‘Arrow’ Producers Talk Crossover Potential With Wonder Woman Series ‘Amazon’

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Arrow Producers Talk Wonder Woman Crossover Arrow Producers Talk Crossover Potential With Wonder Woman Series Amazon

Early last week we brought the news that the CW was looking to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen once again, albeit in a version unlike any of her previous iterations. Titled Amazon, the series would follow Diana of Themyscira before she becomes the super heroine most casual audiences know her as today.

With the CW potentially set to house not one but two DC Comics properties under their network, we were left wondering how those folks behind the first series out of the gate, Arrow, felt about the recent Wonder Woman news. As it turns out, executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim think its great, and welcome the possibility of having not just Wonder Woman alongside Green Arrow on the CW, but many other Justice League members as well.

When asked by THR if there was room for both Arrow and Amazon on the network’s schedule, Berlanti responded emphatically:

“Absolutely! If there’s room for a thousand reality shows, hopefully there’s room for a thousand shows like this. My hope is we’re successful enough that we’re all on the air together, that’d be great.”

Some might argue it’s a little early for talk of multiple superheroes at the CW – the news about Amazon only just broke last week – but Guggenheim thinks that a one-two-punch of this Wonder Woman series and Arrow could make for the perfect night of programming. He even believes it would take TV viewers back to a time when a wide variety of superhero and superhero-esque characters were on the air.

“It harkens back to the years of my childhood where you had The Six Million Dollar Man and Wonder Woman and all these superhero-like genre shows all on the dial and all you had to do was change the channel. I think there’s totally room for both shows. It would be fun to share a night with them; the CW programs two hours a night and that’d be a pretty kick-ass night of television.”

As far as talk of a crossover is concerned, Berlanti doesn’t think the writers’ current approach to Arrow could accommodate a Wonder Woman cameo. In their version of Green Arrow – which is very much grounded in a gritty reality – there are no superpowers. In order to do the character of Wonder Woman justice, however, there need to be some of those fantastical elements (i.e. super strength and bullet-reflecting bracelets) that Arrow‘s writers have been trying to avoid.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg elaborates:

“Our show definitely takes place in a much more realistic world. There’s no superpowers, superheroes and aliens. With Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscira, there are superpowers. I don’t foresee crossovers but one of the great things about superheroes is that they’re constantly being reimagined. There’s the Adam West and Christopher Nolan versions of Batman and one doesn’t obviate the other. The Lynda Carter version was great and now the CW is hopefully developing another wonderful version that will be a nice compliment to Arrow.”

Star Stephen Amell further emphasized that if Wonder Woman were to appear in the show, she would have to be a neutered version of her comic book persona:

“As long as she doesn’t have superpowers, then we’re good!”

While it doesn’t outright nix the chances of an Amazon/Arrow crossover, the idea of grounding Wonder Woman too far in reality, essentially stripping her of her powers  just to open up that possibility, is sure to cause dissent among comic book fans. Yes, Amazon is hoping to deliver a unique take on the character – one that might involve a reworked origin story – but that shouldn’t involve taking away what makes her Wonder Woman. Smallville had a strict “no tights, no flights” rule, but the show’s writers never devalued Clark’s abilities – they actually reveled in them.

Getting a step closer to seeing the full Justice League on TV is an intriguing prospect, but fans are likely to be turned off by a powerless Diana. Still, the promise of a DC-centric night of television should be reason enough for fans to get excited, even if the shows’ heroes won’t cross paths.

Arrow premieres October 10, 2012 at 8PM on the CW.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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  1. I’m sorry I just don’t see the big deal with the green arrow character – he’s pretty boring to me. I guess he has a fairly strong fan base, though. Just not for me.

    • look at some comic, or watch dc animated short, you will see that he is pretty cool character… but the guy who plays him this seems more like he is trying to be Bruce Wayne that green arrow…

      • I’m open minded…i’ll take a look.

      • The original conception of Oliver Queen in the comic books WAS a Bruce Wayne type character.

  2. Arrow looks great but both it and Amazon, simply don’t have the draw of Smallville which was a show about Superman and had villains people recognized and a huge amount of stories to draw from.
    I’m a huge Green Arrow fan but he has two or three decent villains, and with the show being all Nolan-nised, it really limits what they can do.

