‘Gotham’ Trailer: Wayne and Gordon Join Forces [Updated]

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There are few comic book properties as bankable as Batman, yet fans have been somewhat unsure of what to expect from Gotham, Fox’s upcoming TV show set in the Dark Knight’s hometown. Originally pitched as a Batman series before Batman, instead following the young Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in his rise through the ranks of the city’s corrupt police force. Now the classic villains have begun to appear, and the first trailer leaves no doubt that when Bruce Wayne is a character in just about anything, he’ll be sharing the spotlight.

It’s easy to understand why Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) would be one of the main points of the first look at the series (courtesy of EW), since both he and the murder of his parents is universally known among comic fans. The first trailer attempts to introduce Jim Gordon as the man vowing to find the culprits behind the Waynes’ murder, while also promising that his journey into Gotham’s criminal underworld will be filled with enough characters to keep him busy for weeks. It’s a tough balance, but clearly one that Fox finds satisfactory, as the series has received an order of “at least” 13 episodes for its first season.

It’s promising to see Jim Gordon take center stage in the first footage, even if he is sharing it with elements of the Batman mythology that have been deeply explored already. Luckily, the darker side of Gotham City seems to be important in the show’s DNA as well, and with this brief look implying something between The CW’s Arrow and a typical police procedural, it’s obviously the characters that will help differentiate the action from similar ‘realistic’ crime dramas.

Gotham TV Show Fox Logo Gotham Trailer: Wayne and Gordon Join Forces [Updated]

It’s worth pointing out that the showrunners would not feature Gordon’s promise to Bruce Wayne so prominently if it weren’t a sign of what to expect. Since viewers don’t have to worry about the story suddenly jumping decades into the future (as is the case with most Batman origin stories), that means the chance to see how Bruce actually learned to understand the crime in his city, and of the importance of law itself. Gotham might take a step away from the comics and make Jim Gordon the one who teaches him, as well.

UPDATE: With a full trailer now up above, here’s the first teaser trailer that hit the Web previous to the full trailer:

Some comic fans might bristle at a TV series messing with canonical origin stories, wishing instead to see Wayne’s training come after years of self-inflicted exile. But there will be plenty of other chances for die-hard comic fans to celebrate – or attack – with the wealth of villains on hand. Although Penguin (Robin Taylor), Riddler (Cory Michael Smith), Catwoman (Camren Bicondova) and a young Poison Ivy are only glimpsed, expect them all to play a significant part, even if it may not be in the form or costume fans have come to know and love.

What do you comic fans make of the first trailer for Gotham? Does it give the impression of the tone and style you would hope for, or are you holding off judgement until a more detailed look is released? Sound off in the comments.


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Gotham is in development and expected to premiere on FOX in Fall 2014.

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  1. They should have just did live action Batman Beyond and Dick Grayson could be “terry”‘s mentor….

    • But that would cost money, and as you can see, this looks so so cheap.
      This is going to bomb.

      • Glad you have a crystal ball, sir. This actually looks better than expected. Have some faith in the property’s first episode. It looks know greater in budget than Arrow.

        • ^Troll

      • …and WHY do you think it looks cheap? It looks to be, visually, of comparable quality to other police procedural/origin/character shows. The acting in the trailer is, as well.

        • ^Troll

          • ^Immature.

    • typical debbie downer moment after an epic trailer

  2. As Bane said, “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask”. I hope this show makes people care, I think it has a lot of potential for something different but at the same time I’m worried. Well I guess we’ll see.

  3. This looks awesome, however I dont like they have put in children super villains, They seriously going to do a child cat woman who is already wearing the costume practically and doing cat woman things and child poison ivy who is already messed up!? not sure about that!

    • well sometimes the trauma that makes a great criminal comes from their childhood :-)

      • Just give me one episode with a boy who is slightly off, likes knives and gunpowder, and who hates clowns. That’s all I need and I’ll be happy

    • +1 on this. Really concerning, they’re basically rewriting most of the characters’ bios and that might turn out to be a pretty lousy idea… also, I wonder how long is this going to make it before they cancel it, like all good TV shows?

      • I hope they cancel it tomorrow, i have seen fan films that look more pro than that trailer.

        • Ah, the trolling babblers have reared their heads, I see…

          • ^Troll

            • ^Immature.

              • ^ WB/DC lap dog above.

                • Ah, Steve shows, yet again, how silly and pointless his brain is. Good job, Steve. :)

        • No you haven’t.

  4. I like the look of it.. Its a bit Smallville in its concept but I like the gritty nature of what is in the trailer.

  5. Even though I was one of the naysayers that trailer looks surprisingly good and cinematic. I love the lighting and the cinematography. I guess I’ll have to watch it after all. :D

    • @TheLostWinchester

      Cinematic is the perfect way to describe it and to be perfectly honest this was exactly the look and tone I was hoping for.
      One of the reasons I haven’t enjoyed shows like Arrow or Agents of Shield is because at the end of the day they look and feel like your average every day TV show. There’s nothing special about them IMO.
      I won’t go over the top and start saying this will be amazing but the trailer did its job and my interest has peaked.

      • piqued.

    • Cinematic dude! come spend half an hour at my place on photoshop, i will show you how they got the cheap ass looking lighting effects.

      • The trolls have come out to play.

        • ^Troll

          • ^Immature.

            • STFU

              • Sphynx…

                You first.

      • “filmguy” I have no interest in visiting your mothers basement.

        • Why not if you bring pizza, i will let you do her.

  6. stylistically sp eaking, if they use a very poetic narration a la classic noir, I’m in. I’m in anyways, but that’d cinch it for me.

  7. When they 1st announced that homeboy from
    The O.C. was playn the Commissioner i was like LAME ! ! !
    but afta seein that trailer i can’t wait to see what he does with him… nva got into Southland
    but i hear he really shined on the series..

  8. I actually loved him in The OC (yes I enjoyed The OC) and thought he was a great actor. Excited to see him in this especially after the trailer.

    Oh and how about Logue from back in the day of Grounded For Life hahaha excited to see him as well.

    For those that think this looks absolutely terrible…Just don’t watch it? Your life will remain the complete same as if the show never came into existence.

    I am open to a different story, switching things up a bit, seeing what their take is. I don’t mind it in the least bit. There are so many versions of Batman and the universe surrounding Gotham – Just let this be another story and don’t get upset by it. Just a TV show :)

  9. This actually looks great! Think i’ll watch this in place of Arrow now, which has started to become s***!

  10. Looks pretty good

  11. Lets face it we were played, they promised a CSI type cop drama saying that they weren’t putting Bruce Wayne into it when they started to get this together. FOX is also Marvel’s B** with X-Men, who’s to say that FOX isn’t setting up DC for failure. Fox never has had that great of a run with “dramas” their more focused towards their GLEE crap. It’s not gonna make it to Season 2. That and do we really NEED to see a future Prostitute known as Catwoman…. I know I’m not watching this cause sorry she’s over done, over played, over used and done to DEATH, I kinda wish that she would just die.

  12. Wow, this looks terrible.

    It actually looks WORSE than Arrow. I didn’t think anything could do that.
    One season, maybe, but more likely a half a season.

    • Don’t be silly, nothing is worse than Arrow.

      • Oh, look…one troll found another. Brad and filmguy, now if you two mate, maybe you can produce an offspring that is actually worthwhile and not a waste-of-space troll.

        We can only hope.

        • ^Troll

          • ^Immature.

            • ^ Immature Troll.

              • MovieB…

                Seriously? You’re going to act like a petty, butthurt m0r0n…REALLY?

                Sad…yet not surprising.


                • LOL

                • Oh you are so weak Archie! What would I be butt hurt about? I’m just sick of you trolling DC boards as you always do.

                  The funniest part is that I think you actually believe that you are mature. You’re quite the opposite from what I gather from your desperate posts.

                  I also love how you “sigh” all the time. Maybe if you got out a bit more and exercised you wouldn’t be so out of breath from typing, Archie.

                  Now quick, go see if there is anyone bad mouthing a DC product or service. Don’t let them get away with it, Archie!

                  • Oh, MovieB…

                    Ever the pitiful pup…It’s so sad that it’s almost cute.


                    • He thinks I’ cute. He thinks I’m cute.

                      He thinks I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

                    • I said, “almost”, MovieB…decreasing by the moment.

                    • Jeez, there’s way too many people here who desperately need to get a freaking life

                    • Yes, Revan… there are.

  13. Bad joke time:

    So Catwoman is older than Bats? That would make her a cougar!

  14. I’m assuming that the footage we saw here is strictly from the pilot so while it does seem like there’s a lot of footage and time spent on young Bruce it doesn’t necessarily mean that every episode will feature him.

    Pretty much from the start we knew that the murder of The Wayne’s would be featured in the pilot so it goes without saying that Bruce needs to be a part of that but as Gordon moves from case to case we will naturally see less and less of Bruce.
    We might not go a whole stretch of episodes without seeing him but like most procedural’s he can show up for a few scenes here and there to keep the more serialized aspect of the show going.

  15. If Ben McKenzie is involved, especially as the main character, then I’m fully on board. I wouldn’t miss watching him. He’s the only one who could get me excited or to even watch any kind of police show, and this is for the second time! It looks like he brings it again here.

    • Fox does indeed have the habit of sending potential to it’s death.

      • RIP Almost Human.

  16. I wasn’t all that interested but this trailer made me at least interested to check out the trailer. I showed some people the trailer and got nothing. I keep hearing the whole “it’s a Fox show” excuse. Hope it all works out

  17. This could be…ok. I don’t think this is something I’m going to tune into like I do with Arrow, Hannibal, or The Following, but it could be watchable. Maybe I’ll catch it on Hulu or something. It just looks half baked. It doesn’t look like much effort was put into it and they’re just hoping that people will want to see more Batman stuff and not care if it’s good or not. I think this is going to go the way of Smallville where the first couple seasons were fun, but it just kept going downhill until finally Superman was called “The Red Blue Blur.”
    The tone, dialogue, and the direction all look to be malformed and thrown together as if a talentless chef were given the best ingredients and tried to make a 3 course meal. The meal is edible and the flavors are there, but they’re not done correctly. The steak is dry and the vegetables and are a little too cooked and someone picked some crap wine which all amounts to a rather forgetable dish.
    I have a feeling that by season 3 we’re going to end up with a boy who will grow up to be a Batman that can say, “I’ve known all my villains since I was 10,” and that’s just stupid.
    Last thing, why did a ninja kill Bruce’s parents? Are they using the League of Assassins in this show too? I sure hope not. That’d be rather unorginal.

    • I may be forgetting my Batman here but weren’t they shot because they were being mugged or something along those lines? If they go the ninja/league of assassins route this early it might be something that will totally turn me off on the series. I am interested in checking it out but then again the whole premise of the show makes me worry. I like the idea of having orgin storylines for the master criminals but considering it will most likely have ties to Gordon it will make no sense with the source materials but then again it has been a while since I’ve read them so I might be totally wrong

      • Yeah, originally they were killed because of a random mugging gone wrong, but that guy in the trailer is either wearing a ski mask with thinnest eye slit I’ve ever seen, or he’s wearing a ninja mask. Or maybe he is a mugger and that’s all he has so he’s mugging them for money so he can buy a REAL mugger mask.

        • Guess he couldn’t afford even those panty hose to wear as a mask LOL. It just looked very ninja like to me in that trailer and if it actually is ninjas then that worries me. I think in the end I will probably treat this like AOS in which I see it when I can and if not it’s not a big deal

    • How on earth could you come up with all that based on a 2 minute trailer?

      • @ freedomispopular
        Do you want specific examples from the trailer or just a general explanation? I’ll give a detailed comment if you, but as for the general answer, almost every line in that trailer could be pulled from a dozen other shows meaning that it’s a good chance the rest of the lines will be similar, showing lack of effort. It’s shot and directed as if it’s dark but if you pay attention the color is actually quite vivid meaning the dark and gloomy tone isn’t going to be effective. It also seems like, based on his actions, the writers are going to turn Gordon into the vigilante-type rather than being the do good cop he’s supposed to be. Unless they keep bringing in kid villains, the show is gonna run out of engaging story lines after the first couple seasons and I don’t think any of us wanna see not-Batman vs not-Joker/Freeze/Bane/Scarecrow/name a villain. It all just seems so…arbitrary.

        • Agreed. The whole issue is the concept of this show. If they create new villains not heard of before then I can understand but to have a younger version of a Joker going against Gordon or a younger Bane or any other known villain just seems silly to me. Also, wasn’t Gordon first introduced to Gotham right when Wayne was becoming Batman or a couple years before? I don’t remember him being introduced right when Wayne loses his parents. If this is a whole new take on Batman/Bruce Wayne and the whole Gotham origins story then that makes sense but we shall see

  18. I thought the trailer was great. If the show lives up to that this will be awesome.

    I wish Marvel could come to the party with something like this.

  19. So… there doing Gotham Kids? All the characters are there they are just children… so little girl Catwomen and little girl Ivy. How much you wanna bet that the Joker shows up at the end of the first season as a teenager?

    Couldn’t they just do a show like Arrow but with the Bat? I mean how hard is that?

  20. I was skeptical about this, but the trailer looks pretty good. I will definitely be checking this one out. I was disappointed when I saw this was on FOX. It would have been better with The CW, I think.

  21. Not Another smallville, please. Don’t make batman what you did to Superman… not to Batman T_T

  22. I think it will be good, I just hope we dont get child versions of every super villain!

  23. I wished they’d come out with a modern Batman theme television show instead of this. They had show of Batman before despite it being campy but in the 90′s we had Lois & Clark: TNAOS while the film franchise was dormant for years.

    • I think if they can’t use current Batman then why not do a Batman Beyond type of show with Terry McGinnis. It seems like they are creating something new rather than using the source material for this show

      • Get off Batman beyond its garbage. It has nothing to do with real Batman. Its different universe than main stream Batman (comics at least).

        The show had bad storylines and mad Batman stupid just to push some punk kid. Stop making shows to cater to small minority of young people.

        Rather see show based on Bruce Wayne real Batman.

        • You type like a caveman.

  24. I thought the trailier was great. Am stoked to have another DC hero make it to the small screen. And now we will get two a week. As for the child villains, since is set in monder tims, i think what will happen is Bruce will end up in foster care which is where he he probably meets one of the villarns. Then as the shows progress we will possibly see more added. It will probably Gordon who finds them at some grim scene and take them to the foster care. Smallville was good, Arrow is good, so i see no reason to think Gothem will be any different.