Fox’s ‘Gotham’ TV Series Pilot Gets a Director

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CommissionerGordon batsignal Foxs Gotham TV Series Pilot Gets a Director
While Marvel has enjoyed a stellar run of box-office success since launching their inter-connected movie universe with Iron Man in 2008, the DC Movie Universe is only now finally on its feet, thanks to the big success of last year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel.

We won’t see the DCU expand until 2015′s Batman vs. Superman, but DC’s television world appears to be several degrees healthier than Marvel’s, when one compares the still-shaky Agents of S.H.I.E.L.Dto the CW’s ratings hit ArrowDC’s small-screen world will continue to grow with CW’s The Flash as well as Fox’s Gotham series (previously thought to be called Gotham Central), which will focus on a younger version of perennial Batman ally James Gordon.

Created and written by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist), the Gotham pilot now has a director. According to Deadline, veteran television producer and director Danny Cannon will helm the pilot and serve as executive producer on presumably the show as a whole, which landed a series commitment at Fox following a bidding war.

Young Jim and Barbara Gordon Foxs Gotham TV Series Pilot Gets a Director

Younger versions of Jim Gordon and daughter Barbara from the ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ video game.

Cannon, who directed the 1995 Judge Dredd film starring Sylvester Stallone, has directed pilots and executive produced for a batch of shows, including all the CSI series and CW’s Nikita, as well as helming pilots for short-lived series like Alcatraz, The Forgotten, and Dark Blue.

Tapping a TV veteran like Cannon is a strong indication that Gotham is getting major attention from Fox, and puts the network in the interesting position of airing a series focusing on one of the most famous and beloved comic book universes, but which will not feature its main character, Batman.

Or will it? We know that the producers intend to include a ten-year-old Bruce Wayne, and the show may open in the aftermath of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murders, but there’s always a chance that Warner Bros. could use the show as an opportunity to indirectly flesh out the back-story of their rebooted Batman, played by Ben AffleckGotham will not directly cross-over with Arrow or The Flash, but fans starved for all things Bat-related will likely welcome this project as a novel way to keep Gotham City alive in our imaginations as we await Batman vs. Superman.

We still have no word as to who will play James Gordon or when the show will premiere, but with a proven director like Danny Cannon behind the camera for at least the pilot episode, Gotham sounds more intriguing than ever, and we should expect casting updates to surface soon enough.


Gotham is in development and will air on Fox.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Finally!

  2. So is it safe to assume that Gordon IS the law?

  3. I think this show will do pretty good at least better than Marvel AOS. But this could be cool imagine a young Harvey dent going to law school or mr freeze with his wife alive. We do not need to see batman until year 4 or 5 if the show last that long.

    • “imagine a young Harvey dent going to law school or mr freeze with his wife alive.”

      Sounds about as interesting as watching a pre-teen Peter Parker doing homework in his Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s living room.

      • Exactly!!!!!

        I don’t know who would want to watch this……….If you like cop shows like this then you already have dozens on TV already.

  4. This show will suffer because everyone will be wating for batman to show up but he won’t because Bruce wayne will still be a little kid

    • Exactly!!
      I am a huge fan of Batman……but if you take him out of the picture it is kind of lame. the only way I can see this show as a success is to dive deeper into some of the villains origins. Maybe have Jack Napier and Bruce Wayne having some boy hood quarrel or Gordon investigating someone named Ra’s?

      It will have to throw some big name villains in there if they want this to do well without Batman IMO.

  5. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be Marvels Agent of Shield bad. They should show future villains and characters from the batman universe, if they do that it should be interesting. And don’t wait until week 8, start out the gate with known related characters to keep out interest.

    • I’m wondering if they’ll have the early days of villains too, maybe the Sionis family, Falcones or Cobblepots. One thing I ask is just make the characters interesting, whether they’re villains or the GCPD crew or if they’re from the comics or not. Agents of Shield could’ve been awesome but the characters were just so bleh for me. I stopped watching after the first 3 episodes and I won’t have any hesitation to do the same to this.

      • I left after 6 episodes. Yea I will leave this show just as fast if its lame. I do hope they use future villains like Roman Sionis, Jeremiah Arkham and the crime families, and of course Ra’s al ghul and Joe Chill has to make an appearance and maybe the Red Hood (pre joker).

        It does have alot of potential I just hope they don’t squander it like Marvel AOS did.

  6. Haven’t watched Arrow and I probably wont pay much attention to Flash, but this, I will watch Gotham Central, no doubt.

  7. More importantly: How young of a “younger Gordon” are they presenting here? Would it be wise to start at a time when Barbara would be 12-14? Otherwise the show’s going to have to be around 5+ seasons before we’d see her become Batgirl. To me, that would be the more interesting dynamic to explore, the daughter playing vigilante under the father’s nose while he’s trying to make it in a corrupt department/city. Then, of course, there’s the casting…

    • Should have added, I like Cannon’s work. He’s a solid choice for the genre of police procedural shows & will hopefully work well with Bruno Heller’s creative mind. He had something intriguing with The Mentalist, only to let it fall flat after years of mystery.

