Is ‘The Goonies 2′ Finally Being Made?

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thegoonies Is The Goonies 2 Finally Being Made?I have a very vivid memory of watching The Goonies in the cinema as a child and considering that it was 1985 that’s no easy feat. My mum and aunt took my brother, my cousin and I to see Santa Claus: The Movie, but the screening was full. I know, I don’t get that either – it’s seen as one of the legendary bombs. Anyway, instead of seeing Santa Claus we went to see The Goonies, and we all loved it!

The Goonies from that moment on became our movie, and I still love it today. Over the years I managed to become a big fan of the work of Richard Donner, and to discover that he was behind it made it even cooler – how many iconic movies has this guy made?  Superman, Lethal Weapon and The Omen - what a guy!

However, I digress – word from Moviehole is that the wheels have started to turn on a sequel to The Goonies – not a remake or a reboot, but an honest to goodness sequel. The kind that they used to make.

The really good news:

The Goonies 2 will not be a direct to DVD movie, it’ll be a proper theatrical film – with popcorn and everything!

Writers are now on board and apparently the film will include some of the original cast members.

Warner Bros. want this to be a big tent-pole picture, and I think that they’ve probably looked at the amount of money Indiana Jones and The Kindgom of the Crystal Skull made and realized that a blockbuster can appeal to older people and their kids. Throw in the original cast, chuck in some teenagers, and hey presto -there’s $700 million at the worldwide box office!

I hope that Richard Donner is involved in some capacity – he spent a good few years trying to get a sequel up and running, and to not involve him at all would just be plain rude. Ideally I’d love to see Donner direct it – he still has it in him (just go watch the recent 16 Blocks).

I also hope that Steven Spielberg is involved too – heck maybe this will inspire him to get his Amblin production company churning out top quality family flicks again – you know, the kind that we still enjoy watching today as adults even though they came out more than twenty years ago.

I’m quite excited by this, and I’m pretty sure that even my mother will be, so I hope that it comes to fruition.

I can’t wait for this.

What do you folks think?

Source: Moviehole

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  1. 28 years ago Niall, 28 fracken years ago.
    (The wheels are turning ??? Gheeesh)

    The sequel will never be as good never.

  2. No No No, I’ve seen this movie and loved it too. And 20 years between a sequel that was meant as a child’s adventure, no, NOT a good Idea. Make a film like it, and call it something else!

  3. I LOVED 16 Blocks.

  4. The sequel cannot match the original because when I saw the original in theaters in 1985 I was … and I was a different person then than I am now..the world was a different place and much of the innocence the world had then has been since lost to the information age…Society is not the same the world is not the same and it will be quite the monumental task to adapt this for todays audiences…especially teenagers..I think it will almost be impossible to make this new and exciting for the gen y’ers and the Y2K generation…By-the-way I LOVED the original Goonies and have it on DVD and still watch and enjoy it immensely…

  5. Hey they are even tryin to bring back TRON!
    all sequels are fair game it seems.

  6. Gary,,,
    you have to consider a remake/sequel of Tron to be at least something kinda new. ;-)

    I played thru Tron, Killer App. On Xbox and they could really do some great stuff with that story.
    I’m giving it a “let see” on it.
    They could do some killer stuff with the Light Cycles.

  7. We’ve all changed since the first was released – but if there are going to make it – let’s hope that it’s enjoyable on as many levels as the first. And pray that they involve Donner and Spielberg!


  8. Donner should at least be Executive Producer.

  9. hated tron and still do now,but i love the goonies and even though this no.2 is 20 years late i will still be excited as it might just awaken thechild in some of us if only for the lenght of the film itself and for this reason i cannot wait.

  10. I don’t know about a Goonies 2, but maybe a remake for the new generation might be good. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original, it’s a family favorite at my house. But a remake and a sequel wouldn’t hurt.

  11. Eu amo esse filme, tomara que traga a verdaderia essência dos anos 80. Hoje tenho 37 anos uma filha de 13 anos, aposto que vaiadorar tb… Hoje estava aqui pensando nos goonies quando vi a materia sobre o remake … fabuloso….
    abraços aos Goonizeiros do mundo todo

  12. I think it is very appropriate that the goonies has a sequel with all the original remaining actors….THEY ARE THE GOONIES!!!! I remember wishing I was in that movie…still consider myself a goonie today….”Goonie 4 Life”…The whole original cast would have to be more than cameo appearances also. My life will be complete once the sequel to the Goonies is made…I beg you Donner and Speilberg. I would watch it every day when released in the theaters……..Your Goonie,Nick Glaros.

  13. At the end of the Goonies, I think they saved the neighborhood by managing to snatch a few gems from one-eyed willy. How would the script for the sequel transpire? Would Willy’s curse effect the children of the original goonies? Would sloth and chunk get married? Would sean Astin’s asthma be inherited by his kids? Or would it be another completely different treasure hunt? Pirates again? or maybe American Indian lore? The possibilities are endless, but i hope it has the same wonder and amusement park-style traps. The Traps!!! They were the best!

  14. If a sequel is being made when will the trailer or the movie release I mean Josh Brolin also confirmed that there is a sequel in production but he gave that interview in like what 2007 & now it’s 2009 only about four months close to 2010 so where the hec is the movie? & if there was a movie the trailer should have been released by now. The rumors will go on & on but there will never be a movie titled “Goonies-2″.

