‘Gotham’ TV Series Casting 10-Year-Old Bruce Wayne

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Young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins Gotham TV Series Casting 10 Year Old Bruce Wayne

While DC and Warner Bros. have been a bit slow to the gate in establishing their Cinematic Universe when compared to their rivals over at Marvel, their television universe via the CW’s Arrow series is in full flourish, while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is only just finding its voice. Thus, when the news first broke about a series set in a pre-Batman Gotham City, it seemed like an inspired way for DC to expand their small-screen universe, but not in the way fans were expecting.

Originally thought to be based on the Gotham Central run of comics, the show now known as Gotham was picked up by Fox after a bidding war broke out over the rights to air the Warner Bros. show. All we previously knew was that Gotham would focus on Commissioner James Gordon as a young officer, and provide origin stories for Gordon and presumably a whole host of other characters in Batman’s rogues gallery of villains. Now, we know a bit more about what could be one of the series’ over-arcing plots.

A listing on TV Show Auditions for the Gotham series includes a casting call for a 10-year-old Bruce Wayne, who will be a series regular. The site also informs us that the show has been “under development for a year,” with shooting to begin in March 2014, and provides a series through-line which directly involves young Master Wayne. Namely, that it “will center on Gotham City PD rookie detective James Gordon who investigates the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.”

Arkham City Bat Signal Gotham TV Series Casting 10 Year Old Bruce Wayne

This event – as any halfway casual Batman fan knows – had a profound lasting effect on Bruce Wayne, eventually inspiring him to train himself to a mental and physical peak and don a terrifying costume in order to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals and corrupt of Gotham City. If the plot described above is at all accurate, it could mean that as Gordon investigates the murder, he experiences a character arc parallel to Bruce Wayne’s, learning firsthand how lawless Gotham is and resolving in his own way to change things.

At least that’s how the plot generally goes in a lot of the Batman-Gordon origin stories, with the most recent being the storyline of this year’s video game Batman: Arkham Origins, which quite effectively puts Batman and Gordon at odds with each other. Casting a young Bruce Wayne on this series leads to the question of how many younger versions of other well-known characters we may see. Bruce’s butler/surrogate father Alfred Pennyworth seems like the most natural bet, along with (maybe) some of Gordon’s GCPD mainstays like Harvey Bullock or Gordon’s usual predecessor Commissioner Loeb – it’s also an even bet that we’ll see some of the Bat’s future enemies in their pre-super-villain form, such as Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) or Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze), and maybe even a young Harvey Dent (Two-Face).

The question of whether or not Gotham could cross-over with Arrow or the planned series based on Barry Allen AKA The Flash remains unanswered, but doesn’t seem likely, given the different networks and timelines involved. With DC and Warner Bros. making aggressive strides toward dominating the super-hero movie conversation by casting the new Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman, it feels increasingly unlikely that the small-screen and big-screen DC continuities will ever cross-over.

What about you, Screen Ranters? Are you interested in seeing a small-screen exploration of Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne’s origins, even if it means never crossing over to the big-screen?


Gotham is in development and will air on FOX, with shooting planned to begin in March, 2014.

Source: TV Show Auditions

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  1. FOX producing =_= great, just great.
    Many FOX shows that I do like, but as with ABC they have a bad habit of ending shows before they really get started. Not to mention, why would they make the move to DC shows on several networks, gah, really..
    I know that CW is hated by a lot, but if they gathered all of the dc shows under one network, or networks that know how to cooperate, we could see dc universe coming together, gotham could make some red threads that would have some effect on arrow later on, etc. FOX working with another network …………………..

    • I guess the multiple network thing is a bonus because they could have different tones and more room on the schedule to air them all.

      Not that it matters to me because FOX over here gave us TWD, Low Winter Sun, Family Guy, Falling Skies, Dexter and American Horror Story. Point being, I have no bias towards US networks and as long as this show comes to the UK and isn’t a week or more behind America, I’m fine with whoever they choose to air it in the States.

  2. This doesn’t interest me. Wish it did, but nope.

  3. Bruce Wayne’s parents get killed. Rookie cop Gordon is made in charge of his protection. Young Bruce unsatisfied with the ineffectual police investigation sets on his own to find the truth, aided by a reluctant Gordon soon they find themselves entwined in a web of conspiracy stretching from Gotham’s past to its dark uncertain future.

