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green hornet review The Green Hornet Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews The Green Hornet

Hey, are you old enough to remember when everyone freaked out about Michael Keaton being cast as Batman because he was a comedic actor, didn’t have the look nor the stature to play the iconic masked vigilante – but in the end it turned out to be a daring bit of casting and pretty damned cool?

Well that didn’t happen with The Green Hornet.

The Green Hornet movie has a (troubled) history going back to mid-2007 when rumors first floated that Seth Rogen would be playing the titular hero (and writing the script). Initially Stephen Chow (director of the hysterically funny Kung Fu Hustle) was set to play the role of Kato (the sidekick), and then came word that Chow would be directing as well. Well a few months passed and that sequence reversed itself: Chow was not going to direct (due to creative differences) but would still play Kato. A few more weeks go by and Chow bowed out of the project completely.

Having seen the final product, I am left seriously wondering what a Stephen Chow-directed Green Hornet film would have been like.

I’m sure I will be hit with the standard “Hey, can’t you just enjoy a fun movie?” argument, so let me preface this review by saying that I am a fan of director Michel Gondry’s very funny Be Kind Rewind. And while I’m not a huge Seth Rogen fan, I did enjoy Superbad, which he co-wrote.

Enough preamble. In this latest incarnation of The Green Hornet, Britt Reid (Rogen) is the son of a newspaper magnate who didn’t have time for him as a child (his mother died when he was young). Dad is stern and has high standards – and Britt rebels by going the opposite direction and ending up as a 30 year old, irresponsible party boy. After one last “I’m disappointed in you” his father dies of a bee sting (he’s allergic), leaving the newspaper and wealth to a son who is not only unprepared for the responsibility – he doesn’t want it.

He comes to know Kato (now played by Jay Chou), who was not only his father’s auto mechanic (garage full of gorgeous, rare automobiles), but he makes an incredible cup of coffee using an espresso machine he built himself. Britt comes to learn that his father was paranoid about security and has had Kato build some pretty hard core defenses into “Black Beauty” – a very cool black sedan from the late 60s. They become friends (kind of) and with both of them feeling the need for some excitement (and maybe, purpose) one thing leads to another and they decide to form a crime-fighting duo. But in order to be more effective (and this really doesn’t make much sense) they decide that the best way to help people and be “the good guys” is to pretend to be bad guys.

While Kato has extreme martial arts skills in addition to apparently being able to assemble multiple heavily armored and weaponized cars from scratch in the span of days (by himself), Britt has basically zero skills. Of any sort, whatsoever. While this is obviously to be milked for laughs, within the context of the film (especially as it moves ahead) it seems more ridiculous and annoying as it goes on.

jay chou seth rogen green hornet The Green Hornet Review

Jay Chou and Seth Rogen in 'The Green Hornet'

While their goal is to disrupt gang crime in Los Angeles, they draw the attention of an old school crime boss named Chudnofsky (played by Christoph Waltz, who was amazing in Inglourious Basterds). Chudnofsky, while seemingly on his way out as young up and comers try to take over is not someone to be trifled with – in fact he’s even more dangerous than ever because he feels like he’s losing respect and authority among the crime bosses in the area. Also drawn into the fray is Cameron Diaz (less annoying than usual) as Britt’s secretary/assistant. Britt and Kato are clueless about the workings of the criminal mind and she happens to be very well versed in that based on her degree in journalism.

As you can probably guess, eventually the duo gets in over their head and have to not only figure out how to save themselves from being killed, but how to overthrow Chudnofsky as well.

I have to say, Green Hornet started out (surprisingly) on a very high note. The opening scene with Waltz as the older gangster meeting with a younger, disrespectful younger crime boss (who I won’t name to keep the surprise) started out cautiously, but just got better and better as it went on. It was, in fact, damn funny. But immediately on its heels comes the aftermath, in which there are a lot of people killed, which kind of hits you upside the head right as you come off a very funny scene. That point notwithstanding, the film does an excellent job of introducing and establishing the main characters within the span of the first 10 minutes or so. Films have tried to do that before and failed (*cough* The Losers *cough*).

