‘Gotham’ Casts Young Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

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Bruce Wayne Gotham TV Series David Mazouz Gotham Casts Young Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

After a mixed bag of big and small screen hits and misses, DC Comics has a steady stream of buzz-worthy projects in development – including Fox’s Gotham TV series. While Batman vs. Superman continues to be one of the most-anticipated films currently (and possibly ever) in production, the upcoming TV show, centered on Detective James Gordon (long before he allies with Batman as Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department) houses a lot of potential – from an intriguing pre-Batman storyline, fan-favorite villains, to very capable casting additions.

Certain comic fans might have, at first, rolled their eyes when former O.C. star Ben McKenzie was cast as Gordon but anyone who saw the actor in TNT’s Southland (or heard him voice Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman: Year One) knows there’s more to him than his days playing Orange County high schooler Ryan Atwood might indicate. After Gordon was cast, attention quickly turned to who would play the young Bruce Wayne. We offered five up and coming teen actors we thought could do the part justice – and now we’re getting word that one of our picks has been hired for the part!

David Mazouz Gotham Bruce Wayne Gotham Casts Young Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

According to an official press release, Touch star David Mazouz will play Bruce Wayne in Gotham – exploring a time in the iconic future hero’s life that is often skipped over in the comics. As indicated in our suggested casting, Mazouz is a smart choice for the role – at thirteen years old he’s the perfect age to capture Wayne’s pain while also hiding his frustration behind an innocent face. His portrayal of autistic kid Jake Bohm, alongside Kiefer Sutherland, in Touch was a strong addition to the Tim Kring (Heroes) series. The show only ran for two seasons but its cancellation should be no indication of what Mazouz can bring to Gotham.

The casting also gives us a few additional hints about the type of Bruce Wayne Fox intends to highlight in the show. At only thirteen, viewers shouldn’t expect the young billionaire to be tagging along on too many of Gordon’s police missions – though it’s very likely he’ll regularly find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since Gotham is a serialized TV drama, expect the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne to be (at the very least loosely) connected to a larger conspiracy or crime organization – paving the way for the young Wayne heir to search for answers. Mazouz isn’t a physically intimidating teen – meaning that, for now, he’ll have to rely on brains and money if he does stage his own amateur investigation into his parents’ murder.

Gotham TV Show Bruce Wayne Actors Gotham Casts Young Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

Here’s the official blurb from Fox:

David Mazouz (Touch) has been cast as the preteen Bruce Wayne, sentenced to a solitary life after the tragic murder of his wealthy parents. Serious and soulful, young Bruce relies on the guidance and protection of Alfred Pennyworth and James Gordon.

(Note: As has been reported previously, GOTHAM is the origin story of Commissioner James Gordon and not a “Batman” show. Please note for stories that David is playing the young Bruce Wayne — not Batman.)

The second paragraph, reiterating that Gotham is “not a Batman show,” is certainly noted. That said, given Mazouz’s age, fans shouldn’t rule out the possibility of the actor getting more physical and adopting a pre-Batman vigilante persona (think Roy Harper on Arrow) if the series continues beyond a fourth season. It could even be interesting to see a more anger-driven variation of Wayne’s attempts to fight back against Gotham’s corruption – prior to disappearing and finding the self-control to become a true hero (as Batman).

The report also indicates that newcomer Camren Bicondova has been cast as a youthful Selina Kyle (and possibly future Catwoman) – who, in the logic of TV dramas, will likely form a fast friendship with Wayne.

Again, here’s the official word from Fox:

Acting newcomer Camren Bicondova has been cast as Selina Kyle, a teenage orphan who is suspicious and wholly unpredictable. A street thief and skilled pickpocket, she’s dangerous when cornered.

Selina Kyle Gotham TV Show Camren Bicondova 570x294 Gotham Casts Young Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

The report doesn’t elaborate on which version of Kyle’s backstory will be featured but it’s easy to assume, given the character’s grey morality and mischievous ways, that she’ll be key in pulling Wayne out of his mansion – and into trouble.

