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green hornet review The Green Hornet Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews The Green Hornet

Hey, are you old enough to remember when everyone freaked out about Michael Keaton being cast as Batman because he was a comedic actor, didn’t have the look nor the stature to play the iconic masked vigilante – but in the end it turned out to be a daring bit of casting and pretty damned cool?

Well that didn’t happen with The Green Hornet.

The Green Hornet movie has a (troubled) history going back to mid-2007 when rumors first floated that Seth Rogen would be playing the titular hero (and writing the script). Initially Stephen Chow (director of the hysterically funny Kung Fu Hustle) was set to play the role of Kato (the sidekick), and then came word that Chow would be directing as well. Well a few months passed and that sequence reversed itself: Chow was not going to direct (due to creative differences) but would still play Kato. A few more weeks go by and Chow bowed out of the project completely.

Having seen the final product, I am left seriously wondering what a Stephen Chow-directed Green Hornet film would have been like.

I’m sure I will be hit with the standard “Hey, can’t you just enjoy a fun movie?” argument, so let me preface this review by saying that I am a fan of director Michel Gondry’s very funny Be Kind Rewind. And while I’m not a huge Seth Rogen fan, I did enjoy Superbad, which he co-wrote.

Enough preamble. In this latest incarnation of The Green Hornet, Britt Reid (Rogen) is the son of a newspaper magnate who didn’t have time for him as a child (his mother died when he was young). Dad is stern and has high standards – and Britt rebels by going the opposite direction and ending up as a 30 year old, irresponsible party boy. After one last “I’m disappointed in you” his father dies of a bee sting (he’s allergic), leaving the newspaper and wealth to a son who is not only unprepared for the responsibility – he doesn’t want it.

He comes to know Kato (now played by Jay Chou), who was not only his father’s auto mechanic (garage full of gorgeous, rare automobiles), but he makes an incredible cup of coffee using an espresso machine he built himself. Britt comes to learn that his father was paranoid about security and has had Kato build some pretty hard core defenses into “Black Beauty” – a very cool black sedan from the late 60s. They become friends (kind of) and with both of them feeling the need for some excitement (and maybe, purpose) one thing leads to another and they decide to form a crime-fighting duo. But in order to be more effective (and this really doesn’t make much sense) they decide that the best way to help people and be “the good guys” is to pretend to be bad guys.

While Kato has extreme martial arts skills in addition to apparently being able to assemble multiple heavily armored and weaponized cars from scratch in the span of days (by himself), Britt has basically zero skills. Of any sort, whatsoever. While this is obviously to be milked for laughs, within the context of the film (especially as it moves ahead) it seems more ridiculous and annoying as it goes on.

jay chou seth rogen green hornet The Green Hornet Review

Jay Chou and Seth Rogen in 'The Green Hornet'

While their goal is to disrupt gang crime in Los Angeles, they draw the attention of an old school crime boss named Chudnofsky (played by Christoph Waltz, who was amazing in Inglourious Basterds). Chudnofsky, while seemingly on his way out as young up and comers try to take over is not someone to be trifled with – in fact he’s even more dangerous than ever because he feels like he’s losing respect and authority among the crime bosses in the area. Also drawn into the fray is Cameron Diaz (less annoying than usual) as Britt’s secretary/assistant. Britt and Kato are clueless about the workings of the criminal mind and she happens to be very well versed in that based on her degree in journalism.

As you can probably guess, eventually the duo gets in over their head and have to not only figure out how to save themselves from being killed, but how to overthrow Chudnofsky as well.

I have to say, Green Hornet started out (surprisingly) on a very high note. The opening scene with Waltz as the older gangster meeting with a younger, disrespectful younger crime boss (who I won’t name to keep the surprise) started out cautiously, but just got better and better as it went on. It was, in fact, damn funny. But immediately on its heels comes the aftermath, in which there are a lot of people killed, which kind of hits you upside the head right as you come off a very funny scene. That point notwithstanding, the film does an excellent job of introducing and establishing the main characters within the span of the first 10 minutes or so. Films have tried to do that before and failed (*cough* The Losers *cough*).

