‘Gotham’ TV Series Synopsis, Logo, & New Story Details Revealed

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Gotham TV Show Fox Logo Gotham TV Series Synopsis, Logo, & New Story Details Revealed

It’s been one week since Gotham announced the casting of its young Bruce Wayne (and Selina Kyle) – leaving Bat-fans to speculate on how big a role the pre-Caped Crusader will play in FOX’s prequel storyline. The topic was a major point of contention on this week’s Screen Rant Underground podcast – where we debated whether or not young Master Wayne (played by David Mazouz) will eventually steal the series’ spotlight from main protagonist Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie).

Gotham has been pitched as an origin tale for the city’s iconic villains and do-good coppers – not a “Batman story.” As a result, certain fans expect Bruce Wayne’s involvement to be minor – while others believe that we’ll see a much more hands-on version of the teenage billionaire (especially as he gets older and stronger in future seasons). Of course, the show doesn’t premiere until fall 2014 – meaning potential viewers will have to wait awhile for answers. In the meantime, Fox has released a lengthy synopsis that provides a glimpse at what we can expect – as well as how the characters of Gordon and Wayne will be utilized.

Check out the official logo for Gotham below (click to enlarge):

Gotham TV Show Logo 570x157 Gotham TV Series Synopsis, Logo, & New Story Details Revealed

The synopsis is lengthy, so we’ve pulled out key highlights for those that are still getting up to speed on Gotham news – as well as anyone who just doesn’t want to read the entire thing.

Check out the highlights below followed by our analysis of what the new story details could mean for Gotham (or simply click to the second page of this post to read the full synopsis).

  • Gotham is an “origin story of the great DC Comics super villains and vigilantes” – and the plot synopsis confirms the show plans to cover the “circumstances” that create Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face and The Joker 
  • Gordon’s father used to serve Gotham as District Attorney – and the rookie detective, who is engaged to Barbara Kean, “hopes to restore the city back to the pure version he remembers it was as a kid.
  • Partnered with the “brash, but shrewd police legend” Harvey Bullock – Gordon is assigned to investigate the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. In the process, Gordon meets the sole survivor: Bruce Wayne.
  • Bruce Wayne is described as a hauntingly intense twelve-year-old son – toward whom Gordon feels an “inexplicable kinship.”
  • Following Gordon as he rises through the ranks at the GCPD, Gotham will also “focus on the unlikely friendship Gordon forms with the young heir to the Wayne fortune.” Additionally, the plot synopsis suggests the show will chronicle “the birth of one of the most popular super heroes of our time.

While the Penguin and Catwoman have been cast already, it’s interesting to see the synopsis outright name drop Riddler, Joker and Two-Face as potential inclusions so early in the process. Obviously, Gotham is a prequel series, meaning that the show could incorporate both mainline Bat-baddies – by depicting the men they were before transforming into full-on super villains. Previously, we heard insider reports suggesting the Joker and the Riddler would be featured at some point in the show; yet, this is the first official news we’re hearing of Two-Face. Still, a storyline involving a youthful Harvey Dent who works with Gordon to lock-up criminals (prior to becoming one himself) is rife with potential.

Gotham TV Show Series Villains Joker Young Bruce Wayne Gotham TV Series Synopsis, Logo, & New Story Details Revealed

Since the Joker was intentionally depicted as a force-of-nature (without a concrete origin) in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight – fans will likely enjoy an opportunity to explore an alternate take on the character’s backstory. Though, whoever is cast in the role will understandably have enormous shoes to fill. The Riddler would also be a perfect fit for a season-long arc – as Gordon and the GCPD race through a series of clues to prevent murders and similar devastation.

That said, fans will likely have to wait awhile before either of the future villains are featured as series regulars – since Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and gang boss Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) are supposed to take center stage in season one.

As far as what to expect from young Bruce Wayne, the synopsis makes one thing very clear – the future Caped Crusader will be a major part of the show (as opposed to essential window dressing). Between asserting that Gordon “feels an inexplicable kinship” toward Bruce and the claim that Gothamchronicles the birth of one of the most popular super heroes of our time,” it sounds as though there’s a good chance that the Wayne heir might eventually get his hands bloody – and won’t simply be sitting on the sideline for the entire series.

Gotham TV Show Bruce Wayne Actors Gotham TV Series Synopsis, Logo, & New Story Details Revealed

If Bruce is a major part of the series, the Gotham showrunners will need to be evolving his character along with Gordon. This isn’t to say that Mazouz will ever appear as “Batman” but it’s easy to imagine that after three or four seasons Bruce (along with his mischievous pal Selina Kyle) could take to the streets at night in naive attempts at fighting crime.

After all, Bruce doesn’t just become Batman overnight, his acceptance of the cape and cowl come after years of angry brooding, mistakes, and failed attempts at avenging the death of his parents.


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Gotham is in development and expected to premiere on FOX in Fall 2014.

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  1. I hope they go the Earth One route with Harvey Bullock. That was so interesting to see a younger version of him.

    • Loved Earth One’s Harvey Bullock, Bruce Wayne/Batman not so much because I really don’t care about him in that story. This show have potential but it probably won’t last.

      • The ratings were amazing. I am sure it will last. Remember, most people viewing will never have read any comic books at all, so it really doesn’t matter how it fits with them.

    • They will go a completely original route with everything. Its not going to be like the comic books at all. There was a fairly interesting interview with Bruno Heller about that. Thats really best. Comic book story lines are seldom very good. Great characters, but bad plot lines.

