‘The Green Hornet’ Trailer #2 Looks More Promising

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Early rumors pegged Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet as a lame campfest in the vein of Frank Miller’s woebegone adaptation of The Spirit. Sony Picture’s decision to delay the film’s release until January 2011 seemed to only confirm that it was a disaster in the making – one that would feature unnecessary post-production 3D as well.

A second theatrical preview for the Seth Rogen-starring comic book flick has been released and it does a better job of selling the movie as a competent mix of action and comedy than the first Green Hornet trailer did.

Here is the official Green Hornet synopsis, in case you’d forgotten:

Britt Reid (Rogen) is the son of LA’s most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene – until his father mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Striking an unlikely friendship with one of his father’s more industrious and inventive employees, Kato, they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime. But in order to do this, they decide to become criminals themselves — protecting the law by breaking it, Britt becomes the vigilante The Green Hornet as he and Kato hit the streets.

The Green Hornet has been doing unexpectedly well at early test screenings and there have even been rumblings that Sony Chief Amy Pascal has even begun to talk seriously about a sequel. But does the latest trailer for the Green Hornet indicate that this is a successful franchise in the making? Watch it below and find out:

Rogen co-wrote the Green Hornet screenplay with his Superbad partner, Evan Goldberg, but the Knocked Up star has always seemed like an odd choice for the role of a playboy-turned-masked-vigilante – largely because his most recognizable screen persona is that of a scruffy, unfit slackster.

One thing the second Green Hornet trailer does well is play up the noticeably thinner Rogen’s lack of physical prowess for laughs and make the fight scenes with Kato (Jay Chou) look all that more hyper-stylized – as they should be. There’s a glimpse of a “Kato-vision” sequence here that justifiably looks to benefit from the 3D effect as well.

It also helps that more of the jokes (especially the gas gun gag) are actually funny this time around and that the film’s tone seems to shift from serious to tongue-in-cheek without ever going too far in either direction.

green hornet 1 The Green Hornet Trailer #2 Looks More Promising

The Green Hornet arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theater in the U.S. on January 14th, 2011.

Source: Sony Pictures (via Yahoo! Movies)

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  1. Bloody Awesome!

    I actually laughed a few times during the trailer (which happens very rarely).

    The characters are very likable, the CGI is not overpowering, the fight/action scenes look exciting and polished…pretty much everything that the Green Lantern trailer got wrong this gets right.

    My only concern, or pet peeve, is Kato speaking English. He sounds worse than when Jet Li does it. I don’t mind accents but PLEASE don’t give him lines with slangs and modern english, it’s just unrealistic.

    (“He’s my man”
    “I’m not your man”) hahaha

    • “PLEASE don’t give him lines with slangs and modern english, it’s just unrealistic.”

      Unrealistic how? Accents have nothing to do with familiarity of slang or “modern English”.

      • Yes they do. Someone with a really thick accent (like the actor playing Kato) presumably and realistically possesses only basic knowledge of the English language. Hence it’s unrealistic for him to throw around popular sayings, complicated sentences, etc. Just speaking from personal experience.

        • You have presumed it correctly. Its no secret (especially to those who know Jay Chou ~ fans and no fans alike~) that his level of English is only basic. It surprises everyone that he took this project, even more surprising that he managed to nail it! :D

        • And your just going to assume that someone with a thick accent would have no idea how to use a slang term?

        • Again, you’re not really supporting this claim. In fact, you acknowledge it’s a presumption.

          I speak from experience as well. I know Asian foreigners who have come to study in America and have pretty thick accents and, despite that, speak English just fine (arguably better than Americans) and definitely pick up on slang. The problem is with other people understanding them (because of their accents.) Accents have no bearing on a person’s intelligence. Accents are just hard to get rid of. It requires a rewiring of the brain. Learning a language when you’re an infant affects your brain differently from when you learn a language when you’re a bit older.

          Personally, I think Jay Chou was very easy to understand in these trailers. It’s very likely he’s had some coaching. Regardless, we’re not talking about Jay Chou the actor; we’re talking about Kato the character. The trailer established that Kato had worked for James Reid for years. No doubt Kato has been exposed to American slang. Would it be so unrealistic for Kato (or any foreigner, for that matter) to understand “He’s my man”? What’s more, Asians get exposed to enough American culture through American movies and television.

          It’s possible Kato isn’t familiar with certain slang. He probably misinterpreted the expression “He’s my man” and thought it meant lover. Same thing with “I don’t want to touch you.” I want to point out one thing: Even if it turns out that Kato misinterprets Britt’s slang, it does not invalidate what I said regarding the non-correlation between accents and intelligence/understanding.

        • @ogb139:
          I work in a place where there are many people from all over the world (mostly Peru, and Chine though) and I can assure you that despite thick accents, acquiring a knowledge of American slang happens pretty quickly so you get many people with thick accents saying things like “whassup” etc.

          • Maybe I worded my thoughts wrongly.

            What I’m trying to say that whenever MOST of these movies have a part for a foreign actor, they write the lines as if he/she has mastered the English language. But when you hear the REALLY THICK accent it kind of throws me off.

            Similarly, whenever they have people speaking their own language in American films, they write the dialogue in English first and then translate it to whatever language is needed. Again, this is a pet peeve because I or my friends will be listening and thinking “no one talks like this in my country”.

