‘Gotham’ Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

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Gotham Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Playing by the rules is no easy task in Gotham City, where most other people threw the rulebook away years ago. But newly-minted Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is determined to stand up for the law, even if no one else will, in Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel Gotham. Set to air this fall, the show will depict Gordon in his early years as he tries to come to terms with the fact that Gotham’s police department (including his own partner, Harvey Bullock) is almost as corrupt as the streets that he’s supposed be patrolling.

At one point it sounded like Gotham was simply going to be a police procedural that happened to be set in one of the DC universe’s most famous cities, but the show’s growing cast of child characters is starting to give the impression that the show could turn into Batman: The Rugrats Years. Or possibly the Batman version of Smallville, considering that Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz is already in his teens.

It does make sense that showrunner Bruno Heller would want to include as many characters from the comics as possible, in order to win Batman fans over with the Gotham pilot. Case in point, a new set of character posters for Gotham (published by Entertainment Weekly) welcome another kid version of an iconic Batman character to the fold: the infamous Ivy Pepper. Wait, who?

Gotham Fish Mooney character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Gotham Poison Ivy character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Gotham Riddler character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Gotham Penguin character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Gotham James Gordon character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Gotham Harvey Bullock character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Gotham Catwoman character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

Gotham Bruce Wayne character poster Gotham Character Posters Feature Poison Ivy & More

The more savvy DC readers are probably already aware that Poison Ivy’s real name in the comics is Pamela Isley, not Ivy Pepper, and many fans have already taken to Twitter to complain about the name change. Whatever the reason for it, Ivy Pepper will join young Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne as part of Gotham‘s cast of kid characters. Ivy will be played by Clare Foley (Sinister), and was also seen in the very first cast photo for Gotham, standing next to Edward Nygma and wearing a rather tatty green and black striped jumper.

As Gotham progresses we can also expect to see more iconic characters emerging from the cracks in Gotham‘s sidewalks. Pilot director Danny Cannon recently confessed that he has “a big pitch” for a storyline concerning Mr. Freeze that he’s hoping to win Heller and DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns over with.

The only potential problem with introducing too many super-powered (or super-powered-to-be) characters to Gotham is that the traditional “comic book” elements might end up drawing attention away from the central police drama. Do you think that the show would be better off keeping the focus on Jim Gordon and his colleagues, or is it more fun to explore the early days of Gotham‘s heroes and villains?


Gotham will air Mondays on FOX beginning in the fall of 2014.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. “Ivy Pepper”? What the f*ck?

    • I thought this show was gonna be more about Gordon but it seems the creators want to go the star wars route and make a prequel that ties everyone together . Seriously is it necessary to put every batman villain and love interest as children? plus Iv Pepper? WTh?!

      • I can only assume they panicked when their target audience complained that it sounded boring without Batman as a fully fledged entity roaming the streets of Gotham and figured they’d appease that minority of complainers by throwing other characters in before the show has even debuted to draw them in.

        I have a feeling that while the show will be good, it won’t live up to the hype purely because of the showrunners wanting to satisfy the comic book fans and causing a decline in quality because of it. All they had to do was say “Here’s a cop show about James Gordon, we also happen to have Harvey Bullock and a young Bruce Wayne in it, enjoy” and if people found it boring and ignored the show, it’s their loss. Cobblepot and Nygma should’ve been a cool surprise but hey, too late now and I’m still excited for it.

        I have a feeling Ivy Pepper might just be her own name for herself and her real name is or will become Pamela Isley but who knows.

        • So many gangster themed villains they could utilize and they’re giving us Batman middle school edition.

          • Exactly and again, I blame the minority of Batman fans out to ruin it for the rest of us who wanted to see the Falcones and Maronis as main villains alongside Fish Mooney and then bring in the deaths of the Elliots and Sionis’ to hint at other Batman villains who would later haunt him.

            • It would be so freaking cool to see Thomas Wayne Sr. save a young Falcone from a gunshot wound like in the Long Halloween.

            • i agree but “minority of batman fans” sorry its an paradox saying minority and batman fans in the same line

      • Yes…this is beginning to look real lame, as if it is being made for the junior high school crowd. I would have much preferred that it focused on Gordon and the city in general, rather than the villains as teenagers.

        • Easy there big fella…there are only 2 teens; Bruce Wayne & Ivy Jr. That’s it.
          Hardly enough to get all frakked up in your boxers.

          • And Selina Kyle.

