Goyer doing “The Flash” next

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the flash Goyer doing The Flash nextFrom a number of unrelated news items last week I had already assumed Goyer was going to helm a movie about DC character “The Flash”, and it’s been confirmed that he’s going to write, produce, and direct. I hope the man isn’t biting off more than he can chew.

I read “The Flash” as a kid, and although his main claim to fame is that he can run really, REALLY fast, it was always a fun comic, and of course great at getting me to run down the street as fast as I could. icon smile Goyer doing The Flash next

Goyer has stated in prior interviews that he would probably use the Wally West version of Flash as opposed to Barry Allen. This does however conflict with the following comment by Goyer:

“I think the character of the Flash, who moves faster than the speed of light, opens itself up to rich cinematic and story ideas.” [emphasis added]

According to the comics, Barry Allen was able to run at the speed of light, but Wally West can only move at the speed of sound. My guess is that Goyer will use the West character but impart him with Allen’s powers.

After the disappointment of Blade: Trinity, I’m holding my breath as far as any upcoming Goyer-involved properties. If Batman Begins turns out to be great I’ll just consider Blade III an anomaly.

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  1. Another possibility is that Goyer can’t let himself be bothered with details, and he will unleash the David Goyer version of The Flash on the unsuspecting public.

    As far as I’m concerned, anything involving the writer of Death Warrant deserves to be taken with a lifetime grain of salt.


  2. I was going to say that he also wrote Dark City, which is one of the coolest movies ever, but I just checked IMDB and it seems he was one of three writers on the project.

    Sometimes I wonder how these guys are seen by fans as a hot writer or director when they’ve really only done one great thing. :confused:


  3. Oh, good point about Dark City. That movie rocked. I have found that whenever there are three or four writers credited with a script, it usually means that the first one or two writers submitted a script that the producer and/or director didn’t like.


  4. Keep in mind that Goyer isn’t directing Batman. Mr. Nolan (who just reeks of awsome-ness) is at the controls.

    Goyer just needs to stick to writing… I fear for Flash.

  5. John,

    I gotta tell ya, I wasn’t exactly impressed with the writing on the recent Blade movie.

    I’m depending more on Chris Nolan to deliver the goods with Batman Begins, than Goyer.


  6. I gotta agree with Vic.

    While I know Goyer means good(he is an actual comic book fan, at least from what Ive read), he still hasn’t been delivering as of late.

    I still say Kevin Smith should have written Daredevil. He wasn’t even offered a chance. Pity.


  7. I don’t follow particular writers (although I do buy comics) but I understand Goyer is the writer for comic books. I couldn’t tell you the titles.


  8. Ah, I didn’t know that.

    Which do you buy? (I used to be an AVID Green Lantern fan).


  9. I buy Iron Man, the Jim Lee Superman, and I got sucked into the recent Avengers Disassembled wallet-opener. :-)

    I’ve never been a big Green Lantern fan, but I’m also picking up the new miniseries re-introducing Hal Jordan to the role.


  10. Yea, I heard about that. Guess I too will have to drop some dough on that.

    I haven’t picked up Superman in a LONG time…how’s Lee(who just had a signing at Jay and Solent Bobs Secret Stash in LA, unfortunately I couldn’t go) doing with it?

  11. I like Lee’s artwork, so after “Hush” I followed him over to Superman. Azzarello’s writing style is a little too “film noire” for me, but I’m curious how the story will end up.

    As to “Green Lantern: Rebirth” if you’re GL fan you definitely need to pick it up!


  12. Very cool man, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

    By the way, MERRY CHRISMAS!


  13. Thanks Darron, and good luck finding copies. It’s up to issue #3.

    I suppose you could wait for the inevitable TPB. :P


  14. Y’know, that’s not a bad idea. I’ll probablly end up doing that, since the only decent comic book store I know of is, oh, an hour and a half away(augh).

    Thanks for the info.

  15. Wally West can indeed run faster than the speed of sound. Perhaps in the issues you read as a kid his powers were limited, but since then things have changed.

  16. Chris, when I read the comic as a kid The Flash was Barry Allen. :shock:

    Even if West can run faste than the speed of sound, there’s a huge difference between that and the speed of light. :D


  17. Actually the current flash, Wally West can run as fast as Barry ever could. I dont know exactly when he was able to run this fast but I know he can. I’ve been a comic fan for the majority of my life and read quite alot of comics. On the subject of Jim Lee/Azzarello’s Superman…the art is good but far to dark looking for Superman and the writing is completely off of the char of Superman. Superman does not see himself as a god like being who sees humans as below him. He doesnt want to force his will into all of humanitys conflict as the series seems to show him doing. Also the story doesnt make much sense and isnt really connected to the covers of each issue. The latest plot twist which revealed the enemy was pointless and didnt make sense seeing as that char is quite dead. Anyway I am waiting for Jim Lee’s Batman All Stars and Morrison/Quitlys(spelled wrong) Superman All Stars. Anyway this is getting lengthy so God speed all.

  18. J,

    Gotta say I agree with you on the current Superman run. I’ve continued to pick it up only because I keep hoping that at some point it will actually make sense, which so far, to me, it hasn’t at all.


  19. Wally has been moving at the spped of light since issue 100 of his current series (issue 220 just hit the stand, if you are not reading this book you are missing out) After the CRISIS back in 85 the gave the flash a top speed of slightly more than Mach 1 It was part of the lets make our heroes more real, but that top limit was pushed higher and higher until it was revealed that it was Wally’s fear of replacing Barry in the minds of people that subconsciencely limited his powers.

  20. oh Also Goyer is a co-writer on JSA and Starman, two books that have the utmost respect for the history of DC’s Golden Age characters. I think the lineage of the Flash is one of the most important and endearing things about the the character, and hope that they find a way to incorperate at least part of it

  21. David, thanks for the background on The Flash. Respect for the continuity of a character’s history: A concept that is COMPLETELY lost upon Marvel Comics. :-(


  22. Are They going Through With The movie or What? I have not herd anyhitng new lately. :-( So If anyone has herd anyhitng PLease Tell Me!

  23. Sorry Ben, it’s still in development limbo as far as I know. I only know that Goyer is still supposedly set to direct and that Ryan Reynolds is still interested in doing the role.