Hollywood’s Top Young Actresses In Line For ‘The Great Gatsby’ Cast

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Baz Luhrmann looks to top young actresses for Daisy in The Great Gatsby Hollywoods Top Young Actresses In Line For The Great Gatsby Cast

Baz Luhrmann is looking for the right woman to play Daisy Buchanan in his upcoming adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary gem, The Great Gatsby.

Maybe this story was picked up too early in the process, but apparently every single young actress in Hollywood is up for the role.

The list, so far, includes Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Hall, Blake Lively, Keira Knightley, Amanda Seyfried, and Abbie Cornish. All of these women would make a great Daisy, but it doesn’t read like a list of potential leads in a Baz Luhrmann film. Some are definitely more willing to exit their comfort zone for a role on film – the only ones that truly seem to fit his style in my opinion are Portman, Williams, Cornish, and Seyfried.

In addition to these lovely ladies, Luhrmann will need to cast the characters Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, and Tom Buchanan. According to Deadline, the director has already done some test runs on his delivery of the famous story.

“Leonardo DiCaprio read the role of Gatsby, Tobey Maguire read Nick Carraway, and that The Town star Rebecca Hall read the role of Daisy.”

Obviously this brings Hall to the front of the pack. But given Luhrmann’s track record for eccentric storytelling, she just feels out of place. Even DiCaprio, who was fantastic as Romeo in Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet may have outgrown the style necessary for this kind of interpretation. But the relationship between DiCaprio and Luhrmann is obviously strong – and Luhrmann tends to stick with the people he uses in workshops.

The Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio Hollywoods Top Young Actresses In Line For The Great Gatsby Cast

The Great Gatsby is a tale that excels in its simplicity. As complicated as the characters are, the story is one that unfolds seamlessly. If Luhrmann can hold back just enough to let the story do the work, DiCaprio’s recent run with torn characters would fit well. Tobey Maguire would be an acceptable choice for Carraway as well. Am I crazy for thinking Brad Pitt would work beautifully in a Baz Luhrmann film?

As for the leading lady, Hall is talented enough to make Daisy work. But the laundry list of young starlets above provides plenty of better options. Portman would excel under Luhrmann’s direction and alongside DiCaprio. She has had her weaker roles, but typically is as strong as her director – Australia aside, Luhrmann is plenty strong. Williams has also shown a propensity to take a leap of faith with her directors – a trait that would benefit her in this film.

Knightley is one of the more established dramatic actresses on the list, but her sizzle may have worn off in recent years. Lively may not be able to handle the acting load yet and she just looks too contemporary for the time period. Seyfried and Cornish would be interesting picks – both are willing to explore new boundaries on film. As classically beautiful as she is, Johansson seems like a throwaway pick alongside these other talented actresses.

Robert Redford The Great Gatsby Hollywoods Top Young Actresses In Line For The Great Gatsby Cast

The Great Gatsby is a film to keep your eye on. Robert Redford and Mia Farrow starred in a 1974 adaptation that won two Oscars. Francis Ford Coppola wrote the screenplay for Jack Clayton to direct. Luhrmann’s interpretation will likely be more contemporary, but Fitzgerald’s gem needs little work.

Which of these actresses would you like to play Daisy Buchanan? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Deadline via Collider

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  1. I think Portman is one of the best young actresses out there today(despite shes been in the business for almost twenty years) but she has the chops to pull it off. Really looking forward to Black Swan, she seems like an early lock for the oscar. I also like Rebecca Hall too, after The Prestige, I have a lot of respect for her and this would be a breakthrough role for her. She would definitely be able to pull it off. I’m looking forward to this adaptation, it could be something really great, especially if DiCaprio is behind it.

  2. Never really been a fan of Baz Luhrmann’s films but I might check this out.

  3. My first 3 choices for Daisy: Portman, Williams, and Seyfried.

    My absolute bottom 3 choices: Cornish, Knightly, and Johansson.

  4. Well, my top 3 choice: Portman, Williams and Seyfried. I think they are very talented actresses with profound diversity and versatility. Acting chop-wise, they have it compared to the rest of the actresses listed. Of course, Knightley is also one of them but I can’t see her as Daisy.

