‘Gotham’ TV Series Casts Alfred, The Penguin & More

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Jim Gordon in Gotham TV Series Gotham TV Series Casts Alfred, The Penguin & More

  • Robin Lord Taylor (Another Earth, Accepted, The Walking Dead) has been cast as Oswald Cobblepot (aka The Penguin). Character description: With the brains of a chess grandmaster and the morals of a jackal, Oswald Cobblepot is a low-level psychopath (for gangster Fish Mooney) who hides his sadistic lust for power behind an exquisitely polite demeanor.


  •  Zabryna Guevara (Burn Notice, 3 lbs.) has been cast as Captain Essen. Character description: Gordon’s boss at the GCPD Homicide Squad, Captain Essen balances the two worlds of police and politics with a Machiavellian skill that’s as much corporate litigator as cop.


  • Sean Pertwee (Alan Partridge, Jo, Camelot, Devil’s Playground Doomsday, Event Horizon) has been cast as Alfred Pennyworth. Character description: A tough-as-nails ex-marine from East London, Alfred Pennyworth has loyally served the Waynes. Now, in the wake of their tragic deaths, he’s fiercely protective of the young Bruce Wayne.


  •  Erin Richards (Breaking In, Being Human, Merlin) has been cast as Barbara Kean. Character description: A sophisticated emergency room doctor, Barbara is the fiancée of James Gordon, joyful but with an edge of vulnerability. She stands by her future husband…which can be difficult in a world as corrupt as Gotham.

Gotham TV Series Storyline Gotham TV Series Casts Alfred, The Penguin & More

We’ll keep you updated on Gotham as development continues.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Really loving the casting for this series so far, all they need is a solid Bruce Wayne and they’ll have something that can really be awesome

    • I picture that Chandler Riggs (Carl in TWD) can play a decent teenage Bruce Wayne.

      • I don’t know. He might be able to pull it off but for some reason I see Freddie Highmore as a good Bruce Wayne. The kid has some talent and could pull off a Ledger type of performance, lol

        • Freddie Highmore’s now 21 and in Bates Motel a tad old to be a young Bruce.

          • Oh wow, didn’t realize he was that old, LOL

      • Yeah I could picture Chandler as well.

      • If Bruce is indeed supposed to be 10 yrs old then Chandler is too old unfornately.

    • Ty simpkins would be absolutely perfect for a young Bruce Wayne.

  2. The Penguin will be played by some jailbird.

  3. This show is starting to shape up well! Loving the castings so far.

  4. boo! i wanted patton oswalt as penguin, duh

  5. I don’t know, but I always thought that Colin Ford would be GREAT for kid Bruce Wayne role :)

  6. Follow Smallvilles lead. The series needs to be about Bruce Wayne and his y0ung struggles about good versus evil, whether to kill or not. And Alfred should guide him along the way. Basing a tv series on a secondary character like Jim Gordon only cheapens the fans, teasing them with the name of Gordon while not putting the emphasis on the main character of Bruce Wayne and his character development in his early years.

    • I honestly don’t know what they could do to make a show PURELY about Bruce at 9 years old, I mean what would actually be going on where he would be doing something interesting. I think they have to make a show about Gordon AND Wayne together to make it interesting at this point in Bruce’s life.

    • As far as I am concerned, this show (Along with all other Superhero tv properties) should run in the exact opposite of Smallville.

    • Not to mention, we don’t really need yet ANOTHER teen reimagining of a famous superhero. A show centered around Bruce would need to be that, to be moderately interesting. And I think we’ve beaten that horse to death for now.

  7. Ok, First off, I am excited to see the execution of this show and how it plays out. However I am slightly pissed by their choices thus far. Mainly with both James Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth. I do realize they are going for a younger Gotham so it wouldn’t make since to have a silver haired Alfred, however I do think they rushed the casting.. My second problem with the show as an entirety is if the show centers around James Gordon and yet they are already talking about a young Bruce Wayne, well what about his parents are they too cast? Is this before their death too? Or is it immediately after? Either way wherever the show starts is going to be closely around his encounter with bats. My question then is how long will we have to watch this before we could see Batman? And if they don’t push Batman at some point why would we bother watching right?

    • I have no idea how they will make this work but it has heavy ties to Batman, I mean they have all of his villains and Catwoman, and Alfred. I think it will be smallville but with a mix of Gordon and Wayne but since he is only 9 he won’t be fighting anyone and he still has to go train.

      • They really need to remain focused on Jim Gordon, people love police shows so why not about Gotham? Your not going to be able to get 5 seasons out of Bruce Wayne trying to kill Joe Chill so why not explore some of the deep, enriched mythology of the corrupt nature of GCPD and the criminal underbelly. Its a tough sell but I’ll remain optimistic.

  8. Uhhg, who really gives a flying crap about Gordon… This will probably last a season… I like the idea of a young Bruce Wayne and his journey to become a crime fighting gangsta!

