‘The Green Hornet’ International Trailer #2

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Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet has been fighting an uphill battle since its inception (no Chris Nolan jokes, please), but Sony Pictures did the comic book pic a favor by releasing a second U.S. trailer that improved significantly upon the first theatrical preview.

Now the second Green Hornet international trailer has arrived and it’s a bit heavier on the action than the previous trailers – though it’s still difficult to tell whether the film will work as a whole.

Seth Rogen stars in The Green Hornet as playboy-turned masked superhero Britt Reid, who teams up with his recently-deceased father’s assistant, Kato (Jay Chou), and sets out to fight crime in the streets of L.A. via a technologically-enhanced, 1960s model Imperial car dubbed the “Black Beauty.” The two eventually hatch an ingenious scheme to take down the leader of L.A.’s criminal underworld, Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz): pose as criminals themselves, in order to get closer to the man.

The film reverses the stereotypical hero/sidekick dynamic and makes Reid the wise-cracking, less physically capable member of the crime-fighting team. While it bears more than a passing resemblance to Batman and Iron Man on paper, Green Hornet is much more of a comical adventure and looks to strike a campy tone more in the vein of Dick Tracy or The Spirit serials of the 1930s and 40s – albeit in a modern-day setting.

Will that approach work? Watch the new international Green Hornet trailer to help you decide:

So far the hand-to-hand combat in Green Hornet looks competent, if chockfull of what has become standard fare for the comic book movie genre: slo-mo/fast-mo fights, CGI-enhanced shots, etc… The recent trailers have made the film look more like a fun mix of stylish action sequences and lighthearted humor, which bodes well.

There are two big issues that stick out in all of the Green Hornet previews so far:

  1. Chou’s comic timing and delivery is noticeably off (English isn’t his first language, so it is understandable).
  2. It’s still difficult to tell if the movie works as a whole or if it’ll feel like a disjointed mix of comedy and big-budget superhero spectacle.

Screenplay credits for The Green Hornet go to Rogen and Evan Goldsberg (Superbad). The two previously collaborated on the stoner action/comedy pic, Pineapple Express, and the results were good, so hopefully they’ll deliver this time around as well.

The Green Hornet hits 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on January 14th, 2011.

Source: Sony Pictures

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  1. i think this could be a fun popcorn movie i like that its not taking itself to seriously

  2. This will be the Zombieland of Superhero movies

    • foopher,

      I have no idea what that means…


      • It will be hilarious and kick @$$. Like Zombieland was… 😉

  3. I was all kinds of against this movie, but i have to admit… somehow i think this will entertain me 😛

  4. Agree Haggis

  5. Does anyone know the second song in this trailer ?


    • Not before Star Wars…

  7. I think this movie will be really entertaining! Hopefully this will change the way everybody keeps wanting superhero movies to be dark and gritty all the time!

  8. Looking for confirmation, would The Green Hornet be the Grand Nephew or Great Grand Nephew of The Lone Ranger?

  9. As a long time fan of the character, I have to admit that I was pretty worried at the intitial reports of the who, what, and when of this flick…
    But I’m happy to say that at this this point I’m kinda digging what I’m seeing here. I love the part where Rogan shoots Kato with the gas gun, and I’m now willing to give this thing a shot. It looks like it’ll be fun.

  10. And the suck just keeps on rolling…

  11. Is that a SIG-229 Katos holding?

    They weren’t around back in the 60’s

    • So true UTurn but I’m not so sure this is a period piece…

    • This version is taking place now, not the ’60s…if I’m seeing the trailers in the correct light.

  12. soo gonna watch this lol

  13. Wow, this actually looks really great. I was always unsure of how this would turn out but the more trailers I see, the more I’m into it. And I think Michel Gondry is doing more than just the standard “slo-mo/fast-mo fight sequences”. If you look in the trailer, you’ll see he’s definitely altering them in substantial ways. He’s messing with the different planes of action, not just simply slowing everything down. I find that pretty refreshing and makes me glad they got him for this project.