We see that yes, Britt is a complete ass and Kato is a faithful, hardworking guy. We soften a bit (JUST a bit, and temporarily) towards Britt as he wants to learn about Kato and what he did for Britt’s father, and it’s fun to watch Kato introduce Britt to the cool stuff he worked on and did for dear, departed dad, and gives insight into what sort of person he was. Although it starts down the “ridiculous” slide, their excitement about doing something exciting and adventurous is almost contagious – and their first experience taking down a bunch of street punks is fun and a super-cool action/fight scene.

Unfortunately, that right there (about 20-30 minutes in) ends the “high note” and is where the downward slide begins.

Reid continues to be an insufferable ass throughout the entire film, and the longer it goes on the dumber it seems that he’s out there risking his life against seasoned criminals. Sure, Kato is there to watch his back – but that brings up another point: Why in the world is this supposedly very grounded and intelligent guy sticking around a flighty, irresponsible egomaniac who takes him for granted?

There are many car chase scenes, all very hyper-kinetic with lots going on – and here is another sticking point: There was more than one instance where their chase through the city causes police cars to go flying into other vehicles – if they’re truly trying to be “the good guys,” what about all the collateral damage they’re causing? Bystanders just driving nearby, taking the bus, etc. whose vehicles get totally destroyed (with passengers within)? Oh and there was one scene included to show off the bullet proof glass where during a police chase, a cop pulls up next to them and opens fire. Really? Cops shoot at you when you just try to outrun them without having shot first? And don’t get me started on the scene where they use missiles in an unconventional manner to get out of a tight spot.

Cameron Diaz seemed almost like a character inserted after the script was written, and James Olmos didn’t make much of an impact, even with his built in gravitas. Christoph Waltz also seemed almost like his scenes were spliced in from a different film – all very disconnected and odd-feeling.

There were other things that didn’t work, either… It seemed quite seriously like those involved (Rogen?) really, REALLY wanted this to be an R-rated movie, but were locked into PG-13 due to the subject matter. Why do I say that? Because I can honestly not remember the last time I watched a PG-13 with so much profanity. I didn’t try to keep count of the number of s-bombs Rogen drops in the film, but I would have lost it anyway – had to be at least a couple dozen. Add to that one or two a-holes, b*tch and I don’t know what else. Frankly, it felt completely superfluous and it just added to the obnoxious, unlikability of Rogen/Britt. You can have an obnoxious protagonist, but when you start rooting for the bad guys, you have a problem.

green hornet cameron diaz seth rogen The Green Hornet Review

Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen in 'The Green Hornet'

And that’s the problem with Rogen’s Reid – the guy is such a monumental jerk that it’s hard to get past it. He treats the guy who is keeping him alive in the field like he should be happy to be allowed to come along, he’s a disgusting example of an over-cocky, sexually harassing pig with his secretary (Diaz), and just all around supremely annoying. By the end of the movie you’re not hoping for redemption, you’re hoping someone puts him in the hospital.

Also, this was pretty violent for a PG-13 movie that is sure to attract parents to bring their kids. Sure, you have violence in PG-13 movies, even superhero movies – but do we need close ups of two different people who’ve been crushed to death in a “light-hearted” semi-superhero comedy? If you’re thinking this looks like a “fun” romp the kids would enjoy, I recommend you reconsider and leave them at home for this one.

Will you like it? Maybe. Some of the audience I attended the screening with seemed to enjoy it. Am I saying it’s not funny or not worth seeing? No. There were moments beyond the first act where I laughed – not a lot, but a couple. There were tons of cool action scenes and Jay Chou’s martial arts fights were exciting (when you could tell what was going on due to the super fast editing in some scenes), and director Michel Gondry did some interesting things, visually. These items and the first act are why I’ve gone as high as 2.5 stars on this.

But overall, The Green Hornet is an uneven mix that’s not nearly as funny or enjoyable as it could have been.


