Fox Picks Up ‘Gotham’ TV Series Focused on Commissioner Gordon

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Gotham Comission Gordon TV Show Fox Picks Up Gotham TV Series Focused on Commissioner Gordon

Tonight, Marvel is making its big splash into the world of TV with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (check out our review here). So perhaps it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. and DC took the opportunity to steal a little bit of Marvel’s thunder and make their own major announcement.

Earlier today, we wrote about the intriguing possibility of a TV show inspired by DC’s Gotham Central comic book series. Turns out, there was a Batman universe show in the works, but one that’s focused entirely on Commissioner James Gordon.

According to Deadline, Fox just won a bidding war for Gotham. The TV series, which is written by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist), will focus on Gordon’s early years in the Gotham police force. It will tell not only Gordon’s origins, but also some of the origins of the main villains in the Batman universe. The Caped Crusader himself, however, will not be featured in the series. (At least…not yet?)

There have been other TV shows set in the Batman universe in the past, most notably the unsuccessful 2002 series Birds of Prey. But a lot has changed over the last decade.

gary oldman commisioner gordon Fox Picks Up Gotham TV Series Focused on Commissioner Gordon

Batman is more popular than ever thanks to Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed trilogy, and fans are intimately familiar with the character of Commissioner Gordon thanks to Gary Oldman’s excellent performance. Anchoring a TV show around such a popular character is a smart move that will attract audiences and keep them engaged over the long term.

It remains to be seen whether Gotham will crossover with existing DC properties such as Arrow and The Flash, though it’s unlikely given the different focuses of each show. However, the news of Gotham is a healthy reminder that we’re in a new era for The Dark Knight.

From the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman vs. Superman to this new TV show, it’s obvious that Warner Bros. is moving aggressively to capitalize on their success with Nolan’s trilogy, but also put the films in the rear-view mirror so they can get the most out of the lucrative property.

What do you think of the news about a Gordon-focused TV series? Who would you like to see play Gordon as a young officer?


We’ll keep you updated on Gotham as more news becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. So who’s gonna be able to top Gary oldmans performance?

    • Right?!? He nailed Gordon. That was for sure the one thing they got right in that trilogy.

      • I love the phrase “the one thing they got right” oh please come on now…

        • Hey man, I’m a huge fan of the Nolan series. Just saying that Gordon was the one thing nobody complained about.

          • I absolutely agree, people complain about this or that during the trilogy, but no one has complained about Gary Oldman.

    • i kinda like the guy from the tv show monk who played cpt. stottlemeyer if they go for an older Gordon.

    • Who will be our Gary Youngman?

      • Nice

      • Nice one.

    • Bryan Cranston was awesome voicing the character of Gordon in the Batman Year one animated film. If he doesn’t play Alex Luthor he’d be terrific love action Gordon. In fact I’d prefer him as the flawed and complicated Gordon we saw in Year One.

    • Cranston

    • I agree. There is no one out there who can “top” Gary Oldman’s version of Commission Jim Gordon. So, go with Gary. Did anyone see “Behind The Candlebra” with Michael Douglas as Liberace. Whomever the makeup person was, they did a helluva job. Michael is 69 and looked about 33 as the earlier Liberace. Gary is in his early 50s but doesn’t look it!!!!! I think Fox should at least allow him to do an “audition”? It would be an injustice to allow his brilliant portrayal of Commissioner Jim Gordon to go to another actor. If push comes to shove, maybe you could bring in actor Dougray Scott as a double for Gary. He is also an excellent actor. I know you have a casting director to make those decisions, but at least give Gary an audition. You would be making a terrible mistake otherwise.

  2. They could start their story with the deaths of the Waynes wene Gordon was A patrolman. Thene follow him up the ranks Dective,Captain ect. And have him become Comm. just before Batman appears. Hey that could cover 15 seasons at least.

    • Via flashbacks? Like in Arrow? I would be down with that.