We see that yes, Britt is a complete ass and Kato is a faithful, hardworking guy. We soften a bit (JUST a bit, and temporarily) towards Britt as he wants to learn about Kato and what he did for Britt’s father, and it’s fun to watch Kato introduce Britt to the cool stuff he worked on and did for dear, departed dad, and gives insight into what sort of person he was. Although it starts down the “ridiculous” slide, their excitement about doing something exciting and adventurous is almost contagious – and their first experience taking down a bunch of street punks is fun and a super-cool action/fight scene.

Unfortunately, that right there (about 20-30 minutes in) ends the “high note” and is where the downward slide begins.

Reid continues to be an insufferable ass throughout the entire film, and the longer it goes on the dumber it seems that he’s out there risking his life against seasoned criminals. Sure, Kato is there to watch his back – but that brings up another point: Why in the world is this supposedly very grounded and intelligent guy sticking around a flighty, irresponsible egomaniac who takes him for granted?

There are many car chase scenes, all very hyper-kinetic with lots going on – and here is another sticking point: There was more than one instance where their chase through the city causes police cars to go flying into other vehicles – if they’re truly trying to be “the good guys,” what about all the collateral damage they’re causing? Bystanders just driving nearby, taking the bus, etc. whose vehicles get totally destroyed (with passengers within)? Oh and there was one scene included to show off the bullet proof glass where during a police chase, a cop pulls up next to them and opens fire. Really? Cops shoot at you when you just try to outrun them without having shot first? And don’t get me started on the scene where they use missiles in an unconventional manner to get out of a tight spot.

Cameron Diaz seemed almost like a character inserted after the script was written, and James Olmos didn’t make much of an impact, even with his built in gravitas. Christoph Waltz also seemed almost like his scenes were spliced in from a different film – all very disconnected and odd-feeling.

There were other things that didn’t work, either… It seemed quite seriously like those involved (Rogen?) really, REALLY wanted this to be an R-rated movie, but were locked into PG-13 due to the subject matter. Why do I say that? Because I can honestly not remember the last time I watched a PG-13 with so much profanity. I didn’t try to keep count of the number of s-bombs Rogen drops in the film, but I would have lost it anyway – had to be at least a couple dozen. Add to that one or two a-holes, b*tch and I don’t know what else. Frankly, it felt completely superfluous and it just added to the obnoxious, unlikability of Rogen/Britt. You can have an obnoxious protagonist, but when you start rooting for the bad guys, you have a problem.

green hornet cameron diaz seth rogen The Green Hornet Review

Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen in 'The Green Hornet'

And that’s the problem with Rogen’s Reid – the guy is such a monumental jerk that it’s hard to get past it. He treats the guy who is keeping him alive in the field like he should be happy to be allowed to come along, he’s a disgusting example of an over-cocky, sexually harassing pig with his secretary (Diaz), and just all around supremely annoying. By the end of the movie you’re not hoping for redemption, you’re hoping someone puts him in the hospital.

Also, this was pretty violent for a PG-13 movie that is sure to attract parents to bring their kids. Sure, you have violence in PG-13 movies, even superhero movies – but do we need close ups of two different people who’ve been crushed to death in a “light-hearted” semi-superhero comedy? If you’re thinking this looks like a “fun” romp the kids would enjoy, I recommend you reconsider and leave them at home for this one.

Will you like it? Maybe. Some of the audience I attended the screening with seemed to enjoy it. Am I saying it’s not funny or not worth seeing? No. There were moments beyond the first act where I laughed – not a lot, but a couple. There were tons of cool action scenes and Jay Chou’s martial arts fights were exciting (when you could tell what was going on due to the super fast editing in some scenes), and director Michel Gondry did some interesting things, visually. These items and the first act are why I’ve gone as high as 2.5 stars on this.