Now that the majority of the cast has been assembled, including supporting players Donal Logue (Detective Harvey Bullock), Zabryna Guevara (Captain Essen), Erin Richards (Barbara Kean), Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth), Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin), and Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney), it’ll be exciting to see how Fox intends to put their stamp on such an iconic comic book mythology.

We’ve seen numerous iterations of these characters before and focusing the storyline on Detective James Gordon is a clever starting point with loads of potential for a fresh perspective – but there are still plenty of details that fans will need to see before they’ll be convinced that Gotham is a must-see (instead of an easy cash grab).


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Gotham is in development and expected to premiere on FOX in Fall 2014.

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  1. Is it just me or does this new Selina Kyle kinda look like a younger version of Michelle Pfeiffer?

    • you’re right, she really does!

    • wow, its true! spot on comment

    • Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was the best, as far as I’m concerned. You’re right, the kid does look like her.

    • Haha at least now the kid finally gets some lines.

  2. Ok Cute kid. But Seriously what the flying hell is this craptasitc Catwoman BS. She’s not that great of a character, an easy lay and treats Bruce like a pet rather than a person. Total lack luster. Only thing the Fanboys will be doing is oogling at her arse every damn show. Pathetic. Good JOB again WB/DC for Dropping the damn ball again Talia Al Ghul Deserves to be in the spotlight not catwoman!

    • Talia Al Ghul sucks.

      • Talia is a hell of alot better than Selina. Talia loves Bruce to no end, where as Selina uses Bruce for what she can get from him as well as canoodling up with the same villians he fights against. Talia would NEVER give up Batman’s identity something she’s trained herself for, as well as the fighting training she’s gotten since she was pracitcally born. She would wipe the floor with Selina’s pathetic arse any day of the week!

        • Kitty is bad thats why she is interesting, she is a friend and foe and even Batman can’t know who is she at a given moment(most of the time).
          And Batman was using her as well the same ways. One of the best sick couples i’ve seen.

        • Are we reading the same comic?
          Catwoman came from the school of hard knocks, while Talia was trained. The fact that Selina Kyle survived and still managed to come out unmarred tells me she knows how to adapt a lot better than Talia ever could.
          To quote Annie Oakley; “Survival is one of the most lethal and unforgiving of teachers.”

          • Well, technically she has died a few times but has more than one “cat life,” right?

      • Catwoman sucks.
        Cheesy character.

    • I completely get that Talia needs her time to shine but in the case of this show, I really think it’s much easier to do a younger Selina than a younger Talia.

    • uhhhh…Camren is 14 years old. Settle down there pedobear. And as evidenced by your diatribe, you have no idea what this show is about and are overreacting.

      • When will lil fanboys not look at an arse, that’s all they’ll look at when seeing this. It sure as heck won’t be for the acting skills or whatever else.

      • “Cute kid” makes one a pedo now? Pretty soon, we’ll all have to make ourselves blind in order to avoid being accused. BTW: Pedobear was used to mock, not as a mascot.

        • That wasn’t the comment that made me say pedo. “Oogling at her arse” was the comment I was referring to. He was referring to other people “oogling”, but it means that he thought it to begin with. I mean, why even bring up a comment like that? Is that all fanboys do, stare at “arse” on tv all day? We don’t need any type of story or drama or acting?

          • I missed that one because the full sentence was “Only thing the Fanboys will be doing is oogling at her arse every damn show” and correctly did not interpret that as “Only thing I (Agent X) will be doing is…”

            Agent X is making a comment about what he thinks fanboys will be doing, so “Settle down there pedobear” being directed at Agent X would still be a misdirection.

    • Dude if people are oogling at a young underaged teen’s rear end they are pedophiles. She’s a kid in this. There is no “catwoman”, only the child that will one day become that character. Jebus.

      • Technically, they’d be ephebophiles. The object of affection would have to be pre-pubescent in order for them to be considered pedophiles. I know, I know, pedophile is much more salacious and emotion inducing without requiring any thought than the correct term.