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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. I’m not really sure why they decided to make this show into a movie. Oh wait that’s right, Hollywood is devoid of creativity atm so they are desperate and making anything already done in some fashion into a movie.

    The only reason why the original was worth watching was because it had Bruce Lee in it and it was fun to see him continually upstage the supposed ‘Hero’. So without Bruce there was little from the original show that was movie worthy imho. Turning the Green Hornet turned into an insufferable buffoon didn’t help either.

    I do admit that turning the Green Hornet into a serious character though would have probably paralleled Batman too closely (rich guy creates a bunch of gadgets and with a side-kick goes out to fight crime) but the direction they took it was worse than just being a Batman wannabe.

  2. not a rogen fan. all i had to watch where a couple of the trailers to know this would be a pretty s*** movie, from what i saw the martial arts was exaggerated like hero(jet li) is this true ?

  3. I still wanna see it. It looks fun and I’ve been watching dramas and thrillers for the last month, so I need some mindless action/comedy.

  4. Vic is prpbably right with his review but i just cant go another weekend without seeing a movie in theaters! ive been waiting and waiting but nothing, not even tron caught my eye cuz it looked too video gamey for my taste. But i just gotta see this. It looks action packed and stylish. Plus i straight up love gore so it seems right up my alley even if the protagonist isnt particularly likeable and elements of the plot dont feel right. i just need to see some stuff blow up its been almost 2 months! lol

    • Mr. Friday,

      Well, “gore” for a PG-13 movie. Don’t go expecting much – but generally in PG-13 movies they avoid it completely.


  5. Gotta say it looks enjoyable to me and this will have to be one of the few times I just throw the review from you out the window and watch it for my self. Going to see it ina just an hour or so so I’ll see how I feel about it.

    I’m a big Rogen fan my self

    • Anyway be back in two hours to let you know if it were good or not.

    • @Dan F – I agreed with Vic on several points (most of them related to Rogen take on his character Reid) but overall I had a blast watching the film as did the audience watching it with me. I think the studio may have failed with critics and certain demographics they weren’t targeting. In their target demo of 14 – 35 y/o males though I’m sure they were spot on. Just my assessment.

      I’d give it a 3/5 mostly related to Chou as Kato and the car scenes (that thing is bad ass btw).

      • Paul I have to agree I enjoyed Green Hornet.

        Not a 4 star film, but a 3/5 is a fair rating for it. Was an enjoyable movie. Some decent action, but very funny IMO.

  6. Well, I just saw the Green Hornet and I can say I can’t wait for the REBOOT.

  7. Seth Rogen ruined my childhood. I grew up watching the old Green Hornet and Seth Rogen just ruined it totally. Green Hornet could have been so much more. It would have been better off without him with a different actor. Im a ittle harsh I know, but I was expecting so much. That’s what happens when the one who writes the screenplay also plays the character. He made Britt endlessly annoying.

  8. So, the Syfy channel had a marathon on the other day. I have seen the show before and flipped through some of the comics, but the marathon was a great refresher. I have to say that this is one of those cases where an older demographic wasn’t the target audience, and have a hard time seeing an idea like this updated. It is really hard to do an older concept justice in a modern setting. I would have to say that Rogen played a very different Britt Reid, but his version worked for this film (in this modern setting). The whole getting close to the bad guys but really being the good guys comment was unneeded and an shows an obvious lack of interest in the original concept. Vic, that is what the character is based on, I’m sorry if you didn’t like the source material, but you shouldn’t write in your review about that if they did a good job keeping with that theme.

    Seth Rogen did his homework on this film, and it shows with the details that he incorporates almost seamlessly in the movie. He, and the rest of his writing crew, listened to all of the radio shows, watched the show from the 60′s and read the comics to get ready for this film. You have failed to comment on the accuracy, with the incorporation into a modern setting, that he has done. I feel that this review has shown your age Vic. I did not mean for this to come off as rude, but I feel that a movie review is there to give us insight, not to show us the critics personality traits that come through their writing. Please don’t take this as offensive, but I feel that you should know where the source material is coming from.