    • That could work, if they weren’t having Bruce Wayne being 10 years old,

      • Doesn’t have to stay ten, and doesn’t have to be the only bruce — ie, there could be an older bruce, but that one is needed for flashbacks, so as to build a sense of what was lost

        • Yes but it sounds like the show isn’t really about Bruce, it’s about Gordon.

  4. 10 is too young. For Bruce Wayne. I’d want the series to end with either Bruce leaving Gotham or returning to it. Other than that I have no beef with the premise.

    Throw in some low level goons and “criminal” type of villains and this should do fine if the quality is there. Batman Begins is my favorite from TDKT because the real villain is Gotham’s corruption. Scarecrow and Ra’s simply exploit that corruption to their own end.

  5. Why does this show even need to be made….really what is the point, we know the out come of any big characters they bring into the show….face Fox, sometimes comics are better left off as comics

    • That’s the point,people want to see it unfold live right in front of their eyes on T.V. or the big screen instead of just reading and looking at it in the comics.

  6. FOX killed ‘Firefly, and ‘Dollhouse,’ so I have no interest in watching this show. CW is winning with ‘Arrow!’ Finally a show doing justice to a comic book series. I was a huge fan of ‘Smallville’, but right now with Barry Allen, Black Canary, and Deathstroke ‘Arrow,’ is the best show to watch on T.V.

    • Fox cancelled some bad shows and that means you’ll never watch their network again?

      Seems crazy.

  7. This sounds like a great idea. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some vigilantism from a young Bruce. I’m excited. And I don’t mind Fox running it, bit of a change from CW’s style. CW tends to be VERY dramatic in my opinion and has too much of a focus on romantic relationships, so might be nice to see a bit less of that.

    • A big +1 from me. I never really watched Fox and am hoping they don’t cancel this. But looking at the shows they have on the network already, this show has much more potential than what CW would’ve given it.

  8. I can honestly picture season 1 being solely about Gordon figuring out that Joe Chill was the killer and tracking him down, his arrest in the season finale and season 2′s big bad being revealed.

  9. We have already seen this with Batman Year One. I reckon this is just another way to rake in tons of money. I don’t find it at all appealing.

  10. Bruce should be shipped to a boarding school. AKA a Al’ Ghul boarding school, where he learns his combat skills. Then, he returns to Gotham, and helps Gordan track down his parents killer. Then it’s all behind the Black Mask, who is a character yet to be used. The show should be called, Gotham: Wayne Legacy

  11. You make some good points. Having Gordon investigate the murder of the local billionaire is believable as a high-profile case in a corrupt city, and helps tie his story to Bruce. What I’m not sure of is how they plan to sustain that for an entire series. Maybe they’ll throw in a conspiracy of some kind, that seems to be the trend for raising the stakes these days. Although I think that could diminish the tragic randomness of the Wayne’s death and the near-insurmountable challenge of a Gotham that is corrupted/diseased.
    So is young Bruce going to be a junior detective, helping Gordon to investigate some pre-Batman villains and mobsters every week while they try to track down his parent’s killer? Having a 10-yr old may seem young, but that’s about the age when his parents were killed (likely the start of this series) and I imagine it gives the series and actor plenty of time before he’s too old and has to go wander the world and become Batman.
    I also doubt WB is going to link all their series and films in one universe like Marvel has. It would be risky to pull off without years of coordinated planning or at least a common thread like S.H.I.E.L.D.

  12. In the ‘The Untold Legend of the Batman’,Bruce learned his detective skills from a detective so………….

  13. I can’t wait to see this series, I hope I enjoy it as much as arrow!

  14. 10 seems a little young if Bruce is to be the main protagonist in the series. I would like to see Bruce in his early teens in a dojo alongside his child hood friends Tommy Elliot and Roman Sionus learning martial arts from David Cain. Perhaps a childhood Romance with Selina Kyle or Talia Head who will one day be the mothers of his children. We should get to see his support group after his parent’s death: Alfred Pennysworth, Dr. Leslie Tompkins and Patrick Wayne. Most of all I’d like to see Jim Gordon go up against Gotham’s pre Batman villians: Bane’s dad Sir Edmond Dorance (King Snake), Azrael’s dad Ludovic Valley (1st Azrael), Stephan Forest Lee (Dumas), Luigi Maroni (Big Lou)and a young RA’s al Ghul.

  15. which year unfolds the series Gotham? Thankfull for answers.