  3. I call b******* there is no way DC will make a Gotham tv show focusing on Jim Gordon even if it sounds awesome I don’t believe it because a new batman movie will be out again and having this show will just kill the whole DC cinematic/tv universe

    • I call b^*#^&%^%$^. There’s no way that someone will write such a long, jumbled sentence without punctuation and still expect to be taken seriously.

      Hmm, I can’t tell if I’m right or not.

  4. it’ll probably suck since fox is handling it. They should be banned from producing anything related to comic books

    • Yes, cause the CW has done such a great job…

      • LOLOLOLOL touché Mr. Robert!

        • I actually enjoy Arrow and was a fan of Smallville. they may not be perfect, but are far better than anything Fox has produced in the comic book genre

    • It might not suck.. but it’ll only last a fortnight.

      … Seriously though… Batman villans, but no Batman? So.. what? Is it going to be Gordon and GCPD tracking them down instead of Batman?.. If that’s the case, then why would we need a Batman.

  5. I’ll support the show even though I wanted a Gotham Central show more. I just hope Fox doesn’t hit the eject button if the show starts slow ratings wise.

  6. Snooze fest.

  7. Sounds like a great idea

  8. Cant wait.

  9. Big surprise that DC is doing yet another Batman/Superman spinoff. Gotham Central sounded like a much more promising and original idea.

  10. Could we please have something not Batman- related? This is not expanding a universe, it’s playing safe. How about a series about the Suicide Squad? or the Seven Soldiers of Victory?

  11. Anyone on here who has read my comments about Batman in the past know I’m a die hard fan but I’m not 100% on this show. At least it won’t be the CW. If they make this kinda like The Following meets Criminal Minds, I’d be ok with that but I’m gonna wait and see what they propose before I make any judgements. I don’t really see this working without Batman. A lot of his villains origins include him in some way. If they’re just gonna rewrite origin stories for each villain and have Gordon beat all of them without the help of Batman then why even have Batman anywhere at all? Isn’t that the point of having a superhero?

  12. Suggesting Commissioner Gordon is spin-off solo material is like suggesting Palpatine from Star-Wars is deserving of his own series, just because he was on a bigger-name movie. I’ll pass.

  13. I was about to say ‘ohhh no not yet another superhero based tv series or film, there are too many of those at the moment.

    Fortunately I like this idea.

  14. So without Batman or any other costumed heroes it’s just another cop show isn’t it?

    Didn’t they try this with Black Canary and Batwoman as non costumed crime fighters. Birds of Prey I think it was called. Boring to the max. Didn’t work at all. I predict a similar fate for this unless it succeeds as just a plain cop show because no one realizes it’s set in the Batman universe.

    • Well, I think Birds of Prey failed primarily because it was not well-made. I think that it could’ve succeeded in concept. But I agree that this show needs to work as a cop show in its own right and not depend on Bat-connections.

    • Birds of Prey is a bad comparison because they completely changed those characters. With this, they don’t need to change anything.

  15. Gunshot! (Dial 911) “What happend?” “Gun shot, sir.” (flashback of a war where there is lots of BOOM’s and GUNSHOTS for some reason)

    … Something, something, something…


  16. I doubt that Cranston would want to jump in on another tv series after just recently ending BB. Plus, it seems like hrs going to want to restart his film career, which makes sense. Walter White, in my opinion, is one of the most iconic tv characters ever. While I am a big Batman fan, I still think that taking the toke of Commissioner Gordon on a tv show would be a step down for Cranson.

  17. Am i the only one that finds it weird that the show will be on fox? that means Fox will have Marvel movies and DC tv shows? I would think that they would want this show on the WB like all the other DC shows

  18. I am not up on the New 52 version of Gotham’s history, but from what I recall of the mythos, Gordon was always considered the lone good cop on a police force flooded with corruption, most wishing him dead or on the take. If done right you would have one of the first shows of a hero cop fighting both villains and the police while trying to raise a family. the fact this is without Batman to come save the day heightens the tension. We’ll get to see how Gordon not only survived Gotham City, but became the number one cop. Total thrill ride (if on FX).

