‘Goosebumps’ Movie Gets a Screenwriter

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goosebumps header Goosebumps Movie Gets a Screenwriter

Capitalizing on youthful nostalgia has proven to be big business for Hollywood – we’ve seen old cartoons, toy lines, and even board games getting the feature film treatment. Considering what a literary juggernaut the Goosebumps book series was (and remains), it’s a little surprising that it’s taken this long to get an adaptation to the big screen.

Producer Neil H. Moritz (Fast Five, Battle: Los Angeles) has owned the rights to the property since 2008 and screenwriting duo Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (The People vs. Larry Flynt, 1408) were the first to take a shot at the script.  At this point in time Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia, The Last House on the Left) has been brought on board to wipe the slate clean and deliver a brand new take on the material.

It’s difficult to imagine where you even begin when dealing with such an expansive canon of work. There were sixty-two novels in the original Goosebumps series, written in the span of only five years.  There have also been several spin-off series including Goosebumps Series 2000, Give Yourself Goosebumps, and Goosebumps HorrorLand. It may sound excessive, but young readers can’t get enough – the books have sold over 300 million copies worldwide.

The Goosebumps brand has extended to video games, television, board games, straight-to-video movies, and even boxer shorts (a true sign that you’ve arrived). The Fox Kids TV show was particularly popular and with seventy-four episodes over the course of four seasons, a lot of the best stories have already been mined. Still, while I understand many of you grew up with the show, let’s be honest – there’s a lot of room for improvement.

The previous draft of the script was said to be a brand new story unrelated to any Goosebumps novels in print. While it’s unknown if Ellsworth is taking the same approach, I’m really hoping that idea has been abandoned. I think an anthology-style film in the vein of Amazing Stories or Twilight Zone: The Movie would serve Goosebumps really well.

While Moritz is hoping to turn Goosebumps into a family-friendly franchise, I appreciate that they went after a screenwriter with a background in horror and suspense and not just children’s movies. Obviously you don’t want to turn Goosebumps into Saw, but remember when we were kids and even movies aimed directly at us were legitimately terrifying?

In addition to his feature scripts, Ellsworth wrote one of my favorite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer called “Halloween” - a story that showcases a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor more than appropriate for a Goosebumps movie. He also co-wrote the currently in limbo Red Dawn remake and is attached to D.J. Caruso’s adaptation of the comic book series Y: The Last Man.

I’m showing my age here, but I remember collecting Goosebumps books when they first went into print (before they even started numbering them) and have fond memories of so many of those stories. I’d already started to grow out of that phase by the time the TV show hit (and I always liked Are You Afraid of the Dark? better anyways), but the kid in me is pretty excited by this news.

What about you? What were some of your favorite Goosebumps stories and which ones would you like to see make it into the film?

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  1. OMG im a huge goosebumps fan im so happy for this!!! Ive read almost every book,and they never dissapoint!!! I especially like the night of living dummy and horrorland i want to see those at the big screen!!! Im so happy for this! :D

  2. I love this. Hopefully the go the Twilight Zone movie route and do all these in the movie.

    Lets get invisible!
    How I got my shrunken head
    Stay out of the Basement!
    One day in Horrorland
    Monster Blood 1+2
    Say cheese and Die!
    Be careful what you wish for..

  3. I read almost all those books in 8th grade and all were pretty creepy (included some weird twist endings that were better than Shaymalans) and to get a horrific update would make an interesting film. But it kind of depends on the approach of the film.

    • omg my son is in 2nd grade and loves reading these books…he would love a movie

  4. Im really excited by this i hope they make each book into a film! if thats possible LOL! But really id see them all,i dont like those 30 min. episodes,i wanna see an hour or two film of each!

  5. well hollywood’s so amped up on 3D and i cant think of a single book in which 3d would nt benefit a film adapttion but anyway films id like to see in 2d or 3d

    Attack of the mutant (the 3D could be like spy kids 3 human world in 2D mutant world in 3D) but the old cd-rom game i tihnk would make a better film than the book

    horrorland of course

    mayb we could have ONE film that could showcase the best of the monster bloods

    stay out of the basement

    one film combining both parts of invasion of the body squeezers and mayb throw in some elements from give yourself goosebumps revenge of the body squeezers too if possible (for the idea of adpating book-to script goosebumps books are pretty short do combning books could actually be good here)

    nmayb a couple night of the living dummys and then a chucky crossover!!! that would be EPIC!!!

    give yourself goosebumps tick tock youre dead

    series 2000 fright camp

  6. and mayb sone pg-13 versions of both haunted masks and werewolf of fever swamp

  7. sorry its ocming back to me mayb if horrland is done they could adapt the old cd-rom escape from horrland as a sequel (another one that would be great in 3D (what i f jeff goldblum repised his cameo!!!)

  8. Fever Swamp, Haunted Mask, Horrorland, Monster Blood, and Night of the Living Dummy are my picks

  9. Heck make them all into movies! Ill see them all!!!

  10. Wow. Goosebumps. I remember those. I’m 20 years old and grew up on the books and TV shows. Personally the two TV shows I remember the most is the Haunted Mask ones and the Werewolf Creek one (with Brendan Fletcher from Rampage [Uwe Boll movie which heh funny story I wrote a rough draft for an article for Screen Rant on this. And never got a response back about it.. Thanks Vic! Lol]).

    I am excited about the news, but not at the same time. I’m excited because I’ll get to see Goosebumps on the big screen. I’m not because personally I enjoy the old Goosebumps TV shows and just not too long ago I remember they were on and I still enjoyed them haha.

    But, I can’t wait for this! Bring on Goosebumps!

  11. Sin
    Yeah ive always wanted them to make actual films of goosebumps and now my wish has come true :)

  12. I actually have all 62 in my mom’s basement back home haha. I have been letting my nephew borrow them on and off for a while now and he loves them as much as I did. This should be fun to see how it turns out.

  13. Considering that most of Goosebumps “original” readers are well into their mid-20′s, I see no harm at all in pushing for PG-13 or even R on a theatrical reboot of that SORRY EXCUSE tv series.

  14. i collected almost every single goosebumps book ever written (including R.L stine’s biography), i still have them all sitting in a massive plastic container alongside captain underpants and my collection of 90′s porn mags ;)

    it would be really cool of R.L jumped aboard and assisted in writing the script, i always found the antagonist of the stories to be really creepy.

  15. if they do these right and pick the best stories to make to film then they can make trilogies to these and if they really make them creepy and realistic and not as cheesy as before then these could be quite good.

  16. I loved the books and the tv show growing up. They all had a great twist and even the more far-fetched stories: something about scrambled egg aliens, were good.

  17. Family friendly is fine. I read the books as a kid, they should be aimed at kids. I can already name a handful of my friends who will be willing to plop down any price the theaters will ask to see this movie.

  18. They should make them no more than pg 13 IMO…..

  19. This is awesome, just hope they dont postpone it forever an eventually drop it like alot of others. I read everyone of these too, im 24. Never knew they made a game tho, if Attack of the Mutant is about the one were the boy reads comics an finds an invisible Lair for like superheroes,an he goes in, theres a girl he takes to i think been a min. ne ways if thats the one, that should be made, if not Werewolf of fever swamp, or Welcome to Camp ?Blood? i think, the cover was holagraphic switched from regular faces to skulls, definaltly any of the Haunted Masks, Be careful What you wish for, the one about the basement an the dad turns into a big plant lol kno what kinda plant he was lol, Abdomidable Snowman of Pasadena, Monster Blood, heck any of them but those would be good ones, ima bout to watch the series on youtube now, this is great


  21. Beasts from the east creeped me out and the ending was perfect

  22. I love all goosebumps series and I think they should have it on t.v. Again it was always my favorite book and movie. Jan/16/2011

  23. The dummy books were always real solid. You know, I’d be pretty happy with any Goosebumps movie, but I really want them to use old story ideas, and adopt the old title font and art scheme. You know, you can cater to new audiences and still blast everyone with a dose of nostalgia.

    • Yes!

  24. one story i would really be happy to see on the big screen would be The Haunted Mask. that one really scared the pants off of me when i was a little kid

  25. Never cared much for the books or TV series, but I like the idea of this if it is an anthology, and a more grown up one at that. If so, I hope it’s successful enough so anthologies make a come back. A new “good” CREEPSHOW sequel would rock. I also got a script of my own I’m trying to see get produced.

  26. I loved Goosebumps. I believe they are what have inspired me to be such an avid reader and writer today. I have linked to this article from my blog. Hope that’s cool and thanks for sharing this.

  27. It’s about time that a Goosebumps movie should be made. I personally would love to see some of the stories have a darker path.

    Haunted Mask
    Stay Out Of The Basement
    Attack Of The Mutant
    Stay Cheese And Die

    I would definitely love to watch them.

  28. they should put the book 12books of horrorland in a movie. im 14 years old and i would love to see all those kids traped in a park iwth the old memories comeing back to get them. and especialy all of the kids geting scared and thinking its not real but the end up finding out it was all a trap from slappy to kill all of the kids once and for all. But i would love to see those 12 books be a movie.