David Goyer: Warner Bros. Putting DC Movies On Hold

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david goyer David Goyer: Warner Bros. Putting DC Movies On HoldIn an IESB interview for The Unborn, director/writer David Goyer says all DC properties are currently on hold for the time being in regards to film development. This comes as confirmation of what we’ve previously suspected.

When probed about Supermax and Justice League, Goyer had this to say.

“A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while they figure out, they’re going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause at the moment.”

Including the two movies mentioned, Superman and Green Lantern would also be on hold. With an across the board freeze, Warner Bros. may be looking to create a cohesive DC Universe.

The follow-up question asked whether or not this was attributed to the success of The Dark Knight and Goyer continued.

“It was the double header of both ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ coming out, so more than ever I think they’ve realized, I think DC was responsible for 15% of Warner Brother’s revenue this year, something crazy like that, so they realized that comic books, it’s become a new genre, one of the most successful genres.”

Because Goyer mentions Iron Man, when he could’ve easily just agreed, Screen Rant is led to believe this decision has something to do with what Marvel has built. Perhaps this new “methodology” means tying the films together, much like the other comic publisher has been able to do.

Although Christopher Nolan has been adamant against other costumed heroes existing in Batman‘s Universe, perhaps something has changed. The revealed plan of Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America that eventually leads to an Avergers‘ movie could be mirrored in the same fashion to bring about a movie for the Justice League. If Nolan were included–or dare I say, heading–the new plan, DC could create a stronger foundation than what Marvel has already started.

When porting over comic book characters, DC comics has also had a considerable advantage over Marvel. Because all the DC characters are owned solely by Warner Bros., The WB has complete control of integration between characters and a free range of when to use them. Green Lantern and Superman can easily cameo in each other’s individual films and Wonder Woman can create a presence in another property before leading in her own feature. Whatever this “new plan” or “methodology” is, Warner Bros. could turn its DC property into a cash cow and avoid their recent fiancial problems. So long as their films are on par with The Dark Knight, the 15% of revenue that DC provides could be more than a rare occurrence.

Goyer did not answer the next question about Batman. When asked “so when do you guys start writing the third,” he replied “can’t say.”

Is Warner Bros. taking a holistic approach to the DC Universe?

Source: IESB

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  1. @Daniel F
    For me, X2 is tough to watch. Wolverine “taking the kids out” was just another example of what Fox does to source material. Look how they’ve handled Watchmen, there wasn’t anything they could adjust or change “to make a better story” so they turned it down. That’s how Fox has always done it, and X2 is a victim of that.

    @greenknight333, @Jon, @Kel…. (basically everyone)
    On the whole Nolan-verse, I want to clarify that he hasn’t said it’s to be a trilogy, he could go to do 3-4 more chapters. I’d say he’s in it for the story, if there’s a good story to tell then he’s willing to do it (and that’s what they’re searching for now). I think when directors start approaching something like a trilogy, it tends to fail… just write the next chapters like TDK was the next chapter after BB.

    When it comes to the rest of the DC Universe, they better be “good stories” too, or audiences will get another “Superman Returns.” Yeah I’d like to see a JL but if it’s going to be some campy mash-up, I’ll pass. My problem with a JL (and an Avengers) movie, is there better be a good reason to assemble a team. [I was excited with the prospect of Incredible Hulk gone wild and a team is needed to bring him down, but who knows.]

    Why would JL assemble, has there been any good villains that have warranted this, or has it just been all the villains teaming up?

  2. @ Carl Lee

    I really don’t think it will be the hulk that will be the unifying force for the Avengers film..It looked to me as if Banner was learning to get the transformation and hence the Hulk under control at the end of the Incredible Hulk movie this past summer..I think it may be Ultron and the AI angle with Ultron taking over control of most of the worlds technology and satellites and weapons and what not…and you’re right he(Nolan) has never stated it was a trilogy but he kind of left the story hanging at the end of TDK to kind of lead into the third chapter which will have to be the redemption portion of the trilogy..


