The CW calls ‘Green Arrow’ TV Show ‘Edgy & Provocative’

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Green Arrow Arrow CW The CW calls Green Arrow TV Show Edgy & Provocative

The attempt to free fans from those bland, nerveless superheroes of yesteryear continues, with edgy adaptations of DC Comics’ stable of characters leading the way. Further details surrounding Arrow – the Green Arrow television series currently in consideration at The CW – have emerged, and they feature underused terms like: “edgy, provocative and sophisticated.”

Thom Sherman, executive vice president of development at The CW, discussed the upcoming television adaptation loosely based on DC’s emerald archer in such a way as to suggest that the network – along with series executive producers and writers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim (Green Lantern) – were stepping away from the character’s comic book roots and planting him in a more real-world scenario.

Sherman didn’t just suggest the shift away from the comics books – he flat out said it: “It’s very provocative and sophisticated and edgy. It’s not as comic book-y as Smallville or other [superhero projects] from other networks.”

While we can appreciate Sherman’s Whedon-esque modification of the word “comic book,” the comment likely won’t earn Arrow an abundance of early supporters amongst comic fans. However, the remark does help to explain the decision to set Green Arrow outside the Smallville universe, and why Stephen Amell was cast in the role instead of Justin Hartley – who began portraying the character in 2006.

In Arrow, Amell’s Oliver Queen is described by The CW as:

“A 27 year-old reformed bad boy who, after having spent five years shipwrecked on a tiny, brutally dangerous island in the South China Sea returns to town a different man. Or to be more specific, a tortured, thoughtful master of the bow with a ferocious determination to make a difference.”

Sherman goes on to distinguish Queen from comic book superheroes by comparing him to, well, movie superheroes. Sherman states:

“He doesn’t have any superpowers, he’s a very grounded character like a Jason Bourne — we use the term ‘Rambo.’ His skill-set is that he’s an archer, but he also has physical strength and prowess. He’s clever and able to devise ways of taking down a bad guy that are unique and fun to watch.”

Matt Damon The Bourne Supremacy The CW calls Green Arrow TV Show Edgy & Provocative

Like this, but with arrows.

Translation: Oliver Queen will be punching people. A lot. Possibly with rolled up magazines and ballpoint pens.

You’ve got to hand it to the Bourne franchise; it has arguably been a major influence on a number of box office hits like Casino Royale, Salt and Taken, as well as television programs such as Nikita – which also airs on The CW. However, with so many “heroes” adopting a Bourne-like angle, it’s beginning to feel the opposite of edgy, provocative and sophisticated.

Perhaps when the Arrow pilot finally roles around we’ll be able to judge whether or not Oliver Queen is able to distinguish himself from the competition. Maybe an easy to remember, superhero-y title would be helpful.

Screen Rant will be sure to update you with the latest news on Arrow as it becomes available.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. not sounding good -__-

  2. never been a fan of green arrow :-/

  3. I’ll give this a chance but i was never a Green Arrow fan and knew little about the character except seeing him on Smallville,which he wasn’t that good but still better then Clark.I thought he was a Robin Hood knockoff in green leather .So maybe this show will change my mind once i see who he really is & what is his motivation for being a hero.

  4. I guess ‘EDGY’ is the new ‘EPIC’ given how much it’s thrown around now.

  5. When I heard the words,’edgy and provocative’,coming from a CW executive,I cringed with despair.

    • @Kingfish – From the CW’s perspective, it will be edgy because Stephen Amell is 30 years old…that’s 10 – 15 years older than most of their actors/actresses. It will be provocative because it will have extremely attractive, young actors and actresses being scantily clad. What I’m saying is lots of cleavage and fanny shots…plenty of T&A. But the descriptor of sophisticated from the CW’s perspective still throws me for a loop.

      • “sophisticated” = 3-syllable words.

  6. So, he’s the Green Arrow but nothing like the Green Arrow except he uses a bow?

    I dig the Green Arrow in the comics.


    • Sean,

      What is not to like (at least in the write up?)?

      In Green Arrow Year One they took a young rich ‘bad boy’ POSSIBLE SPOILERS had him double crossed, and left for dead on one of his yachts that was burned.

      He ended up on a secluded island using his only ‘hobby’ (Archery) to find food or starve.

      He FOUND himself and realized what a butthead and just all around schmuck he has been and after finding others on the Island realizes just how pitiful his life was.

      Now if there has been a re-imaging of him since then I dont know what it is. However it sounds about like the CW show.

      Dont get me wrong Im not a CW/WB or any of those other teen throb channels are. And they will probably dumb it down like (hate me I dont care) Smallville.

      THAT will be the downfall. Targeting the Snooki crowd.

      • Snooki crowd LOL – Did anyone else picture a group of Oompa-Loompas?

      • Wish thry just make Year One basis for the TV show.

  7. Bourne movies influenced Nikita? You do recall Nikita is based off Luc Besson’s film from the early 90s, right? And James Bond was before Bourne?

  8. i hope they wont canned it just like they did with Aquaman / mercy reef. They already used that term “edgy and provocative” before with Fearless and it wasnt also aired!

    I hope this pushes through just like Nikita for Nikita now is getting better and better.

  9. What is the point of adapting a comic book super hero to television, and then remove all the reasons people may want to watch it (ie. the stuff that makes the guy a super hero, and not just a vigilante with a bow)?

