‘Green Arrow’ TV Show Casts ’90210′ Actor in Lead

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 31st, 2013 at 10:45 am,

There’s been a certain amount of buzz concerning the upcoming Green Arrow TV show. On the one hand, some Smallville fans are upset that The CW isn’t spinning-off the Green Arrow character portrayed by actor Justin Hartley on the now-finished Superman origin show. On the other hand, those who never really got into Smallville are happy that the character is getting a fresh start.

Of course, one big issue facing the series is the choice of the lead actor who will play Green Arrow and his alter-ego Olvier Queen, a playboy industrialist who becomes a radical politician /costumed vigilante armed with technologically-enhanced arrows.

Deadline reports that The CW is tapping Stephen Amell to take the leading role in Green Arrow. The actor has a long resume of TV guest spots, punctuated by recent extended gigs on The Vampire Diaries, 90210, and HBO’s now-canceled sex comedy, Hung. With his Abercrombie looks and muted demeanor, Amell isn’t the immediate name that comes to mind when thinking of a fitting Oliver Queen – and truth be told, this news has that familiar sense of unease that came with the news that Adrieanne Palicki (GI Joe 2) was playing Wonder Woman in NBC’s stalled pilot for that DC comic character.

In the comics, Queen is a kind of rougish Robin Hood type and outspoken leftist; if anything, this TV pilot sounds more in line with the recent DC Comics “New 52″ Reboot of the character, in which Queen is much more of a Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark type. It wouldn’t be surprising if the showrunners went that route, since the New 52 Reboot was partly an attempt by the DC Comics and Warner Bros. to make their superheroes more fitting for multimedia implementation – meaning, better fits for TV shows and movies (see also: The upcoming Superman reboot movie).

We’ll find out if DC’s multimedia overhaul was effective when Green Arrow enters into this Fall’s TV pilot battle royal, fighting for a spot on the fall schedule.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I just want to know if cokehead Speedy makes an appearance?

    • Speedy was a heroin addict not a coke head

  2. should have gotten Justin Hartley to play him

  3. really? this guy? wow well i can see that this show wont last very long

  4. Two words. HELL NO!!! What are these people thinking! Justin Hartley was great!

    • Justin Hartley was not just great, he was the best and nobody can say different

  5. Just bring a good plot,good DC characters intervention and I’ll go for it :)

  6. Hahahahaha. I was looking forward to this, but I can tell this is going to SUCK!

  7. Sorry but I’m not feeling it. I was already on the fence about the show in general, wondering in GA could even carry his own show solo but this has me convinced it will suffer the same fate as the defunct WW TV show.

  8. There still could be hope for it the guys who wrote the cool movie script about him in prison are attached to it so hopefully it will go more that route then the “New 52″ Reboot

    • Sorry man pretty sure that movie about GA breaking out of prison got canned. Anyway I still think Hartley should have gotten the gig, he was perfect as GA and his costume was badass. Oh, well I wonder they will do his costume, just use the one Hartley had or make a new or modify Hartley’s.

  9. Is a goatee too much to ask for!? I just hope they dont do the power ranger looking costume in this.

  10. he looks like a guy the green arrow would laugh at and then beat the crap out of for trying to make a move on a woman while he is drunk and she is saying no

  11. No mention that CW is apparently going to call the show just “Arrow”?

  12. The only Green Arrow worth a damn was when Mike Grell did the comic. Other than that he was a Saturday morning cartoon. I did like the Smallville version Okay. Actor did real well. But, I think it’s silly to do this now after all Smallville just went off the air. It’s as bad as redoing Spiderman. But then again this is the ADD generation.

  13. I said all along they should do a JLA spin off series of Smallville so they could keep all the same actors but no. Now they’ve waited to long and probably couldn’t get any of the other actors to come back. Hope this new guy they got is good.

  14. But come to think of it Tom Welling was pretty much an unknown and he did all right do maybe this guy will too.

  15. Pointless. If they’d used Justin Hartley, there would have been a huge inbuilt worldwide fan base already, there could have been cameos from other Smallville characters along the way.

    • I’d imagine that’s precisely why they didn’t go that route. As well informed as you are, I’m sure you know that the Hollywood trend is reinvention, not continuation.

  16. Sounds like a cool guy for the job, the CW did great with picking Welling for Smallville so hopefully this guy will have the same luck with playing on a long running series as Green Arrow. Just wanted to point out something I found interesting with a connection him and Welling have.

    Right before Tom Welling was cast as Clark Kent on Smallville, he had a role on recurring role on Judging Amy where his character was romantic with Amy Brenneman’s character. Now Stephen Amell has recently had a recurring role on Private Practice where his character is romantic with Amy Brenneman’s character, right before he was cast as Green Arrow. So she must be some kind of good luck thing for unknown actors being cast as DC superheroes on TV shows. I don’t know, just thought it was funny and kind of interesting. Can’t wait for Arrow, so far it sounds like an awesome Smallville replacement.

    • This guy isn’t going to be able to play Green Arrow to Justin’s level or even close. I want this show to happen though, Green Arrow is a badass superhero. They could have done him the casting justice.

  17. This is so stupid. First off, there is NO WAY that Green Arrow is big enough of a character to have his own TV show, the only exception would have been doing a spinoff with Green Arrow from Smallville, which likely would have also not worked as well but would def have had a better chance.
    I mean they might get some nerds to tune in due to their loyalty from Smallville and the linkage there. They would have also been able to bring in some Smallville characters as guest stars for random episodes which would have been cool (honestly you know Tom Welling would def be down for cameo’s whats he doing anyway?)

    Nevertheless, I don’t think that this show will ever come to light. They tried with Aquaman and NBC tried with Wonderwoman and these shows just don’t work. Come on lets be real Smallville which is about Superman who is arguably one of the most popular superhero characters of all time was on teh brink of cancellation for years, CW are you serious?

    • Pete Ross left in season 3. And Smallville had some very bad years. But seasons 9 and 10 make up for the seasons 4,6,7.

      • Season 8 was good? Agree with you on 9 and 10 though.

  18. I’m surprised that there are so many negative comments. Have you guys seen the other news bits about the characters that are going to be in the show? I’m cautiously optimistic, since it’s the CW, or really, TV period, but it sounds like it could be great.

    Justin Hartley wasn’t considered because this is a younger, Smallville detached (as much as I love Smallville, there’s no way I would want a GA show to carry its baggage) reinvention of the character. It’s that simple. And as great as Justin was, I wouldn’t want him to be considered for the role either since it’s a different show.

    I tried to search for performances by Amell to see if he’s a good actor or not, but I couldn’t find anything that long on Youtube, just bits and pieces. But I mean, he’s been on TVD, Hung, Regenesis– it sounds like he has a good background, so I’m sure he’s competent for the part. Plus, he has the look and the build.

  19. I generally dont go for superhero tv shows, I find them to be far inferior to movies, but I had to check this out. I’m also too busy to keep up with a tv show. GA has a lot of potential to be a really cool character for the screen. I think the odds are against this show, but I’ll watch the pilot if it makes it to tv. Even though they arent using the Smallville guy, the Smallville fanbase might support this show. I was unaware the Aquaman tv project failed, another bummer.

  20. I just hope if it gets made that they do a good job.

  21. Wrong cast choice.

    They got Green arrow wrong, not much hope for this pilot now

    • Have you actually seen him act in anything?

  22. Justin Hartley is the best choice to be the green arrow, why do they have to choose somebody else, it will destroy the show completely

    • by the way does anyone know when the pilot will be out

    • You’re right. How dare people have opinions different from our own!

    • How is it going to destroy the show? Have you actually seen the guy act before?

  23. as long as they dont go 10 years without him shooting an arrow or ever being called green arrow then im good ..

  24. Should have been Justin Harley! I can’t see anybody playing Green Arrow but him… I wont be able to watch it, without him.. It BITES!!!

  25. Boooooo no justin hartly why would they do that

  26. Justin Hartley not involved with it… That is some straight up BS! Dude played the GA perfectly. Screw 90210.

  27. Justin Hartley was awesome, WTF!!!

  28. I don’t get the comparison with Palicki — that show smelled bad from the beginning, with David Kelley more interested in making a vigilante superheroine than a mythical-princess/peacekeeper-with-feminist-leanings. No, Kelley’s preferences were more in line with Black Canary from the start and it might’ve worked out if he focused there.

    ARROW simply feels right with its consideration for a more grounded and realistic approach for the character. David Nutter (Game of Thrones, Smallville) has seen first hand how the character’s relationship is like with TV audiences, with CW firmly behind it, there seems to be a confidence in the adaptation that was otherwise absent in the fledgling Wonder Woman pilot.

    I hope they deliver. I just don’t like the comparison with Tony Stark in the New 52. Other than being billionaires, the two characters have little in common. I do hope, however, that they trace Ollie’s political side in the show. That seems to be important for the character. I’m guessing Greg Berlanti — who erroneously wanted Hal Jordan to resemble Tony Stark — has had some hand in this. He should try to refine his ideas more.