‘Gotham’ TV Series Casting 10-Year-Old Bruce Wayne

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Young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins Gotham TV Series Casting 10 Year Old Bruce Wayne

While DC and Warner Bros. have been a bit slow to the gate in establishing their Cinematic Universe when compared to their rivals over at Marvel, their television universe via the CW’s Arrow series is in full flourish, while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is only just finding its voice. Thus, when the news first broke about a series set in a pre-Batman Gotham City, it seemed like an inspired way for DC to expand their small-screen universe, but not in the way fans were expecting.

Originally thought to be based on the Gotham Central run of comics, the show now known as Gotham was picked up by Fox after a bidding war broke out over the rights to air the Warner Bros. show. All we previously knew was that Gotham would focus on Commissioner James Gordon as a young officer, and provide origin stories for Gordon and presumably a whole host of other characters in Batman’s rogues gallery of villains. Now, we know a bit more about what could be one of the series’ over-arcing plots.

A listing on TV Show Auditions for the Gotham series includes a casting call for a 10-year-old Bruce Wayne, who will be a series regular. The site also informs us that the show has been “under development for a year,” with shooting to begin in March 2014, and provides a series through-line which directly involves young Master Wayne. Namely, that it “will center on Gotham City PD rookie detective James Gordon who investigates the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.”

Arkham City Bat Signal Gotham TV Series Casting 10 Year Old Bruce Wayne

This event – as any halfway casual Batman fan knows – had a profound lasting effect on Bruce Wayne, eventually inspiring him to train himself to a mental and physical peak and don a terrifying costume in order to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals and corrupt of Gotham City. If the plot described above is at all accurate, it could mean that as Gordon investigates the murder, he experiences a character arc parallel to Bruce Wayne’s, learning firsthand how lawless Gotham is and resolving in his own way to change things.

At least that’s how the plot generally goes in a lot of the Batman-Gordon origin stories, with the most recent being the storyline of this year’s video game Batman: Arkham Origins, which quite effectively puts Batman and Gordon at odds with each other. Casting a young Bruce Wayne on this series leads to the question of how many younger versions of other well-known characters we may see. Bruce’s butler/surrogate father Alfred Pennyworth seems like the most natural bet, along with (maybe) some of Gordon’s GCPD mainstays like Harvey Bullock or Gordon’s usual predecessor Commissioner Loeb – it’s also an even bet that we’ll see some of the Bat’s future enemies in their pre-super-villain form, such as Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) or Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze), and maybe even a young Harvey Dent (Two-Face).

The question of whether or not Gotham could cross-over with Arrow or the planned series based on Barry Allen AKA The Flash remains unanswered, but doesn’t seem likely, given the different networks and timelines involved. With DC and Warner Bros. making aggressive strides toward dominating the super-hero movie conversation by casting the new Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman, it feels increasingly unlikely that the small-screen and big-screen DC continuities will ever cross-over.

What about you, Screen Ranters? Are you interested in seeing a small-screen exploration of Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne’s origins, even if it means never crossing over to the big-screen?


Gotham is in development and will air on FOX, with shooting planned to begin in March, 2014.

Source: TV Show Auditions

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  1. This could work as prelude to the Batman we’ll see in Batman Vs. Superman. Wouldn’t even need to cast the same actor as Gordon, or have him in the film.
    I’m also doubting wether Batman Vs. Superman is actually a Man of Steel sequel.

    • I’m starting to doubt it’s even Batman Vs. Superman, now there’s rumors that The Flash is going to be in it and he’s going to be latino, it’s starting to sound like the movie actually is Justice League.

      • We already have a flash!!! WTF MAN HOW HARD IS IT TO USE THE SAME GUY!

      • Its going to be an overblown car crash of a movie, and not in a good way.

