Fox Picks Up ‘Gotham’ TV Series Focused on Commissioner Gordon

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Gotham Comission Gordon TV Show Fox Picks Up Gotham TV Series Focused on Commissioner Gordon

Tonight, Marvel is making its big splash into the world of TV with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (check out our review here). So perhaps it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. and DC took the opportunity to steal a little bit of Marvel’s thunder and make their own major announcement.

Earlier today, we wrote about the intriguing possibility of a TV show inspired by DC’s Gotham Central comic book series. Turns out, there was a Batman universe show in the works, but one that’s focused entirely on Commissioner James Gordon.

According to Deadline, Fox just won a bidding war for Gotham. The TV series, which is written by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist), will focus on Gordon’s early years in the Gotham police force. It will tell not only Gordon’s origins, but also some of the origins of the main villains in the Batman universe. The Caped Crusader himself, however, will¬†not be featured in the series. (At least…not yet?)

There have been other TV shows set in the Batman universe in the past, most notably the unsuccessful 2002 series Birds of Prey. But a lot has changed over the last decade.

gary oldman commisioner gordon Fox Picks Up Gotham TV Series Focused on Commissioner Gordon

Batman is more popular than ever thanks to Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed trilogy, and fans are intimately familiar with the character of Commissioner Gordon thanks to Gary Oldman’s excellent performance. Anchoring a TV show around such a popular character is a smart move that will attract audiences and keep them engaged over the long term.

It remains to be seen whether Gotham will crossover with existing DC properties such as Arrow and The Flash, though it’s unlikely given the different focuses of each show. However, the news of Gotham is a¬†healthy reminder that we’re in a new era for The Dark Knight.

From the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman vs. Superman to this new TV show, it’s obvious that Warner Bros. is moving aggressively to capitalize on their success with Nolan’s trilogy, but also put the films in the rear-view mirror so they can get the most out of the lucrative property.

What do you think of the news about a Gordon-focused TV series? Who would you like to see play Gordon as a young officer?


We’ll keep you updated on Gotham as more news becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Enough with the f*cking batman and superman universe
    At least adapt a Martian manhunter or anyother DC character
    Enough with the worlds finest duo
    Just enough

    • more like “never enough”

      • +1

      • Too much of a good thing tho…

      • Batman and Superman are the kings of all super heroes. Just do it well.

    • Good luck getting Martian Manhunter soon.

      • Good luck getting anything other than Batman or Superman soon.

    • I agree, Mr. Drool School! Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up; Martian Manhunter, The Atom, and Hawkman team-up; The Spectre; Deadman; Legion of Super-Heroes…there, I just planned what you need to be doing new. And a Flash and Green lantern team-up as well while you are at it!

    • First off, there is already Arrow and their will possibly be a Flash show as well so don’t worry. Personally I like the idea of a show based on Gordon. First off, it could serve as a prequel not only to Batman vs. Superman, but as a prequel to the whole universe as well. It could take some of the load off of the movie by introducing key characters in the Batman universe, keeping Batman vs. Superman from getting too bogged down by introducing people from Batman’s world. Plus it could also lead eventually to an origin story for Batman, also freeing up the Batman vs. Superman movie. There is so many possibilities. It could also bleed into the Arrow and Flash shows by maybe introducing the early years of some of the characters from those shows as well, showing that they do take place in the same Universe, and an older Gordon (The one that could possibly and now more than likely show up in Batman vs. Superman) could show up in Arrow to help him deal with “an old friend”. I understand why it’s not being show on CW. For one, there will already be two shows on CW. Second, they probably got a lot of money from Fox, considering how popular Batman is. This also allows more flexibility for networks, so as long as all of these DC shows don’t air at the same time, it should be fine. If CW was to air all of the DC shows then it would eventually be known for only that.

  2. So this show won’t be on WB????

    Wow, already it’s off on the right foot.

    • +1

    • + 2

  3. Knew it! I’ve Always wanted Gordon to shine. Please… I repeat… please don’t let Wayne/Batman make a surprise appearance.

