaz showed up.

    But the January release date is not a good sign – that’s the dumping ground for films that studios have very little confidence in.


  28. Vic,you gave The Book of Eli 3 stars last January.
    As well as 3.5 Stars to Edge of Darkness.
    And Paul Young gave Extraordinary Meaures 3.5 stars .
    So, according to Screen Rant Reviewers,
    the chances of seeing a good movie in January are IMPROVING!

    • It’s not necessarily bad movies that are released in January (Here’s my Rambo review:, it just seems the time of year when studios release movies that they don’t think will do very well and they’re not willing to dump a lot of advertising dollars into.


  29. So it is a bit like the K Smith comic I’ve been reading.
    But I doubt the Black Hornet with show up in this flick.