      • (*Sigh*…here we go again….):
        Flash. Blond hair, maybe blue eyes. White. American. Looks to be in about his 30s. Barry Allen. Not Latino, Black, Asian, or Eskimo. All-American flag-waving, world-saving, non-overly-crazed-with-the wise-cracking canon, canon, canon. Just like in the comics. Same guy, same uniform, dates Iris West who treats him with a little less than dignity, perpetually late and forgetful, biggest enemy is Professor Zoom, calls Hal Jordan on weekends and they have a burger together, cuz during the week sometimes they bash baddies together. Not anything more, not anything less, but *EXACTLY* like in the early comics.
        It’s what made them there heroes famous.
        I am not being a stick in the mud, biased, or anything else other than true to the spirit of how the comic and character was created by it’s original creator.
        Not by you.
        Not by anyone else.
        Not by creative people taking liberties.
        Would you want anyone to play see-saw, hee-haw with your creations?
        Is my point taken, agree or not?
        If so, good, I can put away the Flying Fists of Fury.
        If point not understood, even if I am the only lonely holder of this opinion, then:
        “Let’s get ready to rrruuummmbbbllleee!!!”

  2. I think that season 1 should focus on both Gordon and Thomas wayne both try to do their best of countering the descent of Gotham. Let the people get invested in THomas wayne’s character, how important he is to GOtham. and then the first season should end with murder of Bruce’s parents.
    Season 2nd should start after 12-14 years of that event with Joe chill being acquitted in the first episode. the season should foucs on how the Gotham has become a lost cause, sort of like breeding ground for all the twisted freaks after these 14 years. Bruce has left Gotham on his quest to become batman and Gordon now weary and cynical takes on to these freaks.
    This series could really work if they can get the ‘atmospheric look’ right. Hoping for the best.

    • I like that idea for the firs season. For the second season though, they shouldn’t jump so far in time. I think we should follow Gordon through his career as he deals with the killing of Thomas Wayne. Maybe he feels guilty in some way. Play on that arc throughout the entire span of the series (obviously with subplots, many other cases, some related some not) and the second to final season we see the acquittal and the final season dealing with the mystery of some vigilante dressed as a bat.

  3. Seeing Bruce Wayne as a kid as the killing of his parents are being investigated by Gordon to open up a whole slew of foreshadowing villains that the older Bruce will have to face under the mystical mask? No thanks…I want to see Bruce Wayne in training as a teenager not some kid holding a sling shot in hand while carrying a grudge vowing to bring those to justice.

  4. Can WB/DC only come up bad ideas when it comes to live-action?

    • Looks like.

    • yeah because its totally not Fox that’s developing the show or anything….

    • See, JSG? This proves fairly conclusively that you are a desperate attention-seeking troll. You’ve already indicated on multiple threads your intense dislike of anything DC. Now, you come to THIS thread to do more of the same by spouting more useless drivel.

      How pathetic.

      What’s even sadder is the fact that there are still such silly creatures who actually think you are offering a real opinion instead of merely spewing bile.

      • Wow, you must really not like his opinion on it. Classy…

        • I couldn’t care less about his opinion on it…that’s none of my business. I simply find his constant whining on most (every?) DC threads, as of late, to be annoying.

          Speaking of classy, maybe, you might read some more BEFORE critiquing. It’s just a suggestion…

          • How come you haven’t been banned for personal attacks yet?

            • …because I’m not attacking you.

              • If I have a negative opinion on something that you think will be great, you attack me. I’ve seen you do it to plenty of other people so I know what I’m talking about.

                • You really don’t if that’s what you think.

                  • JSG has a different opinion. plain and simple. he’s allowed to. and he isnt the only one that thinks DC is lacking when it comes to creating a proper shared universe

                    • ca…

                      You’re coming into this after the fact, so you are contributing nothing. Also, by your comment, I’m betting you did not read (chose not to read?) my responses, so your response is not worth anymore of my time.


      • No, I love DC I just don’t like what they are doing with the material.

      • I dunno dude… He thinks it’s a bad idea. It’s ok think that. At least it wasn’t a ‘meh’ or ‘sucks’. @JSG, care to tell us why you don’t think it’s cool? Sounds like a fun concept to me.

        • I don’t how this would be different than any other cop show on the air other than being set in the DC universe. I don’t see how they could use young Bruce Wayne other than the first episode where you see his parents killed.