But overall, The Green Hornet is an uneven mix that’s not nearly as funny or enjoyable as it could have been.

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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Well after your review, it just confirms what I felt about seeing this I’ll stick to my plan and not see it. Were you being generous in the 2.5 star rating Vic?

    • Anthony,

      Well I wavered between 2 and 2.5, but I think some folks might enjoy this for what it is, so I went to the high side.


      • Ahhh. I just really have had enough of Rogan, I guess i can handle him in doses. He seems to be getting really popular lately.

  2. This just looks awful beyond all imaginable belief. I watched the trailers, and constant tv spots, thinking maybe this could be kinda cool in a kooky kinda way. But then the brain engaged.
    Seth Rogan. As a crime fighting Superhero.

    COME ON! REALLY??? The guy can play one type of character and hero it most certainly aint.

    This cost tens of millions of dollars. Might as well have burnt it. Or at least burnt my half.

  3. Heavy sigh. I was very much looking forward to this first film of 2011. I guess it now falls on THE MECHANIC to do this and if not it then surely by February when I AM NUMBER 4 and UNKNOWN relese one of these 3 will kick off the 2011 film year on a good note, at least for me.

    Very sad to hear GH fell short; its trailers at least to me made it look very promising.

  4. You know…people are expecting way too much from a franchise that has been dead since the 60’s..if everyone was such huge Green Hornet fans then why has this character not been seen in over 50 years….
    So any take on this character should be looked at with new eyes.. I am getting sick of the Seth Rogen bashing…you might not like him as an actor but there are a lot worse actors out there making crappy movies.. I like most of Seth Rogen’s work and I thought Observe and Report was genius!!
    As you stated early in the review, just sit back and enjoy the damn movie already…why does everyone expect a formula for superhero movies when the best ones (Spiderman, Wolverine, Daredevil, Hulk) have been disasters and the indie off-hero films (Kick-Ass, Defendor) have been better than the studio powerhouses. So just enjoy the movie and stop complaining..there are many more disappointments to come in 2011!!

    • It’s not a matter of expecting to much from “a franchise that has been dead since the 60′s”, it’s a case of why bother making a very expensive movie based on a “a franchise that has been dead since the 60′s”

    • Sir…some of us are Hornet fans from the 60’s….and been against this no-talent “actor” being part of our beloved Hornet. This has always been Dead to me. Maybe a negative (2.5) stars. Vic is a kind Man.

    • Completely agree NEGACROWBAR

      People on message boards for the reviews of this movie are made up for the most part of people that hate Seth R. or are “fans” of the original. I have no problem with ppl disliking Seth R but these so called “fans” of the original TV show I don’t buy. The show is from the 60s! They also cling on to the “magical formula that made it work”…fine, but this isn’t the 60’s, that formula doesn’t really work anymore. I feel like a lot of nostalgia and “back in my day” feelings are getting in the way of people enjoying this movie.

      I saw it and while it wasn’t a great movie, it was extremely fun and enjoyable. It worked!

      • ogb,

        I don’t hate Rogen, but I did hate the character. The “oh you just hate the actor” argument is weak.


        • Vic the you hate the actor argument is wrong for you, but not at all weak since the majority of people commenting on the review freely admit that they hate Rogen and everything he does.

    • @ negacrow: If the whole idea is to have low expectations for a franchise that was dead for 40″ years, then why make the film?

      Rogen was OK in Observe & Report as well as Superbad, but his other films are just riffs on the same character. I applaud his gumption for trying something different, like a superhero movie. The problem is that he is playing the same jerk character. There is nothing different in his characterization, speech, movement, etc. He just lost weight, which was not really a big enough break with his other work to make a difference.

      GH is also just poorly plotted & written. A few nice scenes drowning in a sea of mediocre film making & lazy dialogue/plotting should not be excused. If it was supposed to be a popcorn flick, at least be an entertaining popcorn flick. GH was an epic fail.

