‘The Great Gatsby’ Trailer: Baz Luhrmann Tackles a Literary Classic

Published 3 years ago by , Updated October 17th, 2012 at 3:41 pm,

An official trailer has been revealed for Oscar-nominee Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald literary masterpiece, The Great Gatsby – featuring an all-star cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton, among others.

In short: based on the footage shown here, Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby looks to be exactly what should have sprung to your mind upon first learning that the filmmaker responsible for titles like Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! was tackling a $150 million, 3D adaptation of the famous Fitzgerald novel.

Similar to how, with Moulin Rouge!, Luhrmann’s intention was to paint a portrait of Bohemian-era Paris that would resonate with contemporary audiences – it’s readily apparent that the co-writer/director’s interpretation of Great Gatsby will forgo an authentic representation of Jazz-age America. Instead, Luhrmann’s film will offer a sensationalized portrayal that makes it easier for modern-day moviegoers to immediately comprehend just how relatively glamorous the party-happy culture of the 1920s were (within the context of that time period, that is).

Just in case Maguire’s narration (from Fitzgerald’s original text) and the imagery of glistening skyscrapers and shimmering costumes – along with brief glimpses at the melodramatic storyline – was too subtle (*sarcasm alert!*): this trailer adds tunes by Jay-Z and U2 to better illustrate the point. It’s the same tactic employed by the recent Gangster Squad trailer, which likewise featured contemporary rap music to establish that period drama as something “hip” and “edgy.”

The Great Gatsby 2012 cast The Great Gatsby Trailer: Baz Luhrmann Tackles a Literary Classic

The main cast of ‘The Great Gatsby’

Commentary on Hollywood’s marketing trends aside – The Great Gatsby certainly looks visually-sumptuous, based on this early footage. Since it was shot in 3D, this film should also be worth checking out in that format. Luhrmann’s latest picture does not appear to be quite so bombastic as Moulin Rouge! in terms of camerawork and editing; hence, Great Gatsby may not prompt the sort of love/hate reactions the aforementioned jukebox musical does.

Of course, the million dollar question is: will The Great Gatsby prove to be less bloated than Luhrmann’s last picture, Australia (in terms of both story and style)? Fitzgerald’s original novel is a tale full of big emotions and soapy plot twists, which lends itself to Luhrmann’s theatrical approach – not to mention, the main cast all seem like great fits for their respective characters.

As it stands, this film seems destined to either be a massive success – or a spectacular failure.

We shall find out which is the case when The Great Gatsby arrives in theaters around the U.S. on May 10, 2013.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. Just saw the trailer… Weak, Weak, Weak. I have seen that trailer before. Pretty much manufactured garbage trailer that they apply to a countless number of films set for release. It’s like they figure people are robots, or numbers. Who respond the same why to every movie, in the order in which they want. i.e., lets just use the same old tricks to reel people in with no creativity at all. Just the same old stuff. Now maybe the movie turns out good. Don’t really know yet. But judging from this pitiful showing up above, I’ll have to wait n see if I wanna spend my time on this movie. But here’s an idea. Quit going to the well and show us something new. It looked like, using good language here, some not cool promo for a TV show aimed at young girls who love watching fashion and fast girls run thru men on television. And I got a dirty mouth, so use your imagination to what I really meant.

    • I’m not bt any means dissing your post, cause I find a lot of it to be true. I’m just curious on what trailer has impressed you of late: just out of sheer curiousity

      • Now I didn’t particularly love this one, but a new one that was cool was The Dark Knight Rises. Cause it was different. At least I thought so, with that slow quiet tone. And the James Bond teaser was cool. But that’s about it.

    • @JoeFilms415 What are you on about? Pull your head out of your rectum, and take a look in the mirror. Judging by the nonsense you have contributed above, i’d say the “well” you may familiar with is most likely a metaphor for a more “self indulgent” activity….
      Wait till you see the the movie “genius” before subjecting the internet to your nonsensical attempt at pseudo intellectualism. Oh and a dirty mouth may be right, but as a vehicle for critical appraisals of movie trailers…I’d advise you keep it shut for fear of further embarrasment.

      • Ha, Wow…You must really be looking foward to this movie here. Cause my opinion, which I can share on an open forum, as this is, really shook you up. I bet you loved the book too. And you didn’t even respond to what I wrote. You just tried to bash my opinon with little comments that really make you look like the intelectual in this debate. If that’s what you wanna think. I hope you look foward to more of my comments coming in the future. Cause they’ll be here. Daz.

      • Well, there is the very valid point that, with “added music by” rapper Jay-Z, somebody, somewhere, either missed the point or just didn’t care that they are denigrating an American classic. Puh-leeze, is nothing sacred or safe from the thug culture anymore? Now every clueless lit teacher who uses it in class is silently condoning Jay-Z, which will encourage kids who don’t know better to go seek other “music” by him. (I know that “b****,” “h*” and “p***” are part of the everyday language now, but that doesn’t make it right for all the young girls growing up with it.)

    • @JoeFilms415 this is definitely an open forum for which you can voice whatever opinion you like! (ps. holla at the 415)

      i thought the trailer looked cool as hell, i just reread the book when i heard a movie was coming out and i think that the actors they chose were great and that they will have the proper respect for the source in order to do something really good with it.

  2. Looks pretty interesting to me. I never read the book.

    • Why not read it now? I am an A-level student, and just finished my exams, which had questions on the Great Gatsby. Its a very good novel, very interesting, and something important happens in every chapter which changes the course of the plot dramatically.

      Fully recommend it :)

      • I love that you added that second sentence lol. But personally, I really hated the book. I was bored all the way to the second to the last chapter. The final chapter just made it worse.
        I do not recommend it.