  14. more of my daddy died waaaa!! and i will no longer be a drunk and coke addict womanizer and save the world,, please…. oh wait! the spiderman reboot is going to have spidey’s parents in it too, and then presto! a crimefighter! i love to know where these geniuses think this stuff up!! how hilarious!!

  15. This looks like a winner, actually. I’m looking forward to see this.
    Loads of people think that Britt Reid is miscast for the role, but I think they’re wrong.
    Seth Rogen is a natural actor, as well as an excellent writer (He and Evan Goldberg are a fantastic team), and I think that he might bring something new and exciting, almost Dadaist to the superhero genre. He’s not the heavy-jawed superheroes we’ve seen previously, such as Christian Bale’s Batman or Brandon Routh’s Superman. This Britt Reid is stocky, but muscular and well-toned, and is appealingly wide-eyed and enthusiastic, and so I am countering all those remarks of him looking too fat. So I don’t think he looked miscast at all. Sure, we aren’t used to seeing a superhero with a voice as distinctively rough as Rogen’s, but that wonderful man from Vancouver is always full of surprises, and he might just surprise us with his remarkable skill. Besides, he has a voice unlike any other hero’s. (I’m looking at you, Batman!)
    Last of all, Reid is presented as fairly incompetent because of his spoiled upbringing and lifestyle, his revelation to do good being the moral centre of the story. Well, no hero gets it right the first time, does he?
    And so, in conclusion, I think that he is not miscast, but almost perfect for the role, because he’s got the skill for acting and for handling a believable character.

  16. I watch the Green Hornet TV series as a child and Reid was not a comic type character but a businessman type persona. Kato was also a “very serious” fellow. I hate to say this; but Hollywood has screwed up many TV series in making the big screen version. Miami Vice was just “bad”; so bad that none of the TV series co-stars after reading the script; would appear as guests on the movie directed by Michael Mann. It was considered a failed picture because it was shot as a “dark” movie while the original was “hot scenes, hot cars, cutting edge homes, yachts, clothing”.

    On the car; it is way over weaponized. The “Black Beauty” Imperial has only a triple 30mm motor in the trunk; and a light machine gun in the front. No duel twin 20mm GE Vulcan guns. It is impossible for it to have that because the weigh of the ammo and guns would be around 3,000 lbs; add the armor – another 2,500 lbs. and the car weighes 5,000 lbs. What type of struts/shocks and engine can be use in such a confined space. Even now; the engine has to be at least a V8 with 5.0 liter engine to drive it at over 100 mph has not been made yet for over 10,500 car.

    Hollywood knows nothing at all about the Green Hornet. It making this out to be a comedy – a running joke. Green Hornet was about serious crime fighting; it not a Lethal Weapons type actions; be a serious type like the latest dark Batman movie.

    I think they are off the mark again. We will see at the box office. Either way; if the movie is like the trailer; I am not going. Hollywood should stick with the actual TV show’s view of TV series and their character development instead of making a “fool” out of them like in “The Green Hornet” movie is doing!

    • well you do have a point, i agree with you that hollywood should be making more movies with origins in comics or books, more like the original thing, so it can sell more, but these guys are just plain ignorant of thinking of something like that. They care only about profits (which makes sense the business is to make money), not sticking with an original story. Still, they believe (in my opinion), that people want to be entertained by something entertaining, instead of something dark and really good like the boondock saints (which was a great movie to me and wasn’t an over the top hollywood production that didnt sell a lot). If they stick to something original, then they can use what excess brains they have to create something ELSE funny or entertaining instead of ruining, (or possibly) ruining a good original series. But i support you man, these guys just need a fan a hardcore fan to tell them what they’re doing wrong and stick to their guns.

  17. Better than the first trailer but I still don’t have a good feeling about this. Although the presence of Christoph Waltz is a big plus, it is offset by the presence of Cameron Diaz.

    I just don’t like the fact they’re going “funny” on this.