      • I believe in Santa!

    • I think it’s funny all the people claiming to be massive fans of a failed TV show. The show was a pretty massive failure and you’d think with how many fans it has that it would of been more successful.

      My theory is that most of the fans are younger people who fall in to the “OMG It’s sO CamPy and ReTrO !!!11!!!one!!” crowd.

      Because it really wasn’t a very good show to begin with. I was pretty much thinking “WTF” when I heard they were making a Green Hornet film because it was a terrible show that failed why make a film of it? Then I started seeing trailers and it looked pretty funny and entertaining. So I’m gonna give it a shot.

      • @Dan F – It only ran for one season in the 60s but I wouldn’t call it a “failure”. The Green Hornet was popular on radio for years before being put on TV and the comic series has been running for decades. The movie is based on the character not the TV show.

        IMHO, the fact that the neither the show nor the radio serial have been on the air for almost half a decade and STILL people know who the character is by name speaks volumes to its success.

        • Paul Young…..brilliant retort!!! That has been my point that has been over looked, or NOT understood by some who cannot come to grips with the popularity of the Hornet with more mature readers and fans!!!

      • Daniel F,

        Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? A “failed TV show”? Huh? You mean the failure that still has fans today, is still talked about and spawned a movie? THAT failed TV show?

        Hey I guess you could call the original Star Trek a failed TV show as well.



        • Technically Speaking Vic it was a failed TV show. Star Trek at least had 3 seasons. Green Hornett had one season and if I’m remembering correctly it was only 12 episodes. Now being cut off early doesn’t mean it sucks, but it does mean it failed. My personal opinion though is that the show was awful.

          • I haven’t seen an episode of the original Green Hornet in many, many years, but I remember liking it. I think it was somewhat campy, but not as over the top as Batman.


        • Bravo Vic!!!!

      • Ok, Vic’s review and Daniel’s comments reflect what I suspected already. Stupid, annoying, unnecessary, weak; what else to expect with Rogen and Diaz? Yikes.

        • Netshark how does my comment tell you that it’s stupid or any of those other things? I enjoyed the movie.

          I thought Rogen was fantastic in it and I generally enjoy him… However, yes Diaz was awful as usual. Lucky she didn’t dominate the screen or it would of really hurt the film instead it was just a minor negative.

          It’s not a great film, but it’s pretty enjoyable and a good laugh.

        • Yes Shark you are correct again. The problem with some of the posters on Screen Rant regarding this subject is they were not even born yet when the Hornet was on radio and on TV,….and cannot take into context that, or fathom the reality that many of us were. And that we KNOW what we are talking about!!!!!!

  5. thanks for the review.
    looks like I’ll be passing on this one.

    I remember the TV series way back when, watched it as a kid (was sort of a family thing, like watching Star Trek – we all sat around the tube, as one big happy family). When I saw Seth Rogen’s name attached to it, well… you said it all in your review.

  6. I liked the idiosyncratic design of this movie, enough so that I’d call it overall fun.

    But yeah – for most of the reasons Vic cites here, I agree that The Green Hornet had the potential to be a truly memorable comic book adventure, but ended up being just okay.

  7. Your review and score are not surprising in the slightest. Michael Keaton worked as Batman because of two main qualities: First, he can ACT (quite well, in fact) in comedies AND dramas and most things inbetween. Second, Keaton is known for playing characters that are at least slightly off-kilter.

    Seth Rogen is known for playing…Seth Rogen. I say this because he not only acts obnoxiously in his films, he comes across the same way in interviews. Anytime I see his name attached to anything, I see garbage. Yes, he’s great at playing someone with the mentality of a frat boy punk. That is NOT the Green Hornet character.

    Truth be told, I wish Val Kilmer had been Green Hornet back in the day instead of Batman; he would have made an excellent Britt Reid and Hornet.