    • What Green Arrow are you referring to? Again there is nothing in that write up that is not what Green Arrow is in the books today.

      Now if they pull it off or not is another question.

  10. hmm dont think this will last very long and dont even like the lead actor

  11. When I hear ‘edgy and provocative’ I think gratuitous sex and violence, lots of scenes of darkness and rain, and a script that doesn’t challenge its target audience at all, but constantly insults people its target audience doesn’t like.

  12. Darkeden – thanks for saving me the brain cells trying to articulate my problems with ‘edgy and provocative’. There is no way I could have described it better. I would also add that it tends to color the hero more as an anti-hero, something that as the exception can be fresh nd interesting. As the rule it becomes annoying, tiresome and depressing.

    That said, if they have in mind the Nolan-verse approach, keeping Arrow a moral hero and defender (even if he doesn’t always appear that way to everyone within the story universe) I’ll not only give it a shot but be a faithful follower.

  13. uh oh, it that the new buzz word? We have finally moved beyond “dark and gritty” and it’s now all about being “edgy”?

  14. So is he going to be called “Green Arrow” or just “Arrow”? Have they learned nothing? They are never successful when they deviate from the property and use it in name only. Was Catwoman a hit? Wonder Woman couldn’t even get out of the gate. Human Target was such a flop the first time, did they think they had to deviate even further to make it work a second time? If they want to start with some kind of a built in audience to start any of these comic based (or any other for that matter) projects they will have to learn fans are fans for alot more then just the name of the character.

    • but!.. that makes absolutely no sense at ALL!!

      they have SUCH a great idea for a character that’s green and uses arrows, and it’s going to be edgy!! did you hear? they said “EDGY”!!!

      isn’t it OBVIOUS that there is a built-in audience for “edgy”?

  15. This is what immediately comes to mind when the word “provocative” is uttered by media types…

    … From the movie Blades of Glory:

    Jimmy: So, Coach, I was thinking about the music for our routine.
    Coach: Oh, really?
    Chazz: We’re gonna dance to one song, and one song only: “Lady Humps” by the Blackeyed Peas. “What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk? I’m a get you, get you drunk, get you drunk off my lady humps, my humps, my humps, my lovely lady humps.”
    Jimmy: [disgusted] I’m not skating to anything with references to lady humps. I don’t even know what that means.
    Chazz: No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative…
    Jimmy: No, it’s not, it’s gross…
    Chazz: …It gets the people going!

    Summation.. When somebody says “it’s provocative” they either have no clue what they have or don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

  16. hopefully its the same actor from the Smallville show…as wellas incorporate some of the other supporting actors like Dr.Fate, Hawkman,etc.. If done right it could be a great and watchable show..Also look at the demographic corner that the CW has painted itself in,for them to get back into this genre after such a hiatus from these types of shows -it”ll be very hard-they’d probably have better luck with a Green Hornet show than this-something that would attract fans of Chuck and other syFy/nbc shows…Also look at shows that folks are genuinely interested in: Sons of Anarchy,American Horror Story,The Walking Dead,Justified,Person of Interest,Alcatraz,the list goes on and the common thing between all of these shows is-story,per episode and it continues keeping the viewer wanting to see what happens next week..
    If the CW is genuinely interested in taking their next action series to the next level,and straying away from Green Arrow’s roots on Smallville-than I’m fine with that however only if its written and done well..
    Otherwise it won’t last 5 episodes,then you might as well hire Kevin Smith to fix it..

  17. Nobody is really a fan of green arrow, they should do justice league and put him in it!

  18. yessssss justice league

  19. ‘Edgy and Provocative’ for the CW means ‘Women’s Drama’.

  20. Also, if anyone is paying attention, 98% of the shows on the CW are in ratings hell. I guess the whole ‘all woman’s drama network’ had failed.

  21. If it’s A go maybe they can do somethings that they couldn’t do on Smallville. I mean have other DC stars do guest shots. Yes I mean WW and the Bat. We were told they were not on because the writers couldn’t come up with A good script. Yea tell me A good one dude(NOTE don’t pee on my shoes and tell me it’s raining).

  22. It’s not that they couldn’t come up with a good story. It was due to contract issues. Batman and Wonder Woman were optioned by other studios. That’s the only reason they put Green Arrow in Smallville — because they weren’t allowed to use Batman while another studio was making a Batman movie. That’s still the case. Now that the plans for a WW series have been shelved, though, she might be available.

  23. I was reading on another website that they want the guy from Smallvile to reprize his role of green arrow. That’s not A good idea for the following reasons. First everyone will expect him to be married to Cloe Sulivan instead of Dana Lance aka Black Canary. And on Smallvile both of his parent were dead and no siblings were mentioned. But it might be fun to have Serina Swan show up to play Zananta again.

  24. I was so excited to watch this show when I first heard it was coming out. Now that I know that they’ve changed actors I doubt I will watch it at all. I’m sorry but Justin Hartley will always be Green Arrow. I can’t even begin to imagine how any other actor could do the role justice. Plus I hate it when they change actors whom you’ve come to know and love in a role. Honestly if Justin wasn’t gonna do the show they probably should’ve just shelved it but that’s just my opinion.

  25. It is amazing!!!!!!