Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 12 2013

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May 12 Box Office The Great Gatsby Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 12 2013

Marvel retains the top spot in this weekend’s box office, while one new release exceeds expectations.

Iron Man 3 takes the number 1 spot for the second weekend in a row with $72 million. Marvel’s first film of “Phase Two” is now up to $284 million in domestic grosses, and is the highest grossing film of 2013 (so far).

And, if you combine international numbers, Iron Man 3 has grossed $948 million worldwide, which is good enough for the number 21 spot on the all-time highest grossers list. Next up: $1 billion worldwide.

In at number 2 is The Great Gatsby (read our review) with $51 million. Heading into the weekend, most figured the period drama – based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved novel – would do well given the stars involved (Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire), but few expected it would gross over $50 million.

The second weekend of May is typically hard on new releases, but that was not the case here. Warner Bros. is probably very pleased with their decision to delay the film from December into May.

Pain & Gain comes in at a distant 3 with $5 million. Michael Bay will be back with Transformers 4 next year to dominate the summer box office, but for now he’ll have to settle for a $41 million domestic gross over three weeks.

Tyler Perry Presents Peeples, which stars Craig Robinson (The Office) and Kerry Washington (Django Unchained), opens at number 4 with only $4.8 million. While Tyler Perry only produced the film, Peeples is the lowest opening weekend for a movie with the director’s name attached to it.

Rounding out the top 5 is 42 with $4.6 million. Warner Bros. should be extremely proud of the Jackie Robinson biopic, which is up to $84 million in domestic grosses.

May 12 Box Office Peeples Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 12 2013

Oblivion is the number 6 film this weekend with $3.8 million. Tom Cruise’s sci-fi blockbuster is now up to $81 million in domestic grosses, and $242 million worldwide.

The animated film The Croods comes in at number 7 with $3.6 million, which brings the film’s domestic total up to$173 million. Look for The Croods to become a staple of Dreamworks Animation’s slate if the proposed sequel can duplicate this first film’s success.

The Big Wedding takes the number 8 spot with $2.5 million and $18 million over three weeks. We can officially label this one a flop, as there is little chance it will make back its $35 million budget.

In at number 9 is Mud with $2.3 million. The Matthew McConaughey drama is up to $8 million in domestic grosses.

Oz the Great and Powerful rounds out the top 10 with $802,000, which brings its domestic total up to $229 million. As you can see, when a weekend is this front-loaded, it doesn’t take much to crack the top 10.

Outside the top 10: Star Trek Into Darkness opened with $31 million in select international territories, which is a 70% improvement over the first J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek. The sequel opens in the U.S. on Friday.

[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, May 13th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]


Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Not that suprised with gatsby and ironman. Very suprised to see a tyler perry film perform so poorly

  2. Word of Mouth may have hurt Iron Man. Gatsby Could take the second spot next week end when Star Trek comes out. Just a Theory… :)

    • @Wanderer – My friend you don’t really know box office numbers do you, what part of a 72 million grossing weekend you don’t understand. If word of mouth had really hurt “Iron Man 3″ it would have dropped to 50-60 million this weekend. Contrary to what you might believe if you look up films that have opened to 140 million or more, “IM3′s” second weekend is pretty spot on with previous films and in some cases actually better. Don’t know where you get your info from but 72 million is a terrific second weekend, if the estimates hold this is the fourth best second weekend ever, so you might want to keep that in mind.

      • Actually, Iron Man 3 had the worst drop percentage wise then the first two or avengers in its second week. Also, it has the lowest percentage of domestic ticket sales then the others as well. It’s made most of it’s money from the first week of release. Ya 70 million is great, but when you take into account that it has literally no competition other than the great gatsby, its not that impressive.

        • @Chris G – I hear you man, but i have to disagree. First of all “The Avengers” was a true exception to the rule, it’s the only film to gross at least 120 million that’s dropped no worse than 50% it’s second weekend, “TDK” is second best at 52%. Don’t overlook a 70 million weekend like it does’nt mean nothing because it does, especially considering only 5 other previous films have accomplished this. Now of cousre this only is an estimate for now, and final numbers will either turn out to be a little more or less. I for one never expected “IM3″ to play out exactly like “The Avengers”, that film was just a monster at the box office and on a whole other level from any other films with it’s remarkable grosses. I’m just saying “IM3″ is doing just fine and it will most likely end up grossing between 400-430 million domestic when it’s finished. And remember, a 72 million weekend is pretty damn imporessive when it’s against another film that opened at 51 million.

    • I’m not understanding the bad word of mouth people are referring too. Is that really happeneing? I saw IM3 saturday night and thought it was the most entertaining of the trilogy. I’m a comicbook guy but never read ironman other than in the Avengers and so wasn’t affected by the twist all fanboys are crying about.