    The only reason I had ANY hope for this movie was Chou’s Kato (and his version of the Black Beauty).

    It’s just not enough…sigh.

    • Keaton was Burton’s first “Depp”. Burton said he chose Keaton for Batman after directing him in Beetlejuice, but I guess Depp REALLY wowed Burton in Scissorhands and the rest is history (oh wait, no, it’s still happening)

      Rogan for this role just never made much sense

    • Good call … Val Kilmer would have been awesome in this role

  8. I saw Seth on Conan once. Made me never want to watch a movie with him in it again. His voice is annoying and he is an idiot.

    That being said, this movie looked like a joke from the moment they mentioned Seth. I had hopes when I heard they were doing the movie originally (same with G.L.), but having seen reviews, trailers, etc I wont see it

  9. I would agree on the profanity and violence point. A number of times it took me out of the action and made me think, “Geez, they say that a lot” or “Yuck. That just happened.” whenever someone died a horrible death.

    On the other hand, I love martial arts and explosions. Kato was amazing- I wouldn’t mind having him for a best friend at all. :)

  10. Yikes! you really didn’t like this movie :)

  11. How prevalent is the shakey cam?

    • Tim,

      Not much shakey cam at all, but a lot of hyper-editing.


  12. “While Kato has extreme martial arts skills in addition to apparently being able to assemble multiple heavily armored and weaponized cars from scratch in the span of days (by himself)…”

    Kato no doubt watched B.A. Baracus do the same on “A-Team” reruns…

  13. Man Vic, you counld not be more right about you opening paragraph. I remember when the first Batman came out and they announced Micheal Keaton as the dark knight. I completely freaked out but he turned out to be one of the best Batman ever. Wow memories.

    As for the Green Hornet I did not expect too much from the film in the first place but I still want to see it. I will catch sometime or another. Thanks for the review.

  14. I haven’t any intention of seeing this movie but I still can’t help but feel that Cameron Diaz was a peculiar choice. From the previews, I thought she has to be more than the secretary….an undercover reporter, another hero, etc. It’s just one of those times when the casting seems more miss than hit.

  15. I actually really enjoyed the movie. It is in no way a “superhero” movie. I loved Gondrys quirky direction while still maintaining a fun action flick-esque feel about it. Rogen plays a guy who just wants to do something cause he’s bored and Kato kicks ass throughout. This isn’t Dark Knight people. See it for a fun time.

  16. It’s unfair to compare this to Batman. While Keaton may have been known primarily for comedies before Batman, the movie was anything but a comedy. That’s why it worked, since Keaton didn’t even try to be funny. Based on some of the comedy work he did before Batman, while funny, if they had attempted to make a comedic Batman movie with Keaton in the role I think he wouldn’t have been able to pull it off.

    And the whole time I was reading this review, it came across as “if you hate Seth Rogen, you’ll hate this movie.” I get that a lot of people don’t like him, but honestly, there has never been a comedian, even ones legitimately more talented than Rogen, who every one has liked. Comedy movies are subjective, but the actors are even more so.

    I, for one, like Rogen’s characters. They may all seem the same on the surface, and I’ll be the first to admit he doesn’t have much range, but I think that for what he does, he does it well.

    When I first read that he was taking this role, I knew he’d be filling it with swears and more adult humor, since that’s what he’s known for. I’ll still be seeing this in theaters, cause it sounds like it will be exactly what I expected it to be from the beginning.

    • Yeah, a lot of hate towards Seth…I’m personally more pissed off that Diaz was in the movie, she literally brings nothing to her roles nowadays, she’s just there as a moderately famous and kind off attractive female character (same as Knight and Day).

      Seth, I feel, is undeserving of the hate. Sure he has a “quirky” personality (stoner?) that rubs ppl the wrong way, which is cool, but at the same time you don’t see him doing super dramatic roles or action movies. He doesn’t venture too far from what he’s good at and I admire that.

