Green Hornet & The Last Airbender To Go 3D

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Last Airbender Green Hornet & The Last Airbender To Go 3D

It looks as though two more upcoming tentpole films are set to board the increasingly-crowded 3D bandwagon – specifically, the Seth Rogen hero flick The Green Hornet and the big screen adaptation of a popular animated show, The Last Airbender.

Of course this relatively sudden announcement does beg the question: Are the studios behind these films trying to pull another Clash of the Titans on us?  Will the 3D effect essentially be slapped onto the completed prints of each film in a last-minute bit of post-production with the hopes of larger returns at the cash register?


Sony executives are now referring to the 3D treatment of The Green Hornet as an “enhancement.”  In other words, their approach will be something in between shooting the film in the 3D format (a la Avatar) and converting from 2D to 3D after the fact.

So what exactly does that mean?  Well, here’s Green Hornet star Seth Rogen’s take on it:

“A lot of the visually driven sequences [director Michel Gondry] came up were first conceived for a 3D movie.  After watching the first third of the film and working with Sony Imageworks, the studio decided now would be a perfect time to commit to 3D.   Since it was always a dream of ours, the look of the film complements it perfectly.  None of the effects shots have been started, none of the blue screen shots have been composited, and this lets us do all of it in 3D.”

Rogen is apparently referring in particular to the “Kato-vision” fight sequences where we – I presume – get a glimpse of the world from the Green Hornet’s loyal sidekick Kato (Jay Chou) while he is in action.  Exactly what will that encompass?  Well, we’ll have to wait and see for now.

Kato The Green Hornet Green Hornet & The Last Airbender To Go 3D

In addition, the release date for The Green Hornet has been pushed back to January 14, 2011 – no doubt partly due to the extra time needed for the 3D “enhancement,” but more because it would’ve been in direct competition with Tron: Legacy for claiming 3D screens on its original December release date.

So what do you think?  Does this make you less concerned about the early bad buzz surrounding The Green Hornet?  Or does this sound like a lame move on the part of Sony executives?


Unlike The Green Hornet, the release date for The Last Airbender will not be pushed back while director M. Night Shyamalan and his crew convert the film into the 3D format.

Paramount executives, however, have claimed that Shyamalan has been toying with the notion of using the 3D effect in the film throughout its production and that – now that he has come to a final decision – they feel confident in announcing that the big-budget film adaptation of the Nickelodeon cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender will indeed be in the extra dimension.

That said, Shyamalan has always been a director who likes to use dynamic camera movement and shot composition – very much the style of filmmaking that stands to benefit from the 3D effect.  In addition, The Last Airbender cinematographer Andrew Lesnie (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) is known for crafting evocative, even gorgeous visuals in just about all the films that he’s worked on – so, hopefully, the added dimension will enhance rather than hinder his work here as well.

The Last Airbender image Green Hornet & The Last Airbender To Go 3D

Shots like this definitely stand to benefit from the 3D treatment.

So how about it?  Do you think The Last Airbender will be all the more impressive in 3D?  Or are you concerned it’ll be a messy slap-job a la Clash of the Titans?

The Last Airbender is still due to hit theaters – now both 2D and 3D – this summer on July 2.

Source: Hit Fix, Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. this is just getting sad people next thing we are gonna here is that the new jennifer aniston rom/com will be coming in 3D!!!!!! I saw clash of the titans in 3D not by choice only version the theater had, and I have to say that it was the worst 3D ever not to mention it was in maybe one scene, so very pointless.

  2. 3D conversion after the movie has been made simply does not work. The Last Airbender will look just awful.

    Making The Green Hornet 3D is just the final nail in the coffin of a film that I am amazed ever went into production in the first place. It has massive flop written all over it.

    I have had enough of 3D. It worked on 1 film. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really worried 3D is going to ruin Harry Potter, because that has been put on after filming was finished too

    • Saw the trailer for Green Hornet and it seems to play like a Seth Rogan type of “action’ film, cerebral dialogue and so on, so it may be ok. The conversion process is going to take awhile, ,so maybe they will do this one properly – and that can be done…just not on the fly.

  3. They haven't started filming Deathly Hallows Part II yet, so hopefully they'll have time to arrange for a true 3D production.

  4. Greed destroyed the potential of 3D in the fifties as anyone around at that time knows all too well. All I can say is, history never seems to get tired of repeating itself.

  5. What next, Beerfest 2 in 3D??

    With 3D being so pointlessly overdone, I'm making it a point of principle to avoid 3D screens at all cost. It's becoming just another way to fleece more money out of movie lovers.

    • The same thing was done wiyh 3-D in the fifties. After awhile, people just grew tired of it and it went away. Let’s hope it does so again real soon.

  6. there better be a 2d version of harrypotter or im gonna sue the WB im not going to watch harrypotter in 3D thats so stupid the story is so amazing in those movies i dont wanna be distracted by 3D. somone needs to talk to these movie studious soon ans tell them what us fans really think about all this 3D hooplah.

  7. FYI. Sony Studios is not happy with the Green Hornet. They know they got a flop on their hands and 3D isn't going to save it. It just means they're hoping to scam more people with higher ticket prices. Seth Rogen as a super hero… come on! Ridiculous. He can't pull it off. I'm calling it… EPIC FAIL.

  8. I agree with most of what you are saying here. All except for the bit about 3D working in only one film. (It worked rather well in animated films such as “Up”).

    Your point about converting to 3D after a movie made is most certainly true if the filmmakers were not planning on a conversion during production. Although, in films such as “Alice In Wonderland”, which went into production with a planned post-production conversion, filmmakers can actually shoot the film accordingly. I don't believe this is the case for either “Airbender” or “Green Hornet”.

    A lot of films that are shot in 3D actually have conversion work done in post-production to tweak certain shots. Even “Avatar” had some post-acquisition dimensionalization work done.

  9. I can see it working for a movie like Last Airbender because of the effects. I would have rather they created the film in 3D than convert it afterwards but it doesn't matter, I don't plan on seeing any movie in 3D (I feel it's just a gimmick). Now on the Green Failure movie, nothing will be able to save that piece of feldercarb.

  10. Really? Sony actually thinks going 3-D will sweeten the stench of the Green Hornet film? Listen, with the cast and writers they have, NOTHING will save this dreadful garbage heap. Fran Stryker and George Trendel are spinning in their graves! SCRAP THIS HORRIBLE PIECE OF TRIPE!!!

  11. is a wanderfull films its fouvrt films