‘Gotham’ Gets ‘Sin City’ Composer & Casts Penguin’s Mom

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Gotham TV Show Fox Logo Gotham Gets Sin City Composer & Casts Penguins Mom

The massive amounts of crime in Gotham City might make it an unpleasant place to live, but at least the criminals know how to have fun. Between the themed nicknames and costumes, every day is like Halloween in Bruce Wayne’s home town. Although the vigilante-to-be is just a kid in Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel show Gotham, character posters have shown that his future nemeses and allies are already experimenting with comic book fashion.

Fox must have been pleased with the pilot episode of Gotham, since the show received a full series order earlier this summer. That means that there at least 13 episodes to fill with both original characters and familiar faces from the DC comics, and new casting details have now begun to emerge.

One of the villains featured in the Gotham pilot (which will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con 2014) is Oswald Cobblepot, a lowly member of Fish Mooney’s gang who is destined to one day grow up and become the notorious villain Penguin. Since Gotham is all about origins, however, TVLine has revealed that the show will also star Oscar-nominated actress Carol Kane (Annie Hall) as Gertrud Kapelput, Oswald’s mother. Gertrud is described as “a proud and faded beauty with delusions of grandeur,” and in the comics is portrayed as being very over-protective of her son.

Carol Kane in Annie Hall Gotham Gets Sin City Composer & Casts Penguins Mom

Carol Kane in Annie Hall

Kane has starred in a range of movies and TV shows over the course of her long career, with more notable roles including Valerie in The Princess Bride and Grandma Addams in Addams Family Values, and more recently she guest-starred in an episode of Girls. Gertrud Kapelput will be a recurring character in Gotham, starting from episode 2. TVLine also reports that Kyle Massey (That’s So Raven) has joined the cast of Gotham and will play Macky, a neglected kid who lives on the streets of the titular city.

New talent has also been added off-camera, as FMR reports that Graeme Revell (Sin City) has been hired to compose the score for the show. Revell has won ten BMI Film Music Awards, as well as a Career Achievement Award, and his past credits include several other comic book adaptations, such as The Crow, Spawn and Daredevil. He also composed the score for last year’s action sequel Riddick.

OLV reports that more episodes of Gotham are currently being filmed in New York City, so expect further casting announcements soon.

Gotham will air on Mondays at 8/7c on FOX, but has no current premiere date.

Source: TVLine, FMR

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  1. This is sounding better and better…can’t wait to see it!

  2. ??? Is this guy serious?

    • Is who serious about what?

      I am quite serious about my anticipation.

      • Me too, this is my most anticipated show for the rest of the year, closely followed by Constantine, The Flash and the returns of Arrow, Ray Donovan and The Newsroom.

  3. Just a quick note, the assumption based on this casting is that Penguin’s back story will be based on the New 52 mini-arc Penguin: Pain & Prejudice, which has been described as “The Penguin’s version of The Killing Joke”.

  4. Man this shows gonna bomb you know fox got rid of Human Target and Alsmost Human so don’t he surprised if fans love the show but they cut after 20(or maybe even 13) episodes

  5. I feel like this would have the potential to be a good show if it wasn’t about Gotham City. If this sort of plot, young detective makes it his mission to solve the murder of the city’s most prominent couple while also mentoring their son in a city full of loonies, had been applied to a regular crime show, I’d be all for it. But this show is so far detached from the comics and can’t reasonably (and by that I mean you’d have to stretch it) be in the same shared universe as Arrow and Flash that I have zero interest. I keep reading this articles because I’m looking for hope that it’ll be good but there just isn’t any.

    • So you’d rather not have a potentially great story about a city that seems to be the home of madmen and deranged criminals and the young cop that wants to try and put an end to the lunacy just because it’s set in Gotham? You sound like one of those people who “loves” Batman but doesn’t care about anything else other than the Dark Knight himself, which is a terrible tragedy because you might be missing out. It’d be like saying “I want to watch True Detective but because it’s set in the backwater areas of Louisiana and I hate that place, I won’t bother watching”.

      I also don’t know where you got the idea Gotham might connect to Arrow and The Flash. As far as I’m aware, that connection only exists in the minds of people who insist that all of the DC properties on TV connect to one another as well as connecting to the upcoming movies too, which still doesn’t make any sense to me.

      Arrow and The Flash are connected to each other because they share the same crew and cast in some cases and are expanding the wider world created on The CW but those two shows have zero connection to Gotham, Constantine or the movies.

      I also don’t see how you “can’t find any hope the show will be good”, maybe you should try actually reading the articles? There’s a ton of good stuff and even more potential shared so far.