          • That’s fair… I don’t see lil Bruce and Gordon forming a buddy-cop relationship to track the killer down. It’d be like ‘cop and a half’ with Burt reynolds… Only mildly disturbing.

          • See? I don’t understand why you cannot talk like THIS all the time…instead of constantly CUTTING DOWN, simply EXPLAIN your dislike of an idea, actress, whatever.

            • If I don’t like an idea, why should I be forced to go into a long tirade about why I don’t like the idea?

              • I said NOTHING about typing a treatise…just discuss instead of CONSTANTLY cutting down.

                Good grief.

                • He’s trolling you bud, ignore his posts! I’m picturing you getting attacked every time you walk under the same bridge aha why do you keep walking under the same bridge?!? :p Just messin with you.

          • Good thing you guys aren’t writing for this show then. I can see so many possibilities with this show.

        • Mark…THAT is perfectly fine and legitimate and (depending on one’s perspectives) understandable. It’s his CONSTANT negativity that aggravates me.

          • I’m not being negative, just keeping my expectations realistic.

            • The attitude your delivery of your comments conveys does not gel with such a straightforward feeling…

          • Ah, I’ve not been privy to it so I can’t comment… My two cents (or pence in my case)?.. I think everything’s awesome until I see it. I’m a very glass half full kinda guy.

            I am chomping at the bit to find out warners big grand plan though. I feel like a nerdy conspiracy theorist. We’ve waited long enough! I want it all laid out in front of me

            • …and THAT is all I’m getting at. You and I have disagreed on things before, but we both EXPLAIN our whys; we do not simply slice-and-dice. JSG can too…then, he won’t come across as trollish.

              • Or you can just stop attacking me for not having the same opinion as you.

                • Did you NOT reading anything above? Sheesh.

                  Perhaps, you didn’t notice the other comments you’ve made (below, for example) have been different and have NOT been “followed up”…

                  • Sigh…”read”, not “reading”.

                    • alota ppl on this thread have the same opinion as JSG. let him have his opinion, its a free country. he shouldnt have to explain to anyone why he feels that way. he doesnt like the idea of the show plain and simple

                    • ca…

                      Read above. That is all.

      • Its only a comment about a silly tv show chill out, if he is a troll you just gave him what he wanted, i.e a reaction.

        • Thanks for the advice.

        • I am not a troll, I am just a fan who is disappointed with WB/DC’s choices lately. I don’t like being harassed for my views.

    • You really are a troll.

      Just accept it,

      • Troll: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

        That is not me, I am just a fan trying to share my humble opinion without getting harassed for it. Just because I might have a negative opinion of something does not mean I am required to give a long drawnout explanation describing why.

  5. Not too excited about this. Unless it is involved with the MOS and a prequel for that Batman

  6. It could work, but they have to be careful. They need the Jim Gordon story to really carry its own weight

    • +1
      Jim Gordon is an excellent character, they gotta use it to their maximum advantage. Especially after Nolan’s and Oldman’s take on it.

  7. I think and am hoping this show is connected to the film universe. Sort of in the same timeline without really having a very large impact on the actual films. I like the idea of having the parents of maybe Roman Sionis, the Falcones and maybe even taking some liberties with the comic book continuity and having Zsasz be a villain in the show. I think he’d be put to better use here than in a Batman film.

    I’m all for having a young Bruce Wayne, though as a regular I’m a bit skeptical about, what would he be doing the whole time? I’d love to see a young Alfred, that would be pretty cool too. I have high hopes for this TV show.

  8. In development for a year huh? WB/DC has really been keeping things under wraps what with this and BvS. Interesting.

    • WB and DC are like bank vaults lol, a very secretive bunch. This is the reason why I’m never worried about when they’ll be bringing their characters out. They’re like that very quiet friend who constantly has things running through their mind.

      • I’m still feeling a super secret over-arching plan yet to be revealed. I’ve never seen anything in Hollywood so hush hush…. I STILL believe the Nolan films are going to be canon in weird and unexpected ways.

