New ‘Gotham’ Image Reveals Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon

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McKenzie JamesGordon header New Gotham Image Reveals Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon
The story of Batman has been told repeatedly over the decades in comic books, animation, and movies, but surprisingly, little time has been spent on the people who would eventually have the most impact on the Caped Crusader, for better or for worse. This is where Fox’s Gotham hopes to bridge the gap by introducing a city before it had a dark knight.

So far, we’ve gotten official looks at the show’s take on Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Detective Harvey Bullock, and Bruce Wayne’s butler and confidante, Alfred Pennyworth. But the main protagonist – Detective James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie – has yet to be revealed…that is, until now.

Though unofficial set photos of McKenzie’s Gordon leaked last week, today we got our first official look at the man who is destined to become Batman’s greatest asset. Check it out below:


Ben McKenzie as James Gordon in Gotham 570x856 New Gotham Image Reveals Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon
Gordon, pictured above without his trademark mustache and glasses – which we can only assume he’ll gain with age and by squinting through the darkness at criminals in the dead of night – appears to be idealistic and hopeful that he can restore the city to what he remembers as a kid when his late father served as a district attorney. He has yet to learn about the dark dealings going on between Gotham’s finest and worst.

At his age, McKenzie looks like just the right amount of innocent and weathered to portray a Detective on the cusp of a turbulent time in his life. After starring as a troubled teen on The O.C., playing a police officer on Southland, and voicing Batman himself in the animated movie Batman: Year One, it’s almost fate that McKenzie is now graduating into the role of young Gordon on Gotham.

gary oldman commisioner gordon New Gotham Image Reveals Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon
Practically every incarnation of Batman has seen a Gordon by his side, whether as a fully trusting accomplice or as a skeptical but respectful cohort. Most notably in Christopher Nolan’s recent trilogy, Gary Oldman played the character as a man out for justice who ended up haunted by the choices he had to make for the city. Will we see something similar in Gotham? Only time will tell.

So are you liking the fresh look of McKenzie’s James Gordon or do would you prefer he be sporting a mustache, glasses, and a coat? Let us know in the comments.


Gotham is in development and expected to premiere on Fox in Fall 2014.

Source: Fox

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  1. Well finally. Next up, Bruce Wayne.

  2. I want the ‘stache

    • Give it till season 3.

  3. He looks like a nice clean-cut young man with appropriate wisdom to do the job. However, I myself do not have much interest in this series, and have other impending series I’d rather watch. I just don’t think after the initial few episodes many others will have any interest in “Batman Without Batman” either. I predict one season and Bye-Bye-Birdie out the door. Sorry, guys, those with an interest in it, enjoy.

    • There a few who wouldn’t watch this show because it doesn’t have Batman or what not and I find that being nonsense. I for one and hope others too, loved James Gordon and that is focusing on him. His characteristic is somewhat like Batman. The setting of Gotham before Bruce Wayne putting on the Batman suit is really interesting to look at. The cops are corrupted, the streets are a dump, the whole city is a wasteland of crime activity. I’m really looking forward watching this show, but since it’s on FOX it won’t last long, especially passing season 1. Look at Almost Human, a great show and now it won’t get a second season while The Following get’s another season? And still don’t know how far their going for with The Following even though I like the show.

      • this is actually interesting because we technically have Batman in the movies, why make it a problem if he’s not IN the series?

    • It’s all in the writing. If this series is the comic book equivalent of ‘The Wire’, or ‘Southland’, then it will almost certainly get critical acclaim. And if it manages to also weave in some cool, burgeoning comic book villainy, then it will also get popular acclaim.

      All in the writing.

      Ben looks like a good choice.

  4. It’ll only hurt this series if in promotion it’s overwhelmingly linked to BatMan mythos. Viewers will just be tune in and leave angry that there’s no Bats. AoS all over again.
    However if Fox markets this show, (and the producers write and film this show) as a dramatic detective/crime noir like heavy hitters True Detective, Boardwalk Empire, Justified etc.
    “But oh by the way it just so happens to take place in Gotham City. This could be amazing. I mean what other series in this genre has 75 years of material to pull from?

    • I gotta ask…what’s AoS?

      • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    • +1

  5. It would be awesome if the last episode leads up into the start of Batman year one, I’m not sure on how this show is going too be but I hope its good, really want Hellblazer too hurry up I cant wait for it.