      • I haven’t heard anyone say anything negative about it, the theater I saw it in everyone was excited and enthused. WOM is good for IM3

  3. Anthony you’re right about “Iron Man 3″ being the highest grossing film of 2013 (so far). That being said when it’s all said and done i think “Iron Man 3″ will be the highest grossing film of the year (period). “IM3″ will end up over 400 million domestic and the only film i see challenging that this year is maybe “Catching Fire”, and worldwide it’s looking like it will finish between 1.2 and 1.3 billion, i sure don’t see any film this year that’s going to touch that number.

    • Ya might want to look at some of the films coming up in the next month. Trek 2 and Man of Steel are highly anticipated films and should do very well at the box office.

      Also don’t forget the little film that comes out towards the end of the year; Hobbit 2.

      • True enough, there is definantly more big hits on the horrizon and i’m certainly not implying there’s not. The films you mentioned are all going to be big hits, as well as “Thor: The Dark World”, “Catching Fire”, “Monsters University”, “Fast and Furious 6″, “Dispicable Me 2″, etc, there is some hits coming down the pipeline, no doubt.

        • MOS is gonna rock the box office…I’m predicting Avengers-like numbers.

          • @Gary – Obviously that rediculous man, but what makes you think something like that honestly.

      • He didn’t say there wouldn’t be other hits; just that Catching Fire is the only one that looks like it’ll do similar business to IM3.

        • Not the point I’m trying to make. We all know that there’ll be big hits coming up. MoS is most likely going to top a billion and Trek 2 should come close. Any way you slice it the box office sales are going to be huge.

  4. There are big hits and then there are BIG HITS. Man of Steel will be the top grossing movie of the year by far. Loved Iron Man 3 and it deserves this amazing collection at the BO. But MOS is the movie of the year and will without a doubt be the highest grosser for 2013.

    • Indications are it will do about $100 million in it’s OW, and less than $400 million domestic overall. Solid numbers, but it won’t be the best of the year.

    • Wow, you really truly believe that. You really believe MOS will make more money than “IM3″ at the box office, are you knowledgeable about box office numbers and how they work, and you do realize you’re not the ‘General Audience’ just like i’m not either. I get your enthusiasm, i’m excited as hell to see MOS too, no doubt about it. But i have to be a realist and not a fanboy when i say MOS will not make more money at the box office than “IM3″, i would bet money on that.

      • I know nothing about box office number projections, but my gut tells me MOS will wipe IM3 off the top slot pretty quickly.

        I think you’d lose your bet, but I guess time will tell…

        • @Gary – My brother i’ll bet you anytime, hell we can exchange paypal accounts and take it task, that’s how confident i am in that. I get what you’re saying about ‘Supes’ being the most iconic superhero of all time, he is that and one of my all time faves. But this is a reboot man, this isn’nt “TDK” will or “TDKR” with strong recent history and proven re-estblishment. As i’ve sadi “MOS” will be a big hit, but you dudes are getting a little too carried away with the money you think it’s going to say. Now you’ve got a guy saying it’s going to do “Avengers” type numbers, come on now let’s not get carried away rediculous.

        • @Gary – You’re right man, you don’t know box office projections or numbers. Let me lay it to you like this bro, every box office site i’ve seen projected “IM3″ making more than “MOS” and i think they a little something more about box office numbers than you and i do. You’re thinking with your gut and your heart but not your head, that’s your problem. Eventhough i disagree with you, and your prediction of “MOS” reaching “Avengers” numbers is just mind blowing rediculous, you are entitled to your opinion. I was just trying help you save yourself some embarassment and give you an easy way out my friend, oh well, haha.

  5. Man of steel will have highest domestix gross and ironman will be the highest grossing imo

  6. I don’t see how moving Gatsby from a Christmas release to this weekend helped it. I think the people that wanted to see it still would have had it opened on Christmas. In fact, I know I can’t speak for other people, but it being released right now has certainly affected me seeing it. I had time over Christmas to see it for sure, and most likely would have. Right now I’m busy with finals for college and stuff though, so I didn’t have time to see it. And considering Star Trek 2 comes out this week, and both F&F6 and Hangover 3 come out next week, I doubt I’m gonna get around to seeing Gatsby in theaters. Whereas over Christmas I definitely would have, since for me the only other movie I was really looking forward to seeing at the time was Django.

    Also, I don’t think MOS is gonna have quite the box office numbers people on here seem to think it will. I think it’ll perform really well, don’t get me wrong, but I really don’t think it’s gonna beat out Iron Man 3. There is a HUGE Avengers craze these days, and Iron Man is easily the most popular of its characters, so it’s easy to see why it’s performing so well. And I dunno, quite honestly I don’t think Superman is as popular these days. The general public seem to mostly just care about Batman as far as DC properties go. If it was a new Batman I’d say it could be highest grossing, but I dunno if enough people want to see MOS outside of the comic book community. I do still think it’ll make huge bucks, just not as big as people here think. Catching Fire or Hobbit 2 seem like the movies that might rival IM3 for highest grossing of the year to me, not MOS.