        • I’m guessing there’s definitely a plan, I’m sure they wouldn’t have Wonder Woman and most likely Flash appear just for the sake of it aha.

          • I can’t even begin to guess what the plot of BVS is.. That’s why I’m not a writer. However, just like how producer Jon Peters needed a giant spider in Superman lives, there’s only one shot I need from this movie.

            I have to see the tumbler in an Ariel shot speeding across the arctic, then jump over a chasm and smash into the fortress of solitude. For whatever reason.

            • Lmao that would be a dope scene, I wonder if Superman will even have a Fortress of Solitude and if so, what it will be. I’m really hoping the next Batmobile is similar to the Tumbler. I want to see that thing go up against Superman…and then get the Tumbler torn apart by Supes aha.

              • I think the spaceship in MOS is the fortress of solitude yes?

                • I think Zod took the ship and Clark destroyed it soon after. I thought that would be the fortress too but someone clarified it for me a couple of weeks ago.

                  • Ah yes. Forgot about that

                  • it wasn’t destroyed.. t crashed into some buildings and the genesis chamber broke, they never show the ship being destroyed even when it’s going through the building its unscathed the most damage it look was from Superman flying into it

              • In Man Of Steel the scout ship kinda served as his fortress of solitude, I’m not sure if they would consider the giant ice fortress look realistic. As for the next Batmobile it is supposedly being designed by Cadilliac which I’m thinking means it will have a big sports car look. *Fingers crossed they don’t put a Cadillac emblem on the Batmobile, that would be even worse that what was done to the Fantasticar in FF Rise Of The Silver Surfer*

            • And a Wonder Woman shower scene.

              • I was going to call you sexist but then I realised I secretly agree with you lol.

                Nonetheless I think Gal Gadot’s going to be great.

                • I’m going to wait and see. She’s been okay in the stuff she’s been in, but I’m not sure if she’s strong enough to carry a whole franchise be it Justice League or if they do end up doing a solo Wonder Woman movie.

                  • Exactly why would Wonder Woman need to carry a Justice League franchise?

                    • Because she is part of the trinity.




  10. I think too many people are focusing on this as some sort of connection to DC’s movie universe. This is nothing but another cop drama show that’s using the name ‘Gotham’ and other batman characters to bring in a crowd.

    • Yea I also have that felling. I am not sure what’s the point really.
      Maybe if we had show with Nightwing or robin or even catwoman.

    • Yes, but fanboys don’t like it when you point that out.

    • What’s wrong with that?

      So it can ONLY be interesting if it ties into the movies?

      (I live in Thailand and have to watch all shows on DVD, so forgive my next statement for being behind the times.)

      I was really enjoying the acting, writing, and directing of “Sherlock,” I guess I’m going to have to stop because it doesn’t tie into the movies.

      All a show needs to be good are those three things, if it has them and is set in Gotham… all the better.

  11. One of Bruce Waynes Freinds in the show could be a young Thomas Elliot aka Hush and Thomas Secretly hates Bruce and all. And when Thomas parents in a ‘fire” it could be a case for young Jim Gordon to solve. Someone like Damian Lewis or Seth Gabel could play him. Some of the main antagonist ideas could be: The GCPD, FAlcone Crime Family, Calender Man, Victor Zsasz,, Joe Chill ,and RED HOOD(pre joker). Harvey Dent could also be a supporting character along with Harvey Bullock or Renee Montoya

    • I would love a young Tommy Elliot on the show, Hush is one of my favorites villains, before the TDKR villain was revealed to be Bane I kept hoping that it would be Hush.

      • That’s an awesome idea…. And it would provide a reason for Bruce to be a recurring character, ESCPECIALLY if Tommy’s Dad had ties to Gotham’s underworld.

        • And let’s get young Rachel Dawes in there. TDK trilogy FOREVER!!!

          • I don’t think Rachel Dawes would be in there, wasn’t she a character created for the TDK trilogy and not from the comics?

            • Yeah I’m one of those sickos who can’t let the Nolan films go I’m afraid

    • That would allow the movie franchise to tie directly, in a very effective way, to this show.