  3. ok maybe im wrong about this BUT if they dont want to do a green arrow in which there are aliens ie superman,martian manhunter.. superpowers ie flash,wonderwoman …. THEN why do a green arrow show at all ??? why not just make it a show about a guy who is an archer but dont try to sell it off as green arrow oliver queen … its just like the fn smallville guys with their well we dont want flight or tights .. well then dont make a fn superman show .. and dont get me started on the whole its a clark kent show ..f you cw …

    • Smallville was a Superman show. He just wore a different form of costume :)

      • if they are gonna do a justice leauge movie then i dont see a wonder woman show happening .. they should do a nightwing show and they could cross over with arrow .. just call the show bludhaven ..

    • I agree, if you don’t want “real” superheros with superpowers what makes a guy with a bow and arrows particularly interesting. Could it be that the CW is to cheap to do superheros that actually have super powers? I guess you have to leave that to Marvel!

      • You’re right! I love to tune in every week, with bated breath, to the following currently/recently on-air, highly successful Marvel live-action superhero shows:

        (Anyone else hear the crickets?)


        • Oh wow lmao.

  4. okay i am confused i thought warner/dc were planning a justice league movie, if so then wonder woman, green arrow and any other justice league member should not appear on a tv show. this just show dc does not care for a justice league movie they just wanted to create a buzz because of the avengers success. its a shame cause would have prefered a 360 shot of JL superheroes

  5. Jut thought of this… will they be using the same Actors/Actresses for both the movie and tv series?

    • Nope. These series will have nothing to do with the movie versions. They will exist within their own little distinct realities.

      • I imagine the Hulk TV Series will be also receive a different actor.

        • There will most likely not be a Hulk TV show. The SHIELD tv show that is coming will be intertwined with the movie universe. Don’t count out movie-tv interconnectivity!

      • and where’s your proof of that? There has not been evidence for or against that assumption

  6. I think this is good news assuming that both series is done well. right now I won’t focus on crossovers but rather just make the best series for these characters. But with Arrow building up multiple DC characters on the show and having a would be Black Canary I think it can be interesting option for a future episode (another season) having these crossovers…maybe even a backdoor pilot for Amazon on the show.

    Smallville started pretty grounded in a way at the beginning of its run. Clark had only a few powers and both Clark’s and his enemies’ powers though fantastical were dealt in a believable way. Over the years everything scaled up to the point that it was pushing what could be done in a TV show budget to varying degrees.

    So, the potential for Black Canary and Diana and others to appear super on the show its possible as long as it done in a grounded way where it fits the tone of the world presented thus far. Instead of raising the scale of abilities and such, you can still show their abilities but in an earnest way in which the suspension disbelief is achievable. And it can provide surpises for our protagonist Arrow just as we- the audience- will be surpised. We can then identify with the character more and the world.

    What if these “super” men and women appeared in our world? How would Arrow respond to these threats? How will the governments? The Dark Knight films and seemingly Man of Steel- and to a lesser extent Smallville- have dealt with this. Marvel is going out with tongue in cheek and such, DC characters are different. The characters essence and major trademarks and abilities should be on screen, just present it earnestly with heart and purpose. Make me believe that an Amazon could suddenly appear, and my level of threat and danger I feel will increase and create serious tension

    • I agree wholeheartedly here


    Seriouly, why do they still fvck around with the Wonder Woman movie?

    It would be a no-brainer after the animated film!

  8. I completely disagree. If Arrow and the potential Wonder Woman show have a similar tone and look, then there’s no reason a cross over can’t happen.

    On the other hand, if Wonder Woman has a look that may work for her show but look silly in Arrow, then yeah, don’t bother. It’s be like Tobey Macguire’s Spider-Man showing in Nolan’s Batman.

  9. If the version of Wonder Woman used were to be grounded as, say, a superb Amazon warrior princess, her powers should not be missed Yeah, the bracelets and the lasso are cool, but the woman, herself, is the most fascinating aspect of the character. She has her ideals, her belief system, her incredible fighting skills, her wisdom, and the uniqueness of her formative years (even without the whole “gift form the gods, carved from clay” thing). As an extremely well-trained, in-her-prime, excellently equipped/armed agent of the Themyscirans, she would still be exceedingly fast, strong, and agile.

