David Goyer: Warner Bros. Putting DC Movies On Hold

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david goyer David Goyer: Warner Bros. Putting DC Movies On HoldIn an IESB interview for The Unborn, director/writer David Goyer says all DC properties are currently on hold for the time being in regards to film development. This comes as confirmation of what we’ve previously suspected.

When probed about Supermax and Justice League, Goyer had this to say.

“A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while they figure out, they’re going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause at the moment.”

Including the two movies mentioned, Superman and Green Lantern would also be on hold. With an across the board freeze, Warner Bros. may be looking to create a cohesive DC Universe.

The follow-up question asked whether or not this was attributed to the success of The Dark Knight and Goyer continued.

“It was the double header of both ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ coming out, so more than ever I think they’ve realized, I think DC was responsible for 15% of Warner Brother’s revenue this year, something crazy like that, so they realized that comic books, it’s become a new genre, one of the most successful genres.”

Because Goyer mentions Iron Man, when he could’ve easily just agreed, Screen Rant is led to believe this decision has something to do with what Marvel has built. Perhaps this new “methodology” means tying the films together, much like the other comic publisher has been able to do.

Although Christopher Nolan has been adamant against other costumed heroes existing in Batman‘s Universe, perhaps something has changed. The revealed plan of Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America that eventually leads to an Avergers‘ movie could be mirrored in the same fashion to bring about a movie for the Justice League. If Nolan were included–or dare I say, heading–the new plan, DC could create a stronger foundation than what Marvel has already started.

When porting over comic book characters, DC comics has also had a considerable advantage over Marvel. Because all the DC characters are owned solely by Warner Bros., The WB has complete control of integration between characters and a free range of when to use them. Green Lantern and Superman can easily cameo in each other’s individual films and Wonder Woman can create a presence in another property before leading in her own feature. Whatever this “new plan” or “methodology” is, Warner Bros. could turn its DC property into a cash cow and avoid their recent fiancial problems. So long as their films are on par with The Dark Knight, the 15% of revenue that DC provides could be more than a rare occurrence.

Goyer did not answer the next question about Batman. When asked “so when do you guys start writing the third,” he replied “can’t say.”

Is Warner Bros. taking a holistic approach to the DC Universe?

Source: IESB

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  1. Marvel Studios is not in creative control of X-Men, Spider-Man, DareDevil, Electra, Fantastic Four… the list goes on.

    So Marvel character movies that are released, but not from Marvel Studios, end up being lackluster movies (as exemplified by the aforementioned popcorn movies). Basically, Marvel would have to jump a few hoops to get Wolverine to cross over into a Captain America/Iron Man/Hulk movie, and makes it all entirely unlikely.

    Although, there are plenty of other characters–not signed over to studios–that would make interesting movies.

  2. “When porting over comic book characters, DC comics has also had a considerable advantage over Marvel. Because all the DC characters are owned solely by Warner Bros.”

    Not picking a fight, but isn’t that what Marvel can do now they have their own Movie Studio?
    Or did I miss something? (Which would not be unusual…)

  3. Ah. I see your point.

    Cheers Carl!

  4. “Marvel Studios is not in creative control of X-Men, Spider-Man, DareDevil, Electra, Fantastic Four… the list goes on.”

    I don’t think that’s completely accurate. Marvel owns the rights to these characters. I think that they *lend* the film rights to some of their characters to other studios since it serves them as a revenu. This, combined with deals they made with some banks, is what helped them to fund for their own studio.

    But the point is the film rights eventually comes back to them and must be renewed again with Marvel’s agreement and permission. So in this manner they do have some control over their characters. One day, they could simply not renew the film rights and bring their characters back into the Marvel universe.

    I remember reading about this online somewhere when they were making deals for the spider-man and punisher films. Apparently, the way their contract works is that the studio (FOX, Sony, etc) is contractually obligated to make a film before the contract expires which is about 3 or 4 years from the time it is signed. If the movie does not get made Marvel gets money in compensation. If it does get made within the period, Marvel also receives a fixed amount that grows exponentially for every contract renewal.

    There was a great article about this somewhere. I’ll see if i can find it.