      • ogb,

        You’ll be happy to know that Diaz was barely in the film. Even when she was on screen. :)


        • Vic

          I got the feeling you dislike Seth R as an actor and that promoted your hate towards the character. I’m obviously only guessing, but that’s the feeling I got. Is this accurate?

          I saw the film and while Diaz was in it only briefly, I still think any other actress could’ve done her part…they just brought her in for the little star power she has left.

          • ogb,

            I really don’t hate Rogen – hell, I think I’ve only ever seen him in ONE movie.


        • LOL…

      • “Sure he has a “quirky” personality (stoner?) that rubs ppl the wrong way, which is cool, but at the same time you don’t see him doing super dramatic roles or action movies. He doesn’t venture too far from what he’s good at and I admire that.”

        Ancient Philosopher Confu-shan asks, “So it is better to be big fish in little pond, than to be same-size fish in normal-sized pond?”

        If all you do is the same character, over and over again, you become the newest Adam Sandler/David Spade…seriously, have we EVER seen Spade as anything but snarky “Captain Comeback”?

        • Lol please don’t ask me to defend Sandler or Spade EVER! Those two have milked their image/celebrity for decades.

          Anyway, Rogen might be headed in the same direction, we don’t know. But right now, I find him fun to watch because he picks roles that fit him and the character he plays on screen.

          Many successful actors play the same character in almost every movie (Kevin Costner) and they can get away with it.

    • That is exactly the problem with Rogen. While no comedian (or actor, for that matter) is loved by everyone, at least the other comedians who do achieve some degree of success tend to have a quality that can, in some form, be looked upon favorably: David Spade is always the snarky and/or cool, but fun, dork. Adam Sandler is the lovable loser who often wins out in the end (and he has shown himself to be willing and able to expand into more dramatic roles, a la “Spanglish”). Robin Williams is like force unto nature, BUT he HAS moved on from a singular character type. Tim Allen often plays obnoxious or irritating characters also, but his characters almost always seem to be virtual walking haphazards (in other words, he seems to attract disaster of one sort or another), but he tends to overcome his own shortcomings. Andy Dick…well, horrible example.

      Seth Rogen, however, makes me wants to wash out my ears and my very essence with industrial-strength soap. You never want to see how he’ll grow or get better; you simply want him to go away by the end.

      Yes, people DO hate Seth Rogen. Judging from the way he plays ALL of his characters (and does so VERY well, I must add), he seems to like it that way.

  17. I think I’d rather watch The Phantom with Billy Zane again before seeing this movie. Just Saying.

    • lol..

    • Better that, than the Syfy Reboot…

    • @ Chris – Oh man..I bought The Phantom for $5 at Wal-mart on Blu-ray thinking “It can’t be as bad as I remember it.” WRONG! Not everything looks good in HD. 😛

  18. -Sigh-

    Not another review complaining about an unlikable main character…

    • Ryan,

      Yes, sue me for complaining about an unlikeable character in what’s supposed to be a “fun” movie. Call me crazy, but I want to LIKE the protagonist in a film.


      • Like the tagline from the movie ‘Payback’ said: Get ready to root for the bad guy. :)

    • I believe the error here, is that the protagonist is so… antagonistic that one can’t help but dislike him.
      Were the main character MEANT to be antagonistic, that would be one thing, but the intent here is obviously NOT to create an “anti-hero”. Seth Rogen plays the “lovable (by some) but obnoxious idiot”, again. This so does not fit the role of Green Hornet. It cannot even be justified as “camp”.

      • It almost…ALMOST…makes you wish Adam West had played the role!

        • Dude, that would have been awesome, at least you would have gotten some honest to goodness superhero camp and cheese.

        • Well there was that Green Hornet/Batman crossover back in the 60s.

    • @Ryan – Um…if you don’t like the main character of a film then what are you supposed to say? Isn’t the point of being the lead actor to, well you know, be the likeable star? IMO, even though I enjoyed The Green Hornet as a whole, Rogen’s take on Reid becomes grating to the point of being irritating.

