‘Gotham’ Season 1 to Feature Hugo Strange & Harvey Dent

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Gotham to feature Hugo Strange and Harvey Dent Gotham Season 1 to Feature Hugo Strange & Harvey Dent

Whether or not Batman accidentally managed to make crime in Gotham City even worse than it was before he came along is an oft-debated question in comic book circles. With that in mind, Fox’s upcoming prequel show Gotham could potentially clear Bruce Wayne’s name a little by showing that Gotham City wasn’t exactly the loveliest place to live even before he came along.

Between gangsters like Fish Mooney, budding supervillains like Penguin and corrupt police officers like Jim Gordon’s partner, Harvey Bullock, Gotham City certainly looks like quite a mess from what we’ve seen in the trailers for Gotham so far. Younger versions of Poison Ivy, Riddler and Catwoman will also appear in the pilot episode, and director Danny Cannon has said that he already has a great pitch for Mr Freeze’s inclusion in the show.

Season 1 of Gotham may end up creaking under the weight of all its classic Batman villains, as two new additions to the cast have now been revealed. Speaking in an interview with IGN, Gotham‘s executive producer and showrunner Bruno Heller said that season 1 of the show will feature not just one but two high-profile troublemakers: Hugo Strange and Harvey Dent. Not only that, but Strange’s involvement means that audience will get to see Arkham Asylum’s background.

“Hugo Strange is going to pop up because we’re going to start dealing with how Arkham was created and why Arkham was created in the way that it was so, yeah, absolutely. It’s a season 1 thing because in our telling of it the way Arkham was created and the why and how is one of the causes of the particular criminal climate in Gotham that allowed Batman to happen. The revolving door of Arkham is both a brilliant narrative device because it allows you to — you don’t have to kill people off, you can just put them in cold storage — but if you’re telling the story from the start you kind of have to explain, ‘What the f***? Why don’t you make that place a place people don’t escape from?’ We’re going to explain why it is the way it is and Hugo Strange is a big part of that.”

Gotham Trailer The Good The Bad The Beginning Welcome Home Gotham Season 1 to Feature Hugo Strange & Harvey Dent

Arkham Asylum got a pretty thorough exploration in Rocksteady Studios’ 2009 video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, in which players take on the role of Batman and are forced to battle their way through the psychiatric hospital as Joker and the rest of its unhinged residents take over. It will be interesting to see whether Strange first appears as a staff member of Arkham Asylum or an inmate – though since this is a prequel, the former seems more likely.

Don’t be surprised if Gotham remixes Strange’s comic book origins, since Harvey Dent will be getting his own timeline reshuffled. Heller explains that, “We’re playing Harvey Dent slightly older. He’s more Gordon’s age in this telling.” In the comics, Harvey becomes district attorney in his mid-twenties, which would make him around the same age as Bruce Wayne in the show. If he’s the same age as Jim then he may already have become DA well before Batman appeared on the scene, or perhaps he’ll simply be a lowly paper-pusher at Gotham City Hall.

If these character reveals left you hungry for more information about Gotham, be sure to stay glued to Screen Rant this week as we bring you coverage of all the upcoming DC comics-based shows appearing at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, including The Flash and Constantine.

Gotham will premiere on Fox on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: IGN

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  1. half of batman’s villains are gonna be walking with canes by the time he suits up

    • ^^^^ahahahahahahaha

    • Don’t Penguin and Riddler have walking sticks/canes ?

      • lol. true. but this time it’ll be more for health reasons that stylistic choice!

        • I doubt they are thinking this show will go that long, but if Bruce Wayne comes of age and becomes Batman they can have him go up against the Expendables version of some of his arch-villains.

  2. This show is making me so nervous. I haven’t heard a single Falcone or Maroni mentioned and that’s the stuff that would be the coolest. Spin the super criminals off of the organized crime.

    It’s like they don’t have any faith in the show so they’re just putting it all out there season 1.

    • Well it is Fox.

    • There’s a viral site for the Gotham Chronicle now teasing the SDCC panel Gotham’s producers are doing that mentions the more known crime families. Can’t remember if it’s a Carmine or Falcone but they acknowledge their existence at least.