    P.S. I am 23 and know more about this than someone from the generation that ALMOST had it in its original form. I don’t want to assume how old you are, but you seem around my dad’s age and he watched the shows growing up.

    • How the heck is Vic supposed to know about Seth Rogens accuracy?
      His job is basically to describe his own reaction to the film.
      Its not his responsibility to defend Seth Rogen.
      As for the whole pretending to be villains thing,
      Maybe thats true about the original concept ,
      But GH fans just have to understand thatThe Green Hornet is not well known to a lot of people.

    • Joshua…

      I also watched that marathon (I actually enjoyed it a lot), and I do not think Vic missed the point. Yes, it was great watching Bruce Lee in action, and I think it was DEFINITELY a ’60s show in its characteristics, BUT Van Williams made made for a good lead. He acted the part of someone who took his dual identity seriously, but he had a sense of humor when called upon to have it. He was guy you wanted to root for. Seth Rogen, on the other hand comes across as a (pardon me, Vic) douchebag. He really is not likeable. He’s popular and “cool”, but he comes across as the guy you’d hang out with on a Saturday night for the “it factor” but would be ashamed to tell your parents or REAL friends about later…kind of like a one night stand that you KNOW was a mistake and you want to forget about it. In fact, every time I’ve seen Rogen in a role or an interview, I’ve gotten that “dirty” feeling of “Why am watching this? Now, I feel completely uncomfortable. UGH.”

      THAT is why Rogen should not have been Green Hornet (or his alter ego). Updating for the ‘Aughts is fine and perfectly understandable and expected. IT is a horrible idea, however, to COMPLETELY change the nature of the title character. “Star Trek” was updated for the new millenium (effects AND attitudes), but Kirk, Spock, and Bones still retained their essences…they remained true to their characters.

      • Sigh…please, excuse the couple of typos…Double sigh.

    • Just because that concept (acting like the bad guys but being the good guys) was in the original show doesn’t mean they can just put it in the movie without explaining why the characters chose that route. From my understanding of what Vic has written, that was essentially how he felt (please correct me, Vic, if I’m wrong). Also, most of the audience (including myself) will not have seen any GH episodes. Do you think everyone who has seen TDK and love it saw the Batman TV show? You shouldn’t have to do homework before seeing a movie to enjoy it.

  9. I must agree with the review, that it might have delivered much more with a different cast and some small changes in the script. That’s what many people and critics have pointed in their comments and reviews, but to be honest, I really enjoyed it.

    I was a huge fan of the TV series, so I was expecting “something else”, but I had some really good laughs.

    I agree with Vic. I must say that one of the best scenes was the first scene with Waltz and the other guy (I won’t mention his name either). It was hilarious!

    It is not the best or funniest film out there, but totally recommended.

  10. Vic,
    I respect your all your reviews but alot of things that didnt makes sense like the pretending to be badguys is because its a nod to the old Green Hornet. he and kato pretended to be mobsters in order to get closer to the underworld and disrupt it though things did not go so well with the police making Green Hornet one of the 1st anti-heroes. I can kinds see where this movie was heading but looks like it came up a little short. Great review

  11. Since I dont want to waste my hard earned money on this crap fest, can anyone tell me what trailers were in front of it???

  12. Ok, say if some of us have never even heard of the Green Hornet until they heard about this film, and they have no idea what to expect for this film (Didn’t read the review to avoid spoilers), would it be a decent trip to the movies?

    I’m in high school so I have a reason for not knowing who the Green Hornet is.