  8. Sorry, but I think this sounds dumb. No interest in it fro my quarter.

    • “fro” should be “from”. That is spelling that is dumb, too.

      • I thought perhaps you were taking a “not worth my time, not worth my typing” stance. :)

  9. This show will either be boring or just okay. I can’t see this show lasting long.

  10. I wonder what villains they are going to have on the show y guess is they are going to be unknown batman villains they could actually take on by themselves or the organized crime in Gotham like the falcone crime family or villians they dont plan on using in the movies like Anarky.

  11. This is going to be a police procedural/drama. Don’t expect any big name villains or superheros. Someone came up with an idea of CSI/NCIS/NYPD Blue, but set in Gotham City. That is all this show is going to be. We may possibly get a few of the major crime families, but don’t look at this show to tie into the comics.

    • yeah most likely the crime families will make an appearance to show how corrupt and messed up Gotham is.

  12. This show, if it even ever gets made or picked up, will bomb. 

    Could they have picked a more uninteresting, boring character than Gordon? Without Batman, Gordon is nothing but another cop/detective and this just becomes another crime drama , about another cop, oh, I almost forgot, with some names tied to Batman.

    Big deal.

    So we’re going to have a “young” Gordon on TV, and an “older” Gordon in whatever mess Batfleck makes in a solo Batman movie?!


    This show will not make it long, that’s a sure bet.

    Why don’t they get at least a little smart and make a Nightwing show already?

    Hey DC, stop trying to be like Marvel, and try being original for a change.

    • “Without Batman, Gordon is nothing” that right there shows how little you know about the character (or how little you know about the Batman comics in general) and how invalid your entire comment is.

      And how is making a gritty cop drama set in a comic book world “unoriginal” and is just copying Marvel?

    • “Hey DC, stop trying to be like Marvel, and try being original for a change”? I don’t understand. EXPLAIN!

      • It’s called a bait post. You both fail.

        Wait… so do I…


  13. I guess characters have to be flying around with capes and/or super mutant powers for a show to be interesting huh?!? DC took perhaps one of their most lame heroes and turned his show into a hit WITHOUT superpowers. I’m a fanboy who actually watches something other than the syfy channel. You guys need to stop crying and start giving some of these shows a chance BEFORE they even shoot a scene?!?!?!? Smfh!!!!

    • Most lame heroes? You’re talking about Green Arrow?

  14. Man really dose anybody really want to see this? Why make a comicbook movie based in a superhero driven mythology without superheros. To me this is just another cop drama. It could have the best writers & directors working on it but its no more than a network cop drama. There is a reason why SHEILD is geting worse & worse ratings every week. People keep waiting for superheros to show up & they never do. SHEILD is just another secret agent show. There is nothing special about it & I will bet my last dollar Gotham will be the same. Sure we might see a 9 year old Bruce Wyane & The Joker before he was The Joker but will that make you tune in week after week. Not me . If DC did not want to do a Batman show they shuld at least did one about his extended family either about Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, Or Batgirl not this.

  15. *reads article*

    Very interesting.

    *waits patiently for more info*

  16. GOTHAM? Yes, and I’ve got turkey, too. And salami. This will be a delicious sandwich.

  17. Nobody would care about this because there would be no Batman characters around. No batman, no joker, no poison ivy, etc.

    It would be better if they did a show about Gotham in present time(the one they will use for the rebooted Batman).

    Now come to think of it, they should have done a show with Nolan’s Gotham. Oh well, they could fix it with this one.

    • No it should not. The problem with the setting in present time is Batman. WB won’t let Batman involve in tv shows, especially in Arrow. They are very protective with that character. It’s up to WB if they wanted to go that route and I wouldn’t mind. Though it’s better off if it sets before Bruce became Batman, so that the audience understand this is years before Batman started his career and not where it’s in present time and that audience ask, “So where’s Batman?”. I am interested seeing this show, same for The Flash, Constantine, and the potential Hourman series.

      • I see your point.

        But they could have done one using the Nolan Gotham which would have taken place between dark knight and dk rises. So no batman but just the cops vs gangs and the occasional hero and villain.

  18. As long as Gordon has a mustache, I’m in.

  19. Gotham Central Fancast:

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  21. love the series

  22. The forensic researchers will the fiddler as evidence of the question mark.on his coffee mug
    Gordon’s hat wearing partner had the exact grin and cheek bones as rge joker and the street smart pickpocket cat becomes you know who
    Great show

  23. The forensic researchers will the riddler as evidence of the question mark.on his coffee mug
    Gordon’s hat wearing partner had the exact grin and cheek bones as the joker and the street smart pickpocket cat becomes you know who
    Great show