      • Isn’t Carmine Falcone one person?

  3. Why would they even touch the Harvey Dent story? It was WELL covered by The Dark Knight. These should all be leading up to Batman Begins, seems stupid to cover back stories that have already been taken care of by the superior films. I get Catwoman to a point, but this is A LOT of shoe-horning, a practice that George Lucas made us all hate remember?

    • Except the Nolan trilogy is as standalone and unconnected to DC TV shows and films as this show is.

      Also, I think a few people are still hoping for Dent’s original “acid in the face during court” origin.

    • in most continuities isn’t Harvey Dent around Bruce’s age? they are pretty chummy when harvey becomes a rising star in the gotham courts.

      if they absolutely must do Harvey then have him be a scrappy young legal aid

    • The more news that comes out of this show the more nervous I get. I don’t mind redoing Harvey’s orgins storyline but part of Harvey’s deal and connection with Bruce/Batman is that they are around the same age. I can understand the Penguin being older and I can even understand the Riddler being a little older but with news about the Joker being mentioned in S1 or at least teased about made me uneasy. If they are introducing new origin storys then come out and say the only connection to the source material will be the origins and nothing else. Like Marvel and AOS, I get the same type of feeling with this show. Hopefully they surprise me like they did with Sleepy Hollow and just knock it out of the ballpark.

  4. Strange is one Batman’s earliest enemies( And actually might be Bat’s first archenemy). I still feel it was missed opportunity for Dark Knight Rises to use him. I think he’s a fascinating, underrated villain that most certainly deserves a cinematic debut if the time comes for Bat’s to be rebooted.

  5. 1. Where is the connection the dark night trilogy
    2. Where is the connection to the dc cinematic universe
    3. Or the connection to the first four batman films
    4. Is there even a connection to arrow,flash, constatine???

    Geoff johns ” no because we dont have any confidence
    That these movies and shows will be successful but
    We want you to emotionally waste your time on them until
    We can figure out what are next step is”.

    • Why should they connect to each other like that?

      It’s not a lack of confidence or ideas, it’s actually giving MORE creative freedom and not tying a show’s writers down with continuity to another show or an existing film.

    • Or maybe, just maybe, no because we don’t want one to be creatively hamstrung by the other. Hmmm what a novel idea. Marvel has seriously skewed many of you all’s perceptions smh. All that movie-verse connecting to the TV-verse is overrated. Creative freedom > shackling a creative team to a singular vision.

      • The pro to connecting at least arrow and flash to the movies is that you save on casting new people. You can connect them to the bigger universe as needed. think about this… if you make a new Arrow in the movie universe are we really going to sit through another origin story? what would be the point when the show took care of that? same thing for flash. Connecting universes would be an opportunity to gauge interest in certain characters without dedicating entire movies to them or shoehorning them into a movie cameo as well as eliminate the need for many origin stories. as much as we all like Nightwing the odds of him showing up in a Batman movie are slim. just like we’ll probably never see a red hood.

        The con is you get agents of shield… if agents of shield was not connected to the Marvel cinematic universe I think that we would have gotten a much different and probably better show…

        Agents had to suffer through like 11-12 episodes before the writing picked up. That was because they had been waiting on captain america to come out. once cap dropped they were able to really show what they had but even after that you still had some bland characters who would probably be totally different or not exist in a non marvel CU show.

        • Save on casting new people? I don’t think you understand how casting works… if a movie is successful and they bring an actor back for a sequel, the actor usually has the leverage to ask for more. It’s actually cheaper to bring in a newer, relatively unknown actor to fill a role.

          Also, not every character needs to have an origin story. They’re introducing Batman and Wonder Woman in the next Superman movie. Rumours also say they’re going to have a Green Lantern and Flash team-up movie.

          The advantage of not having everything connected is that you can establish the origins in one setting, and explore different plots in another setting. Sort of like how Eric Bana’s Hulk isn’t officially considered part of Marvel’s shared cinematic universe, but is still consistent with every iteration of Hulk after that.


      • THANK YOU!

        It’s getting really annoying to hear people ask, “Why aren’t these things connected?”

        Because they don’t need to be!

    • DC has been using this type of retcon back story theme since Smallville, why is the direction they are taking with Gotham so shocking to people?

  6. Why do people constantly dwell on Nolan’s TDK trilogy? It’s a stand-alone.

    • Probably new to the characters and don’t understand the concept of separation. They’d probably be confused about the continuity in the comics where Bruce and Martha Wayne died and Thomas survived to become Batman.

  7. Both Penguin and Riddle tended depend more on mooks to fight Batman rather then doing it themselves. They where more of the intellectual challenge to Batman then physical one he had to get in to fist fights with.

  8. What about HUSH, they were childhood friends, and he’s a big part of Bruce tactical thinking.

    • I would like to see Hush in the big screen. Since Gotham is years before Bruce ever become Batman, I think it would be nice if they mention or perhaps have Thomas Elliot appear in the show.

  9. The show’s episodes will be shown out of order i guess !

  10. I still can’t get my head around having no Batman in it?? Is it because he’s just to big to be in a TV show? The only thing we see of him is when he pulls on the cowl at the end of the final episode, I’m sorry but that sucks! Is it too much to ask for a Batman TV show or what, so we get a show about Gothem city with no Bat in it, they better not use the Joker, now that would be dumb..

    • i know. they don’t care to have X many versions of all their other characters, but DC only wants 1 batman or superman at a time. makes a lot of sense. not.

    • OR MAYBE

      Some people actually think that exploring the origins of some of Gotham’s most notorious villains might actually be an enjoyable and entertaining show in and of itself.


      Seeing what these characters were like before they transformed into villains might actually be interesting, and add a layer of depth and complexity to these characters that have never been explored before. Not even in the comic books.


      The creators of this show are actually trying to be original. Instead of showing the exact same thing that audiences have seen an uncountable number of times before.


      The creators are actually are trying to be creative, instead of trying to indulge fan boys fantasies in order to produce a buck.


      People should be a little more open minded about something they’ve never seen before, something that no one’s ever done before, than be upset about being served something different that they’re not used to.


      You should watch the first few episodes before you judge whether or not the show will suck, just because it doesn’t have Batman in it.

  11. Harvey Dent, can we trust him??

  12. Why not do a show where the opening show is about bruce wayne becomming batman and as time goes on you see the evelotion of batman and his characters. I would much ratther have that then never seeing batman

    • That would be an amazing show, but I also have a lot of hope in this show and I’m looking forward to where it’s going. I believe it can definitely be a good show.

  13. Smh might as well introduce Thomas Wayne as the Batman and we find out this is an alternate universe where his father is Batman that’d be amaze-balls

  14. I am just happy that we have all of these new shows coming out. Everything does not need to be connected – shoot even the comics are not connected all the time using the same characters.

    Content and creativity works for me. Let each have their own vision.

    • Agreed! I bet a lot fans of the movies and TV shows probably aren’t even aware of the regular discontinuities in the comic books.

      And yes! Creativity is key! Do something different and original. Most people don’t like the idea of a show with no Bat in it because they’re uncomfortable with something they’re not used to.

  15. Hugo Strange’s inclusion seems fine to me, as he could play a role like the one in Young Justice, but Harvey Dent, slightly older is okay, but as it is implied that he is not, I’m a little bit disappointed.

  16. Isn’t that Jeremiah Arkham’s role? Or Dr. Crane/Scarecrow from the Nolan films? I wouldn’t mind having Hugo Strange as a mentor-figure for a young Jonathan Crane, whose entire childhood was filled with traumatizing bullying.

  17. you never know truly though after season 1 for all we know it could get skipped 10 years and they could cast a new batman & just age everyone else up a bit with make up .. VERY doubtful but just a idea if they ended up getting bored with a young batman .. and also … flash & constantine are both leaked online … both of them kinda suck … i know this wont .. does anyone know if gotham has leaked online .. not even uh… there deff more careful with this project prolly

  18. I am looking forward to the series. Too learn a little about how young Bruce Wayne grew up before becoming batman and what kind of cop Gordon was in his early days will be very interesting. Then you have all these villain who are not so evil yet.