        • Well, you gotta read deeper into the lines. I was made to for exams, but I probably would of hated it if I read it voluntarily 😀

  3. Spectacular failure from that trailer. I’ll pass.

  4. So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

  5. I thought the the trailer was pretty fantastic, except I don’t like Toby Maguire, he’s the only actor turning me off from this film.

    • Like him as an actor, with the exception of his voice when he mumbles at times. Sounds like he has cerebral palsy. When he speaks clearly though rock on! 😀

  6. It looks grand. I’m just worried about the story. Daisy seems nice in the trailers, in the book she’s just as ruthless as the rest are.

    • I’m not sure if we read the same book.

      Daisy wasn’t ruthless in TGG, she seemed more broken than anything.
      Shallow definitely, but ruthless? Idk about that.

      • She’s corrupted purity. Just reaffirming your point. 😀

  7. It’s not a love story…

    • Yes it is! Gatsby is in love with Daisy, and Daisy is in love with Gatsby’s money.

  8. That was awful…Really, really awful.

  9. Doesn’t look that bad to me, but noticed at the end it says the movie will be in 3D – does this movie really need 3D?! Moronic.

    • Why not? See it in 2D then if 3D upsets you so much. I’m glad I get the choice to see it in 3D.

  10. Having read The Great Gatsby in high school, this movie is nothing like I pictured it. Too artsy and not enough time period focus. I think woody Allen would have made this into a great film, after seeing what he did with Midnight in Paris.

    • I agree! This one of my favorite books… this isn’t at all how I pictured it in the book.

      • Is*

  11. One of my favorite novels, probably because I relate to Gatsby’s character, but it’s just so tragic, how he’s so blindly in love with someone who simply doesn’t deserve it…

    • “probably because I relate to Gatsby’s character”

      I think we all do. That’s why it is such a great story, we’ve all fallen in love with someone like he does, someone totally undeserving.

  12. Huh. I enjoyed the trailer more than I thought I would. The book was a bit tedious at first, but became great the more I read. The movie looks to be fantastic, but how much has changed from the excellent story, of course, remains to be seen.

  13. A few things…First… Is it a trend to have a period piece film and set the trailer to a Jay-z song?.. This trailer along with Gangster squad trailer… Secondly it looks as if Leo Dicaprio will have two films opening on Christmas… This along with Django Unchained (another period piece) Lets see which film fairs better…

    The movie itself looks interesting from the trailer.. tho if it comes out on Christmas along with Django.. Ill def be skipping this one in favor of Django Unchained

  14. I don’t mind the trailer, a stylish version of The Great gatsby might work, but only Luhramann shows the deeper, more important parts of the book (faliure of the American Dream, etc.)

  15. Bad trailer. Looks like it might be fun though, always loved the book, it’s a classic for a reason. However, Tobey Maguire…. Oh dear. I do dislike him intensely.

    • As another English teacher, I disagree with your opinion of this film and the 1974 version. If you do not want your students to see this version because it is off from the book (WHICH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW YET), then they shouldn’t see the 1974 version either which veers pretty far from the book at parts too.

      Open up your mind and see that no matter your tastes in music film, Luhrmann is using the strategies he uses to prove a point that the excess of the times is extreme and cannot last; another comment mentioned—and I think it’s a good thing to notice—the sense of urgency that is present in the trailer which will most likely be in the movie as well. In the same way that Fitzgerald makes most of his readers hate the characters by the way he depicts their interactions, Luhrmann is most likely trying to do the same through film (an aspect that was horribly missed in the 1974 version).

      The bottom-line: reserve your judgments and recommendations to your students until you see it yourself. Many movies encourage the reading of the original text and as a true English teacher you can never be against reading.

      • @English Teacher

        Really??? Please tell me when does that version veer from the book? I remember the 1974 version practically following the book word for word… The 1974 one is the one with Robert Redford, and I honestly remember it following the book 100%…

  16. Fail. As an English teacher, I would not allow my students to see this, unless it was to find the glaring differences from the real book. See the Robert Redford version instead. There’s no reason for this to be in 3D.
    Luhrmann’s style worked for Romeo + Juliet, because you can do anything with Shakespeare. But this just looks wrong. Sorry, guys. This film is major disrespect to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    • “As an English teacher, I would not allow my students to see this”…

      LOL, what? How do you propose to prevent them?

      • Let me re-phrase it so you understand. I would not allow them to see it for a grade.

    • “See the Robert Redford version instead.”

      Talk about torture

  17. They’ll slap Jay-Z on anything. LOL!!!

  18. Not a big deal, but that’s Kanye West, not Jay-Z. Also I’m pretty sure that’s Jack White’s cover of the U2 track, but I’m not sure.

    • Well… Kanye’s featured on “No Church in the Wild,” but Jay-Z’s the main songwriter.

      You’re probably right about that being Jack White’s cover, but it’s originally a U2 song so… I’ll stick with that too. 😉

    • yes it is Jack White. He is a very talented musician. Am looking forward to seeing this movie because I think Lurhmann brings a real sense of “urgency” to the plot, which is more exciting than the older version. Jack White’s music exemplifies this urgency perfectly.

  19. Didn’t love the trailer. The “contemporary rap music” worked much better with the Gangster Squad trailer, which I thought was excellent. This trailer, not so much. Not really sure why, it just seems like it doesn’t fit. I still want to see this movie, though.

  20. Hated the book. All the characters pissed me off.

  21. Hated the book as well. That’s why it pains me to say that it’s…

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  22. I think you’re supposed the hate the characters. Unless I read it wrong. They’re self-indulgent snobs. But maybe that’s the point Fitzgerald was trying to make.