        • Tip of the hat to you sir. Wasnt aware of the distinction.

    • Who the hell wants to watch some rich entitled b**** like Talia al Ghul. The only reason she’s even of any prominence is because her creator became editor of the Batline and kept pushing her as Bruce’s soul mate. Give me Selina an day any time.

      Besides Talia got her moment in the sun in TDKR with her hilarious death scene..

    • Saying this: “Good JOB again WB/DC for Dropping the damn ball again”

      is akin to saying this: “I don’t know anything about this stuff but I somehow feel my opinion is very important!”

      FOX makes this show, they bought the rights to do so. Not WB. Not DC.


    • Why would Talia even be in the story this early? Just because?.. It wouldn’t make any sense. At least a young Kyle is plausible.

      • I was thinking the same thing of Selina Kyle. If she and Bruce become acquainted at a young age, it does change a lot of the interaction later as adult.

  3. Being friends as kids could explain why Batman is so lenient with Catwomans thievery.

    • Thank you! This girl is pretty talented, and is a good casting choice. DC finally realizing that they can do more then poop out lil’ doodoos.

  4. The girl they picked for Selina Kyle looks a lot like that alien from that terrible PS3 commercial.

    • Taking shots at a little kid? Really?

    • Post a pic of yourself please.

    • Hey, I’ll go there, too. Her eyes are weirdly far apart. (Alternately, her left eye looks like a bad Photoshop job.) And you’ll notice it’s not just an odd effect or camera angle in the picture used in this article, if you check any other picture of her online.

      This isn’t me intending to shallowly insult a kid I don’t know and have never met, and it’s not me trying in a really roundabout way to say the character or the show is going to turn out badly. This is me pointing out something that I noticed immediately in pictures in this and other articles that have been making the rounds today as a result of the casting news.

      If simply pointing out something is terrible, then I guess you can just call me terrible.

      • If you don’t intend to be a complete jerk. Then don’t be one. Let’s see your face you tard. No one is perfect not even catwoman.

  5. Touch ran for 2 seasons, not just 1.

    • I was about to comment on that myself. Maria Bello starred in season 2 when the Bohms had moved to LA.

    • That was my fault. It’s been updated. Thanks guys.

  6. None of the ages seem right to me.. Youd think Bruce to be older , right? Idk.. I’ll have to watch the pilot, but so far none of this sounds epic.

    • You expected Bruce to be suiting up at the age of 12?

    • Why on earth would he be older?

      If it takes place shortly after the Waynes’ death, you’d think Bruce to be a kid, right?

  7. Touch ran for 2 seasons

    • Ben’s right.

    • Someone already commented on that further up – I’ve updated the post. Thanks guys.

  8. This show will be a disaster.

    • So say-ith the Red Priest. You’re bloody(red) mess. Go wash up, it’s time for dinner.

  9. The show starting to sound a little silly. No longer do I envision a Gritty Crime Drama. More like a day in the life kind of show. However I’m still looking forward to it.

  10. Pre-Batman storyline and fan-favorite villains seems a bit contradictory.

    • Why? If they’re showing origins, what’s so contradictory?

      Reaching a bit for that next complaint, aren’t you?

      • Not at all; I haven’t made a single complaint about this show yet.

        I would dispute that a pre-villian portrayal isn’t a fan favorite villian just as much as a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman.

        Some may cry “semantics!”, but semantics is how we separate one meaning from another.

        • *villan

        • Oh, heck *villain

    • Everything I’ve read on it so far is saying that the “fan-favorite” villains are going to be pre-super or pre-costumed villains too. You have to remember that most of Batman’s “villains” were into crime before they ever became a Batman villain.
      The normal progression is criminal commits crimes and doesn’t care who sees his face because he normally kills him anyway. Vigilante brings criminal to justice but wears mask so criminal can’t hurt his family. Then criminal thinks he needs to match or outdo vigilante and so creates his own mask.
      So anyone they introduce now before Batman wouldn’t have created their own costumed persona as of yet.

      • Which is interesting when one notes that the first costumed villains were up against non-costumed heroes.

