First Look at New ‘Green Arrow’ TV Show Costume

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First Look At New Green Arrow Costume First Look at New Green Arrow TV Show Costume

Of all the DC Comics’ pantheon of characters—who many times resemble mythical gods more than they do actual human beings—Green Arrow is one of the more realistic “superheroes,” due to his street-level status (that is, if you can get past the fact that he shoots trick arrows to save the day).

This is one of the many reasons the CW’s upcoming Green Arrow TV show has a better chance of being picked up for production than Wonder Woman ever did. Today, we have a first look at star Stephen Amell (Hung) in the Green Arrow TV costume.

Courtesy of Collider, check out the image below (click to enlarge):

Stephen Amell in Green Arrow Costume 570x380 First Look at New Green Arrow TV Show Costume

From what we can see of the uniform (obviously, he’s shrouded in darkness and shadow because he’s oh so edgy), the newest Green Arrow costume looks like a grittier version of The New 52 costume, which itself was a riff on the costume that appeared in Smallville. Or maybe they’re both riffing on the one that appeared in Smallville?

The new costume was designed by Colleen Atwood of Alice in Wonderland fame. Pilot director and executive producer David Nutter said of the look:

“When I directed the pilot for ‘Smallville,’ I knew that making Clark Kent relatable would be the key to audiences believing in him as a hero. ‘Arrow’ is a different show — darker and harder-edged — but it’s the same core idea. We’re creating a real, believable world in which Oliver Queen can do incredible things. Colleen Atwood’s great work on the Arrow costume reflects that effort.”

Green Arrow Costumes First Look at New Green Arrow TV Show Costume

L to R: 'Smallville' Green Arrow, New 52 Green Arrow, Green Arrow TV series version

It seems that the lesson DC has learned from failed efforts like the Wonder Woman pilot and the Green Lantern film is that everything must be dark and edgy like Batman to make $$$. Of course, dark and edgy fits well enough with Green Arrow, but what happens when they decide to make a Plastic Man movie? What happens when that Booster Gold TV show comes to fruition? Hopefully, this isn’t the beginning of a wave of exclusively edgy content coming out of DC Entertainment over the next few years. A little edgy goes a long, long way.

Are you guys looking forward to the new Green Arrow TV Show? Let us know in the comments.

If the pilot gets picked up, Green Arrow will likely premiere on the CW this fall.

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Source: Collider

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  1. why yes….yes I am looking forward to this very very much!

  2. meh

  3. Ben…

    As you pointed out, gritty works well for Green Arrow, so I don’t know that I’d start getting nervous about the “grittification” of all upcoming DC properties in non-comic formats. I think they realized (finally!) that the WW conceptualization was going to fail. As for “Green Lantern”, while it did not succeed as a whole, I think they got many elements right and will (hopefully) retain those while making whatever alterations they’re planning. I’m looking forward to seeing how the various properties develop (and, of course, WHICH properties develop).

    • I don’t expect the animated properties to go edgy (or too edgy, anyway), but this is the third property that they’ve said they’re going to edgify. Man of Steel has been called edgy, which is unusual because Superman is not a particularly edgy character (but makes sense as a result of the last non-edgy Superman being underwhelming). Producers have said that Green Lantern 2 will be edgy, if it ever gets made, as a result of it being a box office blunder. And now Green Arrow is edgy. Now, I’m not saying that everything will actually be edgy from here on out — or even if it is, I’m not saying it’ll automatically be a bad thing — but I do think the above denotes an edgy trend at DC as a result of non-edgy failures.

      • Fair enough.

      • Lack of edginess was not the downfall of the last superman movie, it just sucked.

        • I disagree…it was not perfect by any stretch, but it had some good elements. I enjoyed Routh’s performance and the effects quite a bit.

        • I didn’t say it was, I said that was the conclusion they drew.

      • It’s not bad looking, but the purists in me prefers the Smallville costume.

        • Ummm, you did notice that the “Smallville” was very much like the “New 52″ costume is currently, right, so how can you call yourself a purist? I am not criticizing…I really AM wondering.

          • Which is not a drastic change from the one he had before. Unless your refering to the original, or Connor Hawke Green Arrow. Short/no sleeves and hood have been around for a while.

            • The hood has popped up a few times in recent years, but the most iconic version — without a doubt — was the Neal Adams one with the little Robin Hood hat.