    • Well the mixed opinions makes me want to see this just to judge for
      myself. I’m hoping that Seth is a far more patient man than his
      contemporaries like Sandler and Spade. What I mean by this is people
      could try to think in broader terms when watching a movie like this that
      has garnered such controversy in the media. The big question in my mind,
      is this sequel worthy? If it is then maybe Mr. Rogen is preparing to
      show us something, the evolution of a hero. Is it possible to go from
      zero to hero? One wonders, and should it be done all in one movie? It’s
      been a long time since I watched the “Green Hornet” I’m pretty sure the
      TV show never addressed his origins, not in any great detail anyway. All
      we ever saw is the hero he is in a present, not the person he used to be
      in any kind of past. An air of mystery is good maybe even DE-rigueur for
      this character, but someone dared to question that and I think his name
      is Rogen…

      • All right. I guess I’ll judge it for myself as well, Old Man.

        • I’m with you on that Merc, I’ll hedge my bet though and catch a matinee showing… ;) Good luck

    • Merc all depends on your taste. If you like mindless fun action movies with a heavy dose of comedy you probably will enjoy it and won’t cry about how it some how ruined your child hood.

      Because apparently this movie was made then traveled back in time to when all the 60 year olds were just wee lads and crawled in their window late at night. Ruining their very child hood.

      • All right. An Epic Comedy of Which Wont Ruin My Childhood. I will go watch it then.

        • Merc,

          Let us know what you thought. Beyond the first act, I didn’t find very much funny about it at all (other than a scene where Kato finally gets fed up with Britt).


          • @Vic

            The trailers looked great for THE GREEN HORNTE, is his just another case where all the good stuff is in the Trailers so there’s nothing left in teh movie (that you haven’t seen) thats any good?

            Iespecially recall the trailer that first showed the scene where they shoot a missle at a red light camera, the audience exploded with applause.

            • By the looks of the trailer, I was thinking it was going to be more like Iron Man movies with humor but challenging filmmaking like Christopher Nolan’s Batman. I was wrong, there wasn’t anything in the film that was intelligent, it was kind of annoying especially Seth Rogan. I agree, this was more of mindless entertainment film sort of like Transformers or G.I. Joe.

    • This review is spot on. Also we went to see it in 3d and at some point in the movie it stops being a 3d movie. Im not sure as to why but let me know if anyone else notices. This was a terrible movie and bad representation of The Green Hornet. Some parts are funny but way too over the top. Not the worst movie just not a good movie. Rental!!

  13. Why isn’t the original Green Hornet tv series on dvd by now?

    Who dropped the ball on that pass? :(

    • Good question 790. SyFy channel had an all day GH marathon earlier this week. It was great.

  14. Ants, its soo much better on dvd,,,
    I don’t have to sit there all day, I can watch it at my leasure,,, :)

    Be great to see some outtakes with Lee and crew.

  15. Hehe, it sure as hell wasn’t the foie gras or caviar of the movie world but hey, I actually enjoyed it in a beer and pizza kinda way.

    …but then I thought Crank2:High Voltage was hilarious…so meh!

  16. all I think the movie would be is Seth walking around laughing that stupid laugh

  17. How was the 3D in this film?

  18. Just saw The Green Hornet on Saturday and, well, Vic’s review is pretty much spot on. I was hoping Britt’s character would be a little less of a jerk, especially as he had opportunities to mature a bit throughout the film but I guess that was given the back seat to the laugh factor. Still, I’m glad I saw it on the big screen and would recommend a matinee viewing if you like action.

    mac :]

  19. So in the poll, I went on the high end and voted 4, I would rather go with 3.5, but that’s not an option.

    I enjoyed the movie, it wasn’t anything great, not the perfect super hero movie or anything, but it was entertaining, and as close to summer blockbuster as you’re going to get in january. The second half of the film gets pretty out there as far as action goes, but it was still entertaining. All in all, my wife and I both had fun, and talked a good bit about it after leaving the theater. I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequal, as long as everyone returns (Cameron Diaz doesn’t need to, they could replace her, actually, please replace her).

