Fox Reveals ‘Gotham’ Penguin Image – Does He Look Too Much Like Doctor Who?

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New Gotham TV Show Penguin Image Fox Reveals Gotham Penguin Image   Does He Look Too Much Like Doctor Who?

Since Fox’s upcoming TV show Gotham – which could just have easily been titled “Before Batman” – started pre-production, we’ve seen part of a leaked script (if it was real), a synopsis, and three official images (of Harvey Bullock, Selina Kyle, and Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth). All three images were fairly well-received for having accurately captured their comic book counterparts, more or less.

Now we’ve got a new image, this time of a Batman villain: Oswald Cobblepot (played by Robin Taylor), a.k.a. the man who is destined to become The Penguin. This will be the first time we’ve seen a live-action version of the character since Danny DeVito’s portrayal in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992).

Check out the full image of Gotham‘s Oswald Cobblepot below:


Penguin in Gotham TV show Poster 570x926 Fox Reveals Gotham Penguin Image   Does He Look Too Much Like Doctor Who?
The biggest difference between this Penguin and the more common depiction of the character – onscreen and off – is his size. While Penguin is typically depicted as a squat, rotund gentlemen (not unlike a penguin), the Gotham version of the character is obviously very skinny. In fact, he looks a whole heck of a lot like Matthew Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, what with his funky hair, pale complexion, and dark red bow-tie.

Which begs the question – does he look too much like the Eleventh Doctor? The Penguin of the comics, the cartoons, and even Batman Returns is/was occasionally a very silly character, but there was always a sort of weirdness there that justified it. Can the same be said of the Penguin in the above image? Or does he just look plain goofy?

Doctor Who vs Penguin in Gotham Fox Reveals Gotham Penguin Image   Does He Look Too Much Like Doctor Who?

Of course, one presumes that the point of this TV show is to show us these iconic characters before they became the villains, heroes, or anti-heroes that we’re more familiar with. Maybe this version of the Penguin will have his heart broken at some point in the series, which will lead to him pigging out on ice cream for months on end and eventually gaining too much weight. There could be a whole character arc about how Oswald Cobblepot got out of shape.

Besides that, the image above does seem a bit more shoddy in the Photoshop department than what we’ve seen before. While the previously released images gave us (nearly) full shots of the characters, this one is a much-too-blurry close-up, which makes it seem like maybe it was quickly thrown together. Or perhaps there’s a full version somewhere on the verge of being released.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Do you like this new look for Penguin? Drop us a line in the comments.


Gotham is in development and expected to premiere in the Fall of 2014 on FOX.

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  1. Good suiter, Maybe he has some kinda accident along the way, One in which dis-figures his face and body, Making him ugly (Think Danny Devito, Penguin ugly) and obese from all the lying around and recouperating. I think it will be a good interpretation of an iconic batman villain. The joker is the villain everybody is waiting for. BRING IT ON!

    • God this is so LAME! Cannot wait to see this fail.

      • Why comment if you don’t like, or are not looking forward to seeing the show? Doubt you could do much better, Couch warrior is all you are buddy. Nothing more, Nothing less

      • @Sam I guess your those kind of people who hated something you aren’t pleased with and wanted it to fail for own amusement.

        • Some men just want to watch the world burn.

        • Yea Sam! How dare you have your own opinions that aren’t everyone else’s? You, sir, are a god-damned monster.

          • It’s not his opinion…it’s the obnoxious, trollish EXPRESSION of that opinion. THAT should have been fairly simple to realize.

            • And one COULD argue that your reply right THERE was also TROLLISH.

              I really enjoy how people pounce on other people on this site for being negative, not realizing that they are effectually becoming bullies in their own right.

              I agree with Sam. This show seems half-cocked and implausible (even for a comic book show). How is there a Joker without a Batman? Why is Selina Kyle even in the show? Why on earth would a child Bruce Wayne be in more than one or two episodes of this pile of garbage? He’s not Batman yet, he’s not a cop, he IS thirteen years old. I hope this show fails so badly that it will be a cautionary tale for all networks to never attempt something so stupid ever again.

