5 Actors Who Could Play a Young Bruce Wayne on ‘Gotham’

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Gotham Young Bruce Wayne ActorsThe roles just keep getting filled for Fox's upcoming Gotham TV series, following Jim Gordon - played by Ben McKenzie - in his early days as part of Gotham City's police department. Following that announcement, Fox let the dam burst, announcing the first villain, love interests, and even a brand new Alfred.Now that Bruce Wayne's iconic butler has been cast, it's all but certain that the 10-year old billionaire rumored to appear as a series regular will be the next role on the docket. Later reports pegged Wayne's age at 12, but the window seems a bit larger now, given the age of both Gordon and Alfred - but even if the age is clearer, who will be cast?Here is our list of 5 Actors Who Could Play Gotham's Young Bruce Wayne.

Ted Allpress

Gotham Bruce Wayne Actor Ted AllpressHe may have burst onto the scene playing a young version of Tom Hiddleston's Loki in Marvel's Thor, but that doesn't mean a trip into the DC universe is out of the question for Ted Allpress. In fact, his ability to portray a sense of corruption or sinister potential just under the surface would serve him well in the suit and tie of the young Master Wayne.Just how much will be expected of the young actor cast in the role isn't clear, but Allpress certainly looks the part and has already rubbed shoulders with some Hollywood greats. Leaping from Marvel to DC may be a dangerous prospect for some, but playing a deeply troubled orphan in a comic book adaptation has to count for something.

Chandler Canterbury

Gotham Bruce Wayne Actor Chandler CanterburyAdd Chandler Canterbury to the list of young actors who have already worked alongside some award-winning actors and actresses. After playing the titular character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this Houston, Texas native has appeared in the likes of Knowing, Repo Men, and the young adult novel adaptation The Host.At 15, Canterbury is certainly older than the rumored age of Gotham's Wayne, but we can't help feeling that the showrunners may end up embracing the notion of a teenage Wayne, with the typical angst and brooding completely justified in this case. Canterbury has proven himself to be a young actor to watch, and we'd be happy to see him alongside McKenzie's Gordon.

Max Records

Gotham Bruce Wayne Actor Max RecordsOne might consider an actor who had worked with directors Rian Johnson (Looper) and Spike Jonze (Her), and starred alongside Jonah Hill by the time he entered high school, to be lining up work left and right. But strangely enough, Max Records has been out of the spotlight since 2011.We have no doubts that given his work in Where the Wild Things Are and The Brothers Bloom, Records could easily handle the pressure and challenge of portraying the troubled Wayne heir, given his knack for portraying children both unique and endearing. We don't know what's keeping him away from the screen, but a role like this could be right up his alley.

David Mazouz

Gotham Bruce Wayne Actor David MazouzWe don't know if it's 13 year-old David Mazouz's role as a mute child in Fox's Touch that has us convinced he could play an entertaining (if introverted) Bruce. Or perhaps it's the simple fact that, despite his standout performance, the show was canceled last spring, giving Mazouz plenty of time off for other projects.His suitability for the role depends largely on Fox's vision for their corner of the Batman universe. Will Bruce Wayne be lost to his misery until deciding on a new mission for his life after coming of age, or will he already have learned to put on a happy face? If it's the former for Gotham, then Mazouz would be a smart pick.

Griffin Gluck

Gotham Bruce Wayne Actor Griffin GluckGriffin Gluck may seem an odd entry on our list, given the nature of his admittedly respectable resume. With roles in Just Go With It, United States of Tara, Private Practice and A Boy's Life, Gluck has distinguished himself as a talented comedic actor already. And now that his most recent series Back in the Game has been canceled before completing its first season, he may be looking for another series.Gluck is only a risk in the sense that he has seemed most at home in a broad comedy or darkly humorous atmosphere - something we don't anticipate for Gotham. Then again, comedic timing is hard to come by, and if the young actor is looking for a chance to try something a bit more serious, his past work is more than enough reason to give him the opportunity.


Jim Gordon Bruce Wayne GothamThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could bring all the necessary skills to a younger Wayne (while also currently enjoying a spacious work schedule). It's still difficult to determine just what the people in charge of Gotham are aiming for, but if young is the target, these actors have serious potential.What do you think of Gotham's pitch for a young Dark Knight? Is it too young for the character to fit with the tone of the show, or do you think it's inspired? Leave your thoughts in the comments.We'll keep you up to date on all news surrounding Fox's Gotham.Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. A show about Batman… without Batman. It would have to go 5 to 7 seasons before you’d see him don the cowl. I’m all for exploring the back story of Bruce’s father and the pre-batman gotham but this is sort of like a show about superheros, without superheros. Where have I seen that before? Hmmm.

    • I agree. I think they will need to make it very interesting with the Gordon character and everything revolving around the Wayne family. Right now it just doesn’t really interest me much but then again I said the same thing about Sleepy Hollow and that turned out to be a great show so I hope they can pull the same off with this show

    • It’s not actually a show about Batman. It’s a show about Jim Gordon and the GCPD.

    • I too agree with you, however I will say the initial info for the show was based as a Detective show. So if that is remaining yet, then Gordon will be the center, and because of all of us knowing Gotham from the comics they obviously have to mention those characters, To be honest I think this is going to be a major dud, and they should have just went the same route as Arrow and Flash’s new show, and just centered it around another future JL character.