  20. OK, I saw this yesterday for free. It wasn’t horrible but I have to agree with Vic’s review. And yeah, that secret actor playing the mob boss was great! The problems I had with the film deals mostly with Rogen. I just couldn’t see him playing this role. All during the film, I just kept thinking Bradley Cooper would have been a perfect choice. And like others were saying, you expect the character to evolve into a more adult/serious person but Rogen just continued in his infantile manner. Also, what was up with him never shaving? I almost wondered if the people who couldn’t figure him out suffered from the same disease the people of Metropolis suffered from. :-) And I never thought elevators were that powerful. 8-) Those who have seen it know what I mean. I agree with the 2.5 out of 5.

    • Opps! Saw it Saturday, not yesterday. Darn holidays! :-D

    • I rated it a 0- I would have rated it lower but there were no negative numbers available. This movie sucks! Seth Rogen is a terrible actor in this film if you can call it a film…..too much profanity for a PG 13 movie…I wanted to kill myself every time Seth was on screen and opened his mouth! He was painful to watch and listen to- so annoying and infantile….one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time- ranks as bad as Land of the Lost with Will….don’t even bother to rent this piece of garbage when it comes out on DVD…I will also not be watching anything with Seth Rogen in it any time soon….I did read one review where they said the stunts and special effects rival that of anything in the Matrix- HA! Wonder what that critic was smoking?

      • The stunts rivaled The Matrix?! That guy needs to give me some of stuff he was smoking, so I can get away from reality for like a week. :-)

      • I agree with this person, it has been a long time since I’ve actually criticised a film in the cinema (after it ended, of course). Through the course of the film I checked the run-time on the ticket twice, and my phone countless times, willing the two and a half hour session to pass so I could leave. If I hadn’t been with friends, I would have walked out of the cinema before the first hour had elapsed.

        I still can’t understand why we’re expected to like Rogen’s spoilt, churlish, recidivist jerk of a character. He’s arrogant, petty and despite Rogen looking a lot better than he used to, a disgustingly creepy sleaze.

        I should say that I went to see this movie hoping it would be good, particularly because Rogen was in it. Instead I came away disgusted with the film and disappointed to find that Rogen’s talents truly don’t extend beyond being situationally funny, his attempt at co-screenwriting was disastrous. The dialogue was just awful. 0/10 stars.

    • Also agree completely with the review. Whenever I am watching a great movie, I am not thinking about the acting, script, etc., I’m just completely absorbed into the film. During the Green Hornet, I literally could not stop thinking about how bad it was, which definitely ruined my viewing experience and obviously made me think less of the film.

      Rogen acts EXACTLY the same way in this film as he does in Pineapple Express. I am actually a HUGE seth rogen fan (which happened to be the only reason I paid to see this; that and a friend asked me if i wanted to go), but he just really missed on this role. He is funny as shhhh*t in most movies, so I will most likely see his next movie in theaters again.

      Agreed with everything in the review basically, but one last note…Christoph Waltz IS THE MAN!! He was my favorite character in Inglourious, and he was one of the only good actors in the Green Hornet (I was actually surprised that he agreed to be a part of this movie). Chou was decent, much better than rogen anyways.

      2 out of 5 stars for a dramatic, humorous, and tension-filled first 30 minutes. Pretty infantile, erratic, potty-mouth movie from there on out.

  21. The reason why I actively hate this movie is that it destroys the chances that there will be a good Green Hornet movie made within my lifetime. If not for that, I’d say, so what, nobody’s putting a gun to my head to make me see this.

    I saw a free press screening anyway, and this review is spot on. I experienced the movie in very much the same way, with very much the same conclusions.

    But the one scene that made the movie completely irredeemable? When, during a fight, The Green Rogen runs away, crying, “Kato! Save me!” I could even tolerate Kato being the one who saves the day at the end (although, considering the movie’s title, doing that is a sign of extremely bad writing), but that scene was unforgivable. And typical for the entire movie.

  22. Hey Vic,
    I just want to say how much I enjoyed your review. It had everything I look for in such a thing. You stated your observations compared to expectations and referred to clearly what was your opinion on the subject. Why a reviewer is scoffed at for writing about what he personally thinks, likes and dislikes I’ll never know. I like that you included audience reaction as well as the content compared to the rating it was givrn. When I read your review, I hadn’t seen GH yet (but knew I probably would anyway). After watching it I can say you nailed it exactly in your article.