      • Right and in the time we live in now we expect a superhero to have a dark past which almost all of them do. With that dark past comes edginess. In reality most of these characters would be broken down mental patients and in the new age of technology we can take a dark past and a broken superhero and make what he does amazing. No more is the bright red and blue or bright green color the in thing because it doesn’t make sense anymore. As a huge fan of everything DC i’m glad there making this new age move as we are in a new generation of comics and desperately need new readers/enthusiasts

  4. Cheesy

  5. Costume looks great. Ben seems to be making a lot of assumptions about the direction of the entire DC universe based on this show being ‘dark and edgy’.

    • They’ve said it about Man of Steel, they’ve said it about a Green Lantern 2 if it ever happens, etc. I never made any assumptions, I only made an offhanded joke and said I hoped it all edgy all the time wouldn’t happen.

      • I agree. It’s getting annoying how much Hollywood wants to make every superhero propuct dark and edgy. I guess we have The Dark Knight to thank for that. That’s why I enjoyed Green Lantern soo much. Say whatever you want about the film, but at least it reminded us that comic book movies can still be fun, and don’t have to be serious all the time.

        • The “dark and edgy” cliche didn’t start with The Dark Knight. Over the past 30 or so years, Tim Burton’s Batman is more to thank for it (The Dark Knight is another continuation of it). Ever since then Hollywood (on both TV and the big screen) has been trying to make darker and edgier heroes and anti-heroes.

          Go look at the Flash TV show, which came out shortly after the first Batman movie by Burton. It’s dark and edgy, has a Flash muscle suit and even a theme score by Danny Elfman.

          • But if you look at it, Hollywood didn’t start making everything “dark and gritty” until The Dark Knight made a billion dollars.

          • Also, I wouldn’t really call Burton’s films dark. I would say they’re more gothic than dark or gritty.

  6. seriously Green Arrow, I don’t think it will be a hit, the comic is not even in the top 50 of comics, and more than likely will be a major letdown after smallville, I like to see them do the same theme, but with spidrman, hey teenager in high school, Nerd lives with aunt & uncle, thers’ some good story telling stuff there.

    • I’m not sure I actually I understood a word you just said…Huh?

      • I should specify: the second half of your comment.

        • ok I’ll break it down in simpleton format.
          I like to see them do the same theme (as in smallville style) But with Spiderman (Peter Parker….Hey an teenager in High school….Nerd…Lives with his aunt and Uncle……. There’s is some good story telling stuff there.

          ok is that easy e’nuff for you.

          • I’ll avoid any snarky responses in the hope that you meant “simple”, not “simpleton”. Since this is specifically about Green Arrow’s costume/show style, I was unsure why you’d bring in Spider-Man as a show idea.

            Scratch that…just noticed the last line of your response.

            You want to be a boob? Fine…seems easy enough for you, given how awkward and poorly written your initial comment was. THAT is why I said I could not understand you…speaking of simpletons.

            Is that easy enough for YOU?

            • @Archaeon – Perhaps, he is a grammar prodigy, since he used the comma in ways that I’ve never seen before.

              @Bob C – When you write a run-on sentence, it is hard for the reader to follow your ideas.

              • :)

          • In simpleton format? Or A simpleton’s format?

            Both sound stupid to an english prodigy, B-List Pornstar Extra.

            • Maybe he needs to reformat it. 😀

    • That’s why they’re doing a tv show instead of a big screen movie. Green Arrow has gotten some popularity since appearing in Smallville, and that could help get audiences to watch. They wouldn’t make a tv show on Spider-man b/c that property is popular enough that audiences will flock to see a big screen film.

  7. They should of waited till season 2 to give him his real costume IMOA. I would of liked to see him on the island for a year honing his archery skills and gaining humility. Give him a reason and deeper meaning to where the costume like Batman Begins did for Batman. Green Arrow: Year One would have been a great tory guide for season 1.

    • I agree that it would’ve been great to wait, but TV audiences cannot wait THAT long (For Superman, yes…probably for Batman, as well) for a less well-known comic book hero to get into SOME kind of costume…

      • True but you would still get all the necessary action & a makeshift shipwreck costume IMO. (Maybe a sleevless green hoody he washed up on shore with).