  11. This is a great age. This way they won’t be tempted to make him a young Batman unless the show goes on for long enough for him to age.

    I’m pleasantly surprised by a lot of what the show’s doing.

    Not all about Selina Kyle, but meh. I’m not gonna wine about it.

  12. Haven’t seen “Touch” but personally I would’ve liked to have seen the kid that plays Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead) play a young Bruce Wayne. He can pull off a dark, brooding kid well

    • I think he would have been great also, but as of right now he is on another show and he is too old for what they were looking for.

  13. Actually he’s 14 (birthday in February), so in Season 1 he’ll be 14-15! Which is great, because I’m hoping that in season 2 (at the age of 15-16) he’ll start training with the League of Assassins, so that later, by season 5 or 6 (age of 18-19) he’ll become a pre-Batman

    • He was born February 19, 2001 = 13 years old.

  14. How come Selina is older than Bruce?

  15. I’m surprised they didn’t cast Jaden Smith.

    • If thats irony for what we see nowadays about race changes on films = HAHAHAHA!!

  16. Up until the young cat woman, I was happy to give this a chance, but it’s starting to sound like a really poor show where the crimes are about who broke into the tuck shop.

    Reminding me more of Muppet Babies than anything else.

    • Muppet Babies was the s***.

  17. Wow, this is already BETTER casting than the stupid movie Batman Vs. Superman, takes notes Snyder you goon.

    This is some great, choice casting. Not only does the kid resemble a younger Bale, but he looks fresh-faced and ready for the role. He is the anti-Jake Lloyd from The Phantom Menace. I got a feeling this kid can bring a lot of gravity and darkness (when necessary) to the role.

    Kudos to finding a Catwoman who looks exactly like Michelle Pfiefer, that is incredible. I like that throwback to the look of Selina to the Tim Burton films. I have high hopes that this could develop into one of the new great shows like The Walking Dead. I certainly have MUCH higher hopes for this success than of Snyder’s monstrosity of a “film” he and studio are putting together.

  18. Can we just make sure that at no point does Selena/Catwoman never utters the line “what’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”

    • *whips Bruce’s butt* Watch it Wayne, cat’s on your tail :3

  19. What the…Who is this girl…dang…she…wow. Great dancer.

  20. I hope they make this catwoman girl break into the candy shop with Bruce Wayne. (Sarcasm)

  21. LOL wow, if it’s comic related people get weird. I’m willing to give this a shot, I like Ben as a Actor and the kid was really good in Touch.

  22. I was hoping if there was a show about a young Bruce Wayne it woud have been geared more toward a story line about his leaving gotham & training…. Something along the lines of the Gotham Night animated shorts. I hope they not only get in to back stories of the villans but also get into Bruce’s back story too… Batman is such a complex & complicated character that it would be great to get into his psychie…

  23. She is the single most annoying part about this TV series. Shes struggles to pull off her character as she comes across as a spoiled entitled mouthy little rat! And she looks like an Alien! Whats up with those EYES!!!

    I was really looking forward to Gotham and so far, it is a giant let down!

  24. I love the history between Bruce and Selina and I hope to see more as time goes on. Yes their chemistry is undeniable .I never believe in these recent reincarnation of the batman and catwoman story. I never believed that Selina hated Bruce in fact I believe its just the opposite that she is totally in love with him. Unfortunately she is a thrill seeker not to mention impulsive and because of that she and Bruce even though they love each other have different ways of living their lives. Because of the way they see the world they may always be on opposite sides. When push comes to shove they will always be their for one another. That’s what makes their relationship the most interesting and complicated relationship in comic book history. Bruce knows she is poison but he’s been bitten and he don’t have an antidote. Selina knows that Bruce is a rules follower and this is what appeals to Selina; not to mention an all around good guy. She knows that when the chips are down she can always count on him and vice versa. I hope that the Gotham shows continue if for no other reason than to see more of the cat and the bat.

  25. i am a real acters his this time one chance plz to acting to fllim