              • Actually, no one (at least, no one with an IQ above that of a watermelon) could successfully argue that. “Trolling” is divisive and negative in both its denotation and connotation. Sam was, indeed, being such. YOU, in your response to me, are being such. I, on the other hand, simply pointed out his (and, now, YOUR) trollishness. Agree with him if you wish…that is your right. I’m sure others agree with him, as well. People do not have to like the same things. They SHOULD, however, attempt to express their opinions without sounding like jackanapes. Sam simply did NOT.

                Think better about your next crusade…

              • And yet my statement still implies. It’s alright to have an opinion, but it just annoys me that a few say, “I hope this fails” like you have said. Why?
                I’ll tell you why and I said it before, you aren’t pleased with it and you wanted it to fail for your own amusement.

              • It’s quite ironic you call yourself Logic when yours or quite flawed

                • Quick everyone, his opinion is different! Get’em!

                  • There is a very big difference between “not liking a thing” and “wishing for its destruction.”

                    There are many shows/movies/music/etc that I don’t like. I do not actively wish for them to fail. Not liking a piece of media is an opinion. Eradicating it BECAUSE you don’t like it is NOT an opinion. It’s destructive censorship.

                    No one is jumping on you for not liking something they like. They are jumping on you because you are being willfully destructive towards something that is doing you no harm whatsoever. It’s not the difference of opinion that makes it trollish. It’s the manner in which that opinion is displayed.

                    If you’d like to have a CONstructive discussion on why the show is terrible, I’m sure any one of the commentors here will take you up on it, respectfully, without resorting to attacks because of your opinion.

                    • But it is doing him harm. It’s threatening a character / story that he loves. When outsiders who don’t understand what makes an idea good take control of it, and enough people like the idea, it has the potential to destroy the original idea forever. A tall skinny penguin, indeed.

                      You have a good point when it comes to constructive criticism. I have my doubts about whether or not people here would respond well to that either, however. It’s the nature of the Internet and modern “debate”.

  2. If you’ve seen shots of Robin Taylor Lord’s stage work, he isn’t skinny – he’s not just buff but quite thickset, almost like a rugby player. Suits the role too – no crime lord wants an obese enforcer.

  3. And yet still no photo of James Gordon?
    Interested to see how Oswald plays out in the show. I’m kind of worried about The Joker. I like The Joker to have no origin and he at times gives off different stories from his “past”.

    • Hey Deathstroke, They released a photo of Benjiman Mackenzie aka Gordon a while back, Just no photo of how he may look in the show itself.

      • Yeah, I looked it up and it’s just him on set filming a scene.

        • I suspect Gordon will be the last or second to last image released (i.e. before Bruce).

  4. I think he looks like Pee-Wee Herman, not Doctor Who.

  5. Eh, not all penguins are fat and like many people stated the character is still young who knows what is going to happen with him.

    And I guess this means this guy won’t show up on the Walking Dead again anytime soon either, unless it is just a quick cameo.

  6. he actually looks like a friggin penguin

  7. More like Big Bird than Penguin to me. Atleast it’s only a tv show.

  8. They both look like skinny white guys with bad haircuts. Other than that, I don’t really see the similarities. They should add a little prosthetics and padding to his costume each season – he gets bigger as he moves up in the organization until he’s in charge and looks as big as the Penguin is in the books.

  9. I thought it was Tom Hardy at first glance.

    • Either I missed some sort of off beat sarcasm, or you don’t know who Tom Hardy is.

      • Or at quick glance I thought it was Tom Hardy? I never said they were twins… but:

        There’s certainly some facial similarities when they’re smiling.

        • Visual Impairment Much?

          • Now I know why I don’t typically post here. Tools like you.

            • I see it, actually. Give Hardy a shave and they could easily be brothers.

            • Different nose and I too can also see it.

