‘Gotham’ Villain Lineup to Include Mr. Freeze

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Gotham Villain Lineup to Include Mr. Freeze Gotham Villain Lineup to Include Mr. Freeze

Gotham, Fox’s upcoming drama based on DC comics characters, revolves around Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as he deals with the crime running rampant in his hometown. However, the series has also been heavily promoted as an origin story for many well-known villains in the Batman universe – Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin, among several other well-known Batman baddies – as well as the original character, Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith).

At San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, the pilot debuted to the public — check out our thoughts on it — and a new cinematic trailer for the show’s network premiere was revealed. In addition, it was confirmed that a certain villain would be pulled out of the cooler. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

In an interview with Digital Spy, executive producer of Gotham Danny Cannon, who talked last month about wanting to introduce Mr. Freeze, said the iceman will appear on the show. Cannon, who also directed the premiere episode, couldn’t shed any light on when that may be — or whether there will be hints to Mr. Freeze and his cryogenic technology leading up to an official introduction.

In terms of the science behind Mr. Freeze, Cannon said his time as an executive producer on CSI gave him some ideas how to reinvent the iceman’s origin story to fit on Gotham:

Without giving too much away — because I’m not allowed to — the great thing about working on a ‘CSI’ procedural show for so long was we worked with so many experts — specialists in each field. There’s a lot of things I picked up along the way.

With Gotham focusing more on the realistic police procedural aspect of Gotham City — rather than the superhero caped crusader side — it’s been a goal of both Cannon and showrunner Bruno Heller, to create believable origin stories for all the villains featured on the series.

Gotham Villain Lineup to Include Mr. Freeze New 52 Gotham Villain Lineup to Include Mr. Freeze

For Mr. Freeze, Cannon has a few ideas in mind. Read Cannon’s full quote:

My first conversation with Bruno Heller about the villains in this show is always that they need to be very credible and relatable and the science behind them needs to be real…So I had a couple of stories that I’d held onto — real, true stories — and one of them just related to Mr. Freeze. I know a real way to create an origin story.

Though it doesn’t sound as if Mr. Freeze’s introduction on Gotham will pull from the comic books, it’s entirely possible Cannon and Heller could weave real stories in with the mythos of Dr. Victor Fries. Freeze has always started off as a scientist who is the victim of a failed cryogenic experiment; in DC’s New 52, he accidentally douses himself in cryo chemicals as a result of a violent outburst.

With Freeze’s history in the comics heavily influenced by science, it’s entirely feasible to introduce him to the realistic world of Gotham. Fellow DC show, The CW’s Arrow, included a body-altering drug in its series that provided a realistic explanation to superhuman powers. Cannon’s history of working with experts who know more about science than the origins of Mr. Freeze will at least lead to a, hopefully, more believable incarnation of the iceman than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman & Robin (not that we don’t love his puns).

Gotham to Include Mr. Freeze Arnold Schwarzenegger Gotham Villain Lineup to Include Mr. Freeze

However, the real question pertaining to Mr. Freeze joining Gotham isn’t whether his origin story will be realistic, it’s whether he’ll get lost among the very long list of already confirmed DC villains. At least, it’s worth noting, Cannon didn’t specify whether Freeze would appear in Gotham’s first season or later on down the line.

Gotham premieres on Monday, September 22nd, @8pm on Fox.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. So let me get this straight the villains are

    Fish moony
    Mr freeze
    Poison ivy
    Two face
    Hugo strange

    Impressive lineup

    • They also mentioned Scarecrow in the same interview as Two-Face and Joker. I personally would have had Ra’s al Ghul om that line-up instead of lets say Joker, but since they are bringing him in, i hope it’ll be done right, i still don’t know how i feel about Joker being created before Bats but still looking forward to the show.

      • I don’t think The Joker will be created before Batman in this show. If I got it correctly, didn’t the creators/producers say that there will be hints of multiple characters that could be Joker? Like we see a scene of a guy doing stand-up comedy and the next a “unnamed” gangster, and so on. I think it’s a smart way to do this.

      • Ra’s al Ghul is being introduced in Arrow season 3 (League of Assassins introduced in season 2 with Nyssa) so I doubt they’ll have him in Gotham.

    • No no! none of them are in the line up, you will never see any true villan only watered down inpressions of them.
      Its like agents of shield, you can use the names of the big hitters, but theres no why we are letting you have them on screen.

  2. Is this show still about Gordon??? All these villain appearances are obviously to satisfy the existing base of fans—not a bad thing, but not a great thing either. And to keep hyping up the show before the show has actually begun seems desperate already.

    • It’s called marketing. And it’s begins in less than 2 months. I don’t think it’s too early to hype it.

      I think it’s a great thing if they’re are introduced as the people they are before they turn into supervillains. It makes me want to watch it more.

