‘Gotham’ TV Pilot Plot Details Revealed

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Gordon TV Show Pilot Plot Details Gotham TV Pilot Plot Details Revealed

[WARNING: Possible 'Gotham' TV pilot SPOILERS below!]


Every pilot season, entertainment news is bombarded by the latest stories about casting and the like for the newest crop of projects, but usually only those in the business are lucky enough to read the scripts. Then there are those pilots shrouded in even more secrecy, with details only coming out through leaks. Shows from J.J. Abrams are often among those where the scripts are only read by a select few, and this year, FOX’s Gotham is also on that list.

So far we’ve only learned a few scant details about what to expect from Gotham. The show will follow a young Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) patrolling the streets of Gotham City alongside Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue); a 10-to-12-year-old Bruce Wayne will appear; and future villains like The Penguin will get origin stories. And now we have our first glimpse at some story details.

io9 has obtained the ‘Second Network Draft’ of the pilot script, dated Jan. 31, 2014. This may not be the final draft, although it certainly isn’t a first draft either, and there’s always a possibility it may not even be real. Keep all this in mind as you read the plot details below.

The main issue with the pilot appears to be, as is often the case, that it’s more of an introduction to the world of the series than a story that stands on its own. In the episode, Jim Gordon is given a tour of the city by Harvey Bullock, all while trying to solve the murder of young Bruce Wayne’s parents. Along the way they meet the future Penguin, a 14-year-old Catwoman (already burgling and communing with cats) and a little girl named Ivy living with a lot of houseplants. In case all that wasn’t straight forward enough for Batman newbies, there are also lines like “He looks like a penguin” to describe Oswald Cobblepot.

Gotham TV Show Featuring Gordon and Bruce Wayne Gotham TV Pilot Plot Details Revealed

The dialogue seems to be another point of contention in their review. Playing into the noir-ness of its setting, the pilot tries to work every gangster phrase into its characters’ language. Sure, calling people “mopes,” “loonybirds,” “skell huggers, “sugar bunnies” or “a cool glass of milk” may be a way to to include period details into your pilot, but if not used sparingly, it’s also a way of alienating your viewers and making your show seem too cartoonish. Especially, if you have Alfred saying, “Oi! Master Bruce! Stop playing silly buggers! Get your bloody arse down off there!

Finally, there’s the issue of having two opposing main characters in Gordon and Bullock, which we already know from Donal Logue will be set up as two sides of a coin. Gordon is idealistic, while Bullock is morally corrupt. There are clever ways to provide this character information to the viewers, but subtly doesn’t seem to be writer Bruno Heller’s (The Mentalist, Rome) forte when it comes to this script. Gordon spends a lot of the pilot amazed at the crime happening around him in Gotham City, to the point of appearing naive, until he at last comes out a changed man by episode’s end.

A pilot is meant to be a representation of what a network can expect to see from a show should it go to series, but with Gotham already picked up for a full season, that’s no longer the case. It seems that the main problem now is it’s really hard to tell what this series will end up being like past the first episode.

So does this latest information put you off from wanting to see the series? Are you hoping the script’s a fake? Or does this all sound good to you?


Gotham is in development and expected to premiere on FOX in Fall 2014.

Source: io9

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  1. I’m glad to hear bruce could be 15. I still say cast Asa Butterfield as young bruce.

    • He’s too in-demand for TV

      • Too in demand?

        Aren’t Matthew Mcconaughey, Woody Harrelson, Kathy Bates, Jon Voight, and Liev Schreiber, Robin Wright, and Kevin Spacey doing TV now?

        • True Detective and House of Cards are pretty short series with no strong pressure for each season to start at a certain time of year (not to mention, True Detective will have a new cast each year). Gotham is a much more demanding 22-ish episode season.

          • Still TV shows. And if actors of that caliber can make time for tv stints, no matter how long, I think Asa Butterfield could make time to do a tv show.

            And plus, Kevin Hart just signed on for a recurring role on a TV show on ABC and you can’t get more in-demand than him right now.

            • lol People will do TV all the time its easy Cash lol …. But then I guess “COmeON” knows all …. Epic fail

    • If this series starts tanking, look for Bruce to grow up fast.

  2. Got Ham?

  3. I hope it is a fake script. What is described sounds like a version of Batman: The Animated Series. That version worked as a cartoon, I’m not sure how it would fare as a live action serial.

    I doubt it is real. It is also sounds unoriginal and why would Gordan’s first case be solving a murder that was committed years before he arrived in that script? Doesn’t sound right.

    • That part of him solving the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents is true and not part of these rumours about the dialogue, it was confirmed a while back that the pilot will focus on that murder. Also this is not taking place years after their murder, Bruce’s parents were murdered when he was 12 years old and at the top of the article it states that “a 10-to-12 year-old Bruce Wayne will appear”. The show starts at the same time as his parents are murdered.

      • Ok, then they are changing the age at which Bruce’s parents die. In the comics he is around seven or eight, not twelve.

  4. I hope they play their Easter eggs close to the chest (like Arrow), and don’t spell it out like AoS.

    It seems, based on this account, that the show does a time jump from when the Waynes were first killed to some time when Penguin is old enough to do crime.

    Also it would be neat if the tone of the show was reminiscence of Batman:TAS. Not saying it needs to be, but if the’re going old fashioned it could be a vaguely similar Gotham.

    • They don’t need a time jump, Penguin is older than Batman and since the show takes place when Bruce is 12 and his parents are murdered then it makes sense for Penguin to be 20-something. Then if Bruce is a 32 year-old Batman, Penguin will be 40-something which makes sense.

  5. One question: will this show connect to the movie universe that DC is hoping to create? It would be fun!

    • No offence but that would be stupid as then DC would restrict Gotham from using a lot of characters they would want to use in their films and Batman vs. Superman would have to play by the origin rules of Gotham which would also cause complications.