    • It’d be cool but it’d up the ante for the rest of the series so I suggest they not even mention him until maybe the last few episodes or something.

    • Wayne making an appearance would only work if that’s how they end the series, maybe having the last few episodes showing Wayne’s return to Gotham, then ending the show with the first Batman sighting.

      • they’ll probably show the death of batmans parents if its based that far in the past

        • would be kind of cool if that was one of his first investigative assignments. episode 1.

    • Wasn’t Bruce Wayne just a kid during Gordon’s early years?

    • I don’t understand this reasoning. There are amazingly tantalizing ways to include Batman and Wayne.
      1. Batman is in pilot episode; like Year One, but Gordon doesn’t actually meet Batman til end of season one.
      2. Tell any Batman story you like, but with narrative tightly focused on Gordon’s perspective. Show feels like detective/crime drama w/Gordon developing an uneasy alliance w/a dangerous psychopath vigilante. As series progresses, so does Gordon’s relationship w/the Bat, even though everyone around him grows mistrustful.
      Okay, those are enough to get the juices flowing. Any more & I’ll have to start charging, lol!

  4. Wow, the first comment is one buzz kill. There’s an Arrow show AND a Flash coming up, relax.

    Consider me stoked for this show. Not only is it about Gordon, but it’s not on CW! Wonder who will be Gordon hmm.

    • I know! In the Gotham Central article I suggested Bryan Cranston, but this is a young Gordon… Crap, this feels like having to rethink my whole life.

      • Bryan Cranston would be dope but maybe a little too old? Though I’d still be excited if they announce him. Top five choices Screen Rant?

      • Like I said, it really depends on what they mean by “young Gordon”. In some interpretations (like Batman’s first comic appearance) Gordon is clearly at least 20 years older than Wayne. So, Cranston could still happen!

        • Based on what I read in the article it sounds like Gordon will be just starting out in the police force

  5. This sounds pretty awesome! If they cast someone good (Bryan Cranston, maybe?) it should be fine. Ok, Bryan Cranston would be a little old for a pre-Batman Gordon, but in some interpretations he is like 20 years older than Bruce Wayne, so Cranston could still work.

    And I get the frustration over them focusing too much on Batman and Superman right now (I agree) but you know what, the Batman show we have right now sucks, so I’m glad we’re getting something that might be good. Since in the new Batman/Superman movie Batman will be someone who’s been around for several years, this show could tie in to this series really well (if that’s the direction they go).

    • if bruce was somewhere between 8-12 years old when his parents got killed and gordon is around 20 years older than bruce then cranston is too old.

      32 would be the oldest possible jim gordon in this series, that’s if they start the series around the time bruce’s parents got killed, but from the looks of things they’re gonna start even before that, so as great an acto as cranston is, he’s just too old for this role

  6. A show with Commissioner Gordon as the central focus plus
    Batman villains lurking around has enormous potential.
    I think this is an excellent concept for television.

    • I don’t know, Robert. I honestly don’t see it appealing to anyone more than the diehard Batman fanboys, and without Batman in it, I don’t know if it will go anywhere.

      Let’s give it a chance, and we’ll see, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

      • It could be an extraordinary cop show with unique crime problems.

        • I agree with you and Robert W., but I believe it will automatically alienate some people, who are adverse to comic books in general, and some others will tune in, expecting/hoping to see Batman and/or certain villains, but leave if/when that doesn’t happen, so in a sense, Gordon’s birth from the comics could ultimately hurt the show. We’ll see, if indeed the project comes to fruition.

          • Read Gotham Central then, a comic series similar to this and one they have tried to make a TV show before. Besides Castle is a popular police drama and the premise for that one is she’s a cop he’s a writer.

      • Why it could be appealing to a lot of people is that it will ultimately be a cop/crime drama, which is a really popular genre. This has the potential to be a really good and different type of series, as long as they focus on making it more of a crime drama than just another generic superhero show. And making a superhero show without the hero and not starring an actual super powered person in this universe sounds even more intriguing. If they take inspiration from comics like Batman: Year One, this could be great. A good cop trying to raise a family in a city without hope, I’m in!