  3. Batman doesn’t come into this though until the final episode, you will never see Batman in action so there can’t be a Joker, would be stupid to have Joker in this with no Batman, also Joker doesn’t really have an origin story, that’s the scary thing about him, nobody knows where this freak came from, they should just leave the Joker well alone in this show, not unless they have plans to properly bring Batman into it..

    • Nonsense The Joker has ‘multiple choice’ origins but Moore’s ‘The Killing Joke’ is considered by many as the origin story that sticks truest. I wouldn’t mind Gotham doing their own interpretation on this origin story as it’s more grounded to story telling than action (better/cheaper for tv).

  4. $5 says killer croc or mad hatter are next.

  5. This is not a show about Gotham, this is a Batman show without Batman. What’s the point in bringing all the villains anyway… I don’t like it.

    • I’m sorry, but you sound like a guy that would go to a restaurant and order the same thing every time. What’s the point in trying something new, right?

      Come on, for as many decades as comic book writers have been writing these stories, they’ve been trying new things, going new ways, finding new angles.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if some of those writers are wishing they had thought of writing this story. Because why wouldn’t we want to get to know more about Jim Gordon and all these other characters before they became supporting characters to Batman?

      To me it sounds more and more interesting.

      • Spot on….I don’t understand how you can hate on a show before its even on.

    • Agree with you 100% Adrian.

      The Shoveler, we respect each one’s opinion here so unless you’re agreeing with someone’s post, quit clicking the reply button and contesting everything. You’re not going to convince anyone that way. Just post your own message.

      Yes, we get it. You’re excited for this. And you’ve explained why. We’re not excited about it. And we’ve explained why. Deal with it.

      Fact is: I would go to a restaurant and order the same thing. In fact, I want exactly the same thing. If a McDonald’s cheeseburger tasted like a burrito, I’d never go back there again. In this case, your food analogy is not exactly fitting.

      • A good debate isn’t always (maybe never) about convincing the other part. Most times it is simply about exchanging arguments and opinions. And I think that everybody (myself included) should be open to have his or her opinions challenged. Because that way we actually think about what we say and mean. And I think everybody should have put some thought into their opinions.

        I don’t mean to offend anybody. I was just looking for a debate. But I will accept that I did come on a bit strong. I apologize.

        About the food analogy: That came up because he basically said that he wants Batman to always be included in stories from Batman’s world. He doesn’t want to follow any of the other characters. And that made me think of a guy ordering the same thing on the menu everytime.

        Anyway, I am happy that your cheeseburger doesn’t taste like a burrito ;)

  6. id like to see the main story cover those villians named except have the joker, bane, the riddler and maybe harley quinn be in Arkham Asylum…if i was showrunner id have a little side story that maybe covered a few minutes of each episode of these chracters inside the asylum and have like the last episode of the season have the breakout and that hints at what villians were gonna see in season 2…how cool would that be?

  7. So I’ll just throw this out there. By introducing all the Supervillains to the world of Gotham before Batman, undermines the psychological premise of those villains and Batman’s world. Christopher Nolan explained it best at the end of Batman Begins by talking about “escalation.” Essentially, psychopathic villains like The Riddler, The Joker, Mr. Freeze, etc. feel that they have a license to go to their extremes because Batman had already gone to the extreme.

    • That’s true, but I would suspect that we’re not getting Mr. Freeze, we’re getting dr. Victor Fries. We’re also not getting the Penguin, we’re getting Oswald Cobblepot. And so on. You get the idea.

      That would make sense because this happens before Batman, so it also happens before a lot of these villains became the villains we know. But of course they existed as their alter egos. And if we can assume that they didn’t turn to crime from one day to another, it might be interesting to witness that transformation also.

  8. I say just scrap this show PERIOD. They should of just made a show about batman and put it on the CW. That way you could have some cool cross over stuff with arrow and flash as well as slowly develop the batman character and introduce a villain or 2 a season.

  9. I like the idea of a show focusing on Gordon and Bullock, etc in the GCPD as the city grows more and more corrupt. I just have a problem with the supervillain aspect which seems like pandering to get ratings. I would make the show focus on Gordon and have his first case be the Wayne murder but then push Wayne to the background and focus on more traditional villains like Sal Maroni, Rupert Thorne, Roland Daggett, Carmine Falcone and Lew Moxon.

  10. So once again a studio has learned nothing from Spider-Man 3 or Amazing Spiderman 2. This show has a chance to be really good but not if everybody and the kitchen sink is thrown in at once. Learn from Arrow. CW melodrama aside, I think the writers did a pretty good job introducing new characters in a way that made sense. Please don’t screw this up Fox.

    • Are you being serious? You can’t be.

      • Screw yall

  11. Now bruce has started school i think great white shark is thd next person we see, i loved zsasz

  12. I would like to play as mr. Freeze