    As for me I found Jay Chou pretty entertaining to watch and out of everything, loved the car. This was the first thing I’ve EVER seen Rogen in so I didn’t have any expectations other than what most people thought: Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet? Hmmm?

    So, this movie I’ll put in the ‘Spoof’ catagory and hope that someday a serious version is made of it… my guess is in 18 months I’ll start hearing script and casting rumours for a reboot.

    • Thanks, Kev.


  23. VIC!! My man.
    What can I say? tight review Muchacho. The cussing did throw me off. We had friends who let their very young kids tag along. I found myself squirming in my seat at the barrage.
    Having said that, I enjoyed the flick. I bought into the motives of Seth’s character (for the most part). Especially the way he felt about his pops.
    The part in park was funny as heck and I saw it coming. You could see that Seth TRIED to set up Brett’s personality (wanna be hero) from the start. I was expecting to see that he’d taken up some form of martial (boxing/wrestling/MMA) arts growing up. Nope.
    Cameran Diaz basically could have been left out the movie, except that they needed her as a tie in from the original series.
    Chou was GREAT as Kato. I actually liked him better than Sifu Lee’s take (sorry Sifu). I totally agreed with them taking out the Manservant angle too.

  24. I just saw the movie. It’s a bomb. Seth Rogan ruined a great opportunity to expand as an actor. Like Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger; they had different types of persona’s in the way people see them in the movies, but Keaton and Leger pleasantly surprised us.

    Rogan usually plays the a wise-cracking funnyman, but he missed his chance to be the daring serious yet wise-cracking hero. Instead he played a bumbling jerk who insulted the only one who tolerated him, Kato.

    This is one to miss.

  25. To each his own, I guess. I won’t bash Vic for his review. It’s just another opinion, like mine. I enjoyed the movie. I just try not to think too much when it comes to super heroes movies. You really have to suspend your disbelief for all of them. I give this movie a solid B. It was very funny and entertaining. This movie was a lot better than some of the other heroes movie I’ve seen the past few years: Hancock, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four 2, The Losers, Spider Man 3, Batman 3 and 4, and so forth. See maybe Green Hornet isn’t so bad, but I’m sure some of you will put that movie with the list of failures I provided. Happy watching folks! <:

  26. @Vic

    I got the chance to see this Monday at an early afternoon matinee so I saved a few bucks and I could not believe how dead on your first line about wnating to punch teh guy in the cae was. I found myself tightly squeezing my fists and wanting badly to punch Seth Rogen in the face about 45 minutes into the film. At the time I was not even thinking about your review, it was only alter when I came back to read the review again after watching the movie did I realize how spot on that comment was.

    If they were to replace Seth Rogen with another actor and leave all the lines the same the movie would eaisly be another star better (3.5 stars vs 2.5). Thats how bad Rogen messes things up in GREEN HORNET.

    Its no wonder there were rumors on the set of problems. I don’t know how they kep the martial arts guys on set from kicking in Rogens face. He’s that annoying.

    I hope that when GH hits rental/sell-thru in 3-4 months that someone mash’s it up and dubs out Rogen and replaces him with anyone else for it will make the movie a lot better.

    Big time thumbs up to Christoph Waltz whose potrayal of Bloodnofsky (the main villian) was absoluetly wonderful.

  27. I simply could not stomach the movie and had to quit about half way through. It’s a good thing the creators of The Green Hornet are all dead, otherwise they would sue the writers of the script of this diaster of a movie and probably win. Man, what an incredible disappointment.

  28. Just returned from seeing this movie, rather enjoyed it tho i wasnt expecting much from it but i had a few laughs and enjoyed the action how whats with diaz he part in the film could easily be filled with some one of less profile. just didnt understand that part of the casting.

  29. typical americans – turn a great comic into a pathetic joke movie with actors who are more wooden than pinoccio