            I agree that accents can be hard to get rid off but there’s also the flipside. My accent was gone within 5 years after I came here because my family didn’t move to the area that has a large population of people from the same country. We were forced to learn the language and speak it. But I know that age is also a factor in situations like this.

            Anyway, just pointing out that it’s a pet peeve of mine.

    • What, are kidding me??? Usually, among the first phrases a person learns in a new language is slang, or swear words! And frankly, I could listen to Jet Li speak English all day – slang words and all, it’s perfectly endearing. I hope Jay Chou comes out of this smelling like a rose! Go boy!

  2. Btw, Kato’s one inch punch was badass (he must’ve read those Bruce Lee books)

    • Whoever had the idea to throw that nod to Bruce in there just made the film that much more of a reason for me to watch it. Waltz looks pretty cool too!

  3. I’m on board for this film… it looks good, Rogen is perfect for this style of film despite what others say and it looks better and funnier than anything that has come down the pipeline since Iron Man 2… Kudos for Rogen for sticking with this project despite all the naysayers…

  4. OK, now that’s a little more like the grand nephew of The Lone Ranger.

  5. Ir is better. Now I was always hoping for the best with the project- and felt that the film wasn’t being given much of a chance (like the Comic-Con response) — a sequel talk is hopeful, but not when the film is in the first month of the year. It has to crack even budget domestic in my view (still not boffo, but given the rep, it will be perceived to do better than expected)

    We’ll see what happens.

  6. I was in when I saw the kick out the window.

  7. I’m pleasantly suprised with how this looks. I would have thought of Rogen in this role but it honestly works. I’ll be seeing this one in theaters.

  8. almost unwatchable…..cringed at the trailer in front HP today. I did hide my face to the horror that Rogen could be mis-cast and disrespect a childhood hero. I take it back, it was unwatchable. I did love the fact there were several boos and hisses in the theatre by the more mature cinema fans in the seats.

    • I’m no Rogen fan but this, and the first, trailer look good to me. I will be in the seat in January.

    • I’m with Tacoscat. I was excited to first hear about a Green Hornet movie, but completely lost interest when I heard about Seth Rogan’s involvement. This trailer does nothing to change my mind. I like some humor in my comic book movies, but don’t want to see the main character played by a clown. If they wanted funny, I wish they would have just stuck with Kevin Smith’s vision of the film.

  9. I may actually check it out. Doesn’t look too bad.

  10. I like this. They’ve basically reversed Batman and Robin. Kato/Robin now being the one with the gadgets and the fighting ability and Green Hornet/Batman the wisecracking comic relief sidekick.

    What the heck is Cameron Diaz doing in there though? She seems to have a thing for movies with green masks in them. It’s a wonder she isn’t in Green lantern.

  11. BLOODY AWFUL! This new cut doesn’t fool me. Sony has another bomb on their hands and they know it. I’m just angry I went to a test screening and can’t get back 2 hours of my life.

    • dexter,

      Actually, at a test screening in LA it scored very high with the audience. Very surprising.

      Go figure.


      • You know Vic I previewed the trailer at a restaurant and the wait staff, noticeably a younger set, loved it. I think it will really be popular with the 15 to 25 crowd but I think it has redeeming qualities, that depending on the timing of the release and what I’m doing, I’ll likely see it in the theaters…

      • My company treated all 1600 of us to a screening of Harry Potter and when the Green Hornet trailer came up everyone balked at it. It made the Green Lantern trailer look like a cinematic master piece. No one was into it.

  12. This second trailer lives down to my expectations of this project.

    This Green Hornet movie buries all hope I might have had that there would be a good Green Hornet movie made in my lifetime.

  13. This looks at least 10X better then Green Lantern

  14. It looks a ‘little’ better than the first one. But what is up with this rock music in trailers these days? Is that supposed to make these movies look ‘cool’? It’s either that or this apocalyptic choir!!! It used to be an artform…

  15. I’d never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it…a GH trailer that actually made me WANT to see Seth Rogen as The Hornet!

  16. cant wait!!

  17. i’m warming to this more and more

  18. Starting with the “January Release Kiss of Death” all signs point to a stinker but I hope not. This Trailer was pretty funny and while it may not end up being amazing maybe it could end up being one of those films that over time you realize was kinda funny and pretty cool after all. I hope to be surprised by it…

  19. Yeah, I’m still NOT 100% sold on this movie, Looking more toward GL then this one, that being said If there’s nothing better playing in the theaters When this movie is released then I’ll more than likely see GH but until January rolls around, I’m still up in the air on this one.

  20. I think this movie will rock. I personally think Seth Rogen is really silly.

  21. Can anyone please tell me th songs from the trailer ther is one taht sounds like chris cornell or the black keys but i’m not sure sombody help me. Thanks

  22. Is this film a joke? I’m laughing at it not with them. It’s like they’re trying to be cool and it’s just not working. I’m spending my hard earned dollars somewhere else. Think I’ll buy Enter the Dragon on bluray…

  23. I think there will be. I just watched the 1st movie. It was awesome. So I hope there is

  24. I think the first Green Hornet made a mockery all of the regional because the original was a serious movie why is it that they had to be funny why not make it like the Batman movies but he was something serious not nothing to be joked around with can I get somebody else to play The Green Hornet besides seth green. He’s to silly, don’t make to sequel silly to. because the first one was awful and did no justice to Bruce Lee.