  19. Lol, knew this would suck. I hope it tanks, in 3D!!!!

    • LOL

  20. it always kinda bothered me when the trailers started coming out how this was taking a comedic angle since I remember the 60’s TV series as pretty serious, especially compared to the Batman series. I’ll still probably rent this one though unless my wife makes me go to see it in 3D (which she might)

  21. Vic, how was Christoph Waltz overall in the film aside from just the opening sequence?

    He was fantastic in Inglorious Basterds and I’ve been really excited to see him play a modern day villain … he’s been the primary selling point for this movie for me since the beginning.

    • Ben R,

      While he’s a great actor, he almost seemed like he wasn’t comfortable in the role to me. Kind of weird.


      • It was probably having to be in the same movie as Rogan.

  22. hmm i need to watch this

  23. This is one of those times where I read the review and don’t doubt an accurate rating, but I still feel like I need to see it for myself.

    • I find myself agreeing with you. While I almost always fall on the side of Vic when it comes to his reviews, I don’t think I can stop myself from seeing it. :)

  24. I thought you said the test screenings for this film were strong, Vic.

    • insider,

      I said they were better than expected. I don’t know – this may end up being a crowd pleaser, but it didn’t please me (nor my 14yo daughter, who hated it).


      • I see your daughter has great taste in movies as well Vic!! Didn’t you take her to see Flipped as well, I just saw it this week and it was Great.

        • Anthony,

          I’m telling you – junior movie critic. She’s more critical of movies than I am. VERY different from her classmates. 8)


          • That’s awesome Vic :)

  25. Vic,
    Is this a movie that comic/superheros movie fans should purchase when it comes out on DVD? Or would you recommend skipping it?

    • Did you not read the review? That should give you Vic’s answer to your question.

    • Joe,

      That’s down to personal taste, bud.

      I won’t be buying nor renting it, myself.


  26. “It seemed quite seriously like those involved (Rogen?) really, REALLY wanted this to be an R-rated movie, but were locked into PG-13 due to the subject matter.”

    Im glad you pointed this out. I have yet to see the film but am planning on seeing it at some point. I was just thinking the other day about the PG-13 rating for this and how I wished it had been R. All of Seth Rogens films he has been in have been rated R, with the exception of his voice work for animated family films.

  27. I haven’t seen the movie but thoroughly enjoyed reading your review Vic. It’s everything I want to know from a reviewer delivered up just the way I like it. Balanced, incorporating the reaction of those in the theatre and admitting up front what they do and don’t like about those in cast and crew. It sounds like you really WANTED to like this but it just didn’t deliver, like an ordered Pizza that just never arrives.

  28. Must have been quite a shock for Waltz to go from Tarantino, to Rogen.


    • LOL…. It’s been awhile since the old guard has been this funny. Makes one wax nostalgic. 😉

  29. Vic,
    Thank you for the heads up, advice, and review. That is too bad about the movie not living up to the hype. Thanks again for the personal choice option, you are right, it is a personal choice question. But the good thing is, that I will definitely remember what you wrote in your review, so I won’t be too terribly disappointed, and just might be happily suprised. Great things about fans, critics, and just people alike, we are all different and have great individual opinions.

    I remember when people in general (Comic Fans, Critics, and General movie goers) really panned DareDevil, Elektra, and Ghost Rider. I waited until they came out on DVD and rented them. I was happily suprised with those movies so I bought them when they came to the “El Cheapo” price of $5.99. I will probably do the same with Green Hornet.

    I sure hope that Green Lantern, Thor, and Captain America turn out to be great movies. IMHO I think that Green Lantern ooks like it will live up to the hype.

    • I actually saw Daredevil and Ghost Rider in the theaters and enjoyed them both. Elektra..not so much.

      • I agree, ANthony.