    • Why isnt Jim…errr james Gordon wearing glasses?

      • Maybe they’ll be some references to his eyes going bad?

  2. What? It has a nice ring to it…

    …Kidding, kidding

    • I can understand a younger penguin working under some other crime boss, I don’t see why a young batman and catwoman are necessary, I guess the writers needed to remind everyone that the show ties in with Batman. Riddler and a kid poison ivy with the wrong efing name is too much. Plus the they’re dogging Geof Johns for permission to use Mr. Freeze? I thought the focus was Gordon.

      • Who said there was a young Batman? There is a young Bruce Wayne but not a young Batman. That’s two different things entirely. Bruce Wayne has to be young sometimes.And if this ties into Affleck’s Batman, it’s the way to go because rebooting and seeing him discover the bat cave again would be lame and boring.

        • I can tell you right now that this show will have nothing to do with the films cuz Fox is running it. Also regardless of whether I point out young Batman or young Bruce Wayne, the problem is that they’re selling the show with Gordon as the lead protagonist and also showing Gotham as it was before the Dark knight rose and began his crusade against costumed criminals. Its not intended to be a Batman reboot.

          • Right, and without Batman Villains, pre existant or in the making, it would just be another bull crap cop show, right? To me the show sounds unoriginal as anything else, but looks a good tuesday night sit and watch.

  3. Gotham story about villians and no Joker??

    JOKER > CATWOMAN,IVY,NYGMA that’s math for the Joker is way bigger than those 3 combined.

    • He is bigger than them but would anyone really want a teen version of Joker instead of letting him be a force of nature with a mysterious background? Joker is one character that I always thought should never have a canonical back story because it would take away from who and what he is as a character. Makes him scarier if you don’t know why or how he became The Joker or what his motivations are.

    • Sorry Deadpool, but Joker is not the alpha and omega of villains, characters like Nygma are definitely on the same threat level as he is. I like Joker but I’m just saying he is not the only one to give Batman a run for his money.

    • You cannot have Joker without Batman. Since there is no Batman yet there should be no Joker.

      • Exactly, Joker exists because of Batman, so why the heck put him in the show, now put in Red Hood or an early concept of the red hood gang to tease the character’s origin without actually saying its the joker and it would be a much more clever addition.

        • Mentioned this a while ago, but In later seasons you could intro the red hood gang and the person that will become the joker. Assuming the show is far along enough or does a time jump eventualy to get into bruces later days of training, you could structure the final season in such a way that the last ep when brucefirst wears the cape and cowl he also creates the joker that very night. Show ends on this. Would be pretty ballsy.

          • Your ending does sound epic, it basically kick starts the costumed Heroes era.

    • Joker has been confirmed to appear sometime in the show’s near future but that being said, introducing Joker is ridiculous as he was made by Batman, so i’m all against this idea and i’m positive i’m not alone.

      • They could have said Joker just because probably not everyone knows about the Red Hood persona.

  4. DC is basically testing the waters with the intro stories of Gotham’s villians. After all, in the comics, it’s always something that happens that turns that person into a villain. Sony, take note. If DC pulls it off, you have your blue print for sinister six.

    • It’s mostly fox handling the show and the people running the pilot are only asking DC for permission to use this character or that character. DC is more directly involved with their animated series and movies.

  5. Black Mask should have been the villain of season 1. Riddler and “Ivy Pepper?” shouldn’t be brought in yet….I kinda like the idea of young Catwoman tho.

    • But Roman Sionis was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne so that wouldn’t have worked.

      • Oh OK right on. A storyline with Bruce, Sionis, and Tommy Elliott would be interesting- if the series segued (say after 3 or 4 seasons) into a Bruce centric show, if done right, would be interesting. Like the 1st half of Begins. A pre-Batman, vigilante Bruce traveling and studying.
        I have such high hopes for this, but such low expectations.

        • A storyline with Bruce, Sionis and Tommy Elliot would actually contradict one of the plots of the series: James Gordon trying to solve the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. What I’m trying to say is that the reason why Batman, Black Mask and Hush are connected with one another is through Thomas Wayne, therefore a season like that would not make any sense.

  6. The Joker news I don’t like. Joker is as The Batman lives. Not before.

    It may be the wise way to go that “Gotham” is equivalent to DC’s erstwhile “Elseworlds” titles, where they could make whatever lil’ changes to the mythos under the banner not of another earth or whatev’, but a kind of fantasy take on things. SO then, The Early Days of Gotham wouldn’t have to stick to Earth One cannon, making it easier for the show to surprise us now & then & put its own spin on things.