    • @Jon T – You make some very valid points my friend, and you seem to speak more from your head than your heart. Now while i do believe MOS will be a big hit at the box office, in no way do i see it making “IM3″ numbers at the box office, i’ve been saying that all alone. People who think MOS will make as much money at the box office as “IM3″ are just being delusional fanboys, ‘Iron Man’ is an absolute beast with the ‘General Audience’ which far exceeds any fanboy base. I also agree with you here, i think “Catching Fire” will be the biggest challenge to “IM3″ domestically and “The Hobbit 2″ will be the biggest challenge to it overseas. That being said, if “IM3″ reaches 1.2 0r 1.3 billion worldwide, that’s going to be too much money for even “Hobbit 2″ to challenge in my opinion.

      • Thanks, and I agree. My friend recently asked me which movie I think will do better, IM3 or MOS. And I said I think IM3 will make more money but that MOS will be the better movie. Like you said, Iron Man is huge with general audiences. A lot more people I know in everyday life talked more about wanting to see IM3 than MOS. But from all the stuff I’ve seen on MOS, and after seeing IM3, I do think MOS will be better, and I say that as more of a Marvel fan and from someone who actually did like IM3.

        No doubt MOS is something that’s big talk around the comic/movie nerd community. But that doesn’t mean a huge number of non-geeks will want to see it. It’s the same thing with people saying Star Trek 2 has a chance of grossing a ton of money IMO. Honestly I’m having trouble finding anyone to go see it with me, none of my friends seem to want to. Whereas The Hobbit is a guaranteed financial success because it has a lot of LotR followers, and the previous movie did quite well. And I’m just saying Catching Fire because of how well the first THG movie did, which surprised me honestly. I’m a big fan of the books, but I didn’t know there were so many others who were too. So, I expect the sequel to do even better.

        • Right, eventhough i liked “IM3″ i too think “MOS” has the potential to be a better film and i can’t wait to see it. Yes “MOS” is highly anticipated on many internet sites more than any other film this year, but having a strong fanboy base is different from reaching ‘General Audiences’ who decide rather or not they will pay to see a movie. That’s why i tell these fanboys who are so sure this will make money like “IM3″, they’re not the ones that will determine rather “MOS” is successful or not, the ‘General Audience’ will and probally 90% of them have never read a comic book before. The ‘Spider-Man’ films, ‘Iron Man’ films, ‘Batman’ films, “The Avengers”, none of those we’re smash hits because of their comic book history, they we’re successful because they resonated with movie audiences who grew to love these characters. These films are not successful because of their comic book history, as much as many fanboys would like to believe that it’s not. Hype and anticipation is one thing, translating on the big screen into a box office smash is another matter.

  7. Oz is still playing?

  8. I just seen one rediculous predection, sounds like somebody’s been tipping that ‘Jack Daniels’ a little too hard, lol.

  9. t’s becoming slightly laughable how people are convinced that MOS will not only outgross IM3 but will end up being the highest grossing film of the year.

    First there is no previous track record by. Superman Returns is largely forgotten about, and Nolan’s Batman films were truly standalone. TDKR choosing not to link towards MOS in the same way Marvel did with their movies. MOS will be right in the midst of summer competition and will inevitably draw comparison with IM3. Thanks to an improved 3rd trailer and 3D prices MOS will improve on Superman Returns performance , but no way does it ecer come close to matching IM3, Hobbit 2 or Catching Fire. This is just a pure case of fanboy optimism and excitement.

    I’m still betting at this stage that Thor Dark World will surprass MOS this year.

    • You’re right that Superman Returns is largely forgotten (with good reason)..which is a point in favor of MOS getting large numbers..since it won’t be dragged down by association. Also, MOS has the Dark Knight feel to it..if only in terms of realism, which is what people are looking at now.

      Plus, no matter how great Ironman is, he never had (and still doesn’t have) the fanbase that Superman has, especially worldwide. I won’t go into how even elderly people are old Superman fanboys, since they probably don’t account for much movie box office money…but Supes is the big-daddy of all Superheroes.

      People are ready for an uplifing story that will take them back to their childhood..name me one guy who didn’t pretend to be superman as a boy. (I’m sure that was the main reason that scene was included in trailer.) Plus a young Clark saving a school bus full of kids. In this day and age, that’s what people want to see; a story very different than what we see in the news everyday.

      I don’t see Catching Fire even in the top 3…maybe not even top 5.

      Naturally I could be way off base, but nothing you (or anyone else) says is going to make me think other than I do now. As I said before, time will tell.

    • @lebsta – What do you know, someone else that actually speaks with some common sense and not some overly geeked out fanboy enthusiasm. I think some of these folks are just speaking out of pure fanboy enthusiasm and i’m cool with that because i’m a fanboy in a lot of ways myself, but i’m also a realist who thinks with his head and not his heart. The points you make i could’nt have said them any better myself. I too think the real question is not if MOS will make “IM3″ numbers because it won’t, the real question is will “MOS” or “Thor: TDW” make more money at the box office, because i think that’s where the ‘Real’ battle will be.

  10. I hope they use this advantage for the next avengers film