  2. If they have to have young Bruce be a regular, I would rather he not be a teenager. There are enough angsty teens on TV thank you very much.

    • @Huntress, agreed. I’ve only seen the episodes of Arrow that are on Netflix, and while that little sister started off okay, by about episode 3 I couldn’t stand her. The actress is fine, I’m sure, but the character of an angsty teenager who’s always mad about the same thing every time we see him/her quickly becomes an obstacle to enjoying the show.

  3. I have a feeling Griffin Gluck would make a great BW. Max Records would also be a good choice given his track record but who knows what his focus is now with being out for 2+ years. I don’t know much about Ted Allpress so can’t really say

  4. WHAAAAT? Asa Butterfield isn’t on this list? although it seems higly unlikely for Asa Butterfield to take a televison role, as he is well established in hollywood now. He is the perfect young Bruce Wayne. Plus his acting skills will take it to a great level. Forget Hugo, have you seen him in Ender’s Game. Asa Butterfield is the perfect young, still confused, angst-filled, orphan Bruce Wayne.

    • Agreed. I do think Butterfield can play the type of Bruce Wayne they’re going for in Gotham, but I don’t think he’ll take the role. A good fit would be Chandler Canterbury. His role as young Peter Bishop on Fringe is kind of similar to what they’re looking for…

      • Chandler Riggs lol Carrrrrl…..

    • Agreed, Asa Butterfield would be perfect.

  5. Pierce Gagnon is a little young but I think he did a good job in Looper and would be able to portray a newly orphaned Bruce Wayne quite well.

  6. This sounds pointless.

  7. I don’t care who plays a young Bruce Wayne give me a good story with good actors portraying villains that’s all I care for at this point.

    • TRU DAT

  8. i think Carl from the walking dead could pull off a good young bruce

  9. I think Mason Cook would be a good choice.

  10. My choice would be Freddy highmore, he was amazing in spiderweb chronicles. He’d make a great young Bruce Wayne

    • hahaha good stuff.

    • He’s 21

    • Freddie’s busy playing a teenage Norman Bates. Plus he’s too old to play a child version of Bruce Wayne.

    • Freddie Highmore is 22 years old genius…

  11. i have never heard of any of these kids…maybe i just never noticed them

  12. This has the potential to be the best police/detective procedural like, ever!

  13. I’m so tired of Hollywood being stuck in its ways, there’s no reason that Bruce Wayne could not be played by a young Actress

    • I know right. They should just get Maggie Elizabeth Jones from Ben and Kate to play young Bruce, LOL

  14. I just laughed when I saw this on the main page because I realized that Ben was being serious on the podcast when he said your next assignment would be 5 actors that could play Bruce Wayne haha. Great job as always

  15. If this show is going to tie into the Zack Snyder Universe then Ted Allpress should be Bruce Wayne because he looks a bit like Ben Affleck.

  16. I think this show will be a big success even if batman isn’t in it. Look at frank millers: year one book, that is basically Gordon’s story… It tells the story of Gordon coming too Gotham than batmans journey through his first year. So basically my point is if they base the show on the elements of that book (eg the affair with detective Essen, detective glass, commissioner lobe and the pregnancy of Barbara) then it’s on too a winner.

  17. How about the kid who played Young Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins?


    • Not sure if you’re being serious but that ”Kid” is 21 now…

      • Why not cast the kid who played him in Batman Forever also?

  18. Who cares who plays the ki.d… No one read the comic to see what Gordon would to so who the hell cares about a show centered on Gordon?

    • No one?? Ha. I for one (many others as well) care of the character of James Gordon. After reading Batman: Earth One, I was so interested in Gordon more than Bruce Wayne/Batman. Don’t act like something you don’t care and assume everyone is one the same page with you.

      • In fairness, this is why the show must sell itself. You and I know it may be based on the Gotham Central comic book in some respects. We care about these characters, and we want to see who comes out. “Gotham” has to find its audience, and right in the first episode. Arrow did that spectacularly in the first minute by showing the mask of freaking Deathstroke pierced by an arrow on the shore. That was awesome! I immediately forgave all the CW bull crap I’d have to ensure just for that and more moments like it.

        • *endure

  19. I was a big fan of TOUCH, so I think David Mazouz would be a perfect choice!

    • David would be awesome

  20. How in the hell did you leave Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark from GoT) off this short list? In my eyes, he would be the absolute perfect choice for a young Bruce Wayne.

  21. Personally, a more elder Bruce Wayne is what I would like to see within the ‘Gotham’ series. Perhaps between ages 16 and 19 since it is the adolescent years in which has not been ventured upon in both comic books, films, and television series alike. Although he should not be the star of the show nor it should concentrate as heavily towards him since I do not want to see history repeated as it has resulted with Smallville.

  22. Maybe have the timeline set around the time when a mid-20s Bruce Wayne (since Batman will be more elder in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel) makes his grand re-appearance upon the surface of public Gotham once more, and move the timeline forward with glimpses of the young Bruce Wayne attempting to find his parents’ killer to avenge such tragedy with death, but transcends into the Batman while fighting crime without the Batman title. Similar to that of the ‘Year One’ storyline.