  2. What’s that airship doing there?

    • Trying to subconsciously win over fans of The Animated Series, I guess?

    • In the larger image, multiple airships can be seen. So my guess is maybe they are going the route of FOX’s Batman the Animated Series. In that show, the GCPD flew around in airships.

      Just my guess.

      • Never saw the animated series. Thanks for the info

        • Wait, you’ve NEVER seen B:TAS? Just honestly curious, as it’s one of the greatest cartoons of the 1990’s.

  3. How can FOX doing this, if WB has the rights ?

    • They purchased the rights at an auction for quite the price!

      FOX also owns Marvel properties so there.

    • From what I’ve gathered, WB still owns the rights, but it’ll be broadcast in FOX.

      • Yeah, they brought the TV rights most likely not the actual character. Good thinking

  4. A phenomenal synopsis. I am hoping that this Netflix Series is grasped in a film-noir style, similar towards that of ‘Sin City’, which always reminded me of Gotham. If not, maybe introduce a 10-20 minute short film in the beginning of the Batman/Superman movie of the Caped Crusader kicking ass in film noir to introduce the new spectacle that is Batman into this DC Universe.

    • This isn’t a netflix series. It will air on FOX

  5. So this is the NEW Smallville. Let’s be real this sounds like smallville, smells like smallville and for all intensive purposes will be just like smallville. 1.Smallville : Gotham
    2. Young Bruce pre batman : Young Clark pre superman
    3. Villain early days origins : Villain early days origins.
    Bruce puts on the cape for the 1st time finale episode of season 8. If it lasts that long.

    • I don’t think there was ever a period of time where Superman was this young for this long and this show focuses on a different central character.

    • The big difference is that Gotham will focus on James Gordon while Smallville is all about Clark Kent becoming Superman. You do get Bruce Wayne in the show, him on the path of heroism he’ll be, but James Gordon is the star of the show. Also Gotham is on FOX and not The CW where you have that type of drama like Smallville was. Gotham might have that mixture of The Following and Almost Human. The dark atmosphere like The Following, the crime drama and yet the dynamic relationship between two cops like Almost Human.

    • Intensive Purposes?

      Intensive Purposes?

      You are WRONG
      Intents AND Purposes!

      Kofi Outlaw, On a Daily Basis, I find so many spelling errors and grammar mistakes on this site. As you can see by the comment from our friend, “Death the sladestroke,” the English language is at the mercy of the internet.

      PLEASE make sure your writers are proofreading their work before anything is submitted!

      • Um, your name should be spelled “Easy”.

        I say this in jest, FYI…

        • classic :)

  6. Story idea! Young Gordon becomes friends with young Harvey Dent. Smallville repeat?

  7. Cant wait to see how they do the joker origin thats gonna be pretty interesting

  8. Nice synopsis. And i love how the Gotham city skyline silhouette is shaped like the Batman symbol.

  9. The Joker’s origin better be that he has no origin.

    • If he’s going to have a past, he prefers it to be multiple choice.

  10. Young Bruce has Walking Dead Carl development written all over it lol

  11. I can tell this show is gonna be a hit. The Marvel Agents of SHIELD was very dull, but I think Gotham is gonna be very original especially with all of the new origin stories. I’m very excited to here more news on this!

    Twitter: @tylerattacks

  12. Wait… so they want to include Joker in this series? Then by the time Bruce matured and become Batman, Joker is an old man. Maybe in later season (if this gets past Season 3) and teenage Bruce is getting ready to leave Gotham, right?

  13. I hope they also include Ivy’s origin.

  14. I don’t like this one bit. This series will clash with the new Batman rebooted film series.

    • And what film series would that be?

    • It’s been said that Gotham won’t be connected to Affleck’s Batman.

    • I didn’t think there was any confusion between Smallville and Superman Returns, how would this be any different?

  15. Looks good, I went from being hopeful to excited. Someone mentioned the Airships from batman TAS in the logo, interesting to note that Police never used Airships in real life; however airships are used starting in the very first episode of Batman: TAS and it’s spiritual successor Arkham City

  16. After reading the synopsis and seeing the logo I am really looking forward to this show, I just hope that they keep a dark and serious tone to the show.

  17. Hey guys, do you think Arrow and Gotham will have crossovers?

    • Not gonna happen. The biggest reason is that Gotham is set in the past, before Arrow and Flash’s timeline. Especially when you see villains like Harley Quinn popping up in Arrow. You have to believe that there is/was a Joker, thus already a Batman.

  18. This can be really good assuming they execute it right. I’ll definitely be tuning in…

  19. A show about Gotham without that pesky Batman. Brilliant!!!

    • I often make grilled cheese sandwiches without cheese.

  20. If they introduce Thomas Elliot and/or The Court of Owls I’ll be hooked until either the show crashes and burns or Fox cancels it.

  21. I absolutely LOVED Gotham. The only thing that didn’t click for me was how much they were trying to make thePenguin special. He didn’t impress me that much. The young Selina Kyle really was riveting even with no lines. Gordon was great and so was the young Bruce. Can’t wait for more.

  22. I have a question. Gotham is supposed to be when Batman is young. Why was Detective James Gordon using a cell phone when everyone else is using a pay phone or land line? Let’s keep it true to the time period. thanks

  23. When is this happening? looks to be in the past, then you see someone using a cellphone.