  3. @Jon

    They wouldn’t have to use Singer’s Superman if they were going to use Nolan’s Batman in a JLA film. I don’t know why you say that – it isn’t like they share the same U. Matter of fact, they aren’t compatible at all. For starters, Nolan’s Batman is just begining and is played by an “older” actor (older than Routh at least), while Singer’s Superman has existed for at least 6 years yet is played by a comparatively younger actor than Bale. Superman and Batman in the comics are the same age, pergaps Superman is a couple months older but there isn’t a noticable gap in age like the one seen with Bale and Routh. They don’t fit at all, but I’m sure you already knew that. :) This is part of why I was against using Routh and Bale in a JLA film, especially their respective directors takes on those characters, they could only use one or the other, IMO, as far as story compatability goes.


    LOL. Yes, I did read your posts. And just re-read them, lol. “Mount Nolan” LOL. Can’t believe I said that heheh. But you understand that there was a time when Batman’s existance in our “real” world was just as far fetched an idea as GL or Superman’s existance in our U? I don’t think it’s impossible to make Superman or GL or any of them as “believable” as Nolan has made Batman. They just need the right guys to do it. Just my opinion. And that’s precisely what science fiction is; taking something that is real and expanding on it, seeing what the possibilities are based on “our reality’s laws”, asking “what if?”, that’s what all superheroes do, and IMO, Batman does that, only on a much smaller scale than someone like GL or Superman. And like I said, I’m cool with them using a different Batman in a couple years when a JLA film is finally made, I think they should and have said so from the time they announced the JLA film, but the “majority” pissed and moaned that they weren’t using Bale (and Routh), despite the sensible reasons given (by myself at least heheh). Now it seems that WB/DC is trying to work something out with Nolan’s Batman and the “majority” is complaining…again. It seems they’re unpleasable to me. Do they want Christian Bale in a JLA or other DC film as Batman or not? If Nolan wants to do another Batman film, I’m fine with it, as long as after he’s done WB uses Batman in other DC films (I don’t care if it’s Nolan’s Batman or not) and Nolan keeps his trap shut about it. So basically, I think you and I are on the same page…I think. :D

    LOL. “Verbose” That’s me heheh. Don’t know when ta shut up lol. ;)


    Although at first he was a “part timer”, Batman currently is a full time JLA member in the comics. The comics have always found a way to come up with logical reasons for Batman to be a part of the JLA stories, same can be done in the movies. And they don’t have to use Nolan’s Batman in the JLA film, they could use something like a DC Movie Universe Batman if they chose not to use Nolan’s. No offense to you, but if the WB decides not to use Batman in a JLA film (to appease Nolan or for any reason at all) then they can kiss my fanboy ass! Hell, no! Batman is just as much a part of the JLA as any of the other members, he’s one of the founding members, the original seven, they can’t make a JLA movie without him! Batman can most certainly work in a JLA film. I think he should be done the way they did him in Grant Morrison’s run – just keep him the brains of the outfit, he doesn’t get involved in the action too much. And in the JLA there is a very proper team structure: Superman is the leader (naturally), Batman is the tactician/strategist, Wonder Woman is the ambassador, etc. There’s a place for everyone in the JLA, even Aquaman (someone’s gotta have permanent monitor duty, right? LOL). But I agree, WB needs a JLA visionary (I suggest myself!!! heheh ;)) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), the Atom (Ray Palmer), Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Plastic Man and/or Elongated Man, Black Canary, and other DC characters can appear as cameos and/or in sequels. And they have to use the original 7, the founding members in the first movie. I won’t accept anything else. :)

    @Carl Lee

    The JLA has assembled for multiple reasons in the comics, usually an alien invasion of sorts is the cause (Starro, the White Martians, etc). But there doesn’t have to be a big, in depth explanation for the team, they can just “be”, kinda like the Joker in TDK. I mean really, 7 superheroes pool their effects – why not? What’s more to explain? Of course, they could do a really intteresting origin story, IMO, but just starting with the team as already being establsihed for a few years would work just as well, IMO. :D

  4. You hit the nail right on the head Kel. That is exactly my point. Nolan’s Batman is not in the same universe as the other characters are being put in. So why do we have to axe Nolan now? Give him one more Bat film, so he can end on a trilogy if he wants it, and THEN include Batman in the Universe they are establishing in GL, WW, and even Superman. They are not the same, so it shouldn’t matter what Nolan does with Batman. If he wants to do another, he has earned it. They can wait and THEN change Batman. They don’t have to do it now. That is all I’m saying. We don’t need to shaft Nolan just because he doesn’t want his vision of the character in JLA and the Universe DC is attempting to create. Have some patience.