        When he was trapped on the island Ollie, finds out it is also used by pirates for drug smuggling thru slave labor. Ollie frees the people and leads a revolt. I feel this would give the audience enough action and time to build a emmotional connection making him more believable. Not just “I was shipwrecked mow I want to be a hero b/c I suspect foul lay”

        • to succeed outside CB fans, I think its important to establish why he uses a bow&arrow. IMO it will make his full transformation into GA with trick arrows that much more exciting.

          • Don’t get me wrong; I wholeheartedly agree. I guess I’m playing devil’s advocate in regard to how non-CB readers would view such a show.

  8. Still not convinced but it still looks better than the Wonder Woman pilot.

    • Yeah hopefulltly itll get picked up and not end up like ww

  9. Not even a little bit. I would be if they didn’t feel the need to talk about how he is going to be saving the enviroment from evil business every 5 seconds.

    They are going to have a real bomb on their hands once the show starts. Whatever fans they had from him just being Green Arrow arn’t going to stick with the show once the realize it is a infomercial for global warming.

    Of all the shows they could have made, this and Booster Gold? Why not Robin, or Martian Manhunter, or any of the other heroes people can identify with.

    • First of all, Booster Gold is awesome.

      Secondly, regardless of whether or not you agree with it, I’m pretty sure Green Arrow has always been a left-wing superhero. He’s based on Robin Hood! Who stole from the rich and gave to the poor! So I’m not exactly sure how you can be a fan of Green Arrow and yet completely unaware of his liberal attitudes.

      • @Ben…

        lol to both this comment and the one below…

      • Most historians agree that Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to himself.

        • Live as a villian, remembered as a hero. Classic Robin.

        • I’m sorry, I thought we were referring to the literary character? Oh, yeah, we were.

    • Also, I just Googled “green arrow,” “tv show,” and “global warming,” and couldn’t find anything akin to what you’re referring. Where did you read that he’s going to be fighting global warming or saving the environment?

  10. The costume looks surprisingly well done for a TV show. However, that is one small recurve bow! Good for combat, speed shooting, for sure. It’ll be fun to see it in action.

  11. “if you can get past the fact that he
    shoots trick arrows to save the day”

    Actually, this has been my problem with Green Arrow.
    Comics require a leap of faith but I can’t jump that.

  12. I’d like to see this show incorporate SuperMax as a story arc in the first season.

    • I think you have to wait but it be a great arc. Once you do Supermax GA’s idenity is out in the open and you cant go back.

      This is how I do it personally.
      S1 – Ollie is stuck on the island. Discovers Green Arrow.
      S2 – Ollie brings his GA persona to Star City. Upgrades his equipment.
      S3 – Ripple effects of a Superhero i.e. Supervillians
      S4 – More Supervillians. Ends with Ollie’s imprisonment
      S5 – SuperMax streched the entire season.

  13. I hope the show gets picked up. I’ll watch it, but be warned fans…it will get cancelled if I end up liking it.

    • Im rooting for this as well,plus i need something to watch on Tuesday nights.

  14. I’ve been waiting for ANYTHING with the Green Arrow!! Woo Hoo!

  15. I’ll definitely watch it, but I still wish they would’ve made it a spin-off from Smallville…

  16. meh…

  17. Not sure about this one, might be watchable, so I will give it a chance.

  18. I am excited!!!

  19. This looks like it could be very well done. I’m very excited for it. I don’t seem to understand why Ben is seemingly disappointed that this show appears to be taking a more grounded, realistic approach than the Wonder Woman pilot. I could understand the complaint if Green Arrow was a more lighthearted character akin to Booster Gold or The Flash. However, some of the best Green Arrow stories have had a darker edge to them. The Longbow Hunters, Green Lantern / Green Arrow #85, Identity Crisis, and Year One are all told in a serious, grounded manner.

    While it’s easy to say that the lesson learned was “go dark and gritty,” and based on what was stated by Warner executives that’s a safe assumption. However, this seems to be the first real DC Entertainment project – and the lesson seems to be strike a tone that appropriately fits the characters. While Green Arrow seemed to be more lighthearted in Smallville, that’s because that show was striking a tone appropriate for Superman. The seemingly darker tone for Green Arrow is very much appropriate and I’m greatly looking forward to it.

    • “I don’t seem to understand why Ben is seemingly disappointed that this show appears to be taking a more grounded, realistic approach than the Wonder Woman pilot.”

      Holy heck, where in the world did I say I was disappointed that Green Arrow was going to be grounded or realistic or even “more grounded/realistic than the Wonder Woman pilot”? That is some crazy reading comprehension you’ve got there. In fact, I said realism works with Green Arrow, which is pretty much the opposite of what you’re saying I said.