    My bottom 2: Lively and Johansson. Lively, I can’t see her talent as an actress. Even her performance in the teen-oriented show Gossip Girl can’t convince/win me. Johansson, while I can see her potential I don’t think she could play Daisy that well.

  5. I can see knightley playing a good jordan. Seyfreid is my top choice for daisy. I think she can really channel that mia farrow ditziness that was in the 74 version. Leonardo dicaprio would be my best choice for jay gatsby. I think he can do the role perfectly. I wouldn’t mind tobey mcguire as nick. That would be fine. I may be going out on a limb here but I think brad pitt would be a good tom. Yeah I know. Amanda seyfried playing brad pitt’s wife? Wtf? But I think it would be an interesting role for him. Actually if he and dicaprio switched roles I wouls still be ok. I’m a huge fan of the book so I’m looking forward to this.

  6. I think Natalie Portman would be the best Jordan – last minute thought – and maybe Amanda Seyfried would be a good Daisy as far as ditziness goes, but I don’t think she’d be pretty enough.

    I don’t want Leonardo DiCaprio or Tobey McGuire to be in this film, I feel they’ll take the classicness (there’s a better word, but I can’t think of it right now) away from it. Bring in someone new or lesser known. Joseph Gordon Levitt for Nick Carroway and maybe a blonde Cillian Murphy for Gatsby (that’s a maybe, I feel there’s a more relatable non-DiCaprio actor out there).

    As for Tom Buchanan, please leave Brad Pitt out of it. PLEASE!!! I cannot stress that enough. Pitt and Jolie DO NOT need to be in everything and neither does DiCaprio.

    Just, keep the big names out of this one. This is my favorite book and I would absolutely die if it was casted and/or executed wrong . . . either that or I will find a way to sue Hollywood for the destruction of a classic.

  7. If I was in charge this would be the cast:
    Nick – James Caviezel
    Daisy- Amanda Seyfried
    Gatsby – Brad Pitt
    I can’t think of the rest of the cast yet, but I’ll post them when I do.

  8. Here’s my full fan cast for The Great Gatsby:
    Nick Caraway – James Caviezel
    Jay Gatsby – Brad Pitt
    Daisy Buchanan – Gwyneth Paltrow
    Tom Buchanan – Clive Owen
    Myrtle Wilson – Rachel McAdams
    George Wilson – John Cusack
    Jordan Baker – Natalie Portman
    Meyer Wolfsheim – Tom Wilkinson
    Catherine – Maggie Gyllenhaal

  9. it’s easy! seyfried as daisy and portman as jordan. both are very talented and outstanding actresses. williams could also play daisy and hall as jordan, in case the first 2 actresses don’t get the roles. they are strong contenders too, but i strongly prefer seyfried and portman!

    i don’t even know why lively is in the list. she seems to be the weakest in and inexperienced the list. if i were baz, i will totally forget lively or even johansson. they are too overrated people who can’t even act!

  10. Anyone who thinks Seyfried should be in this is insane! She is a terrible actress!

  11. well if you think seyfried is a terrible actress, what more of lively? super terrible! and for the record, can lively perform what seyfried was able to show us? can she shift from mean girls to big love to mamma mia! to chloe? what does she (lively) made of gossip girl and traveling pants? where’s the acting chops there?

    • I didnt say Lively was much better, but she was very very good in The Town with Ben Affleck.

  12. Knightley no contest. She looks the part of the exquisite, ethereal flapper type and she has the acting chops-pride& prejudice, atonement, the duchess anyone? Plus she can pull off an american accent-saw her in The Misanthrope where she plays an american stralet and she did it with unbelievable ease.

  13. Gatsby- Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio
    Daisy-ROSE BYRNE (she was born for this role) or Claire Danes
    Catherine-Maggie Gyllenhaul

    Seyfried is way too young to play Daisy. Paltrow seems too old and overcast for this part. Please stay true to the novel!

  14. I am so sick of Leonardo DiCaprio. Every role is the same. He never gets the woman. He cries. He dies or kills himself. Ugh. Puhlease.

    As for the women, I don’t the Kiera will do it because she’s going to be Anna Karenina. I agree I could see Portman as a good Jordan.

    As for Daisy I’d say Ellen Page… am I crazy?