  12. I seriously doubt any of the tv shows will be connected to the movie universe. They seem to be trying to be as different from Marvel as possible. I.E. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    • They could be different by actually tying into the movies, unlike AoS. Instead of dancing around the obviously limited budget, they could show origins of some villains that general audiences may not be familiar with (maybe Calendar Man and The Mad Hatter will be a part of it alongside other low level thugs and a young Roman Sionis?)

      • I don’t really know how they could use any of the villains since Bruce Wayne will only be a boy, in the comics it’s been implied that the villains exist because Batman exists.

        • I think the penguin , carmine falcone, black mask and a young zzazz could be a way to go

          • How could I forget the Cobblepots? They can definitely be a family causing some mischief.

          • Yeah I suppose the mobster villains would be the way to go. Just as long as they don’t try to use any of Batman’s super powered foes, no way Gordon could take those guys down by himself.

          • We could even see a younger, perhaps more humane, Doctor Hugo Strange.

          • …and if they decided (however unlikely it is) to hint at or even bring in faint stirrings of the Society of Owls, THAT could open up even more sinister possibilities…

            • That’s a good idea

      • +1
        I like the idea of having low key villains who aren’t necessarily big enough to hold their own as a major villain in a solo Batman film appear in some way in the series. Zsasz, Calendar Man, older family members of the Sionis or Falcone family all seem like intriguing ideas.

        • Yeah, my thinking was Calendar Man would already be active as a young criminal and by the time of BvS, he’d be much older (in his mid 50s maybe?) and still actively known to cops but not so dangerous after a run-in with some other character that was annoyed about him killing someone who was going to be a major part of a master plan or something.

          Use the Hannibal Lecter style Calendar Man we saw in The Long Halloween and Batman: Arkham City.

          I think JustSomeGuy misunderstood what I was saying about low level villains and mobsters like the Falcones but it’s cool we’re all here to help each other out and have the same ideas.

          • So many possibilities for this show! Really hope they take advantage of a lot of the characters as well as create some new ones.

          • No I understood you, I mean I know the mobsters existed before Batman was around but most of the villains did not.

  13. Since I’m still pimping DC’s “Ragman” character who happens to operate out of Gotham City…….. This show would be a good place to introduce him. For those who aren’t familiar with Ragman, he’s a vigilante working out of Gotham. He’s poor, jewish and dressed in a costume made of rags. He can lay down in the cornier of a dark alley and he just looks like a pile of dirty rags…. Good camouflage. Plus he has a supernatural twist…. He feeds on the souls of murderers. The more murders committed the more Ragman gets from the feeding.

    The Ragman comics series run didn’t last long back in the 70’s, but I liked them. Some very original concepts from the house of Batman/Superman.

    • There’s so much wrong with the name Ragman. Street vernacular has come a long way.

      • He, however, is a fantastic character and SHOULD be utilized.

  14. sounds boring, but who knows until we actually see something

  15. They’d be stupid in every sense to not connect this with Affleck’s Batman

  16. I doubt it will have anything to do with the WB/DC’s cinematic universe with it being at Fox! I’m still happy to see this though and there is the potential for something great! I just don’t want it to turn into CSI: Gotham!

    • Ugh, we have enough CSI aha. I’m hoping for more of a crime thriller.

    • Other Cop: Gordon this man seems to have been drowned in a giant hourglass.

      *puts on sunglasses*
      Gordon: I guess his time was up

      • Brilliant.

      • An hourglass is filled with sand.
        Catwoman haunts Gotham City.
        Comissioner Gordon discovers kitty runga in the sands of the hourglass, stopping everyone in Gotham City from having a sense of time.
        “Glory Be!”, says Sgt. O’Hara. “This looks like a job for the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder! No doubt the Catwoman has bared her vicious..uh, claws!”

        • I know, you can still drown in sand.

          • True…I know a gal named Sandy, and she is “all wet” all the time, on pick a subject, any subject!