      All I did here was comment on a trend that DC has taken in the wake of other lighthearted failures like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Everything they’re coming out with currently — Man of Steel, Dark Knight Rises, Green Arrow, Green Lantern 2 if it gets made — has been referred to as “edgy.” That’s not a bad thing inherently, I just hope it doesn’t become the ONLY stylistic approach for all their forthcoming properties.

  20. The problem is DC doesn’t have very many top notch characters. You’ve got Superman and Batman in the top tier. Then you’ve got Flash and Green Lantern in second. And the rest are all pretty Lame.

    • Ummm, nope. DC actually does have quite a few excellent characters. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash, Atom, Dr. Fate, Phantom Stranger, Hawkman, Adam Strange, Martian Manhunter, and Starfire are just some of them. This list doesn’t even include a fifth of the amazing heroes, sidekicks, and supporting cast that comprise the DC Universe…and I didn’t even get to the fantastically evil and otherwise complex VILLAINS.

      That being said, of course DC (just like Marvel, Image, Darkhorse, etc.) DOES have its stinkers too. Though people like them, I personally find Lobo and Ambush Bug irritating…

      So, again, no to your assumption…

  21. I can barely see anything but if they’re going with the 52 costume count me in. I agree with ignur about them waiting to give him his costume so we could watch him hone his skills on the island. Maybe they’ll do like they did in Smallville and have him do flashbacks at least. I know it’s not ideal but I’ll take what I can get 😉

  22. The outfit looks decent (muted colors work better than comicbook color schemes.) but where the hell is the iconic beard?! and why isn’t it at least blond? If you’re going to do it at least TRY to match a few of the easier details.

    • Many people don’t know that GA’s original incarnation was beardless. I DO agree he should be blond, but how can you tell from that pic that he is not?

  23. I think I’ll give this a chance but I refuse to get too excited just yet. Let’s see how the pilot goes over with the suits first – even they saw the train wreck that was the WW pilot.

  24. Technically speaking, I like the new bow. If he’d like to actually shoot something with it, it’ll better suit him than the compound thingy he had during Small Ville.

    The arrow holder will likely annoy him like crazy however (loosing his arrows all the time…)

    Also, who was he during Vampire Diaries? Can’t remember him anywhere?

  25. Green Arrow?! No!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing the hulk back on television!

  26. which outfit is better, Hawkeye’s?(The Avengers suit) or Green Arrow’s(this suit)

  27. I’m so looking forward to Arrow. I loved Smallville and can’t wait for another ‘cool’ superhero show. I really didn’t care for the green arrow charactor untill smallville. so, i’m excited about this dark, edgy concept of Arrow. can’t wait!!

  28. Interesting article and commentary. ‘Edgy’ is a new description to me, and I’m going to assume it refers to the same thing as ‘dark and gritty’ which was debated alot last year. I think certain characters, (Batman,Daredevil,Moon Knight) are dark and thats just it. Stories with them in it are going to be dark. I think other character, (Superman, Cap,Hawkeye) are not dark, but can certainly be ‘edgy’, and can appear in edgy stories. As far as the movies I like to watch, I would prefer ‘believable’. And before anyone jumps on this bandwagon, I did not put’realistic’. Like most people, I dont go to movies to see realism, but I definitely need believable. When I see glaring errors that make me say thats so fake, or thats ridiculous, then I dont enjoy the show. All that being said, I think the picture of GA looks cool, and I might find myself watching the show, and I dont normally care for super hero tv. I now have to back up and say that I noticed he is only packing 4 arrows. Marvel and D.C. now find themselves in the tight spot of having to produce one story which includes ‘dark vigilantes’and ‘flambouyant godlike superheros’. A hard enough task to complete in the comics, and multiplied by who knows how much in movies and tv. Dark, gritty, and edgy may be the easiest way to achieve believable.

    • well said happyman

      • Thanks dude. I actually had much more commentary than that, but it was late, and I’m pretty much computer illiterate, and pretty lazy when it comes to typing, so that was alot for me to say. LOL

  29. im beginning to like the casting for this show, they have Colin Salmon who played the black guy from the first Resident Evil movie in it, they also have Darren Shalavi who played Kano in the web series Mortal Kombat Legacy too. which actress will be playing the female lead i wonder? she better be super hot and good at acting