    I actually wouldn’t mind a teen version of Batman-in-Training. Make Alfred the version that’s ex-MI6 & have him help train Bruce.

    Personally, the “Elseworlds” approach makes the most sense for “Gotham”.

    Boy, what a CBTV Season ’14-’15 is gonna be!

    • To be honest, I’ve been seeing Arrow as an Elseworlds style show anyway since it debuted so I have no idea why people don’t treat Gotham, The Flash and Constantine the same.

  7. They should bring in the puppet master and scarface

  8. Sorry, no interest in this series myself, as there are other series coming out that I would rather watch, as opposed to a kiddie-Batman with no batman, and a main character (Commissoner Gordon) who I would have a hard time relating to since I am used to him being older. Perhaps I was spoiled by the old 60s batman show, or the over-abundance of bat-stuff we are drowning in that often does not stick to canon? I do know some people will probably enjoy this quite a bit, though, so I wish them the best.

    • Your loss.

  9. ScreenRant please don’t remove this post, I am not attacking anyone.

    I think the name change for Poison Ivy is because they think viewers are morons and wouldn’t know she was supposed to be a young Poison Ivy if they used her real name.

  10. They should add a young Tommy Elliot.

  11. Well. I have been waiting for a good live-action Pamela Isley for a long time, ever since she was an awesome character in Batman: The Animated Series. Maybe it’s a blessing that this kid doesn’t have her real name.

    But “Ivy Pepper” is pretty horrible for a made-up name.

    I just don’t feel excited about this show’s strategy of telling the story before Batman, but including all of these normal characters as youngsters. I get it, from a marketing angle, but it just doesn’t appeal much to me, in theory.

  12. I’ll give this a good 2-3 episodes before it gets laughed off the air.

  13. I wish they reveal her real name to be Pamela Isley, and I miss Diane Pershing’s voice :(

  14. Based on the girl who is playing Poison Ivy (aka Ivy Pepper WTF!?) i know who could play her when she becomes an adult. Rose Leslie aka Ygriette from GOT! You can see the resemblence.
    Would be brilliant – YOU KNOW NOTHING BRUCE WAYNE

  15. I nominate whoever I playing Selina Kyle for the most annoying face in Hollywood award. Every poster of her just irks me.

    • I know right? Just how wide apart can someone’s eyes be? And the posters seem to zoom in on that, jesus, it’s not good looking at all!

      • Can’t you tell they were looking for cat faced people? (Kidding)

        Grow up a little, I bet your face won’t even live up to Marvel’s MODOK. Seriously, picking on 13 year old kids still? Grow some.

        • Oh another internet white knight, lol. Whose picking on anyone? Grow up yourself and realize that opinions can be both positive and negative. Also, kids can have annoying faces, it’s not like it’s impossible.

          Take maturity act somewhere else. If you were REALLY so mature you wouldn`t even bother to comment.

  16. i will watch this show but i dont agree at the fact to why hes craming all those future villians in the 1st season…i mean these characters look way too young to even be starting a life of crime except for Fish Mooney who is the actual villian this season, so my question is how will they introduce these characters and keep up with there screen time if there not villians yet? i feel like it will be like Boardwalk Empire in regards to its characters not comapring the series to boardwalk at all but how capone, lucky luciano and meyer lansky were just supporting characters through the qst couple seasons and then they made a huge impact the last few seasons

  17. Ivy Pepper sounds like a hooker’s name…

    And perhaps the producer should bring more Batman’s lesser known rogue galleries and keep Joker away from this, since Batman-Joker relationship is like “which came first, chicken or egg?” It doesn’t matter who came first, one can’t exist without the other.

  18. I still am on board, maybe the Ivy name change is the distance from the film version which honestly was pretty bad.

  19. I am stunned that so many of you are getting upset (or at least balking at) “Ivy Pepper”. I doubt very much that will remain the name by which she identified by the time she actually matters to the show as anything more than a name.

    Have all of you forgotten already that “Edward Nygma” has another name too? I am curious to see HOW they transition from “Ivy Pepper” to “Pamela Isley” and IF they transition between “Edward Nygma” and “EDWARD NASHTON”… Remember?

    I am still highly anticipating this show, personally…

  20. lazlow………hmmmmm……sounds familiar?

  21. Why not go this route. What would be the point of yet another police procedural?