New ‘Gravity’ Trailers: Experience Pure Terror in Space in a Single Take [Updated]

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Superheroes, Kaiju, and other fantasy creatures hogged the spotlight at the 2013 Comic-Con, but one film that quietly made a huge impression on attendees was Gravity. The sci-fi thriller co-written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men) stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer/astronaut who is undertaking her first shuttle mission when disaster strikes: space debris crashes into the shuttle, tearing it to shreds and leaving Dr. Stone flying out into the vastness of space, with little to no hope of getting back to Earth.

WB’s Comic-Con presentation for Gravity included a new trailer (in the form of an extended clip), which is now available online for viewing. Cinema buffs have known for some time that Cuarón’s film is an exercise in sheer moviemaking virtuosity – mixing complex sequence shots and long takes together with Avatar-levels of CGI (necessary to create the vacuum of space) – but this new trailer will quickly inform those who were previously unaware.

The latest trailer also successfully breaks down the film’s terrifying premise, in addition to introducing the two main characters and showcasing one of the many uninterrupted high-tension action sequences. In a matter of two minutes, we come to appreciate that Dr. Stone’s peer, in the shape of veteran space explorer Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), is a clear-headed and experienced professional, while Dr. Stone is the rookie who’s unprepared to deal with her life-threatening situation.

UPDATE: WB has unveiled a third Gravity trailer, which is another uninterrupted sequence from the film:

Dr. Stone is the more relatable character (hence, she’s the protagonist of Gravity), yet her journey in the film appears to be more significant that just a (wo)man vs. nature tale set in space. In the new trailer, the emphasis on Kowalsky telling Stone (repeatedly) to detach – lest she fly out of visibility range – calls attention to what are central themes of the story (according to early reviews/reactions): the dangers of disconnection and isolation.

gravity sandra bullock New Gravity Trailers: Experience Pure Terror in Space in a Single Take [Updated]

Gravity uses the concept of free-floating in the vastness of space as an analogy for the modern lifestyle, according to the early descriptions from those who’ve seen the film. Cuarón’s movie may be a non-stop ride (once the main conflict is set in motion), but the film also sounds like more of a meditative viewing experience – dependent on the constant sense of danger to keep people interested – punctuated by scenes of pure visceral storytelling.

All things considered, Gravity has the potential to be this year’s Life of Pi. Cuarón, like Ang Lee before him, recruited a small army of visual effects artists to produce a sophisticated 3D environment, in order to tell an intimate story: an isolated protagonist finds their purpose for existing in the greater scheme of things (albeit, Bullock’s character is operating on a shorter time limit than Pi). We’ll find out if the film can live up to the high expectations soon enough.


Gravity opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters on October 4th, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Holy Sh*! !!!

    That was AWESOME !!!

    That’s it. Give the 2013/14 Academy Award for Special Visual Effects to Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” NOW !!!

    I need to see this again….

  2. I really liked Children of Men. This looks like it’ll be really good, hopefully it lives up to the trailer.

  3. I’ve seen the trailer for this movie several times, I had NO IDEA that was Sandra Bullock.

  4. One word: WOW!!

  5. …and Life of Pi? Seriously? That was a pile of garbage.

    • WHAT!? Life of Pi is an amazing movie! You Troll!

      • Yes it is Amazing!! Very deep movie!! This looks pretty cool as well.

        • Anything that makes you watch the entire film, then tells you it was all a dream at the end, is GARBAGE.

          • NO IT NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • JG is GARBAGE

            • It wasn’t a dream though. Did you even watch it?

              • @ JG
                It really wasn’t a dream, you missed the point. Fair enough if you didn’t like it but fella, it seems you just didn’t get it. That’s different. I’m guessing film where you have to think a little make your brain hurt.

    • I agree with you 100% it was boring and stupid

      • No, it isn’t! >:(

  6. Meh. Try dealing with aliens. No one can hear you scream in space.

  7. I liked first trailer better, this one is just a piece of a movie. Also it looked incredible on a huge screen. Definitely movie theater material.

    ***** GRAVITY *****

  9. When this trailer plays in theaters people usually laugh, I don’t see this being a huge hit.

    • I went to see The World’s End recently and when the trailer for this played, same thing: lots of people laughed. I think they are not the right target audience for a movie of this kind which will undoubtedly have a number of metaphors and analogies deeply ingrained (which may be too much/subtle for a movie going audience that wants to switch off their brains while watching a film).

      I think it looks amazing and cannot wait to go see it.

      • Weirdly, they only showed comedy trailers when I saw The World’s End.

        Gravity WAS shown at the IMAX screenings of MOS and Pacific Rim though and both times, the entire audience talked at once about how amazing it looked.

  10. I think the reason it comes off a bit jokey is we’ve got two MASSIVE 90s actors who haven’t always been in great movies- they’re both talented, but together it’s like we’re watching Entertainment Tonight in space.

  11. I think you have to go in knowing what to expect with this movie. It’s clearly not Armageddon, that’s for sure. He’s not using any sound effect because there wouldn’t be. I think that might be the hardest thing for audiences to adjust to. Even Apollo 13 had sound in space. But it looks awesome and hopefully it holds up over the whole movie.

    • Weird thing is, I was watching Robot Jox a few days ago on youtube and there’s a scene of one robot firing a missile at another giant robot and when it hits, there’s zero sound during the explosion and I thought that was really cool.

      I hope the lack of sound doesn’t put people off though.

      I have to say, as I said in the comment above, the audiences who saw the IMAX trailer before MOS and Pacific Rim thought Gravity looked amazing and when I went to an early screening of Life Of Pi last year, I got to go to one screening with maybe a dozen other people but the other screening for the general public who get some kind of rewards scheme for subscribing to one thing or other had people lining up outside the building to see it.

      Maybe that’s another commentary on audiences in different territories?

      US viewers went to see Lincoln in droves last November while its release in the UK saw a lot less people watching it than you might expect (I think ticket sales only went up after Day-Lewis won the Oscar and people went into the film due to pride more than wanting to see the movie).

      MOS also had more ticket sales in the US than it did over here, Dredd and Pacific Rim did better here than in the US and we tend to appreciate movies like this and Life Of Pi more than US audiences apparently.

      • There’s certainly something to be said about that. While us ‘Limeys’ enjoy the odd ‘rock ‘em, sock ‘em’ type movie, there’s a wider audience over here for the more subtle, introverted and perhaps thought provoking films.
        This does look interesting though, saw the trailer at the flicks during Pacific Rim, IMAX. Blown away. I just hope it’s not one of those movies where the trailer is the better than the actual film. Hope not.

  12. Welp…
    -trailer got my heart racing √
    -vertigo-infusing visuals √
    -not dubsteppy √
    -always fascinating idea of an astronaut getting lost in a contemporary spacetravel technology √

    Sounds great!
    But for an Oscar nomination this movie has to have a happy-y ending. I smell deus-ex-machina resolution.

  13. Looks remarkable, but the fact it is starring known actors jars with me. Okay. Selling the movie, securing budget, yadda yadda. But this would’ve felt truly legitimate with unknown names. Still, talk is all about the one takes. I’ll be going for the one takes.

    • Not sure I understand the logic behind that one, Ajeno. Is it just that well-known actors bring a certain baggage with them? I had similar suspicions about Clooney before seeing him in Steven Soderbergh’s remake of Solaris, and ended up finding it one of his best performances.

  14. Looks amazing. Definitely a must-see.

  15. IMAX and sick bag! Amazing

  16. That looks utterly great, I can’t wait for this. Space is an amazing dark and beautiful place. Hopefully the film surpasses its expectations, as we haven’t had a decent space flick since Apollo 13.

  17. I NEED TO SEE THIS! Looks great. Think it will absolutely surprise at the box office and possibly awards season. 10+ min opening shot, one take? Give this man an award. Lol

  18. Where’s Superman to save the Day? LMBO but this looks cool and would be even cooler if somehow she drifted into some type of universe for a split second and if they happen to save the DR., she tells them what she saw similar to what happen to Foster in Contact.

  19. If this whole movie is her spinning in space this movie this movie will bomb after week 1. People had a hard enough time watching Cloverfield, no way they can make it through a two hour merry go round.

  20. I can’t see any possible way that this ends well for that character.