Gort Is Angry In New 5-Minute Trailer

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the day the earth stood still Gort Is Angry In New 5 Minute TrailerHere we have yet another trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. Screen Rant has quite a history for this up coming sci-fi remake of the 1951 classic of the same name so check out our previous posts on this film if you’re interested.

If you want to see the earlier trailers before watching this new one, check out the very first trailer which I really dug. You’ll see alot of repeat scenes but each trailer shows off some new footage. Next, from one of the first articles I wrote here, we have a full 7-minute preview which debuted mid-September alongside the encore broadcast of the Fringe premiere. That second video completely changed my mind and expectations on the film from good to bad.

Now, we are presented with yet another long trailer: 5 minutes long to be exact. The verdict?


It is a huge improvement on the 7 minute preview but I’m getting a very strong feeling that 20th Century Fox thinks their own film is not good and are trying hard to over-market it.

Before I go on, watch for yourself:

This trailer has many of the cryptic and dark tones of the first trailer which I love, but much of the negative from the second as well. The one huge positive is finally seeing Gort in full-form doing his thing. His design pays homage to the original Gort but the CGI on him I think looks awful.

There are too many negatives going for me on this one, from the giant spheres and lights which I think look stupid and the way many of the scenes are set up. For example, the soldiers and hazmat-suited folk approaching the mysterious object and how they’re all widely separated for dramatic effect.

And then there’s the cast. We have Keanu as the lead role which speaks for itself, however in this case he obviously fits just by being himself (is that a positive or negative?). Then we have Kathy Bates and John Cleese which I can’t comprehend at all as to why they were cast. Seeing Bates in the trailer completely takes me out and I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel seeing Cleese on screen attempting to be serious. It all feels like a parody to me.

Also, the story of this film which we’ve discussed in full in previous threads is not a positive for me either. All in all, I do still have some interest in this flick but I am almost certain it will not be that great.

What do you think of the trailer? What’s your feeling about the movie based on what you’ve seen?

The Day the Earth Stood Still opens on December 12, 2008.

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  1. Working at the feet of Michael Bay attempting to rework another classic, “The Birds,” isn’t what I call a shining endorsement. More like the premise for a SCi Horror film.
    Oh no Prof. Quatermass the Bay-monster is cloning itself! :(

  2. Here you go, I’ll start us off :

    The What would they say if this was on Mystery Science Theater Game.

    The preview is just beginning and our gang are taking their seats..

    They shut it down? Yes. For What? For us:Mike says- We’re going to Taco Bell!

    Don’t be afraid! Afraid Of What?: Crowe says- My new Thigh master blaster!

    However it’s path was recalculated: Mike says- And the pizza arrives late again!

    Did you feel that? Feel what? : Tom says- THe sucking sound around this movie. Doctor Benson says- I feel it! Crowe says- Me Too!
    Mike and Tom immediately shush Crowe.

    This is the most important discovery in the history of mankind! : Mike says- The Whopper they all chime in singing- have it yourr waay have it your way.

    What were you before you were human? : Mike says- A feather and Crowe says- a bird and Tom says,- a statue!

    Are you aware of an imminent: Mike says- a myocardial infarction?

    Any other undertakers?

  3. they are changing the story too much, it seems like one of those crappy SNL movies that really dont follow the original so its not as entertaining

  4. I am looking forward to this movie as I adore the classic.Remakes never capyure the beauty of the classic version…think King Kong…a good film..but no-where near the 1933 classic for atmosphere and terror…Kong is supposed to terrify you…but somehow we grow to love him by the end…the recent one saw him as a big teddy-bear.
    War of the Worlds was another remake…big stars…big director..big budget…but did not scare us like the old one.
    I wish they would re-release origeonal classic movies every few years and let us see ’em on the big screen again…bet you they’d still kick-ass to a whole new audience.

  5. Maybe they should make some rule to include the word ‘remake’ in the title of these types of movies, lol.

  6. @Rob: Any outside enforcement would just produce cries of foul and restraint of trade from the studios. Of course if forced, it would become another source of confusion added to the rating system. Tacking “O” for original “R” for remake and “S” for sequel. “GO,” “GR,” or “RS” and “RR,” after a time will get new audiences wondering if a movie is rated double “R,”is worse than a rating of just R and factor in NC-17RS or worse PGRS a remakes of a sequel.. Of course extending the standard to TV and you’ll get people wondering about words like “MARS” and what that means compared to “SMARS” or “MASRS.” 😉

  7. haha, the old man

    you really put a lot of thought into this 😉

  8. Not really. You should see my anti- Talifan “Dragonball” Poetry I whipped up yesterday. 😀

  9. Gang.. why don’t you just all relax and grab some popcorn and a coke and see what the big sceen brings. Way too cerebral on this one and if you all love movies , park you brain in you back pocket and enjoy or hate but see for yourselves.

  10. @karen

    If a studio takes it upon itself to remake a beloved classic it needs to be taken seriously IMHO.


  11. So Karen you just want bread and circuses and that will keep you docile? Hum how Roman. :(
    Art should lift us up sometimes and Science Fiction is a favorite of mine. Nothing personal, I just hate when they dumb it down.

  12. i wanna know why the hell is clattu destroying half the frigg’n world.
    he didn’t do that in the original