  5. @Jon

    Agreed, Jon, ol’ buddy. :D

    That said, I want a damn JLA film within the next 8 years. I don’t want to be taking my grandkids to see it. LOL. ;)

  6. Ha! I like your enthusiasm Kel. You’re alright in my book.

    Us comic book geeks have to stick together. :)

    I would like to see a JLA film too. But first, I want to see a Martian Manhunter film. Kel, you may appreciate this…

    They should use the storyline from the MM series in 98, featuring his brother Ma’alefa’ak. They could use it as a lead in to the Martian Manhunter joining the league, as they were a part of that storyline.

  7. Thanks, Jon. Same to you, bro. :D

    And that would be absolutely brilliant for a MM film. They could establish his home on Mars – what it was like before it was gone – that would be sweet. :) Grant Morrison is an awesome writer. I dig your idea, man. :D

    Checking out MovieGuys later. Expect more posts from me! :D

  8. Speaking of the Justice League, did you ever see the Justice League of America pilot film on CBS? Man was that a stinkfest!

  9. Yes! My God did that suck!! And they tried doing it without the original 7, even cut out the BIG 3. Of course it would fail lol.

    Hey, did you ever see the ’70s “Legends of the Superpowers” TV special? That was really sucky but kinda hilarious – Batman, played by Adam West, was staring at Huntress’ ass in a couple scenes, they didn’t cut it out so it was funny. :D

  10. Yeah man. It was real campy, I liked it. Adam West is awesome. That Batman show could’ve easily pissed me off, being a comic fan, but I couldn’t stop laughing at it. The best part? Romero’s Joker refused to shave his mustache, so they just put white facepaint over it.

    Bam! POW! ZIPEE!

  11. I know! Isn’t that funny about the mustache? He said the stache was what got him his first job in the hollywood biz and he could never shave it lol. :D

  12. Wow, Jon and Kel have highjacked this board. Haha. I’d love to see Bruce Timm and crew toss out some Justice League scripts, and maybe the solo films before that. They did such an awesome job with Justice League, and some episodes of Unlimited were like constant geek-gasms. Gotta say though, don’t need that much depth. I mean, who honestly cares about Vigilante and Mr. Terrific? Nobody, that’s who. And making Hawkgirl one of the founding members was retahded(Boston accent makes it less hurtful.) And lets keep it out of the realm of alien invasion as much as possible, we want to see Justice League, not Independence day meets superfriends. That would suck. Now the Question(I love Vic Sage, but he also doesn’t warrant an appearance in the first JLA film) is who should the first one feature? I’m saying Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern(which one?), Aquaman, Martian Manhunter. And if I had to pick a GL to help found the League, I’m gonna say Hal. Maybe have him pass the legacy to John Stewart after some giant crisis in the second film, like becoming Parallax. Thoughts, guys?

  13. I don’t care if Nolan say “not his version of Bats for the JLA”,just get that sucker out to the masses with a good story kick ass SFX and great acting.

  14. batman still could be used in JLA,remember ,there has been a batman since the 30′s and the heroe has been changed over the years nolans version is just an updated vision ,it’s the heroe that remains always.As for superman get him inspace to battle Darksied and his crew.People don’t remember but it was John Stewarts version of GL that saved the comic book

  15. im all for it. i hope all those movies get made. goyer really knows his work. david s. goyer directed blade trinity. i cant wait to see goyer direct another comic book movie. he’s been a great writer and producer for a lot of comic book films. he supported the blade franchise from the getgo. i hope he continues to support the blade franchise; rather in directing, writing, or producer. and also batman.

    i think goyer can get the job done. good luck david s. goyer.

  16. I say Warner Bros. should take the same approach as Marvel and have a number of DC comic heroes excist in the same universe. The heroe line up id like to see would be Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green lantern and Green Arrow. and maybe in the sequel add Aquaman and Hawkgirl just to have another Female hero. I like Huntthejest on possibly Hal Jordan passing the torch to John Stewart before he becomes Parallax. The villains id like to see in a Justice League film would be ethier Amanda Waller, CADMUS ETC. or the Crime Sydicate. To cover Doomsday and the death and return of Superman would be have to be long movie, or more than one movie to cover. Nothin like the animated version of the death of Superman. Heck, Warner Bros. should hire Bruce Timm and his team to make the films since they did an awesome job with their animated series.