      Look at Agents of SHIELD, they are restricted from using any known characters and are forced to use D-listers like Blizzard, Deathlok, Lorelei and a cheap knock-off of Graviton all because Marvel Studios runs the show and they are too protective of too many characters, a third of which they won’t likely use in their movies in this decade.

      As bad as other aspects of the show are, Agents of SHIELD would’ve still worked better on it’s own as will Gotham.

      • I don’t blame the shared universe. If they had a cheap knockoff of Graviton what makes you think they would do any better with anyone else. Also the Shared Universe is the only appeal to the show for some people, and the only reason I watched it so long.

    • Doubtful… Much like Arrow and The Flash series, I believe they will stand alone. There is a strong possibility of crossovers between Arrow and Flash as they are in the same universe, but Gotham seems to be set (as far as I can tell) before the events of the other shows. This is assuming that in a JL movie that Batman would be the same age or older than Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.

      Also, I think they cast young Alfred as some sort of ex-marine? I could be incorrect. I doubt that he would eventually turn into the Alfred character played by Jeremy Irons in the films. So even if Gotham was in a separate universe to the other shows, I don’t think it would be in the DCU either.

      Pretty sure DC/Warner Bros would be extremely strict on which characters/villains came up in Gotham (much like they are for Arrow) because if they were to use a villain too soon in the tv show, they wouldn’t really be able to use them in the movies due to the time differences.

      So no, I doubt they will be connected.

      • Well, Gotham is in FOX while both Arrow and The Flash are in The CW. Cross-networking is something I don’t see happening.

    • nope

  6. Like the new Daredevil show,I hope its more Arrow than Agents of Shield.In other words really good.

    • I think AoS is just as good as Arrow. Just like the films, Marvel is different from DC.

      This is an interesting show, kind of like Birds of Prey where it’s everyone but Batman. It will be interesting to see who plays the younger Alfred (and if they will use him in some pugilistic action scenes).

      • Because BoP was so good.

      • @Big Nerd
        Glad you like AoS but I thought it was a wasted opportunity,I’m hoping the do a good job on Daredevil though,lots of potential there.

  7. One of the things I’m interested in is the lifespan of the show.

    Will we see jim gorden rise up from a simple cop to detective to commodious? Will we see the birth of his children? Will there a be a section in which bruce wayne disapears for several years.

    Will there be huge time jumps between episodes? I think this show could actually benifit if they actually age characters between seasons. I mean we could see 14 year old selina kyle in first half of season 1 and by the end make 17 or 18.

    Also towards the end of the first season I really.wish they mention red hood….the orginal….aka young joker.

  8. That whole “oi! Master Bruce” garbage is from the Shadow of the Bat episode of Fatman on Batman with Paul Dini. So at least one part of this report is BS

    • Yep.

      Besides, even if they reused it, I wouldn’t mind. It doesn’t sound comedic to me at all and I’m a British guy who watches serious British dramas with lines like that and it doesn’t detract from the shows at all.

      The only thing that could distract me is if they have an obvious “American writing English dialogue” thing going on because as an English viewer, I cringe and switch off whenever I hear something like that.

      It’d be like an English writer trying to write a show set in New York and having everyone talk like 1940s mobsters.

      Otherwise, it sounds alright. I don’t mind the tour of the city because they can have a lot of great dialogue there with Bullock pointing things out and Gordon slowly realising that this guy is totally corrupt and the reinforce that with him witnessing Bullock doing something to prove his gut instinct was correct.

  9. there’s nobody called ivy …

    her name is PAMELA ISLEY

    strike one

    • +1

    • Two (very OBVIOUS) points: This likely is not the final script and may even be the real one (the article clearly says this). Also, there is no indication that “Ivy” is the girl’s actual name…just that she’s called that. Many people have nicknames.

      Strike averted.

    • they changed it for the show. why??? I don’t know so don’t ask!!

  10. Nothing I have ever read about the making of this show has made me the slightest bit intrigued in the plot. Nothing. Don’t get me wrong I’ll probably watch the pilot and decide what to make of it from there.

  11. I want a Gotham T.V. show. I want Bain and the Joker to fight Batman in the T.V. show.

  12. I completely forgot about this even existing. They advertise so little and make everyone wait so long to see it, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has forgot. And then it’s what 30-60 Minutes? Plus way too lany commercials, so 19-39 Minutes. Commercials suck more than anything in the universe. Oh and Gothom will be POOP as well, don’t see it lasting long. Even if it’s decent, FOX cancels every show we actually watch. Boooo FOX

  13. I liked the idea of the show but was disapointed on the storyline. Did they have to pack EVERY vilain in the first episode? It was just looking for attention (or ratings) if you ask me. Fans are fans and would watch it if there was only one vilain per episode. I was disapointed with this pilot because I’m not seeing a great future in this series. I was hoping for a slow and meaningful Smallville type series. Something we’ll get attached to. I’ll watch it anyways because I am a die-hard fan of DC but hoping for better and slower storyline in the future episodes. Cheers!

  14. I’ve seen the exclusive screening of GOTHAM and I look forward to the next episodes! #GothamonWarnerTV. Sharing our write-up for GOTHAM Philippine premiere. Thanks!


  15. Gotham’s Penguin is the show… He’s fantastic and the writing has stepped up to really show the Penguins Genius. Not really a villan fan, but the Penguin has kept me coming back week after week.

  16. it’s a big mess really given that there are, at many times, the use of cell phones around 7 to 10 years old

  17. Can’t wait to get this series to Netflix or Amazon, for those of us computer users who do not bow down to the $100.-per-month-packaged-world of televison.