    Other than wanting them to concentrate on making the best individual shows possible (and the potential problem of differing timelines), I don’t see a major problem… :)

    • Dude I find myself agreeing more and more with your posts on the DC side of the superhero world here. Kudos.

      • Thank you. I find myself thinking the same thing when I read YOUR posts. :)

        • Oh? Very cool indeed man lol. Im know DC go bring things around for themselves.

          • I* not Im and could* not go.

            Damn typos lol.

    • This would be just a real person who is highly skilled and trained, not a superhero and certainly not Wonder Woman, leave it to the CW to dumb down everything they get to save money on effects!

      • How do you figure this is “dumbing down”? If anything, it’s asking viewers to use their minds even more by having them consider the alteration and the possibilities inherent in the coming of such a person.

        Oh, and before you make silly statements (like you just did), consider the following: “Smallville”, “Supernatural”, “Vampire Diaries”, etc. The CW may not have a large effects budget, but they still manage to put out shows that employ effects (among whatever other qualities they possess) that have proven popular with the various shows’ viewers (and this from someone that doesn’t even watch VampDi and stopped watching SupNat after season 5).

        Just sayin’…

      • Oh, and if done with care for the essence of the character, herself, yes, this very much WOULD be Wonder Woman.

        • Well lets see, maybe they could do a show about a guy that gets exposed to radiation and gets really really mad, and they could call it the Hulk. They could just leave out all that useless changing into a “Giant Rage Monster”, after all they did capture the essence of the character!

  10. I’ve always been a big fan of the DC comic characters, but I never thought I’d see them on the small screen. Both of these series sound really exciting! They are just whipping out all sorts of new shows this fall! The only lame part about my job at Dish is that I work most nights, so it’s tough to keep up on all these new series. I’m definitely going to have to enlist in the help of my Hopper DVR’s huge amount of recording space to make sure I don’t miss anything. I think that Arrow looks like it has potential to be really awesome. I can’t decide how I feel about the Wonder Woman series.

  11. Intetesting… I there are no super powers in ‘Arrow’, what does that mean for Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance aka Black Canary?

  12. Intetesting… IF there are no super powers in ‘Arrow’, what does that mean for Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance aka Black Canary?

  13. Intetesting. IF there are no super powers in ‘Arrow’, what does that mean for Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance aka Black Canary?

  14. Intetesting. IF there are no super powers in ‘Arrow’, what does that mean for the character Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance aka Black Canary?

  15. Hmm sounds intersting but it might not last that long maybe a few seasons if lucky

  16. I was thinking this the other day but instead of doing solo movies they should do tv shows to set up the JL universe beginning with a Batman series. Not sure if it’d work but it seems easier to put together in a quicker amount of time than solo movies.

  17. Do not want a depowered Wonder Woman.

    They tried that back in the late 60s, and it was craptacular.

  18. If they can make it work properly then by all means go ahead.

  19. Wonder Woman without superpowers isn’t Wonder Woman. Period.

    • Sure she is.

      • No, that’s some lady that runs around in an odd costume, not Wonder Women!

        • No, it really still IS Wonder Woman…just a different take.

        • How do you know what the costume would look like for the show? The fact that they’re calling it Amazon likely means she’ll be wearing small armor.

  20. I rember the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman in the 70’s. She had limited powers and A terible costume. In all IT SUC*ED but it did lead to Linda Carter playing the Wonder Woman we all love. And I have to agree with ZT without superpowers she’s not Wonder Woman.

    • The Cathy Lee Crosby movie was bad because it was just BAD (made, acted, costumed, everything).

  21. I just wish everyone would stop Nolanizing all the comics out there. They are suposed to be fantasys not realty. If you want realty just watch the news on TV.

  22. I’ll totally be up for a crossover between the two show, Arrow looks fantastic to me hope they get Amazon right

  23. If they have to strip Wonder Woman of everything that makes her who she is just to crossover with a wannabe Batman version of (Green)Arrow, then they need to be seperate. I don’t just mean her powers, but her background. She was created by the Gods, formed from clay and given life through the spirits of all the women that died at the hands of men. She knows deities personally for &#$%’s sake. She lives on a magical island. Strip all that away and you take away everything that makes her who she is. What is the point of using these characters if you’re going to change everything about them.