  5. YOu would call the first two Spiderman films and X2 popcorn flicks ? Or were you only refering to Electra Dardevil and fantastic four ? I thought X2 was the best Marvel Movie made yet had a strong story an emotional ending it was all there.

  6. As long as they do the films correctly, I don’t mind waiting. And I agree with Daniel F that the first 2 Spiderman movies and X2 were great. Of course, I’m getting older so hopefully they won’t wait too long.

  7. Marvel is not only beginning to merge their characters, despite who owns them, their characters are much less “kiddie like,” and serious. I always figured DC comics to be more for little kids growing up, and Marvel for teens. Aside from the Dark Knight, unless serious rewriting occurs, and messing with origins, I really am not interested in seeing superheroes that recharge over a lantern, or supervillains that are nothing more than the superhero in reverse.

  8. I hope WB does their homework and makes sure that ALL DC characters belong to them, last thing you want to see is a finished Flash film being delayed cuz Universal has the rights.

  9. I am Glad I was always cautiously optimistic about Supermax and
    Justice League.
    No big Surprise .

  10. This is either a really smart move on WB’s part or really stupid.

    Its really smart in that, you can create the DC Universe and have all sorts of charactors interacting and part of story arc’s, which would something I would love to see.

    Its really Stupid in that, Since they are in midst of a completely different Batman arc, which follows more closely to the graphic novels than the comic books, which has also tweaked a few of the orgin stories of some of its charactors and introduced new ones. If they were to do this DC unvivser story arc-type thing, it would have to coicide with this new Batman universe, which would ultimatly mean a change in a lot of the Origin Stories of DC’s Hereoes, partucularily Superman or The Green Lattern, since they are more supernatural and paranormal.

    Hopefully this does not blow up in their face. My recommendation, wait until you close out the current Batman Story arc, and after a couple of years, reintroduce a different Batman Story arc, because fans won’t like it if you have two different Batman’s running aroun on Film, think of the Mass Confusion.

  11. @Daniel F
    Although Singer’s X-Men was good it fails in comparison to what we’ve seen from Iron Man, in terms of sticking close to the source material. The effects were great, but the characters aren’t accurately ported over. Lady Deathstrike is barely a shadow of her comic counterpart and X2 overall is nothing like “God Loves, Man Kills.” And I left quite disappointed.

    I think a cohesive DC Universe is completely possible, because there are a number of things that happen in other cities outside of my own that I’d never hear about until it was really big news. The world outside of Gotham has not been shown and there’s little to stop a “hero” showing up in Central City.

    When I was working on my personal/self-commissioned DC screenplay, a woman reporter from Metropolis asked Commissioner Gordon about the death of two acrobatic parents and what’s to happen to their son.

  12. This sucks! It’s been almost a YEAR and they don’t have their act together yet??? Puh-lease! They’re gonna stall the beejesus out of the Green Lantern film just like they did with the JLA film. :-(

    And if this is because of Nolan, fuh-git him! Don’t let him hold back the rest of the DCU with his narrow-minded policy of “my Batman lives in his own universe” BS. Either make his ass part of the plan or kick him out! Small thinking like that the DCU can do without, they can survive without Nolan. Forge Batman, Superman, Flash, WW, and GL films that are compatible with each other and give us a gawdam JLA movie already – make the DC FILM U!

    GL’s script is ready to go (I’ve seen the first draft, it was already good the way it was they just needed to fix the end, get rid of one ridiculous scene, and some of the “Transformers” style writing for Hal Jordan, honestly, a few of the lines he said I felt were something that Shia Labeouf would say and not Hal Jordan), it’s in its 5th draft now so they’ve no doubt removed some of the “errors”. And let Geoff Johns write The Flash film, dammit! He writes great comics, is familiar with the movie biz, and is a HUGE Barry Allen fan – he’s perfect! :D

    Get the act together already, guys! Hell, I’ll write the damn Superman movie. :-)

  13. And I’ll write the next Batman film and Wonder Woman film, Because I waited Eight years now and I am getting sick of all this
    procrastination as well. And why no mention of Martian Manhunter/John Jones. He has gotta have a film as well.

