‘Green Hornet’ & ‘Lobo’ Movies In Trouble

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Green Hornet Lobo Green Hornet & Lobo Movies In Trouble

While they may not be the best known or most anticipated comic book movie adaptations out there, the upcoming Green Hornet film and potential Lobo movie definitely have their share of fans looking forward to both.

Courtesy of an  IESB exclusive, we now know that  early word on both these projects is, well, less than stellar.


The new film version of The Green Hornet has, to be fair, been up against it for awhile now.  The idea of lovable loafer Seth Rogen as Britt Reid, a debonair newspaper mogul by day/masked hero by night seemed laughable, and the film’s director, Michele Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), seemed like a very odd choice, as he’s known for helming smart (albeit quirky) indie comedies, not epic action flicks.

Well word is in that Sony executives have gotten an early look at Green Hornet and, well, their reaction was apparently less than enthusiastic.  They say that the movie is too campy, Gondry’s direction is off, and yes, Seth Rogen (even though he’s lost weight for the part) doesn’t work at all in the lead.

While there’s still a significant amount of time between now and the film’s release to do re-shoots or whatnot, it sounds as though for now Sony has another The Spirit (or, shudder, Batman and Robin) on their hands.  Seriously though, what did they expect when they hired the guys who wrote Superbad and Pineapple Express to pen the script?  A serious comic book adventure?

 Green Hornet & Lobo Movies In Trouble

McLovin- clearly an early character archetype for The Green Hornet.

That said, this is no guarantee that The Green Hornet won’t be fun or delightfully campy — just something less than serious.  But, like I said, it was kind of hard to expect otherwise.

I should also note that The Green Hornet will be in for a fight when it hits theaters on December 22, 2010, since it’ll open against Tron Legacy, Little Fockers, AND Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

We’ll keep you posted on any future news about The Green Hornet as it rolls in.


So who, you might ask, is Lobo?

Well, he’s a blue-skinned alien who generally works as an interstellar bounty hunter.  The character originated in the 1980s as a villain but grew in popularity when he re-emerged in the 1990s as an anti-hero whose design was meant to be a parody of Wolverine.

A Lobo film has been in the works for a while now, with Guy Ritchie attached to the project at one point and Akiva Goldsman producing.  Since then, Ritchie departed to do Sherlock Holmes 2 and two other big-budgeted projects that Goldsman served as producer on (The Losers and Jonah Hex) have left Warner Bros. executives less than enthused.

the losers short evans jaenada elba 1 Green Hornet & Lobo Movies In Trouble

Advanced word on 'The Losers' is that... well, see the title.

For now, it looks as though Lobo won’t be hitting the big screen anytime soon.  The character could be fun to see in a full-length feature but I understand Warner Bros. not entirely trusting the man who produced Lost in Space to deliver the goods.

We’ll keep an eye out for any future news about the development of a Lobo movie but don’t hold your breath for now.

Source: IESB

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  1. Green Hornet looks terrible. But that aside, did no one at Sony read the script for the movie before allowing millions of dollars to spent on the project???

  2. so is “The Losers” good or bad..? I tried to read the comics but never really caught me..

  3. WOW, if Sony is saying they don't like how the Green hornet is turning out, then imagine how bad it REALLY is! Lobo on the other hand, I would like to see as a full length CGI movie, not live action. Lobo is basically a motorhead, beer chuggin', Hell's Angels Biker from out of space. It be funny to see a Green Lantern Corp. member try to give Lobo a intergalactic DUI for drinking and driving in space. Speaking of Motorhead, their music would totally be perfect for a Lobo movie ala AC/DC & Black Sabbath for Iron Man.

  4. Well, word from IESB is that “The Losers” hasn't been well received so far. It's a shame too since some of the early clips that I've seen from it are actually kind of fun.

  5. Green Hornet was NEVER campy. The 60s TV show was dark and serious, despite the masks. If the public, producers, etc. think it was, then they never watched it and this is nothing but EPIC FAIL.

  6. I totally agree but you know how Sony and Fox do, the suits pretty much don't invest much to research the source material. BTW,I like the name, Wyatt Wingfoot, that's one character that I'd like to get more attention and some new epic adventures in the Marvel U.

  7. So I can't really comment on whether the Green Hornet is any good or not, but really, if there was ever any chance of it being good, it's gone now that Sony will likely force re-shoots making the end result a mess of conflicting styles and tones. Campy doesn't automatically mean bad, but I guess if it's not The Dark Knight, it's not worth it.

    Oh well.

  8. They should hire Lemmy to play Lobo.

  9. Two words….SETH ROGEN!! Who on earth thought he would be good as GH? As soon as I heard he was attached to the film, I knew it would fail.

    Don't know much about Lobo, although I know he is strong enough to take on Superman. I think ulik might be right, just have an animated feature film like Beowulf.

  10. Ditto on GH. All signs pointed to FAIL on that one. I've never gotten Rogen's appeal either. He was okay in “Knocked Up”, but otherwise he is just a typecast slacker/stoner character. Hardly hero material…

  11. LOL! yeah or put him in the movie as one of Lobo's bounties. LOL!!! Or he could even have a cameo showing him playing in an Intergalactic Punk Band in a spacebiker bar ala Star Wars.

  12. Although I shouldn't be bashing it, having a family member involved in the production, but I never liked the idea of Seth Rogen being the Green Hornet at all. He doesn't carry the swagger of a hero type at all, and I get the idea that they think that he can play it ala Michael Keaton's performance as Batman, but the difference is that Keaton is a versatile actor, easily going between camp and serious without a moment's doubt. Rogen is, at best, a buffoon, and that he all that he would be capable of doing. He lacks the versatility of other funny men on-screen, and I have doubts of his ability as a lead actor in any film, but that's just my personal opinion of the man.

    As to Lobo, he has been one of my favorite fringe characters in the DCU but was never much of one to carry a solo book for very long, and I have very great doubts that he could carry a feature. The Main Man is more suited to animated feature where the returns on the sales of DVD's is better for something like him, a lesser known character. If I were a producer at DC Entertainment I would just work on a animated feature and release it direct to DVD, and if the interest is strong there then work up a live action film.

  13. green hornet bad? big surprise……not.
    the only surprise is that they caught it in time.

    would VERY MUCH like to see lobo.

  14. Good maybe they will rethink putting Lobo as a PG-13 and make it Rated R.

    • Either Seth Rogan isn’t aware of the serious history of GH, or he just doesn’t care. Either way, he’s another no-talent who’s built a career on gross-out humor and from wat I’ve heard about the GH set, he can’t seem to stop looking into the camera EVERYTIME he delivers a line. Sad, sad, sad.

  15. Lobo definately needs to be made into an animated film.
    Similar to what DC Animation did with the Green Lantern film, that is by far the best superhero animated film done recently.
    And, the DC animated films are way better than the Marvel ones.

  16. now that's bad — I want Stringer Bell to do good

  17. I’ve said from the get-go that the Green Hornet was going to be a terrible failure. Really…Seth Rogan? What’s next…Mini-Me as Superman? Sheeeesh! I don’t think Rogan really understands how serious GH fans are. Apparently he was in his stoned zone and caught the old horrible Batman tv series and thought GH should be done the same way. BAD IDEA STONE HEAD!!! Cameron Diaz might be able to pull off Lenore Case, though i doubt it, and casting Edward James Olmos as Irish cop Mike Axford? Uh, yeah…right. So now Sony has gotten around to viewing the dailies and realized what a lame-o turkey this is. GOOD. SCRAP IT!!! And do it when you’re ready to GET SERIOUS!!!!!