Is ‘Gotham Central’ the Next DC Comics TV Show After The Flash? [Updated]

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Gotham Central TV Show DC Warner Bros. CW Is Gotham Central the Next DC Comics TV Show After The Flash? [Updated]

[CONFIRMED: A Commissioner Gordon TV Series! CLICK HERE for details!]


Could we be seeing the makings of a shared DC Universe on television? DC/Warner Bros. have already produced a hit television show with The CW’s Arrow, with season 2 set to introduce The Flash as the show’s first hero with super powers.

There are already talks of Flash getting his its own spin-off show on the network. So what is next for DC/WB? Rumor has it that Marvel’s Agents of Shield may have some competition down the line, with an adaptation of the popular DC comic, Gotham Central, supposedly in development.

In a recent interview with USA Today, comic book writer Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Y the Last Man) mentioned that an adaptation of his gritty cop series set in Gotham City (a.k.a. the home of Batman) was rumored to be in development.

“Every season, I wait to see if they’re going to announce something like that, and just a couple of months ago there was some article in the Hollywood Reporter about them supposedly developing it. I haven’t heard any confirmation on it or anything. You can easily see it.”

He mentions the growing popularity of the book since the success of The Dark Knight Trilogy. He also talks about how Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, and the failure of the Birds of Prey television series halted discussions of a Gotham Central adaptation.

“The book is actually more popular now than when we were doing it. There’s been talk of Gotham Central on TV since when we were doing the comic even (in the mid-2000s). Everyone at Warner Bros. really loved it. Chris Nolan after they did Birds of Prey had asked them to just please not do any Batman-related stuff until he was done with his trilogy — looking at Birds of Prey, you can see why. It was not the world’s greatest pilot.”

Gotham Central TV Show Is Gotham Central the Next DC Comics TV Show After The Flash? [Updated]

With the success of Arrow, and the announcement of a Flash TV series, DC has already laid the groundwork for a shared television universe. The only way DC and Warner could compete with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is by integrating both the film and television universes together. Marvel has already beat DC to this by creating Agents of Shield, but they still have the opportunity to use the characters created in Arrow and The Flash and bring them into the Justice League. A Gotham Central series would only make the DC universe bigger, and would create an opportunity for the newly-casted Batman to make a television appearance at some point (if only as an actor in a Batman suit, and not Ben Affleck).

While this is only still a rumor, we may not see Gotham Central on television anytime soon. You will, however, be able to see another one of Brubaker’s stories on the big screen – namely Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, an adaptation of a comic book storyline Brubaker created.


We’ll keep you updated about status of a Gotham Central storyline as more news develops.

Source: USA Today

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  1. Now this would be cool if it takes a more dark and serious approach ala CSI.

    • This would be very cool, you could even include Batman’s secondary villains. I wonder if the CEO meant Gotham Central when he talked about there being several more DC announcements in the coming months. If this show indeed ends up being developed, the only thing I ask for is it not to be on the CW.

  2. It definitely would make sense to have a Gotham-based TV show. There are far more characters and nuances than theatrical films will ever be able to fully give voice to. If a Gotham Central show did happen, though, I would prefer it not be on CW…rather, someplace a bit more genuinely gritty and serious.

    Question, though – could a Gotham Central show happen without including Commissioner Gordon? Because how would that interface with the films, in which a big-name like Bryan Cranston will likely be cast?

    • Can’t he do both?

  3. Now this would be a show to watch!!!

  4. They can use this to introduce heroes like Nightwing and Batgirl!

    This can also be a great venue to introduce the Court of the Owls storyline! Then after “Justice League” movie, Batman can continue the story in his next movie! They can Batman gets in maze, then the sequel would be “Night of the Owls”!

    • YES YES YES! Bring on the Nightwing, bring on a decent Batgirl origin, bring on Scott Snyder.

  5. If it happens, I will definitely be watching, but I hope they wouldn’t put it on the CW. No forced love triangles please!

  6. I hope to see this show made a reality at some point (preferably sooner than later). It could easily, if made with care, prove quite interesting and successful.

    One thing I wonder: Why do people keep assuming that “Agents of Shield” WILL be successful (people keep pointing out how the MCU has crossed over into the realm of TV shows, thus expanding the possibilities of the universe…I’ve noticed SOME of these same people are also the ones saying DC should not have the TV versions of their characters move into the film universe…HUH?). AoS premieres tonight. Shouldn’t everyone WAIT until the show actually airs before they give it its own Emmy as “Bestest, Coolest Show Ever”?

    Before anyone jumps on my back, I did NOT say the show won’t fare well; I simply point out that no one knows…yet.

    • No one is crowning Agents of SHIELD, especially not on this site. The general feeling is that of cautious optimism. It will most likely be successful ratings wise because of the built in fanbase Marvel has, and the extensive promotion ABC has given it.

      • Actually, I have a number of responses that say Marvel has already accomplished this blending of the particular media. Even the article above says:

        “The only way DC and Warner could compete with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is by integrating both the film and television universes together. Marvel has already beat DC to this by creating Agents of Shield…”

        Yes, it’s been created, but it HASN’T SUCCEEDED yet. My point stands.

        • Sigh… *I have SEEN a number of responses…*

  7. At this point, why even bother with any DC rumors, particularly wild speculation that has been bandied about since the initial run of the book?

    DC rumors aren’t even rumors anymore, they are just anyone and everyone’s idle speculation. You know why? Because DC isn’t saying crap, so interested parties from fans to producers, writers, and actors are having to guess what the hell they are up to.

    Meanwhile we are supposed to be jazzed over Batman vs. Superman… I’m just not into it anymore – make me care about your other brands DC.

    • …and yet you’re here…and responding.

  8. Any chance of this series being picked up by AMC? I could definitely see that working.

    • Best.Idea.Ever. On AMC…the show will automatically have a serious, story-driven atmosphere. Put in the occasional appearance of Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson (Nightwing, not Robin ), plus new villians like Professor Pig and classic ones like Scarface and Deadshot. Advertisers would be throwing their money at that show. AMC would have the 18-35 male demo on lock year round if they aired it whenever The Walking Dead is on hiatus.

      • Bryan Cranston for Commissioner Gordon? I know people want him for Lex Luthor, but I think he would make a fantastic Gordon and this would be a great follow-up role to Breaking Bad.

        • +1

          • +1

            • Cranston is too old to play Lex. Sorry. Cranston, on the other hand, has already played Gordon (voice) and did quite well. He’d make an excellent Gordon.

      • Deadshot is one arrow tho

    • Nah, not gonna happen. Would make too much sense.

  9. Actually a suicide squad TV show would be cool too. With Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Bane, Black Spider and El Diablo. Plus Ammanda Waller is in the next Arrow season so it would work.

  10. Would Batman be on this show? Birds Of Prey wasn’t good of a show imo.

  11. I love all the comic films and tv series (for the most part) but it always seems like DC is a step behind Marvel….or is DC playing copy cat? Again, I welcome all comic based film but it’s obvious who is winning right now.

    • You mean who has been winning live action. It’s obvious who has been winning animation for decades.

      • Exactly…oh, and the live-action only applies to movies. On TV, DC has been doing exceptionally well.

        • but i think marvel’s mcu is making a lot more money than DC’s tv shows and animated movies

          • Fair point.

  12. I want this to be made on anything but cw.

  13. This is a good idea but where are the movies with new characters? Yay, Flash is going to be on Arrow and potentially his own show. Thats great, really. But come on WB! I always bring this up but its worth bringing it up, Marvel and Disney are bringing Ant Man and Rocket Raccoon to the big screen! Those movies could definitely flop, but the fact that they are being made, before Wonder Woman, Flash or hell, even Aquaman or Hawkman is insanity. We must live in some crazy Bizarro World or something. Even having Iron Man or Thor on the big screen before those characters is crazy to me.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I am probably not going to see anymore DC movies until they can finally make something that
      A) Is not starring Batman, or Superman, or Batman and Superman
      B) Doesn’t suck

      DC / WB has such a great pantheon of characters to choose from. Fascinating and fun characters with a rich history like J’onn J’onnz the Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Doctor Fate etc etc. Yet the only movies they can make that are halfway serious is Batman and Superman. Even more maddening, in Superman he can apparently only face TWO villains, Lex Luthor and General Zod. Green Lantern was OK, they could do that again and I’d be happy. But Jonah Hex? ReallY? Out of all your rich character history DC / WB chose to make a movie out of a comic almost no one reads? Sheesh.

      They need to fire the executives who have been getting in the way and show Marvel that they can make real blockbusters with something other than Batman and Supes.

  14. Oh my God I love this idea.

  15. I think Arrow and Flash should be in the same universe. The Gotham Central show be in the DC Cinematic Universe and it should air on AMC or CW(to a lesser extent)

  16. Whether this is AMC/The CW, I hope Arrow, Flash and ‘Gotham Central’ all end up in the same shared universe to later be in the same universe as films. Bryan Cranston should hopefully be Gordon. And then should do a Wonder Woman series next.

  17. Could be dope! I’d definitely check it out

  18. As long as bats and a few of his friends makes a few stops every now and then, im gain!

  19. This would be a great HBO series and a way for DC Comics to break into darker, edgier stories. The CSI-esque concept would also be fun.

  20. I just want to see them introduce the phantas. Its a perfect time since wayne is now just a playboy only focussed on his true calling, we can see his true love story and how it fell apart. Its a new take while introducing a new origin/villain being the phantasm, nad a new joker!!! It would be nice to see why he doesn’t get close to his love interests vs superman who does and just keeps it quiet…

  21. Arrow is a stupid show

    • What a brilliant observation…

      *shakes head sadly at how pathetic this is*

      • @Archaeon +1

  22. Brubaker didn’t write Y:The Last Man that was Brian K. Vaughn

  23. Make it happen! I could easily see a Gotham Central television show!

  24. Gotham Central was a fantastic comic that ended too soon. CSI, Law & Order, and especially NCIS prove that cop shows can be hugely successful. Seeing Renee Montoya, Maggie Sawyer, Crispus Allen, etc in live action would be amazing.

  25. i read comments above putting this show on amc….which is brilliant!! amc could use a show like this because as we know breaking baf is 4 days away of making history.

  26. I’ll wait to judge how Shield handles the ground level expansion of its universe, but it seems like a good way (and as a massive fan of Batman, a welcome way) for DC to explore popular licenses in a new way

  27. Anyone know what channel & time Shield is on? I can’t find it to set my DVR.

  28. Let’s focus people… What about “amazon”? They started that pilot for next year, so is it happening or what?

  29. Might want to update this article, SR.