  7. I’m also wondering which villains may be making an appearance, I can totally see Zsasz.

    • Early, developing characters of major classic villains are possible too.

      • Exactly. Great way to show the background of several villains.

    • Penguin.

  8. Starring Bryan Cranston.

    • I would like to see him as an older Gordon in the films, but I am trying to think of someone younger for this show…

  9. More Batman crap. I swear DC only cares about Batman fanboys.

    • Yes, that’s why they just released a new Superman movie, and have a Green Arrow TV show…

      • + Flash

  10. I would be happy if they had villains like Ra’s Al Ghul, maybe even have a pre-clayface Basil Karlo (just as a cameo or something), even Julian Day would be nice. I know there are a lot of villains that are unusable since batman is involved with them becoming villains and some of them were too young but I don’t want to see just another normal cop show the reason we all love Gotham is because of all the interesting villains.

    • I don’t see villains like Ra’s al Ghul really fitting in this series. I do see more grounded villains like Black Mask, Zsasz, or Penguin (arms dealing business man version) being in this series. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the first few attacks by the Red Hood gang ;)

      • I would love villains like that but Sionis didn’t really become Black Mask until Bruce Wayne offered to buy his company from him and Penguin would’ve been a kid or a teenager if they’re going with rookie cop Gordon. I only said Ra’s because he’s one of the only villains who would be active at this time. It all depends if they’re gonna go with some villains origins or if they change the story since Batman won’t be in it.

  11. Not really interested in Gordon too much. I am however very interested in the villains of Gotham and their origins.

  12. Hmm will this Gordon be the same Gordon in MOS 2? well if Gordon is even in the movie that is,

  13. Could be good. I’m glad it’s not going to be on the CW.

    I would like to see Edward Nygma/Riddler portrayed as a Mark Zuckerman-type tech prodigy/punk who creates some kind of crazy software.

  14. So they’ll be using a bunch of batman villains…without batman? don’t know how i feel about this. What is going to make this show stand out among all the other police procedurals?

    • …Batman villains?

  15. I’m guessing this Gordon will not have anything to do with the DC movie universe, which means there will be three Gordons!

    i.e. Nolan Gordon, Snyder Gordon and Fox Gordon.

    • I can actually see this connecting to the film universe. It’s on Fox, which is a huge network from what I’ve seen and allows tones and themes similar to the universe Man of Steel established to be used.

      • It won’t be connected. That means Gordon would be younger than Bruce in the movie universe.

        • Maybe in the form of a prequel.

  16. But isn’t the whole premise of what made that Gotham PD comic interesting is that they were dealing with corruption and “super” criminals?

    But if Batman isn’t around yet, why would there be villains? Isn’t the whole point that Batman was the foundation for all the warped personalities behind his rogue gallery?

    • It’ll introduce the villains as adolescents or young adults. i.e. Joker and his father. Two-face and his father, etc.

  17. Calling it here. This show is not going to fly very long. Alkthough I would be interested to know what made, say, The Riddler tick.

  18. Great news! They could set up Riddler or Calendar man for a series arc quite well. The same way dexter has a seasonal villain and episodic crooks.

    And would like to see Penguin as a crime boss with a big presence

  19. Gordon, really? Whats next, Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane? Ok, that i might watch but seriously Gordon?

    • Lois Lane but not Gordon? What? lmao

      • lmao is reaction i needed at the first place)

    • What’s wrong about Gordon? This show sounds interesting as far what their going for.

      • In all seriousness – no. Its not because Gordon is no good as a character but there’re lesser heroes that probably will never go to the big screen and share the detective work with some action – Huntress, anyone?
        You can make CSI with Barry but they already are going to do this.
        Gordon’s place in Batman universe is the same as Lois Lane in Superman’s bar romance ofcourse. And the latter actually get her comic book. Gordon has detective work, she is a reporter that gets detective work done as well. But again, such stuff without main heroes doesn’t look good for long.
        They could do “Gotham’s secrets” show and show Gordon, Batman etc solving some crimes aka the usual stuff in Gotham without big events. Ofcourse its just my point of view and if i’ll be wrong i’ll eat my words but for now i stand – 1 season is as much as they can pull off without getting to “yet another detective tv show”.