    DC’s character are all magic and fantasy, why change that. Grounded is one thing, completely devoid of all their main attributes is another.

  24. This “gritty, realistic” Arrow approach is absurd in a time where DC should be trying to get its ducks in a row. Instead of trying to cash in on a Dark Knight knockoff(which this sounds like), perhaps they could introduce an Arrow ripe for mingling with other heroes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: DC should take a fresh approach to a shared film universe, by introducing the characters on the small screen. Cast a bunch of unknowns, and have them all come together to fight some larger threat in the Justice League film, but tell their individual stories on their own shows, and feel free to pepper them with crossovers and cameos from one another. They have all the ducks in a row for it. Marvel had to rush(Black Widow) and sometimes disregard(Hawkeye, Fury) origins to connect the Avengers, but DC could take its time throughout each hero’s first season, until a JL film unites them. It ends with them going their separate ways. A Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, GL, GA, Aquaman and Flash TV show(all of which have happened or at least been in the works at one point in time) alternate days of the week and the network gains even more ratings through it. J’onn probably wouldn’t be a weekly draw kind of show, but the idea of him occupying Watchtower would keep him busy.

  25. Funny aside, the CW isn’t even on Cablevision right now. So even when Arrow comes on a lot of people might not even see it unless they straighten out whatever is going on.

  26. @Frank Castle, I think you asked a good question regarding Black Canary, whom I think is a major part of Green Arrow’s history. What happens to her?

    Somehow, I feel this ‘no-supes’ stance of the producers has inadvertently truncated the longevity of this series. I have my doubts that it’ll run beyond a few seasons. The Green Arrow character is not new: a modern-day Robin Hood/William Tell,not quite a big deal. And we’ve just seen similar characters in Smallville and The Avengers. He needs to be something different. Now his social, playboy nature in the comics, which added a bit of colour to his character, seems to have been replaced by a darker, grittier persona. Hence without any popular and livelier supporting cast (I know of none) to keep it afloat, I feel the series might soon begin to sink. You can ‘Nolan-ize’ a 3-hour movie but try doing same to a series from the fist episode till Season 5! I may be wrong, since DC has a lot of ‘no-supes’ heroes and villains to cameo- but Arrow needs strong, known characters from his comics and a few new ones to keep the episodes going.

  27. If Black Canary is to be on Arrow does this mean she dosen’t have her canary cry. You know that hyper sonic blast she projects from her vocal cords. On Smallville her canary cry knocked Clark Kent down the hall and left his ears bleading.

  28. For an new wonder woman series to succeed where NBC’s wonder woman pilot crash and burn.

    This is just my opinion.

    1. If you are going to do series based unpon wonderwoman then call it wonderwoman inside of amazon.

    2. It has to be an serious realistic take on character much same way Christoper Nolan & Richard Donner’s Superman and batman’s movie’s were.

    3. The cast who play’s wonderwoman/ Diana Prince, Steve trevor, Etta candy, Blankman ship have to believeably and creditable in their role’s. to the point where you can totally but them as these character’s.

    4. They villian’s have to be grounded in reality and threat’s that wonder woman would face also have to creditabilty.

    5 Even though it would be modern vision of the character set in present day. But still stay true to what make’s wonderwoman a great charcter.

    6. Wonderwoman should be protray as somebody who doesn’t think her ability’s as being nothing special.

    7. The actoress that play’s wonderwoman can play it straight give same level of believeablity that lynda Carter gave it. But also bring an sense of humor and real humanity to role. That you can also total but that actoress could be her in real life as well.

    8. And also explore her history, and her relationship with steve trevor. And how she does handle being in love with steve trevor but could never be with him. In realistic and serious way.

    9. Had finally series yhas done in way where it can applied to non comic book fan’s much same way smallville was able to.

    10. I bring in different DC comic book character’s through out series like a team up with superman or perhap’s evening having her team up with superman and batman in series of espiode’s.