  9. Sean Pertwee is a better casting for Alfred than Jeremy Irons. imo

    • Why do you say that? Honest question

      • I remember Sean Pertwee from the movie Soldier with Kurt Russell. He played a good father figure in that movie. Will be important if they feature a young Bruce. Although I don’t understand how Gordon and the Wayne paths will cross from episode to episode.

        I cannot see Jeremy Irons as the kind of father figure type. Lolita does not count lol He is more of a bad guy to me. Would of made a better Ra’s al Ghul imo

    • Jeremy Irons = Academy Award winner
      Sean Pertwee = Academy Award watcher

      • Gal Gadot is cast as Wonder Woman.

        Your argument is invalid.

  10. There’s no need to have a show like this. We already have the background story. People at DC are launching this project with the sole purpose of making money. Besides, the importance of the show should be really about Gordon not Bruce Wayne. If you have the expectations of getting to see Batman, then you are deluding yourselves.

    • Perfectly stated! I feel like screaming, “Why waste our time?!” Smallville was an interesting take on Superman that lasted six seasons too long. I would never watch a show about a young Bruce Wayne who is not even Bat Man! I don’t care about the cast. A waste of time.

    • “Gotham will be set long before Bruce Wayne begins dressing up as a bat and fighting crime, and will instead focus on James Gordon as the protagonist, following the Commissioner-to-be in his younger days as a rookie detective in Gotham City Police Department.”

      Also, every TV show and movie ever made is for the sole purpose of making money.

    • wake man every movie and tv show is there to make money they won’t make it just for the love of it

      • wake up*

  11. why does this scream Horatio Caine to me

  12. Sounds like they’re drawing a lot from Batman Earth One. I’m not usually a fan of alternate universe-type comics, but that story is phenomenal. This could be cool if they do it right.

    • If the show center around that story then I am in but it sounds like it will be more like 80% Gordon storyline with 20% Bruce. I hope it all works out but right now I don’t really know whether I am excited enough to check it out or not

  13. I’d be interested to see if they introduce a young Tommy Elliot as Bruce’s childhood friend.

  14. I think it would be neat to see Bruce and Harvey Dent’s relationship with one another built upon in this series.

    Somewhat parallel to Bruce’s development, we see Harvey coming from an abusive household and Bruce helps encourage a sense of justice in Harvey. Eventually tries to become an arbiter of good in Gotham and does, but ultimately falls victim to his increasing paranoia and bipolar disorder.

    After all, to be Batman, you’ve got the be just a little bats, because his entire relationship with the Joker is the definition of insanity.

    To me the world of Batman and Gotham is all about insanity and the psychological issues that plague it’s most prominent figures.

  15. I really like the idea of exploring the whole crime/corruption angle of Gotham itself, but I don’t see why it has to be in the context of having no Batman. Sure, it might turn out great without it, but other than allusions to what Bruce will become and where Gordon will end up I don’t really see how setting this in Gotham adds any value to it. It could be any old crime drama set in any old city with any old characters – if it’s done great, it’ll be great. But if they want to make it interesting why can’t they just do what TDK did – have Batman there, have the mobs there, have some of his villains there.

  16. Smallville was a waste of time! Gotham will be a waste as well. Do DC fans have nothing better to do?! Why can’t they have a character study of the psycho/social dynamics of Bruce Wayne while he is the Bat Man? A show of a kid in Gotham is of no interest to me. No offense to those excited.

    • I’m of the same opinion, I don’t get the excitement over this. It sounds like it might turn into another ploice procedural with silly costumes and a kid who innocently says something that cracks the case *wide open*.

      Still will give it ago, but with all the new superhero TV lined up we’ll pass saturation point very soon. Half the shows won’t last and I can’t see Fox having the patience to stick with this.

      Also they forget to point out the most famous thing Sean Pertwee was ever in….
      Doctor Who’s testicles.

  17. Don’t understand it at all. Sarah Essen was interesting in the comics, now they have her as Gordon’s black lady boss? I don’t get it.
    I’m really hoping this will be good but I see cliches creeping in already. I don’t even know why Wayne has to be a series regular. What’s he going to do at 10 years old?

    • Right? That’s what I was just thinking. Why did they change all that around? He ends up having an affair with her but I don’t really see that happening with this dynamic. Shame. Coulda been good drama for the series.

  18. Slowly but surely I’m getting more and more interested in this but I need to keep reminding myself that all this news is for a pilot and there’s a chance something could go wrong and Fox doesn’t pick it up.
    Granted it would have to be a real stinker for Fox not to order it into a series but there’s always a chance it could happen.

  19. ??Riddler?? could be a really Good character for a detective to follow/Track through a series.

  20. Am i the only one who thinks this is stupid? What is gordon going to do? How does he stop any of the villians w/o batman? Why i would care to see him go from a beat cop to commish? The penguin really? Then what ten fifteen years later hes still the peguin fighting a young dark knight when he does become batman. Plus no joker in the show because you would the bat to start a story of origin. So basically LAW & ORDER special gotham unit. What a huge joke!

    • So true!
      When i think of gotham i think of Det Gordon and his mad crime solving skills!