      • No. I’m pretty sure I stated clearly that if this plot didn’t have anything to do with Batman characters, I’d be optimistic. If they were going to tell a Gotham story, I’d rather them not stuff as many younger versions of Batman villains in it and have Gordon fight organized crime and police corruption instead. Kid Ivy, Kid Catwoman, young Penguin, now Penguin’s mom…it’s all ridiculous. I’ve been reading Batman comics for years and I think it’d be cool to explore more of his universe, but not like this. Most of his villains became who they are AFTER he became Batman. That’s why I said one of the main reasons I think this is going be terrible is because it’s so detached from the comics.

        I got the idea Gotham might connects to Arrow and The Flash from those same people you’re talking about. I brought that up because having them all connected would make it cooler because Arrow is a good show. But since that’s clearly impossible, it has one less thing going for it.

        Maybe you should try not assuming I didn’t read the articles when I expressly stated “I keep reading these articles because I’m looking for hope that it’ll be good.”

        I’m sure the actors will do a great job and the writing will be alright, but the whole premise is asinine.

        • Oneiros…

          I won’t get into the back and forth between you and Dazz, because you are both more than capable of arguing with each other without any help. I, however, will express my extreme disagreement with the premise being asinine.

          I find the idea behind the show AND the way they SEEM to be setting it up (based on the very limited information we have) to be quite intriguing. From what we know so far, Gotham is home to an almost crushing level of corruption and criminal activity. This misery has apparently destroyed a family, but the newly-arrived Gordon has promised the only surviving member of that family that justice will prevail. Meanwhile, the criminals (none of whom are costumed or called by their later, famous names, as far as we can tell, at the moment) are going about their business at various (though, obviously, early) points in their criminal careers. There is NO hint of super powered (or even particularly extraordinary…other than the sheer amount of) villainy.

          While the show may not be unique, except perhaps in its particular melding of tropes (hero’s journey, vengeance, CBM origin, crime drama), it does seem, from what has been revealed, to be potentially successful.

          WHAT is asinine about it?

          • You can find it intriguing, but I find it asinine because the entire premise can only lead to one conclusion: a Batman who has know or at least been familiar with all of his villains since he was 8. If the show goes for 5-6 seasons, we’ll probably end with Bruce Wayne coming back to Gotham as the young man who has been training for over a decade to become Batman. The end of that story implies that before he became Batman he had interactions with most if not all of his villains and that is just boring. It doesn’t matter if they don’t continue the show with him as Batman. The ending is still the same.

            Or even worse, if it goes for 10 seasons like Smallville. Tell me THAT wasn’t asinine after they started doing 15 year old Flash races 20 year old Superman. Oh, wait…no they never called him Superman. It was “The Red-Blue Blur.” Are they going to call Selina Kitten Girl? Or instead of Poison Ivy is she going to be Plant Girl? By the way, her character’s name isn’t even Pamela Isley, it’s Ivy Pepper.

            There doesn’t have to be superpowers for them to be villains and that’ll be the worst part of it. These characters will show up, they won’t be the villains we know them to be, but the show will try to wring as much story out them as possible and it will end badly. At the end of the episode you’ll end up with origins for characters that don’t make sense when they’re applied to a future with Batman in it.

            There are so many other properties that could have been developed with the money they’re putting into this. Make a Doctor Fate show since Supernatural is obviously on its last leg. Make a Nightwing show or something like that. This is going to get bad really fast.

            • Clearly, neither of us is going to convince the other of his position, and that’s not a problem. We each have our legitimate opinions on the coming show…I am excited and think it’s developing nicely…you are turned off and think it is sounding worse with every bit of information released. That is certainly fine. I do, however, still fill find it confusing why you consider the idea “asinine”. Everything you said above speaks to a negative view on the show–in short, that you do not LIKE what they are doing, NOT that any particular aspect is actually dumb or silly. The possibility of having any familiarity with any of the criminals (except, I believe, Selena Kyle) has never been stated, implied, or even hinted at by anyone who has anything to with the show. Remember that this Gordon’s show more than Bruce’s (at least in the first season…second?…third?). GORDON will gain some familiarity with these characters, not ten-twelve year old Bruce. As for WHAT familiarity that might be, he will know the people they were…the people they become, likely, will be drastically different, if developed well. Oh, as for Ivy, we really have no clue as to the reason for that name being on the poster…if you’ll recall, Edward Nygma is known by some as Eddie Nashton. We have NO reason, at the moment, to doubt that Ivy Pepper and Pamela Isley will have some similar interchangeability.

              So far, we really don’t know enough to “know” how the show will be…positive OR negative. For my part, I remain hopeful and optimistic.