  17. Sounds like we’ve been seriously spoiled by Marvel’s success. Can’t we just enjoy movies and shows for what they are instead of expecting crossovers and being disappointed when there isn’t one?

    • I have to agree, quality isn’t what people are expecting these days (Not saying Marvel doesn’t have quality films). The furthest people’s minds can go is seeing what they were already given and connect it to whatever that has been announced, without paying attention to whether or not it’s good for the production of the film or not.

  18. Lol of course it can’t be connected like MCU and AoS is. It’s 30 years in the past. For all it matters, they can do whatever they want except kill Bruce Wayne and it can be connected still.

  19. If it DOES end up being connected to the film universe, I would be extremely happy. I, however, have no problem with the show remaining apart from the film(s), since that will provide me with yet another interpretation of the DCU. that’s one reason I am able to enjoy the various DC animated films: They, by not taking place in the same continuity and applying differing perspectives, allow me to experience a varied and interesting DC multiverse.

    This show’s possibilities intrigue me…

    • Ugh…”That’s”, not “that’s”.

  20. Im a little bit curious.. I wont say that I dont.

  21. I don’t like this idea because it sounds no different than any other cop show on the air with the exception being set in the DC Universe. Same reason I don’t like Almost Human, no different that any other cop show except for being in the not too distant future with robots.

    • I agree with you on the Almost Human front. I was crazy excited for this show when we all thought it was Gotham Central, but now they have severely limited their world. And it could be just another Cop show.

      • Yeah, I was hoping it would be more like the first season of Fringe.

  22. I think the GCPD, or Falcone Crime Family, or Red Hood Pre joker could be a villain with Harvey Bullock as a main character

  23. Correct if I’m wrong about this, but wasn’t there a supposed Bruce Wayne TV show that was going to be about 18 year old Bruce, going around the world, meeting many of the civilian identities of people and villains that would become an integral part of his life as Batman later on? I remember reading something about it online, it was an idea that got pitched back in the late 90s, and was later retooled into what would become Smallville?

    • I think so, before it was Smallville it was based on Bruce Wayne. I wonder what it would’ve been like. I’m just hoping with this show, they don’t continue it for ten years lol. I’d rather have 5 seasons with quality storytelling instead of 10 seasons that have solid writing a couple of times every third season aha.

      • Yes, the show actually was going to be called Bruce Wayne, but WB decided they wanted to keep Batman movie only but like the concept so they decided to simply change which superhero the show was about.

  24. playing with fire, very rare to find a child actor who doesn’t make you cringe with embarrassment. only exception I can think of was Ben Savage from Boy Meets World. It can work if they minimize this kids on screen time

    • Yes, but he was 13 when that show started, here they’re looking for a 10 year old.

      • What about Davis Cleveland from Shake It Up hes only 11

    • As long as it isn’t some “Pucker-up, Puggsley” type of kid, I guess that is OK.

  25. I already predict this will be more successful than SHIELD. It looks really promising

    • I don’t know, alot of people stop watching AOS when they realized it wasn’t superhero/supervillain of the week.

  26. All these super hero t.v shows are going to backfire on their creators; you need to give the people a break.

    • I think the ‘superhero’ genre is just like any other genre. Whether it’s horror, sci-fi, thriller, drama, crime or action, if the show or movie is good, people will watch it. Though if there comes a time where 2 or 3 major superhero projects in a row are terrible, that’s when I would say the genre is falling. Kinda like what happened after Batman & Robin. But until then, I’m expecting more and more superhero stuff incoming.

      • Yeah, plus they’re giving us what we, the audience, want. Which is pretty rare.

  27. A ten-year old Bruce Wayne…well, they did hire someone almost that young to play Barry Allen on Arrow!!!(Just joshin’!)

  28. If Alfred Pennyworth (Batman) hooked up with Miss Moneypenny (James Bond), you’d have a couple who always have to put their two cents in!

  29. Actually, not interested in this at all, any more than I was in Smallville (which I was not at all, except the story-line when they had a screwed-up remenent of the old Justice League or Justice Society and had Doctor Fate on there, and that was only a glimmer of interest.