  6. So many haters, that still come on here and say they wont watch it, Its called GOTHAM, Not BATMAN. Therefore it should be a show about GOTHAM, And the workings of the city underworld and crooked coppers, not so much about bats. Im hell looking forward to this, Gonna be awesome

  7. Indeed. Like I’ve said before, a time when there wasn’t Batman, Gotham City is a wasteland of criminal activity. The cops are corrupted and it’s not a safe place to be at. This show is giving us a look into what Gotham City is like before and we’ll see Gordon on his journey in this hopeless city. I find it interesting and I rather have a show focusing on James Gordon in his early years before Batman than a show fully about Batman/Bruce Wayne.

  8. I’d love it if they went a sort of training route with Bruce. In a lot of comic continuities, Bruce has trained around the world to get to where he is at and a lot of the skills he has as Batman, and not just at martial arts. I’d love to see that. There were a few cartoon shorts, Batman: Gotham Knights, maybe something similar to that. He goes around the world and meets people and trains in various things along with facing the horrors he faces in Gotham. He sees what his parents have tried to do in Gotham. He sees the state Gotham is in, how his parents saw Gotham. And maybe he tries to continue their cause but fails. And decides he needs to do something more. And then he decides to go train around the world maybe. Eh, something like that. But I’m gonna keep my expectations low regarding this show.

    • Something like this:

  9. I can see the first season will end up with the murder of The Waynes, during it Gordon maybe got acquainted with them. Season two maybe will end with young Bruce Wayne leaving Gotham in the finale. Could we see Court of Owls somewhere in there?

  10. Bruce Wayne is played by 13 year old David Mazouz, so how would that work? Add on the fact that he’s playing younger than his age(ie. 10-12), he would have to age a little before they start his transition to Batman. Probably when he’s around 16 in the show will they have him leave the city, and have him return when he’s 20-22, and have him don the batsuit in the finale’s final scene, probably on the GCPD rooftop with Gordon. The one thing I don’t like is that they’re saying David won’t be Batman and they’ll probably recast in the future, which I think is dumb.

  11. Again, they are being completely uncreative.

  12. This show won’t last one season. Fox is quick to cancel bad shows. A show like this needs to be a lesser network, like the CW. I can’t imagine a more uninteresting group of characters. The ONLY thing that makes these characters even remotely interesting in the movies is Batman. Without him, these are just a bunch of nobody’s that could be on any show. This show is a very dumb idea.

    • Obviously, you’re not much of a “comic book fan” since you only find the main character worthwhile. In ANY successful (and interesting) comic, the success (and the fascination) comes not only from the existence of the hero/villain but ALSO from those who surround/shape/interact with him. Frequently, the environment acts as one of these secondary (yet significant) characters. A show that establishes those characters and, thus, paves the way for the coming of that primary hero/villain can, in fact, be as intriguing as that titular character, himself.

      Personally, I think this show is developing wonderfully…judging by the synopsis and casting, it seems like it’s being thoughtfully put together. I can’t wait to see it and hope it’s extremely successful.

      • I was going to leave a comment detailing the intricacies of Gotham, its myriad characters, and why it lends so well to the Hour long drama, but Archaeon has absolutely nailed it. A very well written comment that i found entirely refreshing on a site so full of hateful and ignorant people spewing nonsense for no other reason than to be a jerk.

        Also, I have to agree with the folks who are saying they think it will get cancelled quickly because it is on FOX. I have no doubt that this show will be quality, but i fear it won’t hit its stride until the second season, like most shows, and Fox never gives its shows a chance. i.e. firefly, and soon to be almost human. two shows of amazing quality and caliber, cut short for reasons i’ve never really been able to figure out.

        • Michael H…

          Thank you for the kindness.

          As for the show’s chances of surviving…sigh, I admit to being concerned but hope that because it’s not based on a new or “indie” property, it MIGHT have a slightly better chance at making it to (and through) a second season.

          • I too am relying on the brand recognition of Batman to be able to carry the show through. FOX isn’t all bad i guess. Fringe managed 5 seasons. Also Donal Logue is amazing and the strong cast should help push it along.

  13. I’m very excited to watch this series and watch James Gordon grow into the man we see later in the movies. I want to see him deal with the crooked cops, gangs, and hopefully the start of Batman’s rogue gallery. I for one hope they never show Batman, it would just over shadow James Gordon’s character growth. Honestly, I hope it survives the first season; as I see from some of the comments here people will turn in hoping to see ‘Batman’ and the ratings will drop after disappointment.

  14. Ben looks good and serious enough for the role. I’m hoping we get to see a beard soon or at the very least, a mustache. It’s the Gordon constant, we gotta have that. I’m hoping it comes into play as almost a symbolic thing, like he’s seen a lot out in the field and has become more grizzled because of it. He ain’t got time to be shaving, he’s gotta catch the villains!