  20. I don’t think there will be any Batman villians in the show,only the mob.I think it would be cool if they showed a kid who was in a abusive home and got in a little trouble,and they kind of hinted that kid would later go and become the Joker.I think we’ll definitely have a couple Wayne family cameos showing Bruce as a kid.Matter of fact I think the death of his parents will be written in the show and we get a full scene where Gordon comforts a young Bruce after that terrible tragedy.Yeah im on board,count me in.

    • But the article said the show will have the origins of some of the main batman villains in it

  21. Just like Agents of SHIELD did tonight, a show is fairly boring if it occupies a world with superheroes and yet they aren’t shown. AoS was exactly what I was afraid of… a CW tv show. It was just bad and without any of the avengers it just isn’t interesting. Without Batman, the rogue gallery isn’t interesting either. If Gordon were able to take down any of them then what purpose does Batman serve? Any/All of them are Batman’s creations by virtue of his existence. I love Gordon as an ally of The Dark Knight but if the Batman doesn’t even exist in this universe yet then it’s nothing more than a gimmicky police procedural drama. Gotham is Batman and vice versa. This show could easily be another NYPD Blue or whatnot. Why even go to the Batman Universe at all except to milk the name?

    • +10….thousand!!!!

  22. I love the idea.

    Exploring the origins of Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Scarecrow, Penguin and Poison Ivy and maybe even Harley sounds really interesting.

    I also like the idea of seing things from Gordon’s perspective, especially his perspective on Batman.

    • The show takes place before he meets Batman…..Gordon will be a detective in the show

      Based on everything I’m reading I think the show will take place way before batman exists

      • But I could be wrong

      • You are right that it will be set before Batman, but that doesn’t prevent him from appearing later. I can imagine him working in the shadows with momentary appearances, making the legend of the Batman even more impressive.

  23. It could work as long as they dint go back too far maybe when he was a detective not a rookie cop. There has to be things in it that people would recognize.

  24. Its gonna tell villains origins also I’m way more interested now. I missed that part of article. I’m ready to watch it now

  25. Knowing Fox they’ll cancel it thirteen episodes in.

  26. I just hope it isn’t aimed toward the young crowd like Smallville and Arrow. I want a gritty adult crime show that is centered in Gotham.

  27. I am very excited about this show. Personally think it is a great idea. But, I do not understand why they are taking it to fox. They already have Arrow and The Flash on CW, so why not take Gotham to CW as well. It just seems that that would make a potential cross-over event, or shared universe more feasible, both financially and creatively. Maybe am wrong about this, as I have no real idea how it all works. Any thoughts?

    • According to the article Fox won a bidding war. Which is probably bad. Means they will have higher expectations when (if) it goes on the air, means more like to cancel aka Space above and beyond, Firefly, etc. etc. if the ratings are not through the roof. Fox is not known for being the most patient of networks with new shows….

      • I don’t know. Yeah, they cancelled Firefly ten years ago, but look at how they treated Fringe. Most networks would have cancelled it after two seasons, but Fox gave them five and the opportunity to end the show on their own terms. And though it’s comic book based, the concept seems to be more cop/crime drama and has a better chance of appealing to a broader audience.

  28. Karl Urban as James Gordon.

    • He’s the lead in Almost Human.

  29. Bruno Heller’s work makes this more interesting for me. He’s done well in developing a long-spanning story arc on (his creation) The Mentalist, so to think of him doing something similar for, say, Red Hood or Black Mask, would be a unique take. I wonder now if it will air on Fox or F/X.

    • I never thought of that and assumed it was going to be on Fox but now I hope it airs on F/X.

      • Same here. It’d probably have a better chance of surviving as a niche show on FX, plus they could make it a little grittier.

        • The 13-episode seasons wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing either to keep the storylines tighter and faster.