  14. Know something? Yeah! Martian Manhunter must have a movie as well, I don’t care if he’s dead in the comics or not! And damn Aquaman had better get a movie too. Yes, I said it. AQUAMAN. Cuz if Marvel’s doing movies about their bottom of the barrel second stringers like Elektra and now a Wolverine solo flick and WB had the cajonies to make a sh*tfest Catwoman, then dammit, we had better get and Aquaman and Martian manhunter film!!!

    *setps off podium*

  15. lol Kel, I like your style

    I kinda agree on the Nolan thing – I dont like how everyone is bowing down to him and stalling/stopping/preventing other projects using batman or robin because of him – Worse to me is how he seems not to care about the rest of the Universe or tie-ins that could make for great films.

  16. Thanks, man. :-D

    Rob, that is exactly my point. TDK was awesome, but Nolan can’t be allowed to stall the other DC projects with his small mindedness.

  17. I really don’t want to see all D.C. movies in the same gritty world as TDK. It worked alright for Batman, but most of the others would be out of place.

  18. I agree completely with GreenKnight. Don’t kick Nolan to the curb, he essentially gave all those other DC heroes an opportunity to be made into film heroes, and he helped to finance those with all that money.

    Leave Bat’s alone until Nolan is done doing his thing. Do a new Superman, and toss in some Flash stuff. Do a GL film, and toss in some Martian Manhunter. Save Batman for later. You don’t have to do it now.

    Look, if for nothing else, wait out of respect for Nolan and everything he has done for the genre. Whether or not he likes Super heroes, it doesnt matter. So we wont get a Metropolis Reference in the Bat sequel. So what. Move on with other things first. Establish your other characters.

    Did Iron Man referrence every single hero who is in the Avengers? Did the Incredible Hulk do it? NO

  19. Here’s my two cents…

    Maybe WB should just make seperate franchises for each character without worrying about crossing over characters (e.g. Batman trilogy; superman trilogy e.t.c).

    I think this would allow for better movies because it would allow each film to have it’s own creative vision.

    THEN maybe do a completely seperate JLA franchise where a director puts his spin on ALL the JLA superheroes. To differentiate it from the other franchises maybe it could be CGI as well.

    The main problem is that the DC characters vary in tone so much; whereas Marvels heroes/graphic novels are more or less in the same artistic theme.

  20. Nolan is not solely responsible, but he plays a pretty damn big part! And after all the money he made them, isn’t he deserving of a chance to make a third film? They don’t have to involve Nolan’s batman in JLA. He can finish, and they can do something completely different. If they have to use Nolan’s batman, then they’d have to use Singer’s Superman, and he sucked. It doesn’t have to be the same world. To ignore Nolan after TDK would be classless and ridiculous. He’s earned the right to finish, and then they can do whatever the hell they want with Batman.

  21. Ironman may have been closer to the source, but X2 was a Superior film. It had more depth and a much better story. ironman to me was a very exciting and enjoyable popcorn flick but nothing more. There was a lack of depth or any emotion. It was funny something blew up it was funny and then funny some more. X2 was a better film.

  22. If I recall correctly in the comic books, Batman is a part-time member and is also the outsider personality of the Justice League.
    The comics book writers should have just made a better story line to fit Batman into the world of Superman,flash, Green Lanturn.
    Also, no one can blame Nolan for making the point that Batman has to exist in his own world and Batman has not seen any superheros. Can you name any good DC superhero films apart from Batman ? The Superman Returns film by Bryan Singer was a total let down. And Bryan Singer is a good director. Now Warner Bros. has to inject some fate into Nolan that his Batman can fit into the Justice League by making a completely uncorny Green Lanturn and Superman film.
    Another approach can be to just omit Batman out of the Justice League film and just use Green Arrow. All these points are assuming that Warner Bros. will not make a Batman rebot to be tailored into a future Justice League film.

    Now Avengers from Marvel will work becasue each member is basicaly superhuman-like. Plus there is a proper team structure as a pose to the Justice League. The avengers is held together by Nick Fury and Captain America cranks out the orders . In the Justice League , there is not actual leader as anyone of them can lead- just make Batman or Superman the leader. Could not hurt, they are both smart.
    What Warner Bros. needs is a Justice League visionary just like Nolan was a visionary for Batman.