New ‘Green Hornet’ Clip, TV Trailers, & Photos

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The Green Hornet behind the scenes featurette New Green Hornet Clip, TV Trailers, & Photos

Right on the heels of the behind the behind-the-scenes featurette, four new images, a second clip. and three new television spots have all been released for The Green Hornet a Green Hornet holiday treat!

The film is amping up the marketing campaign as the January 14th release date quickly approaches.

As the superhero genre becomes more and more saturated, filmmakers are continually seeking fresh ways to approach the tropes. The bumbling, not quite heroic, superhero is one we have seen in various forms both recently, as well as in the past.

Kick Ass did a wonderful job of creating a film that sets out to toss all the standard cliches of the genre on their head – only to make a turn around mid-film and fulfill nearly every one. The film was also hilarious, and featured some of the most unique and satisfying action sequences of this past year.

Some people may begin to have a somewhat jaded attitude about more and more superhero films, trying various angles to create a unique take, but the early buzz for The Green Hornet (pun just inherent) has been pretty positive.

Check out the latest Green Hornet clip featuring Britt Reid/Green Hornet (Rogen) with his trusty partner Kato (Jay Chou) as they attempt to convince Lenore Case (Diaz) that she is “the mastermind” behind their team – which is, as yet, unbeknown to her.

In addition to the clip, check out the latest TV spots for The Green Hornet:

Anyone unfamiliar with The Green Hornet here’s the brief synopsis:

“By night, debonair newspaper publisher Britt Reid fights crime as a masked superhero known as The Green Hornet. At his side is martial arts expert Kato.”

The team behind The Green Hornet initially felt like an unusual mix, to put it a bit mildly — Michel Gondry directs Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz in a superhero movie? Each of the parts make sense individually, but it felt like putting cotton candy, a Philly cheesesteak, and mescaline on a plate and calling it dinner.

Yet the more information about the film that becomes available, the more it feels like the match up works. It looks like a lighthearted, fun, and yes bombastically silly movie – one that may just be a thoroughly enjoyable good time. The addition of Chrisoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) only serves to make the film more interesting.

Once you get a chance to feast your eyes on the newest Green Hornet images below, let us know what you think about all the new media, or the film in general, in the comments.

The Green Hornet masked kato New Green Hornet Clip, TV Trailers, & Photos

The Green Hornet still2 New Green Hornet Clip, TV Trailers, & Photos

The Green Hornet kato New Green Hornet Clip, TV Trailers, & Photos

The Green Hornet still New Green Hornet Clip, TV Trailers, & Photos

The Green Hornet opens on January 14th.

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  1. Are they connecting this to The Lone Ranger?

    • Rogen has no clue what you are talking about. Alas and sadly, the rest of us do…..and we are left wanting.

  2. It looks like campy fun for the new millenium. I’d go see it no matter what anyone says. Theres only 3 super Heros I like & That’s the team of the Green Hornet & Ghost Rider. I have the 4 original GH Comics & Most of the Ghost Rider Comics. That’s how much of a fan I am. I mean how else could the movie go with Seth Rogen & Jay Chow from Initial-D. Comedy Action

  3. A Green Hornet holiday TREAT??
    Who are you kidding???
    Bend over and hang on, GH fans, it’s coming and it’s gonna hurt…

  4. Bruce Lee is rolling over in his grave. The clip and these tv spots confirms what I already know. This film is problematic. It has taken too long to be released. They know they have a bomb on their hands. I’m going to show no mercy. I will not pay to see this film EVER.


  5. When Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle star and director) was attached I was excited. When they said Seth Rogen lost weight and would be the Green Hornet I was disgusted. When Stephen Chow left the project I knew this film was going to be worthless.

    Thanks for all the clips, trailers, and tv spots. This is the best Sony can make it look and it’s looking about as pretty as hag with a big hairy wart on her nose.

    Pass. I’ll spend my money on Blizzard/Activision games.

  6. Go Seth Rogen. I LOVE THIS GUY. Every time he interviews he represents! I can’t wait for this film. Way to go brother Jew!

  7. Oh god, it looks even worse than i feared. I used to think the worst thing to come out of CanuckLand was Celine Bloody Dion, then along came Seth Rogen. No charisma, no acting talent, and above all not funny to anyone over the age of twelve. What next? Adam Sandler as Wolverine? Maybe Jim Carrey as the Punisher? I think one of the previous commenters was right, the studio knows they have a turkey and are desperately trying to figure out a way to hide its feathers.

  8. To all of you who said that the movie would suck before even watching it. Just for you information, It’s been getting tons of positive reviews from the early screening. I wont post any here. Check them out yourself! Type ‘Green’, ‘Hornet’ and ‘Review’ on Google.

    • I got news for you buddy, Studios will lie to sell their films. They’re not separating my cash from my hands with this one.

  9. I have not seen one preview that has made me want to see this movie. It already had one strike against it with Seth Rogen cast as the lead. Even an appearance on Mythbusters has done nothing to make me want to see this movie (in fact, the myths they were breaking from the film made the movie look even worse). No way I go see this train wreck waiting to happen!

  10. this is gonne be awesome

  11. I think for this to work they are going to have to walk a very fine line between comedy and drama.

    I think they need to go with a fledgling heroes scenario where the humor comes from the mistakes they make just starting out. But you have to believe they are just inexperienced and not so stupid they can never become true heroes.

    The bit with the gas gun while funny was an example of making the characters too dumb to be taken seriously. They need to avoid that type of dumb humor and do a little more sophisticated stuff.

  12. A life long Green Hornet fan says “Bloody HUMBUG!!!!!!”

  13. I don’t see it as a comedy or camp. I think it looks like an interesting take on the story where Kato is the actual hero and calls the shots, with the Hornet as the inept frontman. Much like the Sherlock Holmes movie a few years ago where Watson was the actual brains and Holmes was clueless.

    • The difference is that the twist in Sherlock Holmes was that the detective was really Watson, and around that they built a movie that did no disservice to the Holmes mythos. Indeed, by the end even “Holmes” was beginning to pull his own weight. Because people already knew the story of Holmes, the movie could pull the switch and have people laughing with the protagonists rather than at them.

      In the Green Hornet, perhaps having Kato as the real hero would work but then surrounding it with a slapstick farce does a disservice to those who wanted to see a real Green Hornet movie. Also there is nothing for a modern audience to contrast it with. This movie becomes THE Green Hornet story for this generation.

      Of course there’s a world of difference between the droll English style of humour and American slapstick anyway.

  14. Looks horrid. How about get a real Asian martial artist that knows how to fight like Bruce Lee to be Kato and another actor with charisma as the Green Hornet.

  15. If I didn’t express my displeasure before. This looks like a poor cousin to the super-hero movies we’ve seen over the past few years.

    There is a range of subtle tones between Nolan’s Batman and Jim Carrey’s Mask. I can see the Hornet, a crime-fighter who masquerades as a criminal, possessing a darkly sardonic sense of humour. I can imagine the knowing glances and wry grins exchanged by Kato and the Hornet as they wind their prey into yet another fiendish trap.

    When it comes to humour, it is better understated than overstated.

  16. Legend of the Fist… Donnie Yen dons the Kato mask to fight injustice.

  17. Holy Cow.. I never looked at the casting because I thought Kato was played by John Cho with a funky new cut!
    One thing I know about studios; when they have a big budget stinker on their hands, they’ll market it to death just to make up some of the money.
    My rule is that once I see a movie advertised with fast food.. I won’t bother.
    This movie looks like it will be great fun. I’m checking my brain at the concession stand. I’m hopping for Hell Boy level fun.