    • + a million. This should be Fox’s synopsis. Hope Brubaker/Snyder writes. They need to get this right..

    • This show seems like it will have a modern day “western” feel to it.This show could be interesting if its well written,and they can find the right lead actor.

    • No he wasn’t.. that only came about because of Year One.

  19. Not sure why there is so much backlash on this idea. Having a young actor play Gordan coming up through the Gotham Police department in a Law and Order setup in a comic universe would actually be cool. Incorporate characters like The Grey Ghost and other very early Batman references, maybe include Thomas and Martha Wayne events, set up Batman villains or mobsters back stories…. This sounds better than what they are doing with the S.H.I.E.L.D. show.

    It would even be better if they did it as a 70′s/80′s era crime drama so that the modern tales of Batman aren’t necessarily effected. And they always have a great season or series ender with Gordan being called to investigate the Wayne murders

    • +1

    • LOl.. yeah, but you know they don’t have the imagination for that and are just going to make it boring.. or rather MORE boring.

      I mean COME ON!!!!!!… MORE Batman???!!!???!!


  20. horatio caine for commissioner

  21. I’m going to give this a chance

  22. DC can you please stop riding Marvel? Why don’t you just muster up some originality already?

    • DC has had multiple live action shows before Agents of Shield and DC had attempted a shared universe before Marvel did. They’re playing the same game Marvel just played better on its turn and stop saying original because DC has been doing this stuff for years now just not on Marvel’s scale

  23. I love all this Batman crap.. it’s the only thing DC/Warner are capable of pulling off, and at the rate of all the various Batman releases I’d give it a year, two at the outside, before we are all heartily sick to deathof ANYTHING even nearly related to Batman.

    Then DC dies on it’s arse.. and Haha, because the new universe.

  24. Well if it’s on Fox, expect them to cancel it if it’s any good.

    • They might be more reluctant because they know CW will want to steal it to fill out their TV universe.

  25. would rather see them bring back Human Target. This could work but what will differentiate it from all the other cop shows out there? I can’t see them doing Batman villains without Batman. I thought Oldman was great and hope they find someone just as good but I don’t see this going anywhere. Arrow’s season 2 will be amazing and now DC is just trying to keep up with Marvel. They should just take their time and not rush everything along. Marvel has SHIELD and DC has Arrow, lets keep it at that

  26. I just fee like, if they make a series like this, won’t you be sitting there all the time waiting for batman to appear?

  27. Hope they bring Greg Rucka in as a writer — he did an amazing job with the graphic novel series, not to mention his novel adaptation of ‘No Man’s Land”

  28. They didn’t say NO batman. They just said it’s focus is on Gordon, kind of like Year One. I think there will be a Batman presence but it will be much more mysterious and from an outsiders POV. At any rate there will at least likely be a version of Bruce Wayne, maybe not taking center stage at first, but we may get a year zero approach. Wayne fighting crime in Gotham before actually adopting the mantle of the bat. I suspect they may begin with this and work their way into an early incarnation of Batman. However as the new movies will be focusing on an older Batman a TV series involving a younger version won’t really pose a contradiction. At any rate, Superman Returns came out while Smallville was still on the air so I don’t see an issue.

    But yeah, I say Cranston for Gordon. He was good in Year One, so he knows the part but he also looks it. He’s a great actor and has star power following Breaking Bad.

    At any rate, I definitely think that by the end of the first season we’ll be getting either our first taste of Batman or of Wayne, depending on how fast they want to move. I definitely see this as an extension of the year one plot of Gordon as a clean cop in a dirty city. I also Hope to see the Batman Earth One version of Harvey Bullock.

    Also I expect versions of other Gotham based heroes to fill in before Batman shows up. The original detective version of Martian Manhunter, The Question, Ragman, The Demon. Maybe some recent additions as well like Abuse.

  29. Gotham Central Fancast: