CW Orders ‘Green Arrow’ Pilot; No ‘Smallville’ Connection

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green arrow tv show cw CW Orders Green Arrow Pilot; No Smallville Connection

After one year without  Smallville on the air, The CW is once again returning to its superhero roots with a pilot order for Arrow. Based on DC Comics legend Green Arrow, the series will be headed up by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, who wrote last year’s Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds. Take that how you will.

Joining Berlanti and Guggenheim as an executive producer and writer on the tentatively titled Green Arrow series (perhaps to take the sting out of being associated with one of last year’s most disappointing films) will be Andrew Kreisberg, who has worked on Boston Legal, Fringe and Warehouse 13, and penned several Green Arrow and Batman comic books. Kreisberg, Berlanti and Guggenheim previously worked together on ABC’s short-lived Eli Stone in 2008.

Smallville fans will most likely be familiar with Green Arrow from Justin Hartley’s portrayal of the character from 2006-2011 on the series. Initially brought into the series to fill the void left by not being allowed to include Batman in the series, Green Arrow quickly became a Smallville fan-favorite character – and arguably had the best superhero costume network television has ever seen.

As the Smallville series finale grew closer, fans were wondering whether or not The CW would spin-off Green Arrow into a series of its own. Despite Justin Hartley being interested in pursuing a Green Arrow series, nothing ever came of it.

green arrow smallville CW Orders Green Arrow Pilot; No Smallville Connection

And now here’s the bad news: The Green Arrow pilot that The CW ordered from Kreisberg, Berlanti and Guggenheim has no connection to Smallville. In fact, everyone’s favorite Green Arrow actor, Justin Hartley, is not even attached to this series. That doesn’t necessarily mean he couldn’t be – though it’s highly unlikely.

While almost everyone will agree that a Justin Hartley Green Arrow series would have a lot of potential on The CW, casting Hartley in the role could potentially limit their ability to present the type of series they envision. If Hartley was attached to the series, there would be enough backstory, relationships, and character traits previously defined by Smallville that the producers would constantly be battling against that show.

Plus, there’s a reason why a Smallville spin-off didn’t occur; maybe The CW simply didn’t want it, or maybe it was the lawsuit with Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar – or maybe the desire (or need) to separate from 10 years of television mythology… Whatever the reason may be, that Smallville spin-off didn’t happen.

green arrow smallville justin hartley CW Orders Green Arrow Pilot; No Smallville Connection

So maybe this isn’t the Green Arrow series fans have wanted – and maybe the writers of (gulp) Green Lantern probably aren’t who you would like to see behind it – but hey, at least the show already has some type of comic book credibility via Andrew Kreisberg. And if you really think about it, Berlanti and Guggenheim did the same thing with Green Lantern that many (many) Smallville writers had done previously: they got it all wrong – the only difference is, Berlanti and Guggenheim did it on a bigger scale.


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I don’t see what appeal a Green Arrow television show has, considering he is a pretty obscure character to the non-Smallville crowd. It seems like the they are going to rely on Smallville fans, but they are already attached to a pre-existing depiction of Green Arrow.

    • I have to agree. While I’m a sucker for archer types, I just don’t see the longevity in a series starring him. Like many superheroes, they only work as a group so you don’t have to devote every episode to them but can spread the love around. That why JLU worked so well.

      Make a JL movie already and forget this idea. It will probably end up in the trash bin like the WW show (thank goodness)

  2. I’d be ok with them not associating with smallville. He had a career prior to meeting clark so maybe they coils explore those years or they could pick up where smallville left off and have him strike out on his own again and have to establish new contacts while dealing with the repercussions of haveing a public identity. That would take up enough of someones time to keep them from calling their demi-god filled crew.

  3. Sounds good I’m excited and we get it you hate Green Lantern can ya move on from it now. If you guys hate it so much why keep on talking about it?

  4. Sounds good I’m excited, and we get it you hate Green Lantern can ya move on from it now. If you guys hate it so much why keep on talking about it?

  5. This is unfortunate. Smallville’s Green Arrow was awesome! I feel like this will turn out like the “Wonder Woman” show…

  6. This could be fantastic. Just keep him more robin hood then future archer. I would like to see Justin Hartley play him again but a more rougher looking actor would be better. Green arrow is the funny batman. He’s just as dark and has just a much inner turmoil.

  7. Hopefully they get get this green hero’s story right

  8. Aww dam it!! Was hoping Justin Hartley would be in it aw well just hope it this doesn’t end up like wonder woman really want to see another superhero tv show :)

  9. The part I like is that it won’t be connected to Smallvile, which means that maybe, just maybe it won’t be a superhero 90120, Gossip Girl soap opera, and if that’s the case, maybe i’ll watch it.

  10. I guess you didn’t read the part that said it is going to be on the CW; CW automatically makes everything a soap opera.

  11. I wish they just would have made a JLA spinoff after Smallville. Why else establish all of those characters if not to use them for JLA.

    And is it just me or is the new DC 52 JLA look more closely associated with Smallville’s mythology than old DC canon?

  12. Boo… Boo I say! Green Arrow would maybe make a good one off movie but a whole series? What the hell ever. Make a Batman Series. Or a Nightwing Series. That would rule. I just dont see them making very many seasons of the Green Arrow. 1 season would be a stretch. There is only so long you can have him vs Count Vertigo.

    • Nightwing

  13. Why were they not allowed to use Batman?

    • Nolan’s films, Rocksteady games, and Batman Brave and the Bold on CN carried “enough” Batman. Besides it would’ve overshadowed the show a little bit and Superman was older when he met Batman in every iteration of their meeting I’ve seen. A lot of people would like to see a real batman live action series (again) not like the bats-associated Birds of Prey that fell face-first.


  14. What happened to the Booster Gold show???

  15. A Green Arrow TV series sounds interesting but a Supergirl TV series with Laura Vandervoort would be better and would definitely be more successful.

    • She wouldn’t even have to do anything. Just stand there in the outfit for 10 seasons. Lol.

  16. “Green Arrow” would have to become Batman.

  17. Good News for me. I never cared for Smallville or that ubiverse they built up.

    To create this show outside the mind of cookie cutter thinking I would set half the first season on the island he was stranded. Show him losing his mind due to isolation whileat the same time gaining his remarkable archery skill over the course of a year. Have him attemlt escape to only wash up on a neatby Island due to poor tide calculations. On this Island follow Green Arrow Year One more closely where he was trapped on an island drug runners used as a port and the people (kidnapped?) for slave labor. Eventually inspiring him to come home and be The Green Arrow. Much better than the typical “I wanna be a superhero” storyline.

    It would be Cast Away. Than the Phantom (purple suit) and finally Batman/The Punisher like when he finally returns home.

    • Why not just use GA Year One completely?

      I could never get into Smallville… it just seemed so plastic and fake.

      One day im going to force myself to watch it but have never been a fan of anything WB/CW etc.

      • Im not a fan of “Monster of the Week” format shows so I could never ger into Smallville.

        I think there is aleays room for improvement when adapting something, especially if its for a TV series because you have loads more character development time. So I think the writers could do a whole lot more than what was done on the comic book pages. Give him a real reason and explanation for existence rather than I just live in a city of incompetent cops and everybody is corrupt except one officer. Cops arent stupid.

  18. Or it could be about what took place during those seven or eight years that happened during Clark finally becoming Superman and him finally marrying Lois.

  19. Green Lantern was admittedly flawed. But it was hardly the worst superhero movie I ever saw. It’s heart was in the right place. I just think too many people have no clue what it takes to make a “movie” that requires advanced extraterrestrial technology as a central plot point w/o using CGI. Give them a @#%&*! break. OR do GL yourself with one cam and we’ll all judge.

    As for GREEN ARROW. Along with Erica Durance, Justin Hartley was a huge bright spot in the emo tainted SMALLVILLE. I do get that a new take can be a good thing. Provided it actually is, a good thing. Just don’t give the new GA a great looking female love interest with the voice of a tranny & the skill set of a Canuck soapstress. AND no zzzzzzzz visits to Star City Med Ctr. every ep.

  20. no thanks to green arrow solo series .. i think a dick grayson series basically as him still training as robin .. and maybe bruce sends him around the world for a year to finish his training and thats a way they can have the show without them having to worry about fitting in a budget for a batman … and then the season would bascially follow dick as he goes from place to place training and encoutering varous baddies around the world .. and the season finale he will become nightwing and tell bruce he is moving to bluhaven to become that citys protector …

  21. I think they should do a legion show. That way the story lines dont follow an already set in stone storyline.

  22. I just hope they make it to the air unlike A certian Amazon princess. Mr. Davis E. Kelly should stay away from superheros. An interisting plot twist is having GA’s mother alive and giveing him A little sister. Having him try to explain all the cuts and brusies he comes home with every night. It won’t happen but one good story would be to have Bruce Wayne come to town on bussines. And he and Ollie have their hands full keeping little sister away from Dick Grayson wile trying to catch bad guys. Even better if Dick’s green eyed,red haired,orange skined girlfriend showed up.

  23. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I want to watch this. Justin Hartley as Green Arrow was successful. He had a dark history and a dark side, but he was still comical and a major asset to the show. Granted, Green Arrow should look more rough than pretty boy, but his portrayal was still fine.

    The CW tends to do what THEY WANT, and not what their fans want, and eventually, they will fail as a network. I had an idea of a spinoff involving Chloe’s time in Starr City. There would be guest appearances eventually involving Clark, or Green Arrow, knowing that Chloe would end up with Oliver(Similair to Clark ending up with Lois), but enjoying how it would come to that. It would take events like Chloe getting her healing power back, meeting new metahumans, making her own team, and debating on returning to Watchtower.

    My message to the CW; Why fix what isn’t broken?

  24. A batman show b4 he became batman would b better. U could call it Gotham & it have it show him in school, traveling, training!