  10. Why get off your lazy butts and be creative when you can take succesful genres like Batman and Indiana Jones and suck every bit of blood out of them? I speak of all the “reboots” to which we are now being subjected. I am 85 years old and I was around for the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was glorious. In those days we had screenwriters instead of bordeline plagiarists. We had original storylines and true drama on our silver screens. Today, Hollywood has gone from a dream factory to a comic book vendor. It’s pretty sad when the only access to true, creative cinema we have is through Netflix.

    • …or you could just stick to the topic at hand and step off of your (bizarre) soapbox.

    • In a way I agree with you because it seems like Hollywood just wants to regurgitate the same old stuff over and over again. It seems as if no one can really make something new, a lot of it seems to just be remade.

      The thing however is that I’m looking at this show and I think this is something new. Maybe it’s old characters, but this show seems to be taking those characters and putting them in a different light. Sure we have Bruce Wayne, Selena Kyle, and Oswald Cobblepot, but they will not be Batman, Catwoman, and the Penguin. They will be kids. Selena will probably be a poor kid who steals and Oswald will probably be kid who is ridiculed endlessly by kids at school. Now I’m no where near 85 years old, but I can’t remember ever seeing this concept done before and I think it would be interesting to see how they treat these characters and what led them to become who they would later on become.

  11. I think he looks different enough to play a younger version of the penguin and not be confused with Doctor #11.

  12. The show’s greatest foe will be: “itself”

    Intended just to make money and mesmerize those who want to be deceived.

  13. Why not be creative with this? What happened to make-up and prosthetic? Come on people need to do their job and DESIGN something for once. This is so bland I wouldn’t have said, “Oh look the Penguin!” If this wasn’t released before the show. Like if they showed him, and didn’t announce his name, I would have never known…pretty sad.

  14. really? what in the blue hell does Doctor WHo have to do with this show? “Does he look too much like doctor who?” That is the stupidest question you could ask. First off all, they bare only a slight resemblance, and Secondly, the whole question is irrelevant, because we should be talking about The penguin and the shows interesting, but not strange, take on the character. Not comparing him to doctor who in the looks department. Ugh. lately i have seriously been considering another movie news site, which is sad as i have been getting all my news here for years. I didn’t want to complain and rant like some miserable troll, but it bothered me so much i couldn’t ignore it.

  15. Honestly I dont know if this show will work I mean i would like it to but not a whole lot of people are gonna watch a show thats before Batman even wears his cape or cowl honestly the new Flash and Constantine tv shows stand a better chance but who knows maybe this show will do good I hope

  16. lmao i dont know about any of you but all the casting is perfect and is STRONG if i may add although i hear fox is notorious for canceling good shows .. keep in mind its part of the DC frannchise so that may be more of a wake up for them to chill onthat.. however its more about story thats goona keep this show together nothing to worry about cast wise i dont find

  17. They did change the Penguin’s appearance later in the comics, making him less obese. So, this series could be based off of that. I did fall asleep watching last night’s episode of Gotham though, this series needs to be a LOT more exciting. There doesn’t seem to be a major focal point in the show, they’re all over the place. This show has a ton of potential, but it needs some intensity, and eyedropping scenes.

  18. Once you’ve seen this guy play his character it’s pretty obvious that he fits the role, whether or not he looks like the Eleventh Doctor or not.

  19. I wonder if the people, who commented negatively here, are eating crow right now? He’s easily one of the best new characters on TV.

  20. I see nothing wrong with the way the penguin looks, he really skinny but he’s very young and that is what he is, because the show is about Gotham police detective Gordon, before he becomes the city’s police commissioner. Before batman started fighting bad guys and Robin became his partner in crime. This is before the Riddler became batman’s nemesis and Cat woman became a villain. Before two face/Harvey Kent facial change due to an acid explosion. Harvey turns into a villain.

    • I like the guy as penguin, because he’s very sneaky and sly, very conniving and very manipulative, which is not an unusual characteristic for a villain like the penguin is how he got into the criminal business in the first place.

  21. He is great on Gotham! And for all the people saying “he’s not fat or ugly!” Gotham portrays the characters in a different way than other media has before, get over it!