  15. I love the original movie but I think making a second movie would sort of ruin the whole feeling to the original. I love the original it is very good and it is my number 1 fav movie and always will be. I always wanted to be in that movie and I even took the goonies pledge that I heard on the TV extras. It is magical and a wonderful movie. GOONIES4EVA!!!

  16. they going to need to put every 1 from the original movie in the sequel and chunk is skinny now how they going to used that charater in the sequel

  17. Unfortunately, I disagree with using the original cast, instead maybe some of the original cast can be parents to the “new” group of goonies. The idea behind it all as mentioned above is that you “feel” like a goonie too, so if you use a whole new crew that can relate to the current gen but keep the traps, lore, adventure, and youth of the original, then I think it will be a blockbuster. As for story line, same town, survived from the gems of the last hunt, lead the new group of youths (the goonies) on an epic adventure to save…… I would really like to see a new generation of goonies, a new film nonetheless, but not a remake and definitely not the same cast, but man, I loved Data ‘_” !!

  18. YES YES YES yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! im 27 and goonies was and still is my best film of all time, and to hear there might be a full theatrical goonies 2 with original cast, wow what more can a man ask for especialy if they do film it old school just like the new indiana jones.

    bring it on

    a very exited gavin!!!

  19. hey,i`m 58 now, and watched the Goonies with my kids when it came out!…..I loved it then and been waiting for a sequel also..RRRRRRR one eyed willy and the awesome treasure,maybe the next will be “their Kids” adventure,in a hidden cave with treasure from the Lost Dutchman Gold mining days,or a secret stash from the loot of D.B.Cooper.(but I see he left DNA behind now?)… to be good and exciting with traps.and maybe Sloth comes and saves them?….Got to be as exciting as the first…..I love this stuff.

  20. Bring back the FRATELLI’S — Another escape is in order from jail I think…mama Fratelli will be missed so much though. Perhaps mama’s sister could take over? — I would love to have another Goonie Adventure — I don’t think that this story should be a one time deal, it was far too good for that. A well done sequel would be awesome, and cameo’s by the original cast would be too cool. Donner would have to be involved. Goonies never say DIE! — I hope this little rumor doesn’t die off.

  21. I would like to see a Goonies sequel as much as anyone (I am wearing my Goonies shirt right now) but there could be a huge let-down if they don’t do it right or half-ass it. Did anyone see The Sandlot 2? Holy crap! That movie was TERRIBLE and a black-eye for the great Sandlot movie. Goonies 2 would need a cool adventure, cool traps, original Goonies, and a new little fat kid Truffle-Shuffling….Cohen has earned his way out of doing it again. Sloth could be around but did not play a major part in the original so his writing into the film could be difficult…His character would be what?…50-60 years old?

  22. i would love to see a second goonies movie,i grew up watching goonies and loved it and still do,it would be awesome to have a sequel. all my family , friends and i would go to see it :)

  23. the goonies 2 movie would be amazing as a kid and now as a man i still love it and always will thay did what all kid would love to do so i hope the goonies 2 will come to the big screen soon it would make all of us fans fall in love all over again

  24. Oh my god, where do I start!!! first of all, I just saw a goonies reunion doc on youtube and everyone was there including Spielberg and Donner. The cast all still have the spirt of Goonies in them, Even Brolin is up for making a Goonies sequel. I dont understand these stupid studios and there reasoning for making or not making certain movies. I understand that not all movies were meant to be made but even then, They just sometimes dont go in the right direction. Im sure Spielberg and Donner want this movie to be made with all the recent sequels going on in there camp. I SAY TO THE MOVIE STUDIOS!!!!! LET SPIELBERG AND DONNER TAKE THIS ON WITH ALL THE ORIGINAL CAST WHILE THEY STILL FEEL LIKE THEY CAN PULL IT OFF!!!! Its kinda weird when studios dont have a clue as to what should be made or not and this is one that should be made. Even if your looking at it from a box office hit point of view, there is a huge demand for this movie to be made and to be made right. I WANT GOONIES 2 PLEASE!!!!! GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!

  25. I think they should make a goonies 2 because there should be more exciting adventures and the first goonies was a smashing hit and everyone loved the way it all makes sense and it was funny and serious at the same time.

  26. If this movie is still as big with us who saw it as a kid what does it really matter if part 2 is not as big? We still have 1984-85 and we are a part of the Goonies now as much as then. Goonies 2 will do 2 things: 1) let us relate, relive and catch up with old childhood friends who are the original cast. 2) Bring both movies to the children we now have of our own so we can share our youth with Goonies and Share and relate to our kids with Goonies 2. I don’t see anyone loosing money on a sequal…I see a rebirth of the original with proper advertisement and a well made sequal that both parents and kids can enjoy. Come on WB !!! Goonies never say die!!!

  27. I can not believe that a sequel will be made for the movie that started everything for me!!! How on earth will I veer sleep till the release date?
    What I just don’t understand is that the teaser was out in 2008 already and the movie should have been released in 2009?Check it out on Youtube:
    Comman Steven pi pi pi pleeease eddie…

  28. Please make the movie my kids seen the first and I know will all love the next or next few you mite have. Like us real goonies. We never say die.

  29. come on please make this movie what do we have to do beg you